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Proven Amazon Course

Yep, I’ve done it now. I’ve written what is simply the best Proven Amazon Course review by an existing Amazon seller. Jim Cockrum was foreign to me, even though I had been selling online for years.

He has no input on this review. Zilch. Nada. Not a thing. All words are my own, and I’ll expose Jim’s course for what it is. Read more on that later…

About me

I’ve been in this eCommerce game for a while. I’ve bought lots of courses, lots of shiny objects. I had that shiny metal object syndrome you all hear about, and a real case of FOMO (fear of missing out) but paired with the desire to win.

With that, every course I’ve bought, I have put into action. You see, I’m a dude who takes action, I don’t quit at the first sign of defeat. That’s losing mentality.

This blog is a collection of tools, software, courses and resources that have helped me in my journey. Some of these are very much Amazon related, as my primary income is derived from selling on Amazon. I sell on eBay too, plus I have other income. I’m a big believer in multiple sources of income, and investing in your knowledge. I’ve spent over $40,000 on my knowledge during the last 10 years.

Let’s get into the details….

Proven Amazon Course review

Thousands of people read my blog every month, and some requested that I cover Jim Cockrum within a review. I assume most people were looking at his Amazon courses, but at the same time, it’s with great pleasure that I see he sells other courses too including eBay second-hand reselling, which I have also done for some time. He also sells courses on Facebook marketing and offline business building.

Proven Amazon Course Review
Jim’s PAC course is no fluff and no BS. It’s straight forward with no hype

In regards to Amazon, I admire that he doesn’t only teach private-label. He also teaches wholesale and Merch by Amazon. This means you can find exactly what you’re looking for, the right strategy that fits your needs and budget.

Big budget? Go wholesale. Medium budget? Go private-label from China. Small to no budget? Go Merch. For those that don’t know, Merch is an abbreviation for Merch by Amazon where you design cool things that Amazon prints on to T-shirts and sends to their customers, and you get a royalty on each sale. This is also another strategy I’ve made money on. In fact every strategy here I’ve made money on; that’s the result of hustling my friends.

Jim’s course has students mostly from North America. That said, I’ve seen students from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore and especially Canada in the Proven Amazon Course. Despite being located outside of the United States, these countries can sell on FBA just like everybody else.

I’m an advocate of generally sticking to FBA courses within your home country. This way it’s easier to attend live events and network with fellow course students. That said, the price for the Proven Amazon Course is very affordable, as most competitors cost much more. There’s some serious value here.

Actual course content

Whilst Jim teaches a range that’s diverse, they’re all still applicable to Amazon. His methods are designed to assist you in building a proper business online.

You’ll be learning:

Jim Cockrum Proven Amazon Course Review
  • Setting up Amazon listings the right way
  • How to take world-class photography
  • Getting reviews legitimately for your products
  • Avoid Amazon scams and fraud listings
  • Building relationships with overseas suppliers
  • Taking your Amazon business to the next level
  • Protecting your business through trademarks
  • How to look after your customers post-sale
  • Keywords to use in your listing so they’re found
  • Building up a range of excellent products
  • Selecting the best packaging for your products
  • Taking your business to 5 figures monthly
  • Solving problems that other courses overlook
  • Attending trade conventions like a professional
  • Starting an Amazon business with minimal funds

and much more! The course really is packed with content.

What’s more is that Jim’s annual ‘Proven Conference’ is excellent. Feedback in recent years is that everyone loves the no non-sense and straight forward approach. There’s a lack of BS and no rah-rah. Just straight forward content. No fillers, no group hugs or silly upsells. I mean – you’re invited to get some coaching from Jim. But it’s affordable, and it’s really up to you.

Proven Amazon Course 2.0 3.0 Review

I’m in Australia and am looking to attend one of his future Proven Amazon Courses in the future. Perhaps you and I will actually cross paths. I certainly look forward to it actually!

Negatives to Jim Cockrum’s course

I generally put downsides to any course I come across, to make my reviews complete and unbias, especially as an independent blogger. This has been difficult with Jim Cockrum. Perhaps his diversity in what he teaches could be a negative, as you’re not going super super deep into strategies. But he does teach a lot within each strategy, but perhaps not as deep as his competitors such as Amazing Selling Machine (private label) and Larry Lubarsky (wholesale). You’ll still get a great head-start though.

The price is quite affordable for what he offers. Whilst the two competitors mentioned above charge in the thousands, Jim doesn’t believe that Amazon courses need to be that expensive. This leaves funds available for you to invest into your first product(s) and start your journey, instead of it all going towards the course. Big plus there Jim – that’s one point I truly admire.

Jim Cockrum’s student success

That said, the people who take this course aren’t necessarily the most successful either. By that, I mean, the average person who jumps on board with the other two courses mentioned above will likely already be successful in business or their careers, and this happens to be the next step forward. They can afford the higher price for the course.

Jim Cockrum Success Stories My Silent Team

The caliber of students within Jim Cockrum’s course isn’t as high. But for many reading this, you’re probably okay with that. No doubt you can be successful with this course, so don’t let this paragraph feel like I’m stating otherwise. It’s just the students generally aren’t possessing the same energy and enthusiasm as Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone, and if that’s what you’re looking for, consider a more expensive course.

Evaluating Amazon courses

I really feel that when considering any course to take on how to sell on Amazon, whether that’s Jim Cockrum or otherwise, that you really decide why. Let this review give you the chance to sit down and write your goals, and decide whether a program like this would fit within your strategy.

Are you looking to quit your job? Buy a Ferrari? Help your parents retire? Or just do good in the world? What ever it is, write it down. Decide if your current strategy is going to get you there. Then decide whether one of Jim Cockrum’s courses could help get you there. It’s up to you.

I believe writing down your goals in business is absolutely necessary!

This review of Jim Cockrum and his Proven Amazon Course has come to the end, but perhaps for you it’s the beginning. Unlike everyone else online right now, I’m not sharing my affiliate link. Yes – I have one, and I’ll get a tiny commission if you buy the course through me. But I don’t spam you, I don’t throw it in your face. Welcome to the no BS zone.

My gift to you

If you feel this course is for you, and you feel that I have been of value, then you’re welcome to reach out and request it. I also have a free guide ‘101 Products to Sell on Amazon‘ available here to download should you wish to use it.

It’s my free gift to you, for reading this far about the Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum. I hope this review has been helpful to you, as it has been for many people.

That guided that I’ve shared have helped many people get ideas and concepts about what to sell on Amazon FBA. It’s very helpful for those looking for product ideas to use in conjunction with the PAC community.

Next steps

I look forward to see your growth as a new Amazon seller. Certainly it’s exciting times ahead, and I believe this to be the #1 opportunity.

If you have any questions regarding the course or this review, then feel free to drop them into the comments below. I’ll do my best to answer them!

Onwards and upwards!

VIVAHR Applicant Sourcing Software

My thoughts on the VIVAHR software are included in this post, based on the thoughts and opinions as a previous employee and now business owner. I hope this is of value to you. I’m an independent blogger who often reviews products and services from a critical standpoint.

Managing a huge pool of job candidates for your organization is a painstaking and time consuming process. You’re monitoring and managing multiple applicant sources while scouring to find the most qualified candidate for the job position. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use one easy-to-use recruiting platform that does it all for you? How about an “applicant tracking system on the market that provides your HR team with the tools to make them recruitment marketing experts. Automatically post your job to free job posting sites and leverage the power of culture marketing, while improving hiring efficiency and efficacy?” Sounds like a solution to your HR issues? We’re talking about VIVAHR. Let’s dive right in.

VIVAHR is packed with innovative tools that make your hiring experience more efficient and effective. With its full suite of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integrations, you’ll be finding those needles in the haystack soon enough.

Are you looking to build unique culture profiles for each position you are seeking to fill? Check. VIVAHR’s Recruitment Marketing Tools like the Custom Career Page Builder, increase your recruiting productivity and improve your conversion rates, whilst letting you maintain control because you can customize every step. This is an awesome feature because not all teams within the same company share the same culture, value system, and atmosphere. With VIVAHR, you can customize your team cultures to give the candidates a more accurate and defined perspective.

Do you want seamlessly and instantly communicate and collaborate with your entire hiring team? Check. With VIVAHR’s free ATS software, you’ll get an instant overview, you and your team will be able to easily review and evaluate unlimited candidates without losing any in the hiring shuffle. You can track each candidate in pipeline and you’ll always know the source from where they found your job posting. It’s a simple candidate management tool and it works!

What else can you access in the Full Feature Set?

  • Customize Team Collaboration. Here you can collaborate as much or as little as you want. With the User Access Controls, you’ll be able to give team members access to a potential candidate’s resume and all your notes pertaining to that candidate. Then, together with your team, you can create an “overall rating,” that you can refer back to anytime throughout the entire hiring process.
  • Robust Pre-built Reports. Accessing data, built into comprehensive reports, is a feature I particularly like because it cuts down on the time you need to build lengthy reports when you need to present to your team or an executive board.
  • Resume Upload. Here, it lets the candidate do the work. They can upload their resumes directly into your database that gives you a headstart for future interviews and assessments.
  • CSV Export. Easily export data about your candidate anytime into a CSV for reporting and analysis.
  • Candidate Database. Don’t lose prospective hires anymore by creating a personal candidate database that lets you corral their information in one place.
  • Candidate Profiles and Scoring. Team assessments go faster and smoother when you can create candidate profiles using VIVAHR’s cutting edge tools.
  • Job Posting and Sharing. VIVAHR collaborates with all the major job boards so you can build your job positions then post them anywhere you want. Get a job posting URL that you can circulate to literally everyone, especially on social media.
  • Email Templates. Choose from several email templates (or customize your own) for your most common candidate communications. You’ll save a lot of time from crafting one email at a time.

VIVAHR is not just a excellent platform from a recruiter’s perspective but it’s also great for the candidates. When your application process is tedious and downright exhausting, you’re gonna lose candidates along the way. This platform improves on the candidate experience as well so your conversion rate will be much higher, without compromise on the recruiter’s part.

With any VIVAHR plan, you can post an unlimited amount of jobs. You read that right. UNLIMITED. With each account, you’re also able to create internal-only job offerings. Plus, ALL plans include in-app and email support. If you are a paid account, you’ll receive a dedicated account manager to work through all your hiring needs with VIVAHR. You can also access their online knowledge base and watch their training videos anytime.

All Accounts

Publish and Share Jobs Online

Social Job Sharing

Resume Upload

Structure and Customize Your Interview Process

Branded Careers Website

Robust Set of Pre-Built Reports

User Access Controls

Custom Recruiting Pipeline

CSV Export

Custom Scorecards

Rich Candidate Profiles

Parsed Resumes

Candidate Database

Candidate Feedback Portal

Custom Pre-screening Questionnaires


Email Templates

Bulk Candidate Emailing

Culture-Profile Builder

Team Collaboration

Paid Accounts

Full Customer Support

Powerful and Secure APIs

Native Integration with Zapier

Unlimited Job Postings

Unlimited Applicants

Unlimited Culture Profiles

For sure, you’ll have plenty of questions about integration and importing your data to the VIVAHR platform, every new account will get a 30-min “success call.” This is great because you don’t need to waste time exploring and at the end of the success call, you’ll be ready to post your first job and start managing candidates right away.

Any questions or issues with integration? VIVAHR has one of the best APIs in the ATS market and they have native integrations with Zapier. But let’s say you need something customized, they have a super friendly tech team solely dedicated to help you leverage their API to automate and integrate into any tool you may use.

Try VIVAHR using their free trial with up to 25 candidates/month from 1 location. If you’re ready to upgrade, you can choose from their subscription plans. GROW (for small businesses) is for $59/month with unlimited job postings and candidates/month and from 10 locations. CORPORATE (for established businesses) offer unlimited job postings, candidates/month, and locations. You’ll need to contact their CS team for a quote for this plan. If you want the best deal, consider an annual billing, this will save you 21%. Start finding those rockstar hires today!

ReachLocal – My thoughts as a business owner

I really felt it was time to speak out by creating this ReachLocal review from an Australian business owners perspective. There’s many others online who have written reviews on competing websites, but none are from independent bloggers like me.

It seems there’s two extremities, either you love ReachLocal and praise it or you wish to do further research before taking the next step forward. Most people do find the service to be excellent, yet for those unsure I hope to clear some confusion up for you.

Background on me

This blog of mine is simply a hobby that reviews products, services and courses that I have used or seen as beneficial throughout my journey, offline and online. I write from a critical standpoint, and many people enjoy my openness, honesty and I hold my integrity in high regard.

In some cases I’ve saved people thousands of dollars of money, one company even closed their doors due to the power of my blog as their $1,000+ product was simply rubbish. Thousands of people like you read my blog every month, and I really do appreciate that.

I own and run a range of businesses, generally in the online space. I live the laptop lifestyle, and my office is where I park the laptop for the day. I sell predominantly on Amazon USA from my home on the Gold Coast, and enjoy an excellent income.

Join the FREE Amazon course for beginners

The best part is that I also help traditional business owners begin the transition. To get off the tools, and into a real online business that’s much less labour intensive. There’s an excellent FREE course for beginners right here, and thousands of Australian and international business owners have gone through it, from start to finish.

I hope you have the courage and determination to start, and discover how you too can sell products online 24 hours per day. This has been created by a fellow Australian, and it’s how I got started on the journey too.

Why I’d chose a digital marketing agency

The truth about owning a business today is that you fundamentally need 1 thing – leads. But most importantly, qualified leads. Those leads ready to do business TODAY. Most business owners simply do not know how to be found in Google, and most website owners lack these basic skills too.

Disappointing really, as we all use Google to find exactly what we need everyday ourselves. The businesses that you are finding in Google first are those who are right now using the services of an experienced website, SEO and design business. The best companies have a strong lead generation strategy built by an agency.

I feel there’s a lot of ‘backyard operations’ in the Australian market attempting to sell you on such services at a high markup. I’m sure you’re getting multiple phone calls just like me trying to win you over. Constant chatter that translates to “We’re the best in the business” when really, they’re just not that convincing.

It’s hard to know who’s who, the rookies from the veterans. That’s why I really would choose a larger company with a track record of success stories. Success breeds success, and I feel that most business owners will be safer with a larger business.

Advantages of ReachLocal

ReachLocal was founded in 2004. Not last month. That in itself has provided them many years to get it right, to provide the most reliable service to their clients. That was really the first thing I looked at – time in the market, plus their adaptability to constant technology changes.

The next thing I looked at was client volume – they have 19,000. Not a little startup with 3 clients. You’ll even get a dedicated business partner that oversees your progress throughout the journey. They’ve obviously generated a lot of leads to generate that many clients. Funny that – you’re looking to generate more leads, by using a company that has mastered it within their own business. That’s a super win right there.

ReachLocal genuinely understands your business at the core

It seems that they have an average review score of 4.7 out of 5. I like this, as I don’t completely trust 5 star reviews as they would feel fabricated. That had really warmed me up to the idea of using their services, that the majority had received excellent service and found it beneficial to their business.

Downsides to ReachLocal

The downside is the price. Building websites and search engine optimization isn’t cheap, especially in Australia. It’s a real skill and expertise that takes some people years to master properly. A company that has been in the trenches since 2004 is probably best to approach for such services. That’s 15+ years to get it right.

What’s also expensive is the price of NOT using a lead generation company, having your competition land those leads instead of you. The failure of most businesses today is due to not adapting to changing times, it’s simply not enough just to have a website built several years ago. So consider ReachLocal is just a cost of scaling a successful business.

Who uses ReachLocal?

Using a service like this isn’t for everyone, in fact only for a small group of people reading my words here. If you feel that you’ll rather continue on doing what you’re doing, then please don’t use ReachLocal. If you feel that getting leads online is a wasteful scam, then please don’t use ReachLocal.

Read this especially: if you think that the internet is still a fad, then please don’t use ReachLocal. There’s a dose of my realism right there, and no apologies given. With businesses today, it’s a real case of adapt to changing times, or become extinct. Like many brick and mortar businesses which are struggling, yours is probably on the endangered list. It’s really up to you as to which way you want to go.

It’s ultimately important to generate leads online today, and ReachLocal is an ideal choice.

Their clients include:

  • Retail shopfronts and local food service providers
  • Those in the accounting, law and consulting space
  • Tradesmen such as carpenters, electricians and plumbers
  • National companies with a strong and driven franchise network
  • Most importantly – those who are committed to win more online leads starting today

There’s plenty more who utilize the services of ReachLocal too. Their local representatives will be more than happy to share with you the types of businesses that they have onboard.

The power of big players like ReachLocal

I really do choose to place my trust in these larger Australian companies. I’d get my car serviced at a national brand, my internet service is from a national brand and my IT equipment comes from a national brand. There’s a team behind ReachLocal to fall back on to should I hit any roadblocks, as opposed to using a one-man-band operation that started last month.

These pretend digital marketing agencies have probably built 2 websites (including 1 of their own) and does a basic amount of search engine optimization, for that a 12 year old can do. I really do feel there’s value for money when using ReachLocal. Again, it’s not the cheapest but you get what you pay for, and in business there are times that you can’t afford to be cheap.

Advice for choosing a digital marketing agency

Let’s put ReachLocal aside for a moment. I really do feel that when choosing a website design / SEO company who specializes in online lead generation, that you look at longevity. Yes, I’m mentioning this again. Look for someone who’s going to be around for a long time. A company that’s been here 15+ years is probably one that’s going to be around for decades more. Plus their reputation and reviews, which often can be discovered through their social media pages.

Find the right company that you can continue to work with for the long term. In addition, check their reviews. Check their client volume. Check if there’s value for money, and certainly don’t go for the cheapest. Again, you can’t afford to be cheap when competing with other local businesses in this space. Feed the stallions, starve the ponies.

Summary of ReachLocal

I hope that this review of ReachLocal Australia has provided you with some clarity over whether you should use this service. This review of course translates in many ways to other ReachLocal markets – the USA, Europe, Asia and NZ. I wouldn’t hesitate personally to book in a friendly call with one of their assistants, since as a fellow business owner I know it’s leads that are the lifeblood of any offline business.

ReachLocal is generally the best choice in the offline business world

One simple phone call to them might be a good opportunity to simply discuss direction. You might already be generating some clients online, but they might be able to help you increase that number within a short period of time. There’s really no pressure to proceed past that first friendly phone call.

If you feel there’s value here in what I’ve written, then feel free to get in touch with their Australian team, particularly Max Wheatley. If you choose to, I get a very small (almost non-existent) commission if you decide to use their services if you mention my name. You can say that ‘Joshua – the guy with the blog’ sent you, or just say you found them through Google. Either is good.

If you have any questions regarding ReachLocal or this review, then please drop them into the comments below. I’ll do my best to help you out as a fellow business owner. P.s. don’t forget to get FREE access to the beginner’s Amazon course, where you can learn how to build your own online business from home.

Canvas X GIS 2019 reviewed

Today I wanted to cover Canvas X GIS within this review, and this is the 2019 edition. Read more as you’ll discover whether this is right for you and your needs.

Canvas software has always been held in high esteem for those who need to create and edit raster images and vector objects, particularly in graphic designing and engineering. It’s used by engineers to document and share complex objects and systems. With the release of the Canvas X GIS 2019, certain specific industries now enjoy the benefits from its new and updated features, with particular emphasis in the fields of aerospace, energy, engineering, and scientific industries. Canvas X GIS 2019 is a treat for GIS professionals as it’s complete geographic information system module is specially developed for them. Some of their customers are largest companies in the aerospace, defence and manufacturing markets like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins, Caterpillar, GE, and BP. They use Canvas as an integral part of their documentation workflow so it’s safe to say they’re definitely doing something right.

This new release boasts to be an all-in-one graphic design and technical illustration software with comprehensive vector illustrations and image editing tools. People looking for industrial precision and accuracy will appreciate the 0.035 micron accuracy and the built-in Canvas Assistant is huge plus if you get lost along the way. You’ll also love the comprehensive video tutorials on their website that expound on the new features and tools packed into the Canvas X GIS 2019.

So what are we in for with this new release? Canvas X GIS 2019 includes a powerful set of GIS-based features and commands that support, among other things a range of geospatial data formats, defining complex map projections, and performing advanced property operations. I think users will also love the new optimization that allows you to quickly open and work with documents containing over a million objects. We’re talking about seconds vs. minutes and that’s a fantastic improvement! It also has support for DPI settings for high resolution monitors, which makes this feature-packed software an essential tool for GIS professionals in the oil & gas and energy sectors, aerospace and automotive industries, education, and government.

Canvas X GIS 2019’s unique and integrated design environment means technical illustrators can work with and combine all graphical elements, and to apply high-end effects in a single document. You will also be able to import and export a wide array of geospatial data formats.

Here’s a more detailed look into what else is in store in the Canvas X GIS 2019:

  1. It comes loaded with the impressive and comprehensive set of vector object illustration and advanced raster image editing tools you need to get the job done – all provided in one integrated, flexible design environment.
  • Painless Projection Population
  • Real World Representation
  • Portray and Position Perfectly
  • Glorious Graticules
  • Coordinate Convenience
  • Set Your Real World Target
  1. You can create project-specific customized queries based upon unique properties, values, or other related criteria. Edit your query to meet new project needs, save for ongoing use, or share with colleagues.
  • Explicit Objects
  • Shipshape Schematics
  • Better Buffers
  • Design Dexterity
  • Vivid Data Visualization
  • World-Class Warping
  1. New awesome features and improvements!
  • Select shapes meeting your defined spatial criteria.
  • Highlight shapes in your documents meeting specific criteria with geoprocessing functions Intersection, Difference, Symmetrical Difference, and Union.
  • Import maps from, and file formats including SQLite, GeoPKG, and GeoJSON.
  • Create tables for your data: components, changes, parts lists, legends, and can copy data straight from Excel and other sources.
  • Mirror tool will make a reverse copy of selected objects in 2 clicks. The mirroring axis can be drawn or snapped to other objects and rotated freely.
  • Annotation Notes now supports auto-numbering and auto-alphabetizing so you can use an EasyShape like a circle, rectangle, or diamond shape for annotations.
  • Save and share your settings file for consistency across your organization.
  • Additional template files to start off your illustrations.
  • Additional scripting functions to automate your workflow.

Canvas X Features

From one fully integrated application, you get to illustrate, design, and share your technical illustrations with ease, precision, and quality.

  1. Illustration. It comes loaded with a comprehensive set of vector object illustration and advanced raster image editing tools that allows you to draw with precision, work with vector and raster images, add objects on the fly, have vector object versatility, raise the bar with raster images, communicate with CAD files, do purposeful pasting, draw with data, and present complex data in engaging flowcharts.
  2. Design. It’s a comprehensive toolkit for technical design with emphasis on precision so can work within industry standards and seamlessly with others, be able to use thorough text tools, have definitive dimensions, articulate with annotations, and many more. It basically allows you to use Canvas X’s templates to create documents for illustration, publication, presentation, animation, or for whatever purpose you have in mind.
  3. Sharing. It makes sharing your work and collaborating with your peers a breeze by allowing you to produce and share complex, leading-edge documents without the need for separate word processing or layout programs. You can easily insert some interactivity into your documents and it comes fully stocked with all the necessary text formatting and style tools, editing, proofing, and annotation capabilities. Even with the advanced import and export features, making it possible to return annotated illustrations to specialized formats without losing data, rest assured because you can maintain complete control over who can open, edit, and print your designs and data. Plus, Canvas X can preserve the ability to edit documents even after rendering to PDF. Finally, enjoy autonomy over the appearance of your printed output including color management for accuracy, optimization of image resolutions to your printer, output format options for image data to a PostScript device, multi-page documents suitable for commercial printing, and virtually any advanced image and export format.

System Requirements


I​​​​​ntel® Pentium® 4 or better 64-bit processor​

4 GB RAM installed

2 GB free hard disk space (4 GB recommended)

16-bit color or higher (True color recommended)

1024×768 or higher screen resolution recommended​


Windows® 7​, Windows® 8, or Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (all 64-bit OS)​

If you want to try out the Canvas X GIS 2019 before buying it, it comes with 30-day money back guarantee. Depending on what you need, you can purchase a perpetual license for $499 (previously for $799), subscribe for $299/year, or upgrade $299 (previously for $399). It supports a multitude of data and design formats (CAD, CGM, GIS, text, jpeg, etc), and retains non-visual data—often found in 3D CAD files. So if you’re looking for precision, as those required in high-quality drawings accurate to a sub-micron level in a professional setting, and more control  in your technical illustrations, like engineers who illustrate to ATA standards, the new features of the Canvas GIS 2019 might be the answer.

CrankWheel Screen Sharing Software. My thoughts…

This post cover my thoughts on the CrankWheel software for screen sharing. I felt a review was necessary having looked at multiple other software platforms online.

When you’re in a business meeting that requires screen sharing, the last thing you want to happen is waste precious minutes setting it up or fidget around trying to make sure everyone is connected on their various device of preference. Same goes for instant demos and phone conferencing. A seamless transition and use of screenshare can make or break an important deal. What you need is a reliable and secure platform that requires no software installation and works across all devices and browsers, even when there’s a bad connection!

What you need is CrankWheel. It’s sales solution for screen sharing, instant demos, and phone conferencing. It allows users to easily and securely share either their full screen or a specific web page during a call. It’s a quite a simple setup, you can either send a screenshare link via text message, chat, or email or customers can directly access the file themselves by logging onto a portal, that can be customized to reflect the company through branding elements.

CrankWheel offers four key features:

  1. Screen Sharing. This is specially designed to sales professionals and is essential when you want to bring that extra wow factor in your presentations. Here you can show your products to your customers in real-time and you’ll always be on the same page whenever they have questions. You can invite customers to join by sharing a link, emailing them, or sending an SMS; it’s really that easy! For conference calls, you can  ask customers to dial a local number in any of 72 countries so the chances of losing them is greatly reduced. One feature that I highly appreciate is the possibility of a live preview that lets you see where the customer zooms in, when you start losing their attention, or when they are experiencing any delay. And you can stay professional by having complete control of what you share with the customer via targeted sharing. They don’t need to see all the Facebook alerts you keep getting all day, right?
  1. Remote Control. This is a great feature where you can give your viewer remote control access of your screen anytime without them having to prepare or download anything from their side. Whatever device they use, it will have intuitive controls that will lessen the time need to get the ball rolling. But, even though you’re handing over remote control access, you can choose exactly what you grant control over so there’s no chance of viewer going rogue on you and going to places you don’t want them to. They are limited to a control area of your choosing so you jump in anytime and you can easily end access by locking your screen, pressing a hotkey or and on-screen button, or if you change the focus from the shared tab.
  1. Instant Demos. When you want to capitalize immediately on the interest of a potential customer, you can add a “Call Me Now” or “Request a Demo Now” button to your website that will quickly find an agent to call once a request has been made then immediately and easily screen share when needed. Fully customizable conversational forms you can add to your website or in email campaigns also creates more leads by instantly notifying sales reps about online prospects. You can also greatly enhance your client database by being able to include actionable information, like social media profiles and phone numbers.
  1. Works Every Time. Bad network connections? Old browsers? Archaic devices? No problem! Whatever the device, whichever the browser, CrankWheel doesn’t need installation or dedicated plugins to get it going so you’ll make that connection whatever the circumstances may be. There’s no need to install the software as it launches as a browser extension, thus eliminating the need to give dial-in codes or run executable files.You and your customer will also enjoy enterprise-grade SSL encryption paired with expiring screen sharing session links that guarantee that your live sessions remain secure at all times.

CrankWheel is great for people who are not particularly adept with technology because it integrates super easy-to-use functions. You are able to give your customer a great experience without having them go through hoops and your sales agents can get to work immediately to convert inbound leads to a concrete sale. Once they click a Call to Action button, they’ll just need to provide their phone number for verification purposes and CrankWheel gets to work to quickly connect them to an agent for a sales call and a matching audio-visual presentation can commence in seconds. If your business relies on being able to connect to prospective customers quickly and a demo or screenshare is the ace up your sleeve, then you might want to look into CrankWheel.

Here’s the best part, you can sign up for FREE! Well, free forever for limited commercial use, so if you have simple needs between colleagues or your unlimited professional network, the Free for Life plan is all you need and you’re all set. You don’t even need a credit card when you sign up. Outside the Free for Life plan, you have four other subscription options; the Starter Team for $75/ month, the Team for $195/month, the Department for $495/month, and the Enterprise which will be available for a customized quote based on your needs and requirements. The main difference in the monthly packages are in the number of interactions you can do per month and the phone support you’ll have access to but all paid plans include an unlimited number of user seats.

Since you can basically test drive their entire system without having to pay anything upfront, you’ll be able to know right away if CrankWheel is for you. Also, don’t hesitate to request for a demo so you can see CrankWheel in action right away. During the first month you usage is unlimited and once that trial period is over, you’ll have a more limited use of its functions, like meeting limits. Each plan includes a given number of meetings per month but don’t worry, CrankWheel won’t cut you off in the middle of meeting when you meet or exceed your limit. By then, they’ll give you a 30-day grace period and you can speak with any of their agents to discuss whether to upgrade to a larger plan, or switch to hard limits.

Bonus tips! You can also choose to pay annually and this gets you two months free so be sure to request this if this is something you are thinking of considering. Also, if you are working for educational institutions, CrankWheel offers a full range of benefits and discounts so those that want to integrate this in their schools or universities, you’ll definitely going to be enjoying some perks.

If you also have some direct experiences with CrankWheel, then please drop them into the comments below.

Here’s why I use TextExpander within my business every single day

I use TextExpander in my business every day, and felt that this review was necessary. You’ll discover why I choose to use it, and how it saves me countless hours every month in my business and its operations.

This blog is really just my hobby, created to document tools, courses, software and resources that I’ve used throughout my eCommerce journey. It’s certainly an exhaustive list, and I hope you find it of value. I’m the dude who tells things as they are as well, approaching everything from a critical stand-point.

I use the paid version of TextExpander as the free version is very limited for my business needs. I really do believe it’s worth the price, and I also chose the annual subscription as the cost is quite minimal compared to the dozens of hours it has saved.

Within my business, I sell on eBay and Amazon. Creating eBay listings is an exhaustive process, and I choose not to use their built-in templates. Previously I would copy and paste critical bits of data from a document into my listing, but I would have to find that data first, copy it, paste it and ensure it was formatted correctly. That is, until I found TextExpander. Super win!

I now just use 2 to 3 keystrokes to input certain data. I’ve created approximately 35 different keystrokes, each are unique and are not words within the English alphabet. For example, when I type in ‘epo’, I straight away get 2 to 3 sentences that I’ve pre-programmed to tell my eBay customers that an express postage option is provided at the Checkout page if they wish to receive their item faster. Hence epo stands for Express Postage Option within my self-created system and needs to be typed as one word, so the word ‘Depot’ would not outlay the text accidentally.

There are some that I use daily, and some that I use seldom. The best part is that I can add more keystrokes as my business needs increase, or delete keystrokes as I wish if they become redundant. The process is very simple, and you can nominate upper case, lower case, or case irrelevant. It also matches the same font characteristics of your existing text.

Best I give you a look at the inside, and please note that I don’t just sell books online, I also sell clothing, some electronics and my biggest cash cow is the private-label brand as well on Amazon, within the homewares niche.

The inside of my TextExpander Dashboard.

So TextExpander has saved me 75+ hours! For roughly $100 per year, I feel that’s excellent value for money. Almost 2 million characters there that I haven’t needed to type, or copy and paste over from documents. Super winning again! That 80 words per minute rate is generous too, it’s 100+ hours if I drop my WPM down to 60. My average is the 70 mark, having been a speed typist for many years.

If you feel that this experience of mine has brought you value, then you’re welcome to use my affiliate link below. Yes – I may receive a tiny commission for referring you, one that goes towards keeping my blog online and the inherent costs that go with that. Don’t worry, my income is from my existing eCommerce business and this blog is just a hobby. You’re most welcome to go directly to TextExpander instead of using me as your affiliate, it’s just that some people value my honesty and openness.

The referral link is here:

I really do feel that most people will benefit from the TextExpander software. There’s a free 30 day trial that will help you decide whether this is right for you or not. If you have questions regarding the software or this review, please drop them in the comments below.