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Sell Like Crazy – Sabri Suby Book Summary [I Read It]

Sell Like Crazy is the 1st book by Sabri Suby on how to get clients, customers and sales like clockwork. I’ve read it and here’s my summary.

Now admittedly I came in a little sceptical. This is despite 3 people I know in the real world recommending the book at a recent function (read: long lunch and chit chat) I added here on the Gold Coast. I try to get out at least once a month.

Why skeptical? I have read dozens of business and marketing books already. In fact, I picked up Sell Like Crazy immediately after reading Russell Brunson’s famous Dotcom Secrets.

But yet, I was still intrigued so I picked it up and didn’t stop.

By the way, if you’re looking for a laugh…do a search for Grant’s Sell or Be Sold book cover. Spot the difference much?! 😂 That’s also a solid book recommendation!

Sell Like Crazy book summary

Sell Like Crazy - Sabri Suby Book Summary Front Cover

The whole premise of Sabri’s book is about compelling offers, funnels and conversions. Think of this like a tripod and without either of these 3, you simply be yielding average results.

Sell Like Crazy book back cover

There is no mistake that he’s a hustler having built King Kong to a multi-million-dollar business here in Australia. Throughout the book, there’s a mild swipe at the naysayers with a solid right hook at the very end.

Sabri started his life as a telemarketer doing cold calls and being called every name under the sun. That experience plus his love for psychology, sales and marketing over the last 2 decades has massively accelerated his results.

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The book is broken down into 8 main sections.

Phase 1: Understand and Identify Your Dream Buyer

Customers that need spoon-feeding are the worst. By knowing your dream buyer including their age, frustrations, likes, dislikes and where they hang out, you can craft an offer only they will understand.

Phase 2: Create the Perfect Bait for your Dream Buyer

Yep – bait. Every single day us marketers use bait. That’s why you’re reading this book review…because it’s bait. 😉 Sabri recommends bait that over-delivers on the promise, not just a fancy website with an about me page.

Phase 3: Capture Leads and Get Contact Details

Gulp! Right – total transparency here…I don’t have an email list. For years I’ve avoided it as spamming inboxes isn’t what I stand for. And you know what? I’ve left tens of thousands on the table. Because of Sabri Suby’s book I now literally have the courage to send emails ethically. You’ll learn the differences between commercial and non-commercial emails and how plan ‘friend to friend’ emails convert so much better with higher open rates.

Inside the book

Phase 4: The Godfather Strategy

This is the one secret that has generated the most profit for Suby, and it’s essentially crafting an offer that prospects can’t refuse. Now – I certainly won’t go into detail here (seriously…the book is just 30 bucks) but if you’re strapped for time, then this only this chapter and everything else is merely a bonus.

Phase 5: Traffic

Sabri is a fan of PPC where as I’m an SEO junkie. He spends $1 and gets $2 back. Smart strategy, but requires constant optimization and sometimes annoying the crap of non-interested prospects. On the other hand, I’ve been generating warm leads across my portfolio of websites for years and years. The challenge for many is the initial traction with organic campaigns is super slow and in the current climate of “I must have results now” mentality, PPC is often a better way to go if you can fund it.

Phase 6: The Magic Lantern Technique

This is a chapter that’s just simply too big to actually summarize properly. It does revolve around high-ticket sales through content, content and more content to reduce the skepticism of your prospect.

Phase 7: Sales Conversion

Most people forget conversion rates. Case in point: I just hired an agency to handle this for me because, well, I just suck. In life, we can only master 1 or 2 great things and the rest we should outsource to others. In terms of this chapter, Sabri doesn’t just focus on getting conversions but also eliminating customers from your pipeline. After all, while a customer might have the dollars to convert today…you’re merely creating headaches if you sell the wrong product to the wrong customer.

Phase 8: Automate and Multiply

Scale and scale. Once you’ve got yourself a winning formula then it’s time to constantly refine, improve and scale. This is the backbone of the success behind his King Kong agency. He found a system that worked and multiplied it exponentially. For me, this is something I’m working on through systematizing my own tasks.

Speaking of automation, I learned a ton about automation and scaling up a business from this course recently.

Who I’d recommend Sell Like Crazy to

Sabri believes his strategy works in just about every single industry. Now – I’m willing to bet it works in most industries BUT it works significantly better with speakers, authors, coaches and consultants. Yes – that includes me. Those that we serve are better able to utilize the tools and resources that we provide.

While it’s a thick book (40mm) the words are actually quite large with Sabri using a lot of illustrations to keep readers motivated.

Book sizing on table
I was quite surprised about how thick this book was when it arrived but I still read it in 4 hours.

If you’ve been in the personal development space for a little while, then this book is for you.

Those that I believe would struggle the most are franchise owners who are traditionally locked into their corporate agreements. Likewise, employees with little ambition to run their own business or generate leads for their boss may not find as much value here. While elements can certainly be taken and applied directly to the eCommerce space, I believe that Gretta Van Riel is better suited.

By the way, here’s my offer…

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Essentially if you’re looking to become the best-seller in your space, not just the best product that no one knows about, then the book will go a long way. I personally didn’t buy any of the Sell Like Crazy upsells (time is an enemy of mine) but looking back I can imagine they would be certainly complimentary for the book.

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