The Coaching Institute: The Review You’d Need To Read…

The Coaching Institute Review

What I have written right here for you is the most complete Coaching Institute review online anywhere by an Australian independent blogger.

Real, raw and with no filters. My blog will assist you in your research and making an informed decision.

I’ve been here blogging for 7+ years. Plus, I’ve attended dozens of these ‘weekend warrior’ style workshops. Some good, some not so good. I’ve reviewed some of them right here on this blog.

My blog even caused a business to shut down because I smashed their $1,000 piss-poor course to pieces. I can see BS a mile away, so I’ll tell you exactly how it is in these parts. No company is safe.

The Coaching Institute Review

So you’ve probably seen The Coaching Institute around, and now it’s time to find out if they’re any good in this review.

  • What are the complaints about?
  • Do they really help students?
  • What’s Sharon Pearson actually like?
  • Is the cost worth it for the education?

All very good questions my friend,. I applaud you for doing your research first outside of their social media pages and website testimonials.

The Coaching Institute Review

To give you a much more clearer idea of where I come from, I’ll throw you a big list of speakers within workshops, conferences and conventions I’ve been to. See how some of these will resonate with you..

  • Tony Robbins
  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • Bob Proctor
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Grant Cardone
  • Sophie Howard
  • Adam Hudson
  • Stuart Zadel
  • Mark Rolton
  • Amanda Clarkson
  • Shane Fozard
  • Michael Johnson
  • Gregg Braden
  • And many, many more…

In fact, I’ve spent $40,000 on my personal development over the last 10 years. I’m prepared to spend much more on myself. I believe that knowledge provides the best return on investment.

So the price of The Coaching Institute was something to take into mind, but only minimal, when I looked at the upsides.

Evaluating RTO and NLP companies

There’s some key factors I look at when considering any workshop…

  • How long have they been around to serve Australians?
  • Are the trainers knowledgeable with years of experience?
  • Is there a high number of 5 star reviews? Any complaints?
  • Are the events close to me, or do I have to travel interstate?
  • What resources will I get access to prior and post workshop?
  • Will I actually be able to build a life-coaching business afterwards?

So when I looked at The Coaching Institute, some highlights were…

  • They have a lot of great reviews, with a reputation built through
  • There are resources before and after each course for students
  • Sharon and her trainers are some of the best found in Australia
  • Some students have established their own life coaching business

I always write clear and concise reviews. The Coaching Institute is no exception to that rule.

See – the main one is the price. The cost requires some capital. All growth requires some capital. It isn’t expensive, but it’s not the cheapest either.

But trust me, you don’t want cheap when looking into a company that could potentially have a profound impact on your life. Trust me, after $40,000 on personal development, I’m always willing to pay up for value.

The ideal student for TCI

Here’s what I feel that their course(s) are ideally for…

  • People ready to change their life through personal development
  • Individuals who value their self-worth and want to rise up higher
  • Those who wish to upskill themselves today via quality education
  • Those prepared to work through those challenging mental roadblocks
  • Students ready to go right now, knowing exactly what they want

I do feel that most people will value from attending one of their seminars, workshops or courses. Whether free or otherwise, just about everyone I’ve seen has had a positive impact.

The Coaching Institute in Australia students
Verdict: I do recommend The Coaching Institute!

Likewise, I’ve seen many people benefit from the free Amazon training also offered here, that you could start watching right now. Note: it’s only for action-takers, those ready to learn.

In summary

These courses are tools to improve your life. You will need to lean in to get the best bang-for-buck in your journey. That includes ‘playing full out’ at their live events.

I hope this short and straight-forward review of The Coaching Institute has helped you make an informed decision as to where this is right for you today. In my opinion, they are one of Australia’s best NLP providers.

I certainly can recommend them to my thousands of readers here!

Mental Health Academy: Is the membership any good? + FREE Course available here

Today I am providing the most complete Mental Health Academy review including the Summit for those in Australia. I’ve also got you FREE course access, to a particular course that is likely to be of interest to you. My blog will help you in making an informed decision as to whether their membership is right for you.

A bit of background here: I’m Joshua, Australian born and bred. I’ve done a lot of courses in the last 10+ years to improve my mindset. Right here you’ll find plenty of resources that will be helpful for you.

You’ve probably heard of the Mental Health Academy and are now curious. Are they any good? Is the Summit worth it? Can you get a discount on the membership? Are there any offline events? All excellent questions my friend, and I hope to be of value to you here within this review.

Comparing service providers

There are some fundamental points that I look for when considering any training organization for my professional development…

  • How long have they been in business for?
  • Are there lots of independent testimonials?
  • Will I attain an actual certificate for my employer?
  • Will their training courses count towards my CPD/OPD?

Frankly, when it comes to the Mental Health Academy, my answers were YES to all of these. They have an extensive amount of courses, a lot of members and they really do give back to the community too. There is a key downside, and that is the cost. They’re not the cheapest, but then they are not the most expensive either. They simply offer value for money. Trust me, when it comes to online learning, you don’t want the cheapest. I did that once, bought the cheapest course possible and the RTO was completely rubbish. Read here as through the power of my blog, they ultimately shut down a year later. Be prepared to pay up a little more when considering any training company, you’ll thank me later!

The FREE course

Speaking of which, there is a free course. It’s designed for individuals who really are committed towards making an impact within their lives, and those around them. You see, I sell on Amazon. I earn a full time income, working just 7 to 10 hours per week. I hardly can’t believe my luck sometimes, and many people have been blown away by what I’ve been able to achieve. But here’s the thing, there’s hundreds of Australians doing exactly this right now, working from home and selling on Amazon. They all started as beginners, and didn’t have many skills on the computer.

So this free course, it has been created by my good friend Adam Hudson. Adam who has also suffered from anxiety in the past, has created a free Amazon course that I’d like to invite you to start watching. It’s ideal for beginners just like you, and many individuals have already jumped on board with this opportunity. Access to the course is available within this blog post.

I do feel that the Mental Health Academy will suit a lot of people. Especially those who value the flexibility of online training. A lot of existing students have stayed on board with their membership platform for years, and have been very satisfied. You’ll likely find other reviews across a range of websites, including the popular reference site.

Any chance of a coupon code?

You’re probably curious if there’s a Mental Health Academy coupon, promo or discount code. YES! That’s indeed an excellent question to have, and it’s great that you read here first. At this time, I really need to say that there isn’t one, but should the Mental Health Academy team wish to reach out to me and offer one to potential students here, I’d be more than happy to offer it!

Those with questions regarding their membership and how it relates to professional development are most welcome to drop it into the box below. The more technical questions should go to their team, who would be most happy to receive your call or email. 🙂

Further, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do some independent research first. Yes, you’ll find testimonials on their website and social media pages, but it’s always wise to go beyond this, and find someone truly independent that can provide you a honest, independent and subjective review upon their membership program. Again, there’s an invitation here to get a free course, and start watching right now. Note: it’s designed for those who are ready to make a change in their life, and in the lives of those around them.

Wait! Read this Australian Institute of Professional Counselors review before you join

Read this one BEFORE you join. The complete review of the Australian Institute of Professional Counselors with a FREE course also available for those who wish to take up the opportunity. By the end of this post, you would’ve reached a conclusive decision as to whether this is right for you.

Thousands of people read my blog every week. By popular demand, I felt it was necessary to cover this company. Sure, they’ve got 5 stars on ProductReview, but are they really that good? I’ll be the judge, as someone who’s done a lot of courses in the last 10+ years for his professional and personal development.

So you’re probably curious about the Australian Institute of Professional Counselors. Do they have a payment plan? Can you get a refund? Is the training any good? All wise questions my friend, and I hope to be of value. I write reviews that are well researched with no sugar coating. Read here how I effectively shutdown another RTO due to the power of my blog, as their training materials were completely rubbish.

Having looked quite closely at what they had to offer, I came to the following conclusions..

  • They’ve got a seriously high reputation
  • You can learn online or offline, or a mix of both
  • Many students go on towards attaining professional roles
  • Their team is friendly, supportive and will gladly help you out

The major downside is the price. It’s not expensive, but it’s not the cheapest either. Though trust me, you don’t want to choose the cheapest. In the link provided above, I chose Studywell College as they were the cheapest, and got burned hard. It was a bitter-sweet victory the day they closed their doors due to my blog.

Do you know what’s better than a well-priced course? A totally FREE course! Yes, I’d like to invite you to a free course, one that my good friend Adam has created. You see, I sell on Amazon and earn a full time income working minimal hours. Adam actually taught me everything I needed to know, for which I’m forever grateful. When I heard he’s releasing this free course, I jumped at the opportunity to show everyone I knew, based on the results I was able to achieve. The course is available on this page if you wish to access it. The best part? Thousands of fellow Australians have done the course, and are building a very good income working from home and selling on Amazon.

This particular course only suits the following people…

  • Total beginners
  • Those eager to learn
  • Those who wish to work hard
  • Those willing to put in some effort
  • Those who really want to support their families
  • Those beginners who’ve never sold anything online before

The course is available FREE on this page.

I really do feel that the Australian Institute of Professional Counselors offer excellent value. Those dozens of 5 star reviews are certainly earned. You’ll be well-supported, achieve an excellent competency for your career and ultimately be happier. Those with questions are most welcome to drop them into the box below, the more technical questions should go directly to their friendly team. :-

Australian Institute of Business (AIB) – The review by a business owner

This review is the one to read, especially if you want to know if Australian Institute of Business (AIB) is any good. A 100% FREE course is also available here that will teach you how to build a business online. At the end of this post, you would’ve made an informed decision.

Some background here, I’m a business owner. In fact, I own 2 businesses. I’m always looking at these courses to compare content vs value. I really want to see students get the most out of their training courses.

I’ve been working and blogging here for 7+ years now. I’m Australian, born and bred. I review services, courses and companies to ensure you’ll get the best value. I tell things as they are, and read here about my experiences with Studywell College, how I previously didn’t do my research and was burned. Case in point: I’m here for you, to find you the best from the rest.

So now you’re probably curious. Is the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) any good? Do they have payment plans? Can you get a refund if you choose your mind? What about fee-help? Are the costs reasonably okay? All good questions my friend, and I applaud you for doing your research here.

Firstly, when looking at any course provider for an MBA, we need to consider a range of factors. These are, but not limited to, the following…

  • What’s their experience?
  • Who’s really teaching the students?
  • How much support is offered for students?
  • Are the courses accredited & recognized worldwide?
  • Do they specialize in MBA’s or is it just an add-on course?

When I looked at AIB, there were some great benefits that I feel will be of value to students….

  • Fully flexible learning
  • In the business for 30+ years
  • Very affordable compared to others
  • Fully accredited and recognized in Australia
  • Their team is friendly and attentive towards students
  • FEE-HELP is easily available for almost every single student
  • Internationally recognized leading to worldwide opportunities

I do consider their costs to be a slight downside. They are more expensive than most MBA providers, but at the same time, most employers value what’s taught at AIB higher than just about any other provider in Australia. So consider simply a cost to be apart of the best, an investment in your future. Also, consider the costs of not doing this, and not progressing in your career. Ouch!

One thing I learned a long time ago was to always invest in the business knowledge. After spending $40,000 on my professional development over the last 10 years (not including university!), I have learned a thing or two. That is, always be prepared to spend up for the best. You’ll take a slight hit now, but be way in front 3 years from now.

My best investment was choosing to start selling on Amazon. Today I make a full time income, working just 7 to 10 hours per week. It’s really a side hustle, but I could stop working at any time. Luckily I love my boss! The crazy part is that thousands of Australians are already doing the same, quietly earning a considerable amount of money online through Amazon. They all started as beginners, just like you and me.

You’ll learn a lot about running a business, by building and owning your own part-time business. Do you know the best part? My good friend Adam Hudson has created a video course. It’s FREE. You can jump straight in and start watching excellent case studies. It’s ideal for the following people…

  • Complete beginners
  • People committed to excel
  • Individuals who are prepared to learn
  • People who have a spare 3 hours per week
  • Those who can study, take notes and pay attention
  • Those who want practical experience on how to run a business

So I’d like to invite you to the course. It’s available here on this page, you’ll find the link quite easily. It’s ideal for students across Australia, but also those in Asia, the UK, Europe, the US, Canada and New Zealand. Sorry that I mentioned NZ last, somewhat intentional… 🙂 Ha!

I really do feel that the Australian Institute of Business is the best in the business (no pun intended) and will help you excel at your career. It’s for this reason that this review is quite positive. In fact, I’m rarely this positive, and somewhat critical in my online views on my Work With Joshua blog. That’s because I genuinely care about your success, and helping you find the right solution for you.

Those with questions about AIB are most welcome to drop them into the box below. The more technical questions should go directly to their team, who are most friendly and would be very happy to take your call.

Inspire Education: Is this a worthwhile Australian RTO?

Yes – read this complete Inspire Education review right now. I’m providing access to a FREE alternative course as well. I would recommend that everyone simply don’t just join Inspire Education until you read this entirely.

My background

I’m Joshua. Born in Australia, and Australia is still home. I’m on the Gold Coast, not far from Brisbane. I’ve done a lot of these courses over the past 10+ years. Most have been great, some not so good. My blog reviews courses and allows you to make an informed decision.

I tell it how it is, and here’s one example of how I made an RTO close down as their courses and trainers were complete rubbish. Total scam. No company is safe, as I provide the most in-depth review available anywhere of Inspire Education.

This is the power of Australian independent bloggers like me. No sugar coating. We just go straight into the hard facts. I’ve got your back.

Examining Inspire Education

Thousands of people reach my blog each month and are curious. Is Inspire Education any good? Can you get a refund or discount? What’s their payment plan like?

Inspire Education Review Australia (Brisbane)

All good questions my friend, and I’m glad that you’ve found yourself here, in a safe and supportive place with someone who has done a lot of personal and professional development before.

I have had excellent career development, and now make a full-time income selling on Amazon from home working just 7 to 10 hours per week.

I was a beginner when I started just a short time ago like many have as well.

When considering any company and their courses, there are some aspects I look at…

  • How long have they been teaching students for?
  • Are they actually based right here in Australia?
  • Can you ask questions and get a quick response?
  • Will the submitted assessments be marked quickly?
  • Can you get a refund if the course materials are tough?

These are all considerations that I should’ve considered when choosing Studywell College, the RTO mentioned above. Through the power of my blog and its readers, simply had to close its doors.

Now, I didn’t get a full refund, but I was extremely happy to have saved dozens of people from signing up to their piss-poor courses.

Inspire Education review

So here’s what I liked about Inspire Education…

  • They have a lot of different courses on offer
  • They’ve been in business quite a long time
  • Yes! You can get a 75% refund on your course
  • Inspire Education has a lot of positive reviews
  • Their team is friendly, supportive and can assist

Here’s what I didn’t like about Inspire Education…

  • They have a 3.6/5 rating when the industry average is 4/5 stars
  • The 6-week assessment feedback time-frame is a bit too long
  • Minimal information online about their CEO, their team or staff
Many people have taken this FREE course

As I previously said, I sell on Amazon making a great income. But do you know the crazy part? Thousands of other Australians are doing exactly this right now, and quietly making an easy life for themselves.

Now I’m providing you with an invitation to a free course on how to sell on Amazon. It was created by my good friend, and this FREE video course is designed for the following people…

  • Complete internet beginners
  • People that are open-minded
  • Those willing to learn new things
  • Individuals that want a better life
  • Those who really want to support their family
  • People that would love to earn a little bit extra each week

For those curious, you’re most welcome to jump on board today. This exclusive invitation that I’m providing just for you isn’t open for much longer.

Thousands of fellow Australians have started watching the free video course and are surprised at just how good Adam is as a teacher.

Closing thoughts on Inspire Education

Now regarding Inspire Education, this review is fair and balanced. If you get a discount then yes, they are great, though they’re not the best.

But Inspire Education does offer some very good courses. They are certainly one of the better RTOs in Australia.

There’s probably better out there. But other companies may charge more. The ones who charge the least always have below-average training materials. Then the courses which are free, well we simply can’t complain… 🙂

Those with questions are most welcome to drop them into the field below. I’d be most willing to help out prospective and current students. And I’d love to see you taking advantage of the free Amazon course that is available right here.

Our Internet Secrets by Andrew and Daryl Grant

Andrew and Daryl Grant Review

This is it. The full review of Our Internet Secrets by Andrew and Daryl Grant. I’m Australian, I’m a blogger who has done many courses. Right here I’ll tell you how it is, no sugar coating.

My background

Since 2009 I’ve done many courses. Call me an Aussie seminar junkie if you will, but after having spent $40,000+ on my personal development, I can tell you a thing or two. Firstly, I always take action. Secondly, knowledge is the best investment you’ll ever make. Educate yourself, and apply that knowledge.

I’ve seen some good courses, and I’ve seen some great courses. I’ve bought some really great stuff, yet others have room for improvement. Our Internet Secrets is an interesting course, one that has so few students compared to others. There weren’t any reviews out there apart from their Facebook page, so I felt this write-up was necessary.

Insights on Andrew and Daryl Grant

Andrew and Daryl Grant are paired with Steve Eagle. They teach importing through Our Buying Workshop, and is geared for eCommerce people. Essentially, if you want to import and distribute products, then this is for you.

In addition, some content on internet marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, website creation and a few other strategies are taught. You’ll discover how you can create a business online. I’ve created 2 businesses online that each pay me a full time income on very minimal hours, so trust me when I say this is completely possible. Not completely passive income, but close. Very close.

Andrew and Daryl Grant Importing Our Buying Secrets
This is the main program that they teach fellow Australians about importing

What I like is that they’re fair dinkum. Honest, truthful and have been teaching in this space for a long time. Over 10 years in fact. They’ve never gone huge like Adam Hudson, but they don’t need to. They’ve got a very defined niche, those wanting to build an online business with limited capital.

What I don’t like is their sales page. Their testimonials come from Amanda Clarkson, Helen Tarant and Matt & Liz Raad. These are all seminar speakers, they teach strategies. Where are the testimonials from the students? Of course your friend who also speaks on your stage would give a testimonial. Update June 2019: As a result of my blog, lots of student testimonials are now available. That’s the power of an independent blogger.

I believe those who are total beginners would find their content excellent. Those like me who have been in the trenches for a long time would struggle to find anything new. I never want to be the smartest person in the room, and at their live events it’s likely that I would be. For those reading this, I think you’ll find some good value here.

Closing thoughts

The truth of the matter is that the strategies that they teach actually work. I know, I’m a living example of eCommerce, online marketing and blogging. From selling on Amazon alone I’ve made a full time income. That’s not bragging, that’s impressing upon you what’s possible.

I had no prior experience. Just a willingness to learn, to work and have patience. It took me some years and hard work. I hope you can do it quicker… 🙂

I hope this review of Our Internet Secrets has cleared up any confusion for you. For those still curious, drop in a comment, question or request below. I’d love to hear!