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Shaklee Review: There are better alternatives (I actually found one…)

Let’s research this opportunity to become a Shaklee distributor. In this review, I’ll reveal their expensive products, vitamins and business scheme.

But let me ask you – did you have a friend or family member show you this ‘business opportunity’ recently? If yes, it happens often. And many people find my site looking to see if Shaklee is legit.

If becoming a member and creating a business for yourself to quit your job sounds interesting to you, then pay attention. I’ll uncover everything here in this review, including a better alternative that I discovered.

Let’s jump straight in.

Shaklee product insights

So what is this company really? Which products does Shakelee sell? Are their vitamins any good? Most importantly: Is it one of those pyramid schemes?

Good questions to have. I’ll do my best to answer them all here.

This is an MLM and network marketing company that focuses on health products and weight loss. Distributors who join the scheme can either profit through selling these vitamins or simply sign up more friends and family members.

Is it hard to make money. Yeah. It pretty well is hard. These schemes always have compensation plans that are challenging to work out.

There is a range of products on offer. This includes the Shaklee herb lax, protein shakes, vivix and vitalizer, probiotics, their cleaning products and multivitamins. It gets even more confusing as they now have skin care and laundry ranges.

Quite clearly, Shaklee is not a scam or pyramid. They are a legitimate company just like Shakeology and Amway. It is, however, quite hard to make money with their membership scheme. But if you’re just wanting to enjoy their slightly expensive products, then they could certainly help you in your goals.

There are live events and conferences which are worthwhile for attending. They help inspire and motivate people to build their ‘own business’ which quite frankly isn’t owned by you at all. You’re an unpaid volunteer initially.

Business is difficult with Shaklee

You’re actually building the company for Shaklee. They own your business. Look in the fine print – they can let you go at any time. Ouch!

Look – these schemes worked well in the 80’s and 90’s. It was hard to scale any other type of business back then. Today, in 2019, we have this excellent thing called the internet. It has created an unprecedented opportunity.

Shaklee vitamins and products review for members
Many people have discovered this BETTER alternative to Shaklee

An opportunity for you to create your own real online business. One that you own and control. One that has changed my life, and can change yours too.

People from across the world – Australia, Canada, the United States, Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore and Mexico have discovered this business.

Let’s jump into a stronger alternative…

The better opportunity

Right – let’s establish some things upfront:

  • What you’ll be building is a real online business
  • This takes time, effort, capital, energy and work
  • There are thousands of success stories on this platform (including me!)
  • You’ll need to stay committed. This isn’t for tyre-kickers or lazy individuals.

With that in mind, let’s establish who this is for:

  • Parents who want a better work-life balance
  • People seeking an online income to travel the world
  • Those in business who are looking for a better strategy
  • Employees with some spare time to take on this side project

I hope you’re still with me here!

Not too long ago I was looking for a better opportunity. One that would help me realize the dream of both working for myself and traveling the world. I didn’t want a business that required hassling friends and family, or even talking over the phone. I wanted automation, and I found it!

This exciting opportunity literally changed my life. It can change your life too, if you’re prepared to put in the effort.

You’ll be partnering with the world’s #1 company. That is –

Shaklee distributor insights
That moment when you realize that there is something better out there!

As an Amazon seller, I generate sales worldwide day and night. My physical products are purchased and loved by hundreds of people each and every month.

Best of all – Amazon wants YOU to sell on their platform. They literally have an infrastructure already setup.

It gets better – my good friend has written an entire book showing you how you can get started today. I’m even providing an excellent discount for my readers here.

Next steps

If you’re looking for fast success and instant money, then this isn’t it. Whether you choose Shaklee or Amazon as a distribution model, it’s going to take work.

For those serious about building an online business, you’ll probably find Amazon more suitable. Especially as you can choose to sell whichever products you desire, including your own branded vitamins!

This isn’t easy. I never pitch things as easy. But the rewards are absolutely worth every single bit of effort you’ll put into this. Plus – wouldn’t you prefer to build your own real business, instead of becoming an Shaklee distributor?

The doors on this new and exciting opportunity are wide open. If you’re ready, you can get started immediately with the almost free eBook.

Likewise, I provide plenty of resources for those looking to start their journey selling on Amazon.

Either way – play the long game. Overnight success never happens. I work in years and decades, as opposed to weeks or months. If you’re serious about building a real online business, then consider this almost free eBook and webinar series. It is currently available worldwide.

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