Review of iBuumerang: Is This a Legit Travel Opportunity?

Ready to start as an iBuumerang distributor, but want to check if it’s actually real first? This review will give you the facts, because it isn’t a scam.

I’ll be digging into the details about the iBuumberang company, because no one wants to invest into anything without checking if it’s legitimate first.

I had to take a closer look at this company, as a few of my readers were requesting it. Especially as I was previously in a popular travel MLM company many years ago.

I’ve helped thousands of people to discover a new way on how to generate a revenue stream using the internet. All without phone calls. More on that later though.

Let’s jump in.

iBuumerang review

So right off the bat, I think iBuumerang is on to a good thing. You can earn an additional income on the side through the recruitment of friends and family.

That is…if your friends and family even want to be apart of this. Many of them will merely pass and wish you well on the journey.

But I like that their distributors only get paid when customers save money.

That to me is a win-win opportunity. If your customer gets a discount, then that should be our primary objective.

Then as a downside, most network marketing companies in the travel niche continue to struggle. Why? Well that’s easy.

iBuumerang review
Sophisticated people have discovered SkyScanner, which has destroyed most MLM companies

Ever heard of SkyScanner? They’re often going to have the cheapest prices available.

But iBuumerang’s own marketing system is trying to break it out in this niche.

What they offer is:

  • Their own marketing system (Seems to have been done with ClickFunnels?)
  • Your own auto-responders preloaded so you can email blast your leads
  • Free training for traffic and marketing, so you can build your ‘business’
  • Of course, the travel discounts! You have to pay up first to get a discount.

Yes, it’s not quite a discount when you have to pay money first, is it?

iBuumerang aims to have presences across North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and much more. Clearly they are focused on striving to become the world’s #1 travel MLM company.

Is the travel niche worth it?

There have been many companies come and go in this field. It becomes a case of knowing who to actually trust.

Because some companies run for several years and then crash. It happens a lot in the MLM travel niche.

With iBuumerang, you can earn with these 3 strategies:

  • Customer referrals. If they book via your link, you get paid!
  • Your other distributors who book travel under you in the pyramid
  • The recruitment of other members, which has the highest earnings

Which is quite cool, though typical of other companies.

Now, is it worth it? Well the FTC has come after companies like this before.

Because there is no real product at play. It’s merely access to travel discounts.

To run a proper network marketing company, you do need a real physical product.

So this scheme could fall flat on its face. That said, I don’t know the exact FTC rulings currently.

I do know that they are looking into such schemes, in the interest of customer safety.

If you do like to travel, then I understand the attraction of this MLM company.

Because you can get paid to do what you love. But there are better opportunities available.

Additional distributor offers

Now luckily, it isn’t just travel deals on offer from iBuumerang. There is a lot more available in fact.

If you like activities, then you’re going to love this company.

You can get a range of shopping rewards, golf passes, wine tours and even discounted gift cards. That said – I’d still use them for the discounts on flights.

Not only that, but they offer some basic trainings on how to build an online business. Or even learn the basics of becoming a successful network marketer.

But again, these are all non-physical benefits. The distinct lack of anything tangible has me concerned, as iBuumerang could be seen as a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme is where there is no actual product for sale. The FTC (commonly known as the Federal Trade Commission) draws a fine line at these schemes. I believe this network marketing company may be on thin ice.

On a lighter note, the cool thing is the live events and seminars. It’s a chance to meet other people like you in the scheme. Plus, you’ll meet those uber-successful people on stage sharing their stories of success.

So your benefits can extend beyond travel.

Making money with iBuumerang

The fun part, where the rubber meets the road. The opportunity to build an online business.

Because the most important factor for most people is the potential income.

Like, you wouldn’t want to join this if it wasn’t going to make you any money, right?

It sounds exciting. To work on the beach with your phone and laptop. Literally a dream come true!

But how do you make money?

Well, several ways:

  1. Earn half of the savings (in compensation) when customers book through you
  2. Recruit new members into this scheme (From $20 to $80, depending on class)
  3. Recurring monthly revenue as your friends pay their automated member fees

All of which are typical of other MLM schemes.

iBuumerang scam
It can be really hard to get your MLM business off the ground

You’ll generally earn the most through chasing after friends and family, just like the Amway days.

Then you’ve got the monthly trail commissions. But most people quit these schemes soon after joining, so you won’t get much here.

Lastly, when customers make bookings, you’ll get a slice of the pie. That’s if they don’t discover SkyScanner first. 😉

So it can be a real uphill battle to make money with iBuumerang. In 2019, we just have so many more opportunities available to us.

What I do today

It’s a great place to start with MLM schemes. If you’re a beginner, then I would recommend iBuumerang, if you’re OK to do plenty of hard work.

Most people are looking for something else though. Something that is the next level.

Because there are so many great opportunities available today. These network marketing schemes like Amway boomed through the 80’s and 90’s.

Today, however, it’s a lot more challenging. This is because everyone knows about it.

Then if you read the income disclosures of such companies, you’ll realize (by their own admission) of how few people ever make it!

Fact: I cannot find a real iBuumerang income disclosure statement on their website for this review. This has me concerned about the future of this MLM scheme.

Luckily, I did find a better opportunity eventually. One that has literally changed my life.

What I do today is eCommerce. My products are available to customers from around the world.

And guess what? eCommerce isn’t going anywhere. It’s growing year on year. 🙂

It’s an opportunity with the doors wide open, even for beginners starting fresh.

My #1 recommendation

I always recommend to people on the blog to focus on building a real online business.

What is a real business?

One that has real, tangible, physical products. The type that you can sell on Amazon.

This is beyond the scope of most MLM schemes, as they won’t let you sell your products via eCommerce.

Luckily, the world has changed. The doors are completely open to start building your business online today.

Because this will give you the opportunity travel the world, or merely get time-freedom.

Just like iBuumerang. Only better!

Since you’ll actually own your real online business.

Unlike MLM schemes, where you’re merely a distributor.

The truth is: you’re building a business and complete downline for them!

That to me…is quite unfair. I’d rather focus my time on building my own gig.

I’ve tried some other strategies, including with the affiliate link link below.

Nothing has come closer than through the potential of selling online.

The best part? There is 100% FREE training on offer right now.

For beginners like you, who are eager to start this today.

A new journey for the individual committed to success.

In summary

There are some things that has me concerned with iBuumerang.

They are a new company who only started up in early 2019.

So there are some issues to address. There isn’t even an income disclosure or documented compensation plan.

Even their own website is out of bounds unless you’re a registered distributor.

Leaving many to question the ethics of this company. I mean – they are legit.

But they are surely hiding a few things. Is the writing on the wall? Perhaps.

In 2019, there are surely much better ways to generate an online income stream.

One of the best ways I found was through selling real physical products online.

That changed my life, where in April 2018 I quit my job for the very last day.

If you’re prepared to work hard, invest some capital and stay committed, then this could be the idea alternative for you.

I’d love to see you on the inside of these doors real soon.

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