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Review: Ben Simkin & The Mastermind (Australian Perspective)

I’m going to share my thoughts on Ben Simkin and The Mastermind within this review. I’ve written it from my perspective as a business owner in Australia. I’m predominantly in the laptop lifestyle / freedom space, and there’s more about me here.

You’ll simply get my insights on Ben and his community. Pure honesty is exactly how I started this blog in 2011, and how I continue to write today. I’ll let you in through my thoughts and opinions. No BS. No sugar coating, just the straight facts.

Insights on Ben Simkin

I believe that Ben is a genuinely good guy. He’s an author on, has been featured in Forbes plus is the founder of BusinessNET which is a global online marketing firm. Since then he’s launched The Mastermind.

Ben Simkin often runs Facebook ads, which is perhaps how you found your way to his training. I predominantly run SEO, which is how you’ve found your way to this review.

Ben Simkin’s net worth is between 10 million and 100 million Australian dollars. The results that he has attained is quite remarkable. Factual results are what I look for when researching any type of business mentor.

The Mastermind Review

This is the educational program that Ben Simkin has on offer for Australian business owners. Through The Mastermind, you’ll become apart of a premier group of REAL entrepreneurs and business owners. Those in MLM should stay outside those doors.

The Mastermind by Ben Simkin review
A basic premise of what you should expect in The Mastermind

Firstly, I am blown away by what’s offered in this program. It’s clear that Ben means business. I’ve been attending business conferences for close to a decade now. Not surprisingly, there’s a few people I actually know who are students, and who have left testimonials as well.

These include:

  • Carissa Hill of Wolfpack Mastermind
  • Mike Rhodes of WebSavvy Australia
  • Peter Moriarty of itGenius (& others)
  • Kim Barrett of Your Social Voice

Plus, I’m sure there’s a few others in my network also on the inside, who have not done video testimonials.

Evaluating the program

The program is seperated into a total of 34 Modules. This is way beyond anything I’ve come across previously. You’ll likely require a few months to complete the entire program in full, and the content isn’t rehashed either.

Topics covered include:

  • Fundamentals of social media including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • Principles and philosophy of multi-millionaire business success
  • Marketing funnels and creating an irresistible offer for leads
  • Creating a 7 figure salary from Facebook groups and Facebook PPC
  • Psychology of persuasion and actually closing sales successfully
  • Copy-writing and ad words plus landing page optimization through design
  • Relational capital and joint-ventures for referral marketing success

There were some topics that seemed oddly included in the modules. These included eCommerce and Shopify strategies. It’s strange as this isn’t an eCommerce program so much as it is a program for consulting and content marketing. There was also some Easy Guides (Module 22) but I haven’t reached this part yet, and don’t know exactly what this is.

The main downside of this program is the cost. The Mastermind happens to be the most expensive program of its type in Australia. For this reason, the vast majority of its ideal customers are already 7 figure earners, especially those going towards 8 figure success.

My thoughts on this

The ideal person that becomes a member of The Mastermind is looking for strong results and networking opportunities. This isn’t a volume-based business model. Ben isn’t looking for 25,000+ students. He’s only looking for a handful to bring on as clients each year.

The team spirit is alive and well within the community

Effectively, what you can expect is the following from this program:

  • An increase on both your lead quality and volume through your funnels
  • Generate a greater ROAS through each new customer or client
  • Have complete control over your systems, instead of outsourcing
  • Be surrounded by fellow 7 and 8 figure Australian business owners

Again, the cost to join The Mastermind isn’t cheap. Not by a long shot. I don’t know Ben Simkin personally, but I assure you – after building 3 successful million dollar businesses, he’s not looking for tyre-kickers. Nor does he need your money either, unlike some other business ‘mentors’ out there.

Closing off

This is a business mentoring package for those looking to go to the next level. The Mastermind isn’t for the person who’s new to business at all, nor is it for those in the MLM fraternity either. It’s genuinely rock-solid business content for established business owners, more so in the consulting and content marketing space as opposed to eCommerce.

Despite all of this, you’ll still have the responsibility of putting in the work. In fact – more responsibility than what you currently have. After all, the program isn’t cheap at all, and you want a solid return on that investment.

I hope this review of Ben Simkin and The Mastermind has helped you make a decision. This isn’t a broad business mentoring service, but instead one where you’ll learn how to build and operate your own sales funnels, and flick the overpriced digital marketing agencies (who often have no idea anyway…). I’d certainly recommend Ben’s course for those looking to scale massively over the next 2 to 3 years.

The Mastermind Review
  • Program Content
  • Teacher Experience
  • Program Pricing
  • Student Success
  • Student Support

Summary of Ben Simkin's Training

I’ve rated The Mastermind for the already established business owner who’s seeking to expand operations over the next few years.

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