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Shine Nootropics Review: Worth the $100/Month?

6 months ago I “discovered” Nootropics via the famous Tim Ferriss. Since then, I’ve tried several different options including most recently, Shine+ after finding in a local service station.

I’m now paying $100/month for recurring deliveries. In this unbiased review (zero commercial connections here), I’ll let you know my honest thoughts and experiences…and whether I’ll continue.

Let’s begin.

Shine Nootropics Review

The Nootropics industry is growing rapidly in Australia especially throughout the younger entrepreneurship scene. Many busy individuals are needing more energy to get through their day, including me. You’re probably in the same boat as me – long hours “building the empire” and needing to get through each day.

I’ve never been a coffee drinker or have needed any energy supplements until recently. A combination of working long hours + COVID pressure + building several businesses at once (a very bad idea, I might add) has lead to burnout. This led me to finding some solutions to get me through.

Being the consumer that goes for the holistic/natural/organic/vegan options whereever possible, their brand very much appealed to me. Their ingredients are considered to be much more natural than their competition which was an easy sell.

The Energy

I can’t comment as to how the energy compares to ordinary caffinene, but I can say that I’ve gotten through my days much easier. The 2pm crash is just about non-existent and 5pm doing the parenting thing is much less of a struggle. Coming from a non-coffee drinking life, this has made a huge diference.

The Taste

The taste of the 3 flavours is an 7/10 for me. It lacks sweetness but then again, their team didn’t go out there to create lolly water. Shine is designed to be low sugar and for someone who is very sensitive to sugar, I’m all for their approach. The taste otherwise doesn’t really represent fully the name of the flavour, but also not one that I’m really too concerned about. I’m here for the energy and to get more done.

The Cost

The cost is on-par with what you’d expect. I have 24 bottles costing me about $100/month including shipping to QLD, so we’re looking at a touch over $4 a bottle. Coffee costs about the same but Shine+ doesn’t stain my teeth as badly nor does it leave me with shaky hands. Must be something in the water. 😉


The biggest downside is the contents of the peach & passionfruit flavour often stick to the bottom of the bottle. There are also only several flavours available on monthly rebills whereas their distribution points (service stations and some supermarkets) have many more flavours.

With that aside, I’ll be staying on board with this company as they’re one that speaks my language. They have motivational slogans down the side of the bottle to remind us to think better, and ultimately, do better. I’m all for it.

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