Code Camp Australia Fully Reviewed. Includes FREE Course + Coupon

My fellow parents, you have FOUND it! The most complete Code Camp review, plus access to a FREE online video course. Additionally, a coupon code (sometimes called a promo / discount) may be available here too.

I’m Joshua, Australian born and bred. Fellow parent, blogger, adventure-seeker and all around good guy. I’ve been on here for 7+ years. This blog is a mere collection of resources that have been influential in my journey and has had an impact on my family’s life. I hope it’s of value to you, as it has been for many others like you.

Thousands of people find themselves on my blog each month. They appreciate my honesty and transparent thoughts and opinions on products and services available in the marketplace. So rest assured what you’ll find here is real, raw and unfiltered

You’ve probably seen Code Camp around and now you’re looking to do some research. Are they any good? Will my kids be safe? What will they actually learn? They are some great questions my friend, and I hope you’ll be able to make an informed decision upon finishing off reading this one.

School holiday programs at a glance

When looking at school holiday program, I look at some fundamental key points…

  • How long will my child be there for?
  • What are the ages of the other children attending?
  • Who’s running the program and what experience do they have?
  • When my child comes home, will they be ready and keen to go again?

The overview of Code Camp

So when I looked at Code Camp, there were some distinct qualities that I felt were of value…

  • Children generally like building stuff
  • Kids are divided by age-appropriate groups
  • Code Camp is the biggest of its type in Australia
  • There’s a distinctively high amount of 5 star reviews
  • Their timings suit working parents, stretching from 8am to 5pm
  • They’ve got full coverage with multiple venues in every Australian city

No review would be complete unless I provided some downsides. Well, it’s best to call this one room-for-improvement. The major one is the cost. They aren’t cheap, but then they are not the most expensive either when it comes to school holiday programs. In fact, I felt they were reasonably priced for what the offer is. The other note is that this type of school holiday program won’t suit a small portion of the community, as children will be on the computer for a significant portion of the day but will also have some classroom teaching without computer use, plus outdoor time too. Some parents, especially those of young children (5 to 7) avoid computer use all together, so this certainly wouldn’t be the most ideal program at all. You’d likely not fall into this group though… 🙂

Who goes to Code Camp?

So there’s some key point for who I think that this school holiday program is for. Read through this list and see if you or your child falls into any of those…

  • Children who love computers
  • Children who would like to make new friends
  • Parents who see Information Technology as the future
  • Parents who really want to give their child their future a head-start
  • Parents who value safety, and want a safe and supported environment

Let’s see the FREE course

Yes, I have access to an extensive and free video training course for you, and I’d like to provide you an exclusive invitation. It’s for parents, but also for parents who really want to give their children a great start in life. Parents and children are most welcome to watch it together. It’s a course on how to create a success small business on Amazon, part time on the side. Something that could help pay the additional bills, pay the school fees or help knock down the credit card.

You see, I sell on Amazon. I make a full time income. But I only work 7 to 10 hours per week. Sometimes I hardly believe this is possible. My friends (many of them also parents) also can’t believe that I’ve achieved this, but I have. But here’s where it gets interesting…I know hundreds of Australians also doing this right now, earning a solid income working minimal hours on Amazon.

Here’s the good news, and I’d like to invite you to start watching this free course just for you. It’s been created by my good friend Adam Hudson. Adam’s also an Australian, and has helped many parents across the country start their journey selling on Amazon, those who simply started watching the free course he offers. You’re most welcome to take this invitation to check out the course which is available on this page.

And now that Code Camp Coupon Code…

Yes! As of right now, I do have some great news for you. It’s true that you’ve been given the opportunity to get access to a free video course by my good friend Adam Hudson. Yet, unfortunately there isn’t a discount, promo or discount code available. Should Code Camp wish to reach out and offer such a code for my thousands of loyal readers, I’d be most happy to share it here with the community

I do feel that Code Camp offers excellent value. While they’re a young company, they’re also a committed and heart-driven company, and have established a solid foot-hold in the Australian market. You’re most welcome to drop any questions or comments below, though the more technical questions should go directly to them. Feel free to call their friendly team, there’s no pressure to sign up to the program after that first introductory phone call.

Blue Dog Training. RSA & Whitecard. The Full Review.

Yes – you’ve found it! The most complete Blue Dog Training review available anywhere. Plus a bonus FREE video training course is being provided here for students who are eager to learn. This happens to be the most comprehensive overview anywhere, and hundreds of individuals like you read this one every month.

I’m a blogger. I’m Australian, born and bred. I write reviews about RTO’s. I’ve seen the good guys, I’ve seen best from the rest, I’ve also seen some cowboys that should not be in business. This review will come with experience, as a fellow student having taken numerous courses including Cert 3, Cert 4, Whitecard and Responsible Service of Alcohol.

I tell things as they are around here. If I see complete BS, then I’ll call it out. In this review of Studywell College, I saved dozens of potential students signing up to their $1,000+ courses, because the course and their team were pure hogwash. After 12 months, the business closed down and they blamed it on this blog. Victory! That’s the power of an independent blog like mine.

So you’re probably curious about Blue Dog Training. Are they any good? Can you get a discount? Should you do your course online or in the classroom? All very good questions my friend, and I hope to be of value to you here.

Are they any good?

There are some intrinsic reasons why I believe Blue Dog Training can be of immense value to most students…

  • They’re Australian
  • Their prices are very affordable
  • You can take their courses online or offline
  • They’ve been in the business for almost 15 years
  • They’ve won numerous top training industry awards
  • The student assistance and customer service is excellent
  • They support the Cancer Council and Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • You can get phone support throughout your journey, even weekends!

There’s some downside. Remember I tell things as they are around here, no sugar coating. The main one is that their Cert 4 courses are only offered in QLD and NSW at this time. Those looking at Whitecards or RSA courses can attain a national certificate still. The other downside is that they aren’t the cheapest, but they aren’t that expensive either. You don’t want the cheapest when it comes to online training courses, trust me. I chose the cheapest RTO and got burned hard with Studywell College, as per the link I provided above. The feedback from existing Blue Dog students has been exceptional, those who have been more than happy with the price of the courses.

Who’s it for?

Let’s get into who their courses are really designed for…

  • Individuals eager to learn
  • Individuals that want to start right now
  • Individuals that want excellent training materials
  • Individuals that prefer to undertake online training
  • Individuals that want use use an RTO with great prices
  • Individuals that want to have some excellent training support
  • Individuals committed towards their completion, and ready to go now

By now you’re probably curious if there’s a promo, discount or coupon code for Blue Dog Training. Yes, many students have requested this and I have some GREAT news! So right now, at this time, it is unfortunately true that there isn’t one. Unless they wish to reach out and offer me one exclusively for readers. But I’m inviting you right now towards a FREE course that my good friend Adam Hudson has created.

The Free Course..

Yes – you’ve found it. The free course is available here. It’s a 4 part video training course for those who wish to learn how to sell things online via Amazon. It’s beginner friendly. It’s ideal for students. It’s ideal for apprentices. Heck, it’s ideal if you have a job or business already and are looking for something new. I earn a full time income selling on Amazon from home, working just 7 to 10 hours per week. Sometimes I hardly believe this is possible, and I’m the envy of my many friends. Some have even decided to start their own journey learning how to sell on Amazon. If you’re interested, then access to that course is available here on this page. Note: It’s only for those who are committed to learn, have an open mind and would like to get straight into learning about Amazon.

I hope this complete review of the Blue Dog Training company has opened your eyes as to what is possible, and why I believe they are one of the best in the business. I do hope they reach out here at some point and provide a small discount, promo or discount code that I can share with my readers here. Those with questions or comments are most welcome to send them into the box below. The more technical questions should go to their team directly, and I’m sure their friendly staff will be more than happy to take your call.

Future Assist – Read this review before you join!

Yes – many individuals like you have read this Future Assist review before they decided to join, and are LUCKY to have done so. It’s something I’d highly recommend, and by the end of this blog post you’ll make an informed decision as to whether this product is right for you.

I’m Joshua. Australian born and bred. Thousands of people like you find my blog every month, curious to know if this is right for them. It’s great that you’re here, ready to do your independent research. There’s no sugar coating around these parts especially in this review, I tell it how it is.

You’ve probably got questions in mind like others do regarding their Brisbane, Southport, Parramatta and Melbourne based advisors. Is Future Assist any good? What are the fees? How’s the service? What do they really offer? I hope to be of value to you, as an independent blogger for 7+ years who has used numerous companies before in his wealth creation journey. Today I own 2 successful businesses, a healthy investment portfolio and I enjoy sharing the journey with my fellow Australians.

Almost everyone wants to retire. To spend time at the beach, bake in the sun, smell the flowers and join the easy life. There’s a lot of companies out there that promise to help you. Not all of them are created equal. I’m going to invite you to look at some considerations of why I felt that this financial advisory company represents great value…

  • They provide a tailored financial plan
  • Their focus is on creating results for you
  • You’ll receive support throughout your journey
  • They’ve won numerous industry awards across Australia
  • There’s an incredible amount of 5 star reviews across other sites
  • They’ve got a proven track record of helping individuals just like you

No review is complete without some downside, as I don’t sugar coat things around here. This one is more-so room for improvement. The Future Assist fees aren’t high. But their not the lowest in the industry either. There is cheaper out there. I do feel that they offer excellent value for money, and it can be a real case of getting what you paid for. Trust me, you don’t want the cheapest. Those nasty, rogue financial advisors out there shouldn’t be trusted with your money. Find a company that genuinely cares, has a proven track record so you can make informed decisions.

Certainly this company isn’t for everyone. It’s only for a small percentage of those reading this right now, those individuals that are ready to work with a decent company commited towards your success. Their services are ideal for you if you fall into any of the points below…

  • You’d like to retire one day
  • You’re looking to invest in property
  • You’d like to get started investing into shares
  • You’d like some help managing your SMSF or Super
  • You’d like some proper and effective tax planning strategies
  • You actually want a company that genuinely cares about you
  • You’re ready to go right now, and feel that Future Assist is ideal

I do hope this has been of value to you. I did want to share an opportunity with you, something that can really make a positive impact on your future. Some background here: I sell on Amazon, earning a full time income working just 7 to 10 hours per week. It’s certainly semi-passive income. Sometimes I hardly believe this is even possible, and I’m the envy of many traditional business owners. My good friend Adam Hudson has created an exclusive video course for beginners, and it’s FREE to start watching right now. So I’d like to invite you in becoming a part of a small group of people that has access to this, and you’ll find access to the course on this page.

In summary, most people reading this will find some immense value from using Future Assist to help them in attaining their financial goals. They’ve got an incredible amount of feedback from existing customers, have won numerous industry awards and will be around for a long time to come.

Those that have general questions are most welcome to drop them into the comments below. The more technical questions should go direct to the team. While you’re still here, don’t miss out on that exclusive invite to get Adam’s 4 part video course completely for FREE!

A full review of Vision6. Should you use them?

I’m an Australian marketing guy. This complete Vision6 review of their email marketing software is based on my years of eCommerce experience. I run 2 businesses in the eCommerce space, and this blog is merely a hobby of mine.

I’ve been on here for 7+ years now, sharing tools, software and resources that I believe are very beneficial. But then, I also share those that aren’t so good, so that people can make an informed decision and potentially save them some serious coin. I’m an independent blogger, and Vision6 has no input here. Absolutely none.

You’ve probably found them through Google, referred from a colleague or had a cold call from their company. Now it’s time to hit the road and do the research. It’s great that you’re here! I wouldn’t sign up to anything without having done some groundwork first. It generally comes down to the famous cost/benefit ratio.

Email marketing is the backbone of any business with a strong eCommerce presence. Yes – websites are necessary, but email marketing is generally targeting existing customers and a warm market too. It’s simply easier to convert off emails. There’s some excellent providers in the marketplace that I’ve also looked at. I generally look at who their serving already, to gauge whether this is a service that matches what I need.

You’ll probably notice that they have some impressive clients, from Audi to Westfield and Mitsibishi. That is a big tick in my books. That said, I’d say their target market is medium to large businesses. Those with 50+ employees, and likely an established marketing team. If you’re a startup or small team, then there’s probably better software out there that caters for this market.

What I particularly liked was their email marketing software comes with training. To say it another way, it’s a complete solution. You won’t be on the phone to their support team every 7 minutes to learn strategies. Drop the training with your marketing and sales team one afternoon and you’re set. Further, they have excellent integration capabilities with Shopify, Xero and Google Analytics, 3 services that I personally use daily. Big tick right there!

I think this is premium software, with a premium price tag. That’s a downside if you’re a startup or are price-sensitive. If you’re a decent sized operation, you need software that’s going to be reliable, and be here for the long-term. Vision6 is likely the right solution for your organization. I’m not saying that lightly either. After all, there’s a free trial for you to get your feet wet. Any comments and questions can be dropped into the box below. More technical questions will have to go to Vision6 themselves, but I’ll do my best to answer the general questions within this review. I hope this has really been of value to you, assisting you in making a firm decision whether this is right for you.

Finlease – The FULL Review by an Australian business owner.

This is the one. The complete Finlease review by an independent business owner. Real, raw and with no input from their team. Read this post entirely and you’ll discover whether Finlease is right for you. Thousands of people like you read my blog every month and appreciate my honesty and openness from a business owners perspective, I tell things as they are. No sugar coating in this zone.

A bit of background here: I’m a business owner, finance is traditionally harder for me to attain, based on the inherit risks that businesses have. I’m sure you’ve had some frustrations before, or at least know others who have. My current online business, selling on Amazon, is remarkably quite stable, and I help people start their journey’s selling on Amazon from home working part-time hours.

Yet over the last 10 years I’ve applied for finance many times, both for personal and business reasons with almost 100% success rate. Home loans, car loans and business expansion. Further, I’ve also had a range of credit cards. I’m no stranger to the world of finance. They’ve been mostly good lenders, and they’ve been some shocking lenders, so this solid review of Finlease come with experience.

You’ve probably heard of Finlease through a friend, through social media or a their other advertising strategies. Now you’re curious. Is Finlease any good? Am I actually going to get approved? What are the requirements? What is the Finlease interest rate? These are all very good questions, and I’m glad you’re here. I also wouldn’t blindly jump into something without doing some research, looking at the cost and value, the convenience and likelihood of finance approval with a low interest rate.

Choosing the right lender for equipment and business finance can be a tricky process. There is some reasons that I feel that Finlease can be beneficial for most business owners reading this.

  • They’ve been in business since the 1980’s. That’s close to 40 years to get it right. Today they’ve got a solid team with hubs across Australia working to get the best deals for their clients, fellow business owners just like you.
  • They specialize in business finance. Yes, they’ll lend on a car, they’ll lend on a boat and they’ll certainly lend on property. But this isn’t their focus point. They know and understand the needs of businesses who require new equipment to expand their businesses. They know how to create the best application for the bank to minimize the frustrations for you.
  • They lend on a range of equipment specifically for businesses. Trucks, buses, cranes, IT, medical equipment, airplanes, manufacturing equipment and much much more. They know you want to scale, they’ll have a good look at your books and likely a conversation with your Accountant to ensure you’ll be financially in a better position afterwards.
  • They’ve got a lot of positive reviews. Thousands of satisfied business owners across Australia. Jump on board the popular ‘Product Reviews’ website and you’ll find plenty. Also look at their competitors, and the bulk of these will have a lot of dissatisfied customers.
  • Finally, they’ll likely get you a better interest rate than what your bank can. Yes – your bank knows your current financial position. You might be on a first-name basis with your local bank manager. Finlease could still get you a better deal, which is only going to increase your profitability and keep your Accountant happy.

I’m a guy who keeps it real, a fellow business owner who tells it like it is, especially in a world of social media plastic. So no review could be complete without some downside. To say it another way, room for improvement. The process for finance takes time. It doesn’t all happen in 5 minutes. Likewise, you didn’t build your business in 5 minutes. So applying with Finlease will take some time, from gathering your paperwork, to working with your broker over the phone and finally receiving approval from the finance company. So allow a few days, up to a couple of weeks to make this all happen. It all depends on a range of factors including how complete your paperwork is, the particular finance you’re after and your current financial situation. Finlease isn’t the fastest, but they’re not the slowest either. I particularly don’t like these other finance companies who say you’ll get approved in 24 hours. That just isn’t going to happen. At least Finlease is more realistic in their time frames.

When considering any lender, whether that be Finlease or one of their competitors, there’s a range of factors I’d be looking at. These include, but aren’t limited to..

  • How long have they been around?
  • Do they understand the needs of business owners?
  • Do they specialize in equipment finance?
  • How responsive are their team in processing your application?
  • Will they offer a competitive interest rate?

In summary, I’d recommend choosing Finlease to expand most businesses if equipment finance is what you’re after. If I wanted car finance or investment property finance, I’d likely look elsewhere and get a better deal. These guys know equipment finance extremely well, a local company with several decades of experience. Personally, I’m looking to expand right now and triple the volume of daily sales that I’m making on Amazon from home, which requires finance. These guys are at the top of my list.

Yes – I work from home. Or from the laptop on the boat. I don’t have a warehouse, I don’t have a forklift, yet I make a full time income. I work between 7 and 10 hours per week. Sometimes I hardly believe this is real. When an order comes through, which happens dozens of times daily, Amazon ships the orders for me. Sure, there’s a small fee for this service, but no wasted time in packing and shipping items myself. Plus the sheer scale in my business is immense. I also help people start their journey selling online through Amazon on a part-time basis, many of these fellow business owners looking to transition over to a better life. Should this be of interest to you, then I have access to FREE 4-part course that my good friend Adam Hudson has created just for you, which you can access right now via the links on this page.

I hope this comprehensive review of Finlease has shed some light as to whether their services are right for you, your business and the direction that it is heading. Any comments or questions can be dropped into the box below. The more technical questions can go directly to their friendly team, there’s no pressure to proceed past that short phone call. I’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have, from one business owner to another…

Australian Credit and Finance: Let’s evaluate them…

This is the ONLY comprehensive Australian Credit and Finance review online by an independent Aussie blogger. The one who tells it how it is. Raw, real and no sugar coating.

You’ve probably found your way here through Google. You’re curious. You’re wondering if Australian Credit and Finance is any good. Why are there so many good reviews? Will they get your loan approved? Are they related to Lendi? Is the process easier than the other guys in the market? These are all great questions, and I hope to be of value to you.

I’m a business owner. I’m an Australian property investor. Over the years I’ve applied for finance many times, with almost 100% success rate. I get the frustrations. The hoops you need to jump through. The brokers that just aren’t pulling their weight. I’ve experienced it, so I’ll call out those that just aren’t up to standard.

This blog is a collection of tools, resources and courses that have been influential in my journey. It features a range of other mortgage brokers. As I said, it’s a real no BS zone.

When evaluating any mortgage broking firm, I consider a range of factors..

  • How long have they been in business?
  • How many satisfied clients do they have?
  • Do they have access to a wide range of lenders?
  • What’s the likelihood of my application being approved?

So, when I looked at Australian Credit and Finance, I felt certain they’d make a great choice for me. Here’s why…

  • They offer a wide range of home loans
  • They offer an even wider range of car loans
  • The panel of lenders they use is quite extensive
  • They look after business and individual applicants
  • Their team is super friendly and always eager to help
  • They’ve got a lot of 5 star reviews across multiple platforms

If you’ve read this far, I congratulate you. I appreciate your willingness and patience to really get the inside scoup on this company through my review. As a free gift, my good friend Adam Hudson is providing a free video course on how to sell on Amazon. I feel it’s an excellent idea to have a side hustle in the current economy, and selling on Amazon is by far the easiest for a beginner to kick off with, if selling online is your thing. If you’re curious, you’ll find the link to the course just for you on the side of this page. By having a side hustle, the increased income looks favourable to many lenders in the marketplace, thereby increasing your likelihood of finance approval.

I’ve kept this one short on purpose. I wanted you to have time to read the other reviews of Australian Credit and Finance. This way you can make an informed decision across a range of different sites. For those with questions, I most welcome you to drop them into the comments below. Likewise, the more technical ones should go to the team directly. They’ll be more than happy to take your call, should you decide that you’re ready go to and that their offerings are right for you.