Volusion: The BIG review by an eCommerce dude

This Volusion review is based on my eCommerce experience. Volusion vs Shopify vs Wix vs Weebly. You’ve got so many options. I hope to drill down and discover whether Volusion is the software that’s right for you. No sugar coating here, no BS. Just straight, raw and real. That’s how I like to write. Thousands of people like you read my blog every month and appreciate this perspective of mine.

So, you’re on the hunt for an eCommerce platform that’s easy to use, offers all the features you need to host and build a beautiful interactive shopping website, has a strong, solid customer support platform, and is easy on the wallet. Seems like a tall order but allow me to introduce Volusion.

Let’s breakdown what you need and want from an eCommerce platform:

You want everything you need to sell online in comprehensive site builder. No more messing around with different apps and tools that may or may not seamlessly work together. Using more than one platform usually means more money out and more time wasted. Volusion provides everything you need from variant pricing to fluid text product descriptions and the built-in SEO is designed for easy comprehension, plus more intuitive integrations with sites like Amazon Marketplace and eBay.

You want to be able to easily build a website. That means you can preview your site as you build it and edit as many items as you want directly on your preview. If you’ve never built a website, you have no idea how tedious it is to have to go back to the “build site,” make corrections, then check the changes in your preview over and over again. Also, Volusion allows you to finish and perfect your site before you launch it manually. You don’t want to get strong armed into taking it live just to see the build in progress online. This is a definite plus for me! Unlike other eCommerce platform that allow limited customizations on existing templates, Volusion makes available HTML and CSS editors that allow for straightforward changes to text and images, and to add products. It’s great if you customize your website that way.

You want a dashboard interface that’s clean, appealing, and most importantly, intuitive and easy to navigate. When you’re a first time website builder, the last thing want is a confusing dashboard. No matter how many features you throw at me, if I can’t make heads or tails of how to use the interface, then you’re not going to be able to use all these features. Volusion is a platform that prioritizes the user experience and makes it easy to use even of you are a beginner.

You want a variety of smart, beautiful, and responsive themes. Volusion offer over 15 free templates to choose from for your website. You also get supplied with a unique domain name for your website and if you want, get a built-in blog to keep your customers engaged and updated in your business or news relevant to your industry.

You want your customers to have a fast access to your website. Nobody wants an online shops that takes forever to load. With Volusion, your website is hosted on a content delivery network (CDN) which translates to your website being loaded from the closest server to your customer

You want to be able to connect your website builder to your favorite tools. Certified technology partners created dozens of advanced functionality apps and integrations that you can easily add to your website.

You want to be able to respond quickly, and in real-time, to customers. When online shoppers  abandoned their shopping carts, you can proactively react to save that transaction. You’ll be able to do this with Volusion with their live and abandoned carts feature and decrease the number of abandoned carts in your store. You’ll also be able to take process customer phone orders directly from within the admin panel if you want to add this functionality to your online shop. It’s as simple as opening your console and entering the required information. No more missing out on these valuable orders!

You want your customers to have a seamless shopping experience on whatever device they use. Volusion’s strong mobile flexibility makes it easy for you and your shoppers to easily navigate your shop with the use of their responsive templates and mobile-optimized checkout tools. You’ll also be able to monitor and track your store while you’re out and about with the help of their native iOS and Android apps that lets you check incoming orders and monitor your inventory levels.

You want an eCommerce platform that actively works to make your business grow and prosper. One way to do that is using Volusion’s simple social media management tools for selling and marketing on places like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. You can easily extend the reach of your website and watch it grow and thrive.

You want your customers to have a no-fuss checkout experience. With Volusion and its excellent checkout process that’s compatible with more than 35 different payment gateways, you’ll be able to integrate it with platforms like PayPal and other guest checkout options. With the use of their other tools and features, you’re making it easier for them to shop and check out since nowadays, a lot of consumers use their mobile devices to shop online.

You want to market and expand your business globally. Volusion can translate your store in other languages so you’ll be able to tap into foreign markets. Combine this with their other awesome features like their built-in SEO management, advanced shipping tools, newsletters, coupons and gift certificates, affiliate program, and a rewards program and CRM system.

You want a solid customer service support system that you can contact anytime. In perhaps one of their strongest area, with Volusion you can enjoy 24/7 access to their Austin-based ecommerce experts. You can experience this as soon as you sign up either via a phone call or live chat (available on the Volusion website). After the initial sign up process (no credit card required!) you’ll receive an email and welcome phone call and you can get connected to an expert who can guide you while you build your online store.

From the looks of it, everything you need and want when building an eCommerce website is all with Volusion. That’s why this review is of quite a positive nature. After trying it for free for 14 days, depending on your needs and budget, you can pick from their three monthly plans ranging from $29/ $79/ $299 per month, or get a custom quote. You’ll find that most of your questions will have answers if you take the time to go the Volusion website, under the Resources tab. Get started on that dream online store and get it done with Volusion.

I hope this Volusion review has provided you with a real deep insight whether this is the right solution for you. If you feel there’s value here, then you’re welcome to use my affiliate link and the tiny commission will help in keeping my site online. Likewise, you may go direct and skip my referral link. Many people value my honesty and integrity on this one, and choose to use the link. It’s really up to you!

Paymo: Reviewed from a business owner’s perspective

You’ve found the most in-depth Paymo review online. Real, raw and no sugar coating. I’m a business owner, so I write from a certain perspective. Like you, thousands of people land on my blog each month and appreciate my honesty, integrity and openness. Let’s get into it…

What I’ll do first is look at challenges that might currently be persistent. Let’s paint a few scenarios where you or your team struggle in terms of project management.

1. You just recently set up a landscaping company and as any new business owner, you want to tools that will make your business grow, like a planning, scheduling, and task management system for you and your team and invoicing and tracking apps to record all the money that goes in and out. Although there are individual solutions, combined together, they end up costing you a pretty penny.

2. You’re a freelance virtual assistant that does most of their work on their laptop all day. And because you’re human living in 2019, there’s never a time when you can just sit down and work without checking and getting distracted by your many social media accounts. You’re employers wants you to be productive and efficient so you try tracking your time on your own. This fails miserably because you always seem to forget to start your timer or you just juggle to much at once

3. You’re a member of a 10-person team working at a startup tech company. You need to regularly create short but sassy digital campaigns that need to be assessed and passed by two more people before being published online. You struggle with each stage of the campaign, worried that you won’t finished them in time. You need something that notifies you when you’ve reached certain milestones and a smart reminder tool to make sure you get plenty of notice for an upcoming due date

In all the cases above, you can solve them easily with Paymo. It’s an easy-to-use, intuitive project management application designed specially for freelancers and project based-businesses. It packs all in one everything you need to keep track of the entire lifetime of a project, from creation to payment, like advanced task management, planning, scheduling, time tracking, collaboration, and invoicing.

If you’re a small business owner or a project manager, Paymo is a great option to consider if you want everyone on your team to be in sync and on the same page. You can organize, track, and manage every step, every task, and every person connected to the project plus get an overview of your progress through measured steps. Paymo also allows you to break down large and complicated projects to smaller, more manageable pieces by the ability to create tasks list and delegate these tasks to the right team member.

If you’re a visual person and you like to see the data and figures in a different way, Paymo has the Resource Scheduling and Gantt Chart tools that allows you to “visually manage” your work, people, and time bookings. With the Resource Scheduler, you’ll be able to see at a glance which of your team members are booked or available for work. In the same vein, you can check which resources may be overbooked or underbooked so you’ll be able to make adjustments and changes as you see fit, in real time. With the Gantt Chart, it’ll show you all the tasks on a timeline and how they relate to each other. You’ll know what needs to be done, by whom, and when. Extremely helpful if you’re a project manager and you need to always know how a project is progressing and if it’s on time and following the most efficient course.

Tracking time and billing clients is made easier and smoother with the Web Timer tool and a variety of widgets. If you or your team bills by the hour, this is a great tool for you. On your browser, you can record how much time is spent on tasks or projects. You can use the stopwatch when you’re ready to start all the time entries (start and end times) are accurately recorded. This is also an ideal tool for heavy multitaskers and for people who always seem to forget to clock in for work. The desktop apps, specially designed for time tracking, can be downloaded for any software, be it Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. I particularly like that once you’ve logged in on the Paymo mobile apps, there is automatic synchronization to your online account with the work you’ve done while offline, as soon as you’ve connected to the internet.

Whether you’re working solo or as part of a team, it’s always good to know when major project stages are due to be completed. Keeping track of these key points are what makes you go forward smoothly and you can do these by using Paymo’s Milestones. It also helps if you have a bird’s eye view of all your ongoing projects which you can quickly scan with the “Table View” in your “Projects” list. All the information you need like hours worked from total, number of completed tasks, financial information (unbilled accounts receivable), and project status is there.

In a nutshell, Paymo seamlessly bundles task management, time tracking and invoicing in the same app so you don’t have to use and pat for different platforms. You also lessen the need for your team to struggle to learn use several apps since everything will be in one place throughout the entire life cycle of a project. A huge time and money saver!

With over 18 languages at its disposal, you join a global community of over Creative Agencies, Marketing, Web Design, Business Consultants, Departments, and Freelancers (100,000 users in 50 countries) and with this many satisfied customers, it’s hard to consider not even trying Paymo, especially since they offer a 15-day free trial and you don’t even need a credit card to sign up. Monthly packages range from their FREE ACCOUNT, ideal for freelancers, the Small Business Plan at $9.56/user/month and the Business Plan at $15.16/user/month. Bonus tip! Get billed annually and enjoy a 20% discount!

Project management, complex it may be, need to be a chaotic and messy affair. With Paymo, you stay on track, see where the problems stem from, accurately track time spent on project and tasks, and help you and/or your team become a productive, efficient, and well-oiled machine. It’s simple, intuitive communication and collaboration tools keep your company or your business running smoothly.

I hope this comprehensive Paymo review has given you a solid understanding whether this is right for you. As a fellow business owner, I did find it to be an ideal choice and better suited than others in the market. If you feel there’s value here, you are welcome to use my affiliate link below and I’ll earn a tiny commission for keeping this blog going. Likewise, you’re welcome to go direct. Either way, my hope is that you’ve found value here from an independent business owner. A lot of people value this openness and honesty that I present.

Pipedrive CRM review: Written by an actual business owner

You’ve found it! Yes – the most comprehensive review of Pipedrive CRM which has been written by a business owner. No hype, no sugar coating, just real and raw. Thousands of business owners read my blog every month and appreciate my honesty and openness. Let’s get into it…

In a sales-driven organization, it’s vital that the sales team is armed with the most effective and efficient tools to help them close the deal. You need a comprehensive sales management tool that’s designed to streamline and manage the many intricate sales processes.

Seeing that this need was not met, Pipeline came into the market in 2010, pulling in an impressive $90 million funding to make it happen. Obviously, venture capitalists and investors like Atomico, Bessemer Venture Partners, Rembrandt Venture Partners, Paua Ventures and others saw the potential in this market and how a salespeople-oriented CRM tool could be a game changer.

They were not wrong and their investments have paid off in a big way! Pipedrive is one of the fastest growing companies in America and has won multiple awards like The Europa’s 2015 Best Enterprise SaaS B2B Startup and The 2017 SalesTech Award, plus being named as Estonia’s Best Employer in the Private Sector 2016-2018 or Estonia’s “Dream Employer”. With over 170 countries covered, powered by 400+ employees in 7 offices in 5 countries, Pipedrive serves over 80,000 customers like Amazon, Skyscanner, TNW, Vimeo, and Remax, to name a few. Whew! That’s impressive to say the least.

Pipedrive markets itself as “a sales CRM built for minimum input and maximum output.” Sounds extremely promising and tempting but let’s break down what that actually means.

Pipedrive is for you if you are a small to midsize business, like a sole vendor or a developing business, that is looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use CRM (customer relationship management) tool. It’s simple, intuitive user interface is easy to set-up (which means your team can pick it up quickly and you can implement it right away) and it has customized web forms for collecting leads and allows you to create more than one pipeline.

The features revolve around Pipedrive’s philosophy of “everything is built around activity-based selling.” Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

1. Pipeline Management – The goal is to gain total and complete visibility into your pipeline. This is achieved by having a clear, visual interface where you stay in control of everything in the complex sales process. Deals are clearly categorized by sales stages so you and your team can focus your resources where it’s going to be the most effective. The statistics tool keeps you up to date on all the data you need to analyze the health of your pipeline. It’s also fully customizable, with its easy drag-and-drop interface and foolproof menus, so you can design it to the needs and requirements of your team.

I particularly like that Pipedrive’s pipeline is not just for salespeople, you can also use it manage workflows, enrollments, projects, rewards programs, and more.

2. Email Integration – This really is a great example of Pipedrive’s minimum input, maximum output philosophy. It’s packed with easy and time-saving ways to track your email conversations. You can fully sync your emails, use their smart email BCC feature, use templates, and track emails so you always have a full overview of everything that’s happening with a sales prospect in one convenient place.

3. Activities and Goals – Here, Pipedrive refers to an Activity as “anything that moves your deals towards closing.” In a nutshell, these are the behind the scenes actions and tasks that power the sales process, be it an email, a phone call, a lunch, or a meeting. With the awesome scheduling tool, you can attach activities and to-do lists to ongoing deals that syncs easily with Google calendar. That means more missing out on deadlines, due dates, over dues and more which is essential to know if you are a manager.

4. Sales Reporting – For a CRM tool to really give you your money’s worth, not only do you need it to help you close deals but it should also let you know and understand why and where you’re losing deals. By understanding where you weak spots are and by reviewing the relevant data, you discover the areas for improvement and resolve them right away.

5. Sales Forecasting – You can’t really spread your resources to thin when you try to manage all the prospective deals all at once. With Pipedrive’s Forecasting, you can look ahead and see which deals and activities are rip for the picking, so to speak, and make the right moves to facilitate closing the deals ASAP.

6. Mobile Apps – Whichever your preference, downloading Pipedrive’s iPhone and mobile apps means you can stay on top of your sales team and work from anywhere, anytime. If you’re someone who’s always on the go and you work remotely from a lot of different places, this compliments your lifestyle perfectly.

7. Google Apps Integration – An organized and well-oiled CRM is essential to keep a business thriving. You will gain so much from the productive partnership between Google and Pipedrive  because it works seamlessly with Google Drive, Contacts, and Calendar.

8. API – No messy and chaotic setup because you can connect Pipedrive to any software, and if needed “develop custom features for free.” Yep, you read that right. FREE.

There are lot more features like Integrations, Customization, Products, Web Forms, Reliability & Safety, and Multilingual and Multi-Currency (Using over 10 languages and handling all major currencies, this feature easily makes Pipedrive a global player that can help business everywhere.)

Bottomline, why is Pipedrive so convenient for for your business? Simple. It’s intuitive system takes out all the headaches in sales process management. The ability to identify hot leads and prioritize those that are going to bear fruit allows you to design an individual approach and manage resources where they will most be effective. It’s a universally applicable system that will seamlessly integrate with whatever your software landscape and you can easily introduce it to your organization then hit the ground running. Not a lot of time wasted with special training and trial runs.

With its flexible pricing plans, whatever the size of your business, you will for sure find a package suitable for your needs and budget. And because the offer a free trial (no credit card required to sign up), you’ll be able to see how the software works and move forward from there. Go and check out what the buzz is all about, it may be what you need to get your sales team up the next level.

I hope this Pipedrive CRM review has given you some real insight as to whether this is right for you business or not. I personally found it to be an ideal solution. You’re welcome to use my referral link if there’s value here, or go directly. It’s really up to you. Fellow business owners have valued my honesty and openness in the past and have used my affiliate link which pays me a little commission to keep this blog of mine going.

Sellfy: The comprehensive review you’ll want to read now

Yes – you’ve found the one. The most in-depth review of Sellfy you’ll find anywhere online. You’ll discover if this is any good.

No sugar coating here, I’m the most critical person of these online platforms. I’ve been in eCommerce a long time, I’ve seen the best from the rest, I’ll tell you how it is.

Sellfy examined

When you land on Sellfy’s homepage, the first thing you’ll read is this bold claim: “Build your store in under 5 minutes and start selling products directly to your audience through your website or social media.” Wow. That’s quite a hook. Build a store in under 5 minutes? What sorcery is this?

Ok granted we’re not talking about an online shop that has physical products to sell. That’s an entirely different ballgame. With physical products, there’s a whole lot more work to do before you can start selling online.

Sellfy Review App

What we’re talking about here is digital products and goods and examples of these ebooks, comics, design assets, music, videos, or any type of digital files like PSD, AI. So Sellfy is specifically for creators and creatives. These include writers, designers, comic book authors, music producers, and filmmakers, to name a few. Particularly, those looking to create a passive income flow and earn money doing what they’re passionate about. It’s also a great way to test the waters and see if your digital products have a market willing to pay for them.

How you can use Sellfy

You can quickly build a unique, customizable and beautiful storefront on Sellfy. Make it your own by adding your logo, changing the colors, and creating a layout that matches your brand. Sellfy will handle everything from “product hosting and payment processing to everything from product hosting and payment processing to automatically sending download emails and delivering the products.”

They make it easy for you to upload and sell your digital content. Be it a single, multiple file product, or subscription. It doesn’t matter where you’re based, you’ll be able to sell your creations to anyone, anywhere. You eliminate the tedious and time and money consuming component of building a shop and get right to the business of marketing and selling your work.  

Features for the end user

Sellfy has a lot of awesome features that, as a creator, you can quickly benefit from. Sellfy storefronts include individual product pages which allows you to present your products from a variety of angles with multiple images and previews from Soundcloud, Vimeo, and YouTube. On top of that, no problem to upload files up to 2GB and you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and secure product storage.

One can always argue there are ways you can rough this process out on your own and “theoretically” save money but if you make a list of what that entails, you’re gonna realize it may not be worth it in the end. There will be costs involved in building your own digital ecommerce website, then you’ll need to do a lot marketing to reach the right people and entice them to buy. What you need is a simple tool that can turn your existing social media channel or website into a working online store while expanding your reach with a large network of users already looking for what you offer.

One feature that is extremely essential for a digital creator and producer is the protection measures for your products. Sellfy has fraud protection tools specially designed for that. A buyer’s email address are imbedded to every page of the purchased PDF file making it unique to each customer (also called PDF stamping). Additionally, there is a limit to how many download attempts can be made every time the user uses the product’s unique download links. All these measures prevent the customers from sharing product files online, thereby protecting your work.

Why I love Sellfy

Sellfy is something you can easily and quickly integrate to your social media platform, blog, or website by allowing you to imbed your entire store or individual projects widgets, like Buy Now buttons. Easily embed and connect your store to your Facebook page and add Sellfy on cards and end screens within YouTube so you can channel the traffic to your store, while at the same time, you can add Facebook and Twitter ad pixels to create ads for your store and track their performance. To further increase the customer engagement experience, feel free to add the Facebook Chat widget so you can talk to your customers directly.

You can also choose from a variety of sales options, depending on what you need or want. Accepting donations with or without a minimum set amount allows users to determine how much they want to pay for a product. You can use product up-sells to increase your sales or create campaigns that helps you get customer email addresses and implement a reward program or give discount codes in return for social media shares.

See where your top markets are and what products perform the best with Sellfy. You’ll be able to see how much revenue you generate from each product and monitor your overall store performance. Know and analyze what channels or websites bring the most traffic, purchases, and revenue plus which countries generate the most sales so you can focus your energy in building those markets.

Features and benefits

Since you will be selling globally, you can accept payments from more than 200 countries and customers can pay in over 21 currencies. You also have the possibility to choose your store language and customers get to see a translated version of your store interface based on their location. As the creator, you can receive payments in four major currencies and instantly receive payments through PayPal or offer a credit card payment option on your store using Stripe.

Also, have peace of mind knowing that Sellfy is PCI-DSS-ready so your buyer’s information is always handled by trusted payment processors. It also has, as is almost the standard for any eCommerce platform, a payment and invoice gateway that includes tax information depending on where you’re based.

Now regarding pricing, Sellfy doesn’t charge a listing fee, which is great, but take careful note of the transaction fees, including PayPal’s processing fee. The subscription tiers have all the same features and only differ in the transaction fees. Opt for the 14-day free trial to check it out first and if you are ready to dive in, choose from the two monthly plans. The PRO is best for starters and lower volume sellers at $29 per month for all features + a 2% transaction fees while the PRO Plus is ideal for established and high volume sellers at $99 per month for all features without any transaction fees.

Closing thoughts

I hope this Sellfy review has provided you with some great insight. Below is my referral link and sure, I’ll get a tiny commission for referring you. You’re also welcome to go direct to their company. I’m cool with that. Some people feel there’s immense value offered here, and decide to use my link. For that I thank you!

Premier TEFL: Read the most comprehensive review online.

This is it. The complete Premier TEFL review. You’ll decide if this is any good. For those wondering if this is right for them, then you’ll want to read this until the end. I’m the guy who writes with sincere honesty and integrity, so let’s get into it…

Considering that English has become the de facto global language as of late, it’ not a surprise that TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language or simply known as English language instruction for non-native speakers) is a booming industry and a popular career choice among those who want to combine work experience and adventure in one.

TEFL can bring you to places you’d never consider on your travel bucket list and it’s usually a life-changing opportunity or a notable experience, at the very least. Depending on where you go and how long you plan to do it for, what you’ll take away really varies. Teaching English in an airconditioned room in the heart of Shanghai is very different from the rural delights of an open space with dirt floor in Rwanda. The gamut of options and variables when you choose this career is huge but there are some denominators that are more common than others. In a nutshell, teaching abroad allows you to be in the business of education while traveling and getting paid. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in a new culture and make new friends and connections around the world.

Can anyone have a career in TEFL? Technically yes, even if you are not from a native English speaking country, you can teach English. But each country has their own set of requirements on who they consider qualified to teach. Some employers prefer and look for qualified candidates with a degree (for some countries, this is requirement to get visa).

You’re fluent in English (native speaker or not) and you want to embark on this TEFL journey but don’t know where to start. TEFL has no formal or official regulatory body that monitors and manages people in this industry. That means, if you can fulfill and meet the requirements of the employing country, you’re good to go. However, because of this lack of official parameter and rules, employers usually need and require a TEFL certificate to prove that you are qualified to teach English to non-native speakers. This is where Premier TEFL comes in; it’s an approved training center with TQUK (Training Qualifications UK), an Ofqual-regulated Awarding Organization.

What Premier TEFL offers are Ofqual regulated online courses have been written by real teaching professionals to meet international TEFL standards and are all fully accredited by ACDL (Accreditation Council for Distance Learning). This is your ticket to start on this path because with a lifelong ESL qualification with PremierTEFL, you get a certificate that will be internationally recognized in a variety of teaching facilities, from state schools and government organizations to private colleges and individual tutoring sessions. They really have an edge compared to other online training centers because they don’t just offer courses, instead it’s more of a unique live teacher-training experience plus connection to teaching jobs and international internships. More on this later.

To apply for their courses and be successful in completing them, you’ll need to be able to completely understand English. Since this may seem like a subjective statement, you can check your English level with the free online Cambridge assessment test found on their website. I highly recommend for any interested parties to do this so you can have an objective evaluation of your English level and see if this is a viable career path or job opportunity for you. If you meet the requirements but are not ready to fully commit, have a chat with one of their advisors so you can speak freely about your questions and inquiries plus Premier TEFL offers a 14-day money back guarantee and so nothing is stopping you from choosing a Premier TEFL course to enroll in today.

They offer a range of accredited courses to choose from ranging from 120 hours for $139.50 to 290 hours for $349.50. For something more focused, you can also choose from four 30-hour Specialist Teaching Courses that are more affordable like the Young Learners Course, Teaching IELTS Course, Teaching TOEIC Course, and Business English Course, all for $149.50. My favorites would have to be the 180-hour Blended TEFL Courses which includes 120 hours of accredited online training, over 65 hours live teaching practice in one of four countries of your choice (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, or Romania), city pick-up & transfers, hotel accomodation, 3 meals a day, half-day city tour, personal tutor support, and of course your internationally recognized certificate upon successful completion. It’s everything you need and could want from a certification and teaching experience, all wrapped up in a fancy bow.

Any TEFL course you decide to enroll in with Premier TEFL includes a range of materials and personal support that includes, but are not limited to:

  • Flexibility and full control over your study pace
  • Course materials delivered online using latest e-learning technology
  • Reflective tasks, activities and videos that make learning enjoyable
  • Grammar Guide eBook
  • Lesson Planning Guide eBook
  • Six month study period with 24/7 access
  • TEFL certificate recognised worldwide
  • Support throughout from an academic tutor
  • Instant test results – gets you qualified quicker
  • Expert help to secure TEFL jobs
  • To get hired in the TEFL industry you’ll be required to be aged 18 with a high school diploma (Leaving Certificate / A-levels / Matric or equivalent) at minimum.

The time it takes for you to complete one of their courses really depend on your level of commitment and how much time you can allocate to finish it. Some have more free time than others but the average is around 6 weeks for the 120-hour Advanced TEFL courses and for the longer, more comprehensive courses, expect to complete it them in less than 12 weeks but you’ll have 180 days to complete it.

Don’t think I forgot about the internships, which I’m very excited about. Premier TEFL offers paid internships of varying lengths in Asia, Europe, and South America. A quick browse at their website will list all internships they currently offer and I’m sure one (or more) will just call your name and you’ll be hooked. Also consider checking out their Scholarship Programs that will take you to Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, or Romania. Chat with a Premier TEFL advisor on their website or request a call back to get you started on your new TEFL career today.

Verbling Review: Is it any good?

This Verbling review will question if this is online language learning platform is any good. I’m Joshua – world traveler, blogger and one that enjoys learning languages. I’m the dude who tells things as they are, no sugar coating here. If the platform is substandard, then I’ll certainly say so. Let’s get into it…

I’ve always wanted to speak more than one language. I’m Australian so my mother tongue is English but as I’ve traveled to other countries and met many people from all walks of life, I see a lot of missed opportunities to strengthen the connections I’ve made simply because I couldn’t communicate with them in their own language.

There are plenty of reasons and excuses as to why you’ve never considered learning another language. It’s hard. You have no time. You have no use for it in your work. It’s hard. Yes, I said it’s hard twice because this is the most common excuse. What you’re not considering is the many benefits of learning one (or two, or three, or more) new language. First of all, it gives your brain a boost! Research has listed many cognitive benefits of learning another language, no matter if you’re young or old. Imagine the career and job opportunities! Companies put a high value on employees and applicants who are multilingual and globally-minded. Avoid missing out on a whole different world of musical and cinematic art and literature! Whatever you’re into, be it Bollywood, telenovelas, Chinese opera, or Japanese anime, you’ll be able to appreciate all these works of creative art on a totally different level. When you enjoy these in their translated forms, you’re missing out on a lot of nuances that get lost in translation. And my personal reason for wanting to pick up another language is to have deeper connections and friendships with people I meet. Whether those connections are sparked in my local community or when I have the chance to travel the world, I want that authentic cultural experience that only speaking their language can bring.

So, I’ve successfully convinced you that learning a new language is a must! Now what? Well, first you’ve got to decide which language you want to learn. The top ten most spoken languages in the world are (in order of the number of speakers) Mandarin Chinese, English, Hindustani, Spanish, Arabic, Malay, Russian, Bengali, Portuguese, and French. If you want to, statistically, speak to the most number or people, you can choose from this list. But remember, choosing what language you want to learn is something very personal and unique to you, almost like choosing what clothes you want to wear. It should reflect what you want to do with it. Is it so you can enjoy listening to soothing sounds of fado? Do you want to learn Latin for its cultural significance? Maybe you’re planning to travel to Thailand in a few months and you want to be able to not look like rookie tourist. Here’s the good news, whatever language you want to learn, be it the most spoken one in the world like Mandarin Chinese or something more specific like Swahili, Verbling’s got a teacher for you.

Verbling boasts of having over 6,000 professional native-speaking teachers (that passed Verbling’s selective application process) that can teach over 50 languages on its advanced learning platform. It is a great option to try whether you’re just on a solo mission or you want to set up business language training or language lessons for your whole company.

Getting started is so easy! No extra downloads or logins. Just choose what language you want, when you prefer to have the lessons, then purchase the lessons. Take your lessons and review all your study materials right in your browser. The integrated platform is intuitive and specially developed for language learning, using tools like collaborative textpads, flashcards, sentence corrections, and more. You can take the lessons with you anywhere you go because Verbling lessons are supported on desktop, iOS, and Android devices. This is a huge plus for me because I’m always on the go and it would be great to be able to study anytime, anywhere.

Choosing the right teacher for you can depend on where they’re from, the language you want to learn, the specific skills you are targeting, the gender, and the price you are willing to pay (per hour). Once you’ve connected to your teacher, they will develop a custom curriculum just for you because everyone’s needs and goals are different. They also have a dynamic list of the teachers available and you’ll be able to read a brief introduction and see where they’re from, what language they teach, how many lessons they’ve taught, and how much they charge per hour. Most offer a free trial and you can contact them easily to get to know more about them and if they are a good fit for you.

The Enterprise package, on the other hand, is geared for organizations of all sizes around the world to maximize their effectiveness in a globalized economy. It’s a language-learning service for companies looking to improve their team’s communication in a new language. Let’s say you’re a German company with plans to expand their business in China, Verbling may be something your organization can consider. It offers quality language instruction via online video-chat based lessons, accessible on multiple devices platforms anywhere with a sufficient internet connection. Lessons are 1-on-1, hour-long video-chat sessions between a student and teacher. Curriculum is customizable to a student’s needs to ensure efficient, effective learning. They’ve worked with companies like Volkswagen, Toyotetsu, Orion Health, and Inditex, to name a few.

They’ve designed the Verbling Enterprise package to be easy to use for managers and participants alike. Simply set up your organization and invite members to your team. Purchase a plan then let your team schedule and take, at their convenience, one-on-one language lessons with their teachers. Admin approval ensures you have full control and the project manager receives comprehensive analytics and reports and can track the team’s progress and monitor ROI. Most people reading this review on Verbling probably won’t fall into this category.

Any student can access the digital classroom on their browser with the latest version of Chrome or Firefox or choose to download the Verbling App on the Apple Store or on Google Play. You’ll need a minimum internet speed of approximately 1 MB/s upload and download is required for a stable, quality video and audio connection. Always check your personal or corporate firewalls as they may need to be configured to allow for WebRTC traffic.

Verbling offers the “education of a brick-and-mortar school or in-house tutor for a fraction of the price, with unparalleled convenience.” No better time than now to get started learning a new language and impress your new friends.

I hope this complete Verbling review has provided you an in-depth overview whether this is right for you. You’re welcome to use my referral link here, or go directly to Verbling if you’ve decide to move forward.