Michael Johnson ‘The Mojo Master’ Rated (Reignition seminar)

I went to Michael Johnson’s seminar ‘The Mojo Master’, and this review of Reignition (the national tour) is based off my direct experience. Real, raw and with no input from Michael or his team.

My background

I’ve actually known of Michael since 2011, back in the early days when he was still running one on one coaching sessions. I personally had a few sessions and some breakthrough moments back then. In addition, I’ve paid up and have been to Reignition and ThriveTime.

So I’ve seen his NLP training company grow from its humble beginnings. In addition, I’ve done NLP training with other companies, plus been to many conferences and seminars including Tony Robbins 5 times (yes, 5 times!) and Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker and Gary Vaynerchuk just to name a few.

Today I own 2 successful businesses and a healthy investment portfolio. That said, the most important changes I’ve made have been within myself. I’ve come from an extreme introvert, the dude who’d struggle to even answer a phone or engage any conversation, to a reasonably outgoing sort of person. One who smiles, who laughs and converses naturally. I run this blog as a resource based showcasing the courses, tools and software that have been beneficial in my success. Michael has had an impact in my journey.

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Let’s get into Michael. You’re probably curious if events such as Reignition, ThriveTime or The Accelerator are any good. You’ve probably found him on social media, received an email about his events or perhaps you’ve even watched a few videos. Now you’re looking online to do your research. It’s great that you’re here, as I wouldn’t blindly jump on board with anything either. I like to get the facts, weight up the pros and cons, and make an informed decision. I don’t make impulse decisions, I evaluate first before I jump in.

There’s probably a range of questions you have. I hope this review particularly of Reignition by the Mojo Master will provide some insight. I’ve written this with simplicity and ease in mind.

What’s the Thrive Time event like?

It’s good. Very good in fact. Michael jumps straight into content, actionable stuff that you’re going to want to write down. Don’t forget to bring pen and paper. Michael’s somewhat intense, he moves quick with the information.

Michael Johnson’s Mojo Master events receive excellent feedback!

He’s not a tease unlike many other speakers I’ve seen, he simply doesn’t hold back. That’s what I liked about the seminar, he genuinely cares about sharing as much as he can with the time that he has.

Who else comes along?

Generally people just like you. Those who want to make some changes in their life. Whether that’s financial, spiritual, health or relationships, everyone has a need to be at the live event.

The age range is typically 20 to 50 years old, though I have certainly seen others outside of this range. It’s really for those committed to change a current blueprint that’s holding them back, and ready for that shift to happen as quickly as possible.

Any downsides?

Michael gets straight into content. No teasing. Some of the concepts might be a bit technical to begin with, and that’s okay. Stay in this personal development space for long enough and you’ll begin to understand these concepts much better. Michael occasionally goes slightly off-topic but still within the genre of personal development, though in recent years he’s become a lot better.

There’s also a cost which is a downside, especially higher for ThriveTime. The cost is representative of the value that Michael’s giving. So far 1,500+ people have going through his programs, and everyone’s paid. No freebies here. People don’t value the things that they receive for free, hence why Michael needs to change a fair price.

Is it any good for beginners?

Yes! Michael’s events are ideal for beginners. Likewise, those who have already done some personal development will benefit from his seminars. Even if you’ve just read some books, you’ll find his live events to be of benefit. In fact I’d say 70% of the attendees haven’t done any other live events before.

Did The Mojo Master write any of this?

Nope. Zero, none at all from Michael Johnson. In fact exactly none of the hundreds of reviews here have had any input from anyone. Sometimes I receive emails “Joshua can you change this and that?” or my personal favourite “Joshua, please make this review more positive of our services!”. The companies that reach out to me with this nonsense always make me laugh.

The answer from me is always a firm decline. I’m an independent guy, I write things as they should be. No BS here. In a world of social media in-authenticity, I’m keeping it real. I just happen to have a great experience at the live seminar.


Most people will find some great benefits in attending events held by the Mojo Master. It’s not for everyone, those unwilling to change should probably just stay home.

If you’re ready to make a difference in your life, then personal development is the playing field you want to be watching. And I’d be choosing the Mojo Master’s team to inspire me towards creating those fundamental changes that I desire.

By the way, if you’d like, there’s a 100% FREE course available to learn how to sell on Amazon. It’s what I did, and I reached a full time income on Amazon in less than 2 years. My good friend Adam Hudson wants to give you this course right now!

Rapid Renovation Formula by Naomi Findlay: My Rating

This review is for the people curious: should you do Naomi Findlay’s Rapid Renovation Formula? This course is geared towards flipping properties for profit. Right here is where I’ll lay the bare facts for you.

Note: Naomi and I do not have a business relationship. She didn’t request this review, I just like to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences. I’m just being open, honest, raw and real. I wish more people in the world could be as transparent as I am.

My investing and development journey

Since 2009 I’ve done a lot of these courses. Mostly great, yet some could really improve. One company even closed its doors, as I had stopped dozens of people signing up to their $1,000 scam course that was a dogs breakfast in terms of quality. That’s the power of an independent dude like me who reviews courses, software and resources on his blog.

Today, after having spent $40,000+ on my personal development, I can tell you that investing in knowledge has provided the best return. The ATO can’t tax it either! Ha! The thing is, every course I’ve bought, I’ve taken action on. Today I own 2 successful businesses and an good property portfolio.

It seems to me that Naomi Findlay was the replacement for the ever popular Cherie Barber. Both teach buying and renovating properties for profit, and with only slight differences. It was only fitting for her to now take the stage with Stuart Zadel.

Is Naomi Findlay’s course good?

It’s not good. It’s great! I mean, it’s really great. It’s going to teach you how to go from A to Z and profit right from your first property flip, even if you’re a beginner. It’s really a proper step by step blueprint, direct from someone with many years of experience in the trenches.

Naomi Findlay’s Renovation course is a great choice

I really love how Naomi gives a lot of excellent content on her website and blog. You’ll find plenty right here: https://www.naomifindlay.com

For those that invest into her flagship course, there’s a lot of content throughout the modules. You might even become a little overwhelmed with it. That said, the volume of information is better than an average course that simply skims through everything. It’s 700% more than you’ll find in anything from the local bookshop.

Will her renovation course work today?

Yes and no. It’s a declining property market. These property renovation courses were HUGE throughout the 2000’s and even up until recently. Now, with the expected decline of up to 50%, it’s hard to make a profit. This isn’t good news for those using the popular negative gearing strategy.

Consider buying a property for $700k, spending $100k on the renovation and expecting to sell at $900k. But the renovation takes longer than expect, the budget blows out and the market declines even further. Better yet, the new buyer falls over in finance! Banks are getting tougher with their lending criteria, hurting both renovators and the end buyer too. Your expected $100k profit is now nullified.

It’s harder to make a profit in a declining property market

I still see opportunities in the market for this course to work, you’ll have to dig much harder to find properties for a significant discount. Much, much harder. In a booming market, you could easily make multiple mistakes and still make a profit. Investors like me saw this fall in property prices coming for years, we didn’t buy the hype that it was going to boom forever.

Is it beginner friendly?

Yes, it is. It’s also that you need some capital, or access to capital. You’ll need to keep your job at least for a while, particularly for access to finance. You need to be a time management superstar and people person too. You’ll be running the numbers, scheduling work, calling for quotes and otherwise project managing a renovation project.

The first time it’s a circus, but trust me it gets easier after that. Naomi’s done dozens of these, for which I praise. It’s not easy, but can be hugely profitable if done properly. This is why I recommend her course. Industry experience paired with her proven formula.

An alternative to Naomi Findlay

You should consider what works for you, your personality and your goals. Naomi’s course could work for you. My strategy is taking my current yearly income and making it my monthly income, through building online businesses.

I do a range of things, and find selling on Amazon to be the easiest business with the greatest way to scale to even 7 figures. Then, when the market bottoms out, the banks will love my excellent LVR ratio due to high deposits I’ll have saved, my superb monthly income and sky-high credit score due to no recent borrowings. Then I probably wouldn’t even want to flip properties and get my hands dirty, just retire on the portfolio.

Many people are simply working right now on massively increasing their monthly income online. This is as opposed to using traditional wealth creation strategies such as property investing, renovation and development.

Join the FREE Amazon course for beginners

Should this interest you, there’s a 100% FREE video course that you can start taking right this moment, where you’ll discover how to get started with this process. It’s designed for the beginner, and thousands of Australians have taken this exact course. You may use the link here to begin. This is how I started my Amazon journey, and now own 2 very profitable online businesses that have equity too.

My overall thoughts

The Rapid Renovation Formula great course. It’s just harder to make it work in the current economic climate. Not impossible, just harder. I’m share Naomi has a strategy to handle the next 3 to 5 years. My personal strategy is cashflow and equity through Amazon, and I’ve written some excellent guides here for those new to the blog.

I like that her course is from a woman’s perspective, especially in the renovation world. Women are just intrinsically more successful renovators, due to understanding aesthetics, schedules and patience. Men just want to make the most profit above all else. Couples would do the well with this course actually, as many have joined together.

Do you have any questions or comments regarding Naomi or her course? If yes – drop them into the comments below. The more technical questions should go to Stuart Zadel or Naomi’s own team. I can only handle the basics. 🙂

P.s. Don’t forget to get immediate FREE access to the video training course here, created for Australian property investors looking for a better cashflow strategy. Remember: thousands of Australians have taken this excellent course already!

Thoughts on Sam Cawthorn: Storyshowing, Bootcamps & Speakers Institute

This is my comprehensive Sam Cawthorn review, covering his Bootcamps and company ‘The Speakers Institute’. Read now about how I’ve always been an introvert, and so I went searching for a company in which I can undertake some public speaking training.

My story

I’ve taken a lot of courses since 2009, having spent $40,000+ on my personal development across Australia and the US. Most have been great, some could improve greatly. In my opinion, investing in your knowledge provides the best return on investment.

Today I own 2 successful businesses that I built from scratch, and a healthy property portfolio. This blog of mine is merely a collection of tools and resources that have been helpful in my journey. I review courses, and tell things as they are – no sugar coating here. One company I even forced to close down as their $1,000 leadership course was complete rubbish, and I saved dozens of people from signing up. That’s the power of an independent person like me, the person who keeps it real. I’ll call out BS when I see it.

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Actually – while you’re here, grab yourself a FREE online training course for beginners. Simply click the plan button to get started right now. It’s a fundamental part of how I build successful online businesses.

Inside Sam Cawthorn

So let’s get into Sam. You’ve probably see his face on social media, received emails about him or even been along to a live event. Now it’s time to do some research. A wise choice my friend, as I don’t blindly sign up to things I know so little about. And you shouldn’t either. Really give it some thought as to whether these sort of things are for you.

What’s Sam like as a person?

A really good bloke. Really quite heart-driven, full of inspiration and resilience. The type of person who generally wants to help you, and expects nothing in return. Yes, a great speaker, but off-stage he’s just as genuine.

Particularly I liked that:

Sam Cawthorn Review
  • He’s very heart-driven
  • So much is shared for free
  • The stories are so engaging
  • A NO-BS mantra is followed
  • He isn’t just a 1-man-band
  • The team is praised by him
  • He has the go-giver mentality
  • Real results are his focus point
  • His knowledge is always expanding
  • He brings 20+ years experience to the table

Is The Speaker’s Institute any good?

It’s not good, it’s great! I mean, the days are long, and the training’s quite intense. But you’ll found plenty of value for money here.

This isn’t kindergarten-level training, you’ll be going in deep to really break through as a public speaker. Be prepared to be pushed a little out of your comfort zone. After all, this is what public speaking is all about.

Should a beginner do the course?

Yes! There’s no better starting point. There’s no point tip-toeing through 1 day courses, jump into the deep end my friend. It’s the only way to enact change. Like I said, I’ve spent plenty of money on myself and it has been the best investment ever.

I don’t know of anyone offering the same pedigree and quality of a full step by step blueprint towards public speaking. I mean – sure, there’s Toastmasters. But they don’t really teach much on storytelling.

Any downsides?

The cost is high, but you knew this already. It’s representative of the high quality training that Sam and his team provide. It’s not a field to mess around with, these guys are some of the best in Australia when it comes to public speaker training. Consider the cost of NOT doing the training, letting the years go by without you and your message hitting the stage. Ouch!

Also – as I mentioned, the days are long though most people are used to these types of events. You probably won’t need a coffee, as Sam keeps the energy high throughout the events that he runs. Also, the events are typically held in the city, and so some commuting, parking and finding the event location can be a little cumbersome. But most people don’t mind.

Did Sam Cawthorn write any part of this review?

No, he’s got no chance. I’m an independent guy, I’ve had companies reach out to me before “Could you make this more positive?” and “Can you change this and that?” with the response from me always being a polite decline. Yes – this review of his Bootcamps is positive, but for good reason.

The quality of speaker training within the Bootcamps is remarkably high. Whilst Sam is an amputee, I’ve not provided any special consideration in that regard. This is a review of him and his Speaker’s Institute training company.

Speakers Institute: My impact

Through the training, I’ve felt more vibrant, open and expressive through speaking. I’m not so withdrawn, including in general conversations too. So the run-on effects have been well received, and not something I had expected to happen either. I’m pretty well confident that I could speak in front of a classroom of people, as opposed to small groups.


I hope this Sam Cawthorn review has shed some light for you. This speaker training is only for a very small group of people. Those willing to actually be committed towards change within themselves. That’s both introverts and extroverts. Beginners and experienced speakers. Those that can’t tell a story, and those who think they can.

Verdict: I simply APPROVE of Sam Cawthorn’s training and the Speakers Institute

You’ve got to have a strong commitment here, otherwise the training is pointless. You’ve got to have a strong reason as to why this is for you. The training works, it’s an effective tool. A specialist tool is only as good as the person who’s motivated to use it, otherwise it’ll sit in the shed for years.

With that, I think what Sam offers is of immense value. I hope also that you’ve got some value out of my words here. Any questions, comments or suggestions can be dropped into the comments below.

P.s. Don’t forget to get 100% FREE access to a video training course on how to build digital assets online. This course has been taken by thousands of Australians, and yes, including some of Sam’s own students!!

My thoughts on the Bnbprofessional System by Nicole and Aaron Byerlee

This review covers the creative ‘Bnbprofessional System’ course created by Nicole and Aaron Byerlee. Should you do it? The strategy is ideal for those looking to build cashflow through leasing properties on the popular Airbnb website.

There’s some other comments online that just aren’t providing an informed viewpoint on what is offered within the course. They provide very little in the way of actual facts.

Some background

Since 2009 I’ve done a long list of courses, workshops and seminars just like this. Yes – I’ve been to Stuart Zadels and Jon Giann’s seminars among many others. I’ve spent $40,000 on my personal development, and I firmly believe knowledge is the best investment.

Some have been great, some not so great. But all of them I’ve taken action on. That is, I’m guy who takes the content and puts it into action. No lazing around.

This blog of mine is a collection of the courses, tools, software and resources that have been beneficial to my success. I’ll tell things as they are, no BS allowed here. One company even shutdown due to my blog, as I saved dozens of students from signing up to their $1,000 course that was atrociously bad. That’s the power of an independent reviewer like me, one that you can trust.

Today I have a good property portfolio, I sell on eBay / Amazon and run a marketing business driving online traffic. By far, selling Amazon has been my favourite business and the one I feel is best suited for beginners. But it’s not for everyone especially as it requires some decent capital, and building a semi-automated holiday letting management business will better suit some people.

When I came across Aaron and Nicole Byerlee, I knew that I had seen this strategy before. I’ve seen numerous courses that felt like a scam out there. These courses focus on building a portfolio via Airbnb, but they were all in the US.

I like the feeling of being at a live event or workshop on a weekend, networking with others who share the same interest in property. So to finally see an Aussie couple teaching the strategy is appealing. Best of all, this power couple isn’t new to business either, having run multiple businesses in the past. That past experience is a big tick in my books.

What is the course like?

So you’ve probably seen the Air Cashflow / Bnbprofessional Blueprint system online. Now it’s time to do some research. Is it a scam? Is it for real? Can you make money with this? Who is Nicole Byerlee? Some excellent questions, and I hope to be of value here.

Overall, it’s great. Like I said, I’ve done a lot of courses during my time and have seen some BS. In this case, the course is well constructed. I really feel that all aspects are covered from start to finish, and it’s also refreshing to see that Nicole is also in the trenches running her portfolio. I feel that there’s a massive opportunity right here for those who want to jump on board.

You can rent other people’s properties, to considerate families like this.

You’ll be learning how to find these properties, setting up the listings and deal with legal paperwork. You’ll also learn some systems on how you can outsource a lot of the work, as none of us want to be cleaning toilets all day do we? It’s difficult to learn this process from a book, and a course would be ideally suited.

What I really liked with Bnbprofessional is their up-front approach. There’s no sneaky business, you’re asking landlords and agents direct, and you’re upfront about your Airbnb intentions. No flying under the radar. Aaron and Nicole are advocates of building real, sustainable and on-trend businesses that are transparent from day 1. Included in the course is a legal template that provides you with permission from the landlord to sub-let their property on to websites such as Airbnb. QLD (where I live) is definitely covered, I think most states are too.

Should you do Bnbprofessional if you’re a beginner?

Yes. I would say the course is ideal for beginners. You’ll really learn a lot that you can put into action right away. There’s very little capital required, and the time requirement is flexible too. Got a 9 to 5 job? Then this very well could work for you, simply being built on weekends and after work. Semi-retired? Stay at home parent? Yep, you’ve got this too.

Should you do the course if you have property already?

Yes. With the decline in Australian property prices, I’d say this is a definite yes. I’m not selling my portfolio, and this strategy will likely increase my rents. My only draw back is that the 3 properties I wish to do this strategy on has long term tenants that ALWAYS pay the rent on time, and they’re all self-managed properties too. A quality problem to have I must say… 🙂

You’re likely to lose a decent amount of equity in the next 5 to 7 years. It’s a bummer, but that’s how it is. I’m taking a hit too. Myself and a lot of others saw this decline coming for years. You can recoup some of these losses through holiday letting and its massively increased rental yields. This course, whilst geared towards sub-letting other people’s houses, has excellent modules on how to make your property a stand-out on the website and maintain a high occupancy rate.

Should you do Bnbprofessional if you’re just curious?

No. Don’t do any course if you’re just curious. Just don’t. You have to be committed here to change your current financial situation. I’ve bought many courses, and I always take action. This course is right for you, if you’re prepared to put in the work. No work, no result. Simple analogy really.

Can the course make me a full time income?

Yes. Well, I can’t promise it because the hustle is up to you. I can’t control how much effort you put in. Neither can Nicole or Aaron. They’ve done it. It’s not easy, but it’s not hard either. You just have to be prepared to put in the work and have some patience. Certainly no get-rich-quick scheme here. It could take months or even years to reach a full time income. I like to keep things real, thousands of people read my blog every month just like you and appreciate this viewpoint.

The Air Cashflow System has serious income potential. But it’s dependent upon you.

What are the best parts about the Bnbprofessional Blueprint course?

  • It’s primarily run by Nicole. I really appreciate a woman’s perspective, and they’re most likely to be successful Airbnb hosts. It’s the attention to detail in the property listings, that welcoming personality and the generally higher standards they have. Sorry brothers, it’s true. It’s also refreshing to see more women being successful generally in business.
  • It’s beginner friendly. Yes, even if you’ve never stayed at an Airbnb before or hosted a property, this is for you. It’s a step-by-step formula for getting you started.
  • It’s affordable. Compared to starting your own real estate business ($20,000 to $100,000) or buying an existing business ($100,000 to $1,000,000+), the course cost is very small. Unlike other business such as importing from China, there’s no big additional costs either such as stock, inventory, warehouses or showrooms.
  • It works worldwide. Sure, it’s an Australian course, but everyone travels. And Airbnb is a worldwide company. So should you choose to relocate anywhere in the country or overseas, you can take your training with you.

What’s the downsides about their system?

The course costs money. It’s not cheap. I mean, it’s not that expensive either. Especially as I related towards importing (my own experience) where the costs are significant. I’ve just spent $15,000 AUD on one product out of China, before even turning a profit!

Also, I can’t promise or guarantee that this will work for you. Neither can anyone. It’s dependent on a range of factors which include, but aren’t limited to…your location, your level of income, your willingness to work, your personality, your current financial situation and more.

When compared with Nicole, you might make more, you might make less, you might make the same or none at all. You are, after all, creating a real business and reliable income stream that you own. And businesses inherently come with risk. It’s just the financial risk with this business model is quite minimal.

The truth about Aaron and Nicole Byerlee’s Airbnb Course

I particularly like these speakers, especially after all that I’ve seen in the marketplace over the years. They simply speak the truth, which is….

  • It’s done by the book (Nothing sneaky at all)
  • This will take some upfront work and hustle
  • You’ll be upfront with the owner (Some will say yes!)
  • You may need a little bit of starting capital, plus time
  • Outsourcing the majority of the work is truly possible
  • Not every property owner will say yes, which is understandable

You’ve probably got a great feeling that they’re genuinely wonderful people too!

Features of the Bnbprofessional Course

Included in the course is a total of 7 modules. You’ll also get access to excellent software to access potential properties for viability on Airbnb. There’s also fortnightly webinars, plus instant access to all the previous recorded webinars. You can ask direct questions on the Q & A webinars.

What I think is the best is the community. You’ll get access to the lively and community-focused Facebook group. Plus, included in the course, is a FREE ticket to the student-only workshops that are held twice yearly in Australia. Where you’ll get to network with fellow students, ask questions and really build your business.

I also think the included templates, scripts, documents and spreadsheets are certainly handy to have. You’ll even get legal lease documents which have only recently been added into the course. You may seen comments on Whirlpool forums saying you can’t sub-lease on to Airbnb. But if a landlord is happy with the arrangement, and you have legal documentation in place, then generally everything will be fine.

Who takes the Bnbprofessional course?

There’s a range of students in the course, including…

  • Parents, retired persons and students
  • Investors wanting better rental yields
  • People looking to build a sustainable business
  • Those wanting a sustainable and long term business
  • Individuals seeking to build a semi-passive income from home
  • Students who can devote a few hours per week to building this business

This is the core demographic of the current Australian students in the course, who have all learned how to build a proper business on Airbnb.

FREE Airbnb travel credit

Here’s a gift from me to you – $75 in Airbnb travel credit.

It’s a referral link to sign up to Airbnb as a host. If you have found value in what I’ve shared here, then please utilize my link right here. The travel credit should be applied to your account automatically upon sign up, and can be used worldwide.


I’d massively appreciate it! I hope this journey going forward is enjoyable for you.


The course is only for a small group of people reading this. Those willing to actually put in the work and whom posses some patience. Those who can really see the potential here, especially in this current property market decline where investors need the extra cashflow to offset losses. You’ll be learning a skill-set that very people know, or at least know how to do it well. The cost is surprisingly minimal too, compared to starting just about any other business.

People worldwide search everyday on Airbnb and are looking at the best listings.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the Bnbprofessional System (previously known as the Air Cashflow System) by Aaron and Nicole Byerlee, please drop them into the box below. I hope this review featuring my thoughts and opinions on the course has helped you discover whether this is right for you.

Also, don’t forge the $75 in FREE travel credit right here, provided by Airbnb themselves. You’ll earn it simply for signing up as a host today.

Cherie Barber: Should you do her Renovating for Profit course?

Cherie Barber Australia Review

In this review, I hope to help you decide whether Cherie Barber and her Renovating for Profit course is right for you. Let’s jump into it. After all, I’ve done many courses, workshops and seminars since 2009, so this one comes with experience.

Today, I have a number of investment properties and I have done multiple developments (including renovations). I choose to sell on Amazon and eBay as I’ve found it the easiest way to make money. I earn more than a full time income on very part-time hours. This blog is simply a resourceful collection of the tools, courses and resources that I’ve used in my journey.

Some courses I’ve done have been good, some really need to improve their game. One course company even shutdown after I saved dozens of people from their rubbish $1,000 course. Bye bye Studywell College.

That’s the power of an independent reviewer like me. So no BSing around these parts. Let’s get into it…

How is the course?

The course is great. Yep, I rate it quite highly. You’ll learn quite an extensive amount on the topic of property renovations and even some elements of small scale multiple property developments.

Quite simply, Cherie Barber has the best property renovations course in Australia. She’s been around for years with literally hundreds of success stories and reviews.

There’s very little missed within the course and bootcamp. The price is expensive, but so is the price of making a mistake if you don’t take the course. Consider it a fast-track to success.

Cherie Barber review
I do like Cherie’s course. It’s designed for those with deep pockets to go into renovations.

Cherie’s been in the game a long time. Considering all renovators and development gurus that have come and gone (Hello Carly Crutchfield!), it’s pleasant to see that Cherie still isn’t going anywhere.

When you buy the course, rest assured that Cherie is still in the trenches and will be for a long time. Much like me, if you get started today with Australia’s #1 Amazon community with free training for beginners.

Would I do the course today?

No, I wouldn’t. But then I wouldn’t do anything property related. These gurus and property boot camps were booming through the 2000’s due to the increase in property prices, fueled by both local and overseas demand.

Today, the nation’s property market is in decline. There’s no point buying a property for $500k, to sell at $700k and spending $150k on renovations when that $50k profit is likely to be eroded in the time you take to renovate.

I’m not selling my portfolio, and I’m certainly not adding to it either. My focus is simply on building my cashflow towards 6 figures monthly. I’m already at 5 figures monthly. So when the market bottoms out, I can purchase multiple properties every year and retire on the cashflow.

The banks will definitely see me as their best applicant ever and can flip properties in a rising market. A wise strategy, yes?

Best alternative to Cherie Barber

If I was new to this, I’d be educating myself all day and night on how to make all my income online. This way, there’s no ceiling. It’s somewhat passive income too. There are numerous ways to make an online income, including selling on Amazon. There’s a free training series if that’s of interest to you.

Cherie Barber Australia alternative
This is what I prefer. No tradies. No big capital outlay. Wednesday lunchtime at the beach.

I feel that this decline in Australian real estate is going to last 5 to 7 years. In that time, beginners should be working on their income. At least reach 6 figures yearly, as banks will tighten their lending criteria after this deflation.


The Renovating for Profit course by Cherie Barber is great, but the market conditions aren’t. It’s a tough place to be in, especially for Cherie who makes a sizable income from selling her course.

You could still make this work, especially when stumbling across properties for a massive discount. Those opportunities will be few and far between, but they’re out there if you choose to look.

I hope this review has shed some light on what to do. Feel free to drop your comments and questions into the box below.

DrumUp – My thoughts as a content curator

Like you, I create content everyday. I recently stumbled across DrumUp, and this review will cover my thoughts and opinions. I’ve used a lot of software, tools, apps and resources in my journey. Most have been excellent, some not so great. This one is therefore written from somewhat of a critical standpoint. No sugar coating here, just straight facts: raw and real.

Social Media today plays a vital and key role in the health and growth of a brand, be it a personal one or a company’s. Keeping your social media platforms relevant and active may seem like an easy task but it takes more than a daily posting to maintain meaningful connections with your followers. Looking for engaging content to share to your social media accounts can be a time-consuming process and the truth is, there are just more important and pressing things that you need to do in the meantime.

Do you need help in these areas?

  • Assistance with content curation or generating content ideas
  • Getting latest trends and news stories for an industry, niche or interest area
  • Daily update of stories on specific themes
  • Brand or media monitoring using keywords

What you need is DrumUp. What is it exactly? It “discovers relevant and engaging stories of interest to you and your social media audience from around the web.” What it does after is it ranks the stories and queues them for sharing through your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. It takes out the work of scouring the internet for hours. It lets you “edit or delete posts, add recommended hashtags and @mentions, add an image/emoji or GIF, set custom/auto time and date for posting, schedule to all/multiple accounts and set the post on a repeat schedule.” Since it’s important to track your clicks and get analytics of your posts are performing, you can use the DrumUp app URL shortener for this.

If you are an agency or a large organization, you can also invite team members to manage assigned social media accounts from different user logins.

If you are a developer or company building an application that wants to suggest or display relevant content recommendations for a set of themes or keywords, DrumUp’s content recommendation or content suggestions API is for you.

Let’s list down key features that can help you win big in the social media game:

1. Curate top content from your industry – DrumUp’s sophisticated news and content recommendation engine mines through tons of content across the web in real time, and uses sophisticated algorithms to recommends the latest and most relevant content for a given set of themes or keywords. It uses advanced NLP, data mining and machine learning algorithms to generate the content suggestions.

2. Cut Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin management time by 90% – Make use of their smart workflow to do all the hard work for you. You’ll be able to quickly review, create and publish posts to your social media followers.

3. Add multiple social media accounts – If you’re active on social media and have a stake in making sure they’re active and engaging, you probably have multiple accounts. You can add all your accounts on DrumUp’s dashboard and tweak their settings to your preference. You’ll be able to monitor all of them in a single place so you’ll always in control and on top of your social media presence.

4. Add your favorite feeds and link blog to social accounts – Curating, adding, and following updates from your favorite feeds is easy and simple by just linking your blog updates to post on your various social media accounts like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

5. Reach more with hashtag recommendations & repeat schedules – Using the right hashtag is both an art and a science. DrumUp will recommend smart hashtags that will increase the visibility of your posts. Additionally, setting important and influential posts on a repeat schedule will make sure you don’t miss out on any.

6. iPhone and Android apps to manage social media on-the-go – Ok, to be honest, in today’s age, it’s a cardinal sin for any online service to not be be usable on mobile devices. So as expected, you can basically do everything you need on DrumUp form the convenience of your mobile device like curating content and scheduling posts. It has a simple, easy to use interface that makes for an awesome productivity app to manage your social media.

7. Chrome extension to schedule posts and discover new content – As you go about your day, you’re going to be checking in on the news or reading stories where the headline caught yor eye. If you decided you want to share these stories to your social media accounts, you can schedule it conveniently using DrumUp’s Chrome extension then (best part) get more content suggestions on similar themes. You’re basically hitting two birds with one stone.

8. Measure social media engagement with DrumUp Analytics – More than just pushing out content on a regular basis, to really see you perform, you need to track, and review social media analytics on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook so you can really measure the engagement and success of your posts.

DrumUp works for you by taking care of your “content marketing”. Most of us don’t have the time to keep up with the latest SEO strategies to attract the right traffic. You can choose any of their All-in-One Content Marketing Packages to do this job for you. Simply sign up for one of the packages they offer and account manager will get in touch with you right away to help you in getting started. They collect and gather the necessary information then setup a special dashboard for you where you can track progress of your content strategy and of course, the results. All this for one low monthly price, starting only at $15/month for their Starter package up to $159/month for Agencies or Large Businesses. The main differences in the packages is around the number of social accounts you have, number of posts/day/account, number of content streams and RSS feeds, plus how many posts in library.

This review of course can’t cover everything. You might still have ton of questions regarding the ins and outs of what DrumUp can do for you and a lot of technical information is readily available in their website. Consider signing up for a free trial so you can give it a drive around the track and see it it’s right for you.

I hope this comprehensive DrumUp review has provided you with insights as to whether this platform is right for you and your social media / content creation needs. I’ve found it ideal for mine in many aspects. You’re welcome to use my affiliate link here, and the tiny commission helps me to continue this blog. Likewise, you’re welcome to go direct and skip that referral link altogether. It’s really up to you! 🙂