Scotty Kilmer: Net Worth and YouTube Earnings (2024)

Fun Facts About Him

Published: December 1, 2022

Last updated: January 6, 2024

By Joshua Smith πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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Welcome to the ultimate analysis of Scotty Kilmer for 2024 who is a legendary mechanic.

The success of many YouTube creators provides insights that we can all learn from.

The goal of these profiles is to show you the different ways people have built 6 and 7-figure businesses. I hope to inspire you to create your own success online, starting today.

Scotty Kilmer Facts

πŸ’‘Full Name and Age

Scotty Kilmer is 69 years old.

He was born on the 2nd of October, 1953.

πŸ€‘ Net Worth

YouTubers are often richer than we imagine.

As of 2024, I’m estimating that Scotty Kilmer has a net worth of $5,700,000 USD.

This is based on the value of his personal home, online business and retirement account.

He discussed how he became a millionaire before becoming a Youtuber here:

Despite his wealth, he still drives a 1994 Celica.

🀩 Income Streams

Amazon affiliate links, brand sponsorships and YouTube ads.

🌍 Location

He lives in the United States

✌️Common Praise

He’s brutally honest when it comes to cars.

❌ Notable Complaints

He’s annoyed car manufacturers due to his brutal honesty.

πŸš€ The X-Factor

He has worked incredibly hard for his success.

πŸ“ˆ Creator Trends

His channel continues to blows up.

πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Private Life

He doesn’t talk much about his wife and kids.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» My Verdict

One of the most transparent vehicle journalists in the world.

About Me

I’m Joshua Smith from Australia. I have been building profitable content sites since 2011.

Today, in addition to managing my own portfolio, I actively help others on their journey.

How much does Scotty Kilmer make and how?

I estimate Scotty Kilmer makes $70,000 to $100,000 per month on YouTube.

He does this through:

➜ Amazon affiliate links to automotive gear

➜ Numerous brand sponsors (these are rare)

➜ YouTube ads on his channel (these pay well and it’s his biggest revenue stream)

With 4.5m subscribers, he’s absolutely treating his channel like a business.

Creator Praise

Many love his content because:

➜ He’s extremely knowledgeable

➜ He is working past retirement age

➜ He highlights automotive scams

➜ His brutal honesty is refreshing

And he has no plans to stop creating.

Creator Red Flags

He has generated controversy because:

➜ Some think he’s a master manipulator

➜ Others don’t trust him at all

➜ Some think he himself is a scammer

That said, he remains highly optimistic and cannot please everyone.

With the size of his channel, it’s no wonder that he’s generated some controversy and critics.

My Verdict

Gossip aside, I’m so inspired by Scotty’s success on YouTube. From watching so many videos, there are key lessons that can propel our lives forward, both on a business and personal level.

My key takeaways include:

➜ Share your story with the world

➜ You CAN build a business online

➜ Stay persistent and committed

➜ Freedom is available online

Scotty Kilmer has taken his passion to the world.

Perhaps it’s time you did the same, through working online.

From one fan of his channel to another, I look forward to crossing paths real soon!

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