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Jonny Bradley Amazon FBA Course Review: Is SellerPro worth it?

So you’re looking at the SellerPro Academy course and want to know if Johnny’s training is worth it. After all, Mr Google isn’t showing any decent reviews.

We’re going to have a good look at what’s on offer here, especially as this is a unique course. It’s focused on the UK marketplace, as opposed to 90% of other courses which focus on the US marketplace. Big difference already!

But let’s dig a little deeper here in this SellerPro course review. We want to see what Jonny is actually providing and if there are cheaper alternatives.

SellerPro Course Review

Now I’ve done at least a dozen Amazon courses already. I like to get different perspectives on how to sell on FBA. Let me remind you that 1 course is certainly enough.

SellerPro Jonny Bradley UK

There are different courses for different types of people. We’re not all chasing the Ferrari or to even have a full-time income here.

Effectively, I want to establish some things upfront here:

  • I sell on Amazon FBA and have been since mid-2017
  • 4x trips to China under my belt, including the Canton Fair and Yiwu
  • I’m Australian and sell more than 1 product on the US Marketplace
  • Now entering the UK Marketplace (hence my preference for Jonny’s course)
  • My motivation and drive is significantly higher than most people out there
  • Results that you might obtain via FBA might be different than mine
  • At the end of the day, you gotta be hungry for success for this to work

The last point is important because this journey takes effort. A lot of work in fact.

πŸ‘‡This software trial includes FREE Amazon FBA Training πŸ‘‡

Then there is the capital requirements. There are numerous costs involved here.

Seller Pro Course Student
Both men and women take this UK-centric FBA Marketplace course

It’s not just a matter of finding a product and throwing it on Amazon, merely to hope, wish and pray that it sells. πŸ™„ That is why taking a course is important.

SellerPro just so happens to be just one of dozens of FBA courses available now.

What Jonny Bradley offers

I like Jonny. My 1st introduction to him 7 months ago on YouTube made me realize how genuine he is. I follow numerous YouTubers and he’s certainly one of the best.

There are some people out there who don’t do YouTube but do have a course. This makes it a little more challenging to gauge their style, presentation and communication.

I mean – you’re really flying a bit blind there. With Jonny, he shares a lot for free on YouTube. The best stuff he keeps reserved for his paid members area inside SellerPro.

What he’s offering is:

  1. Complete FBA course focused on the UK Marketplace (Quite unique actually)
  2. Email support with Jonny himself which is also quite unique with this one
  3. Access to his Facebook group where you can hang out with other students
  4. The strategy calls every fortnight on Zoom where other students also join in
  5. Plus of course, numerous other bonuses. He’s really packed a punch here!

Probably the only thing missing is software. I hear Jonny is working on one in the background but you will need to purchase some software to help you evaluate product options.

Jonny Bradley Amazon FBA Course
This Amazon Course does well to teach you how to source from Chinese suppliers

Let’s break down those modules of SellerPro.

Module 1

This is the introduction stage. There are just a few videos and you’ll be done in 30 minutes. It just gives a basic outline of what to expect.

Module 2

This isn’t really a module as such but Jonny shows all the resources such as scripts for suppliers and resources. I really like the amount of value on offer here, especially as I’ve paid $700+ just for supplier documentation previously.

Module 3

Now you’d think this is where Jonny starts to get into product research. Instead, I found he has a big-picture mentality. This I like because Amazon should be treated like a business, not a hobby on the side. He makes us think as students what your company and brand should be called, especially as it leads in the future towards trademarks and patents.

Module 4

Again, you’d think Jonny would get into some product research. This is a super short module where he talks about UK taxes and duties. Actually, I was quite excited in this module as I got some of my questions answered as an Australian and how to pay VAT while operating an international entity. The advice here is still generalized and you may have to speak to a CPA or accountant.

Module 5

This is just one video in the course. It’s catered for setting up on Amazon USA while located in the UK. Personally I skipped this module entirely so can’t comment on this one as I already sell on the US marketplace.

Module 6

Finally! πŸ˜„ We’re into the meat and potatoes of what product to sell on Amazon.

(I mean like, most other courses get into this pretty early on in the series…)

Now, I really like this module a lot. Jonny breaks it down into a methodology actually.

He starts by making you establish your goals upfront. You know – if you want to be a big seller in the competitive niches or a small seller going for less competitive products (aka lower hanging fruit).

You can see pretty well he’s got some experience here. He advocates using JungleScout but I use Helium10 and find it much easier and more accurate.

(But to be quite upfront with you, no software out there is 100% accurate)

I liked some of the examples that Jonny gives of products which do well.

Something I find in this course that I haven’t found in any other course patents. No – not how to lodge a patent, but searching for existing patents. After all, you don’t want to infringe on someone’s design already as that could get you banned from FBA entirely.

All in all, a great module here.

Module 7

I liked this module and it’s catered for beginners. It’s centred around sample sourcing and supplier selection. For someone intermediate to advanced like me, I was a little bored but I guess I’ve just done way toooo many Amazon courses by now. πŸ˜‚

He doesn’t go so much into using a sourcing agent. I’ve done sourcing myself but these days prefer to use a sourcing agent. It’s funny as most people using an agent first before doing it themselves. I guess I’m just really scaling up now.

Jonny is quite an advocate of product bundling for Amazon FBA which is a great beginners strategy. Not only bundling products but digital goods so you can create more perceived value for the consumer. Very few other courses teach this properly.

Module 8

This module is really about shipping and logistics. Honestly, he could make this module a whole lot longer. I’ve seen other courses which have 20+ videos in this module while SellerPro only has a few videos which are short. I mean – good content, but needs to be more in-depth. Or maybe I’m just a nerd who loves Inco terminology… πŸ˜…

Module 9

While the previous module is short, this one is certainly more detailed. Really nothing missing in this one on how to set up your Seller Central account properly. You’re less likely to get banned on the UK Marketplace than in the US Marketplace but still I would recommend you follow these videos step by step.

Module 10

In this module, students are shown how to create an awesome product listing. It’s quite beginner-friendly without getting too technical at all. It’s 1 hour long and wasn’t feeling let down in any way on this one.

Module 11

This part of the course is dedicated to PPC. Look – the training is quite generalized. It’s perfect for beginners but for someone like me with that technical aspect, I have looked elsewhere. I did look at a couple of videos here and the SellerPro content was still good without being too complicated for a first-timer.

Module 12

The thing about launching an Amazon product is the ‘lineup’. That is – you want to launch with a bang. You’re the new kid on the block and no one knows you, so you need traction and reviews on your Amazon products. In this module of SellerPro, Jonny pretty well has done a great job!

Module 13

One thing that a lot of courses promote is getting off Amazon. That is – you can start with Amazon, but you’ll never finish there. Consider alternate marketplaces with Clickfunnels being one fine example. There is an upsell here not only to Clickfunnels but to email marketing software (I forgot the name of his preferred software).

Module 14

While Amazon is great as there is traffic there already, if you choose to use Clickfunnels then you’ll need some traffic. Facebook is a great option. In this module, Jonny shows us how to setup Facebook ads. I liked this module as a dude who has no clue on Facebook ads, but I can imagine others to struggle a lot more.

Module 15

It’s sort of odd to have this module at the end of the training course, but basically this one is a 30 minute or so segment on how to get ungated in multiple categories. Not something I’m quite interested in as I’m ungated in automotive and sports and all is well in my world, but some people will benefit.

One thing that was a bit strange is that there wasn’t a finale. You know – like a movie that has finished. There wasn’t so much of a “We’re finished! Now get to work!” time of approach that other premium courses have. Like the flow of the modules wasn’t quite perfect.

At the end of the day though, just another 1st world problem. You just gotta work at this.

One thing is for sure: The SellerPro course will do magic to get you live on Amazon UK. It’s one of the few courses catered to the United Kingdom…by someone who is actually based there.

A cheaper alternative

Here’s the thing – I’m finding the Amazon course prices are getting a bit high.

Like it makes people a bit concerned. A bit hesitant if you will.

After all, you want to save some money for your 1st inventory order, right?

At the same time, SellerPro is worth entirely the Β£997 you pay.

Not only that, but you actually get email support. This is totally rare.

So for that reason, I would certainly recommend the SellerPro Academy. It’s rock-solid and designed for the UK Marketplace.

And on the other hand, there is an almost free alternative. It’s designed for the US marketplace where more traction and consumer movements exist.

See – you will need some software to sell on Amazon. Anything is good, as long as it’s accurate.

Something that a lot of people don’t realize is that recently, a massive seller with an epic course opened the doors for free. That is…if you pay for a software subscription.

(And trust me…it’s pretty good software!!)

SellerPro Course Review 2020

It’s a minimal outlay for massive upside. A full-blown A to Z Amazon course for free. I’m 100% serious. πŸ‘

More details here:

A lot of people have taken that offer up, especially those with a limited launch budget.


What Jonny Bradley offers is an excellent course for the UK Marketplace.

As someone who is now batching future orders for the European markets, I’m excited about what I’ve learned.

SellerPro now has thousands of active students. The thing that got me over the line is email support from the man himself. That is priceless! πŸ‘Š

Let’s not mention the Zoom calls twice a month as a group.

The only thing left now is workshops and seminars in the UK.

(Which, by the way, will be a great chance to meet other students)

I’ve given this a solid 4.6 stars. Excellent value for money here.

I’m not the only one who agrees either. Just check out Ross:

Now the course price is a bit high and that can hold some students back.

This is why I also recommend another alternative which costs a lot less.

That is – a FREE course by an industry veteran in the US Marketplace.

One that has built multiple 6, 7 and 8 figure FBA brands.

20 years in the making. Someone who walks the talk.

πŸ‘‡ This software trial includes FREE Amazon FBA Training πŸ‘‡

SellerPro Academy
  • Course Content
  • Student Support
  • Content Depth
  • Refund Policy

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5 thoughts on “Jonny Bradley Amazon FBA Course Review: Is SellerPro worth it?”

  1. Joshua,
    I read your reviews from time to time. At first I thought they were something to rely on. However it seems you are becoming a true affiliate marketer. One minute you were recommending Market Place Super Heroes as your go to course to enter the UK and EU markets. Now seems like you are promoting this course over MPSH. Are you truly evaluating these courses or just promoting affiliate links? And then someone pointed out errors when you review and compared Myles Dunphy’s course to another one.
    What you do is valuable if the intention is to truly evaluate a course…but,,,,

    • Thanks for the feedback Shawn, I appreciate it!

      Jonny has one of the best Amazon courses for the UK Marketplace. I like that he offers a lot more free content upfront on YouTube than Marketplace Superheroes. Guess what? Jonny doesn’t have an affiliate program and I just think his course is excellent. I’ve been following his YouTube journey for quite some time.

      While I use affiliate links from time to time, there is no need to use them. There are no affiliate links on this review (not sure if you noticed that…)

      Not all my content has an affiliate relationship either. Some of them are just awesome such as Jonny and Myles. I really respect these gentlemen for what they have created. You’re always welcome to join a course directly if there is an affiliate link.

      Also, while I true to publish everything as accurately as I can, I can’t be 100% perfect (We’re both human, yes?). I do have a young family and 2 Amazon brands to look after and it’s 11pm here.

      It’s great that I have a lot of supportive followers who can find those minor faults as they have with Myles (like when he put the price up on his course and I didn’t realize, or his short refund policy).

      I hope you can still hang out here Shawn. I appreciate that you’ve read my reviews and have felt like something you can rely on. There are many great FBA courses out there and not all of them need to have an affiliate relationship. The most important thing is to make a start with the one that feels the most relatable to you and stick to the journey. πŸ‘

      • Hi Joshua,
        I think you should look at Ben Donovan’s course. I think he offers the same as John Bradly I think with email support for a fraction of the price, I have done his course and he is the most genuine guy, His course is UK based and EU as well

        • Thanks Shawn – I literally haven’t heard of Ben Donovan until now! Just checked him out and looks great. Just under half the price. I look forward to doing a review on this one soon. I also see that he has an affiliate program… πŸ€ͺ πŸ˜‚

          • Yes he has one…lol. I bought Jonny Bradley’s book seemed good. But he does have a hard sell at the end though. I think he and Ben Donovan are very close in course content …etc…well except price

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