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Rated: Jack Parrotta’s Amazon Australia Seller Excellence Course

This is a review of Jack Parrotta his Amz Seller Excellence course for Australians. I’ll even share a free download guide that you can access instantly, but more on that later.

Jack is another up and coming Australian Amazon teacher. I’ll share my thoughts and opinions here, based on someone who’s taken a number of courses.

My background and experience

As a fellow Australian on the Gold Coast, I also sell on Amazon. In fact – I make a full time income selling on Amazon USA. Selling on Amazon isn’t easy, but it isn’t hard either. I had to bold that for emphasis, as some people come into the Amazon jungle with unrealistic expectations of being a millionaire by next Sunday. It won’t happen, and I’m not sorry.

Amazon is hard if you go solo, and it’s easier if you take a course. Much easier in fact, instead of figuring out every single piece of the puzzle by yourself and save yourself from risky decisions. Here’s a list of the 3 best Amazon courses in Australia which many of you have read.

I’ve taken a number of courses to get different perspectives. Some were crap, whilst others have been excellent. It’s wise to do your research on each teacher and course, so that you’re able to get fundamentally the right information to move forward.

The truths about selling on Amazon

Following on from taking a course, you need capital. I always recommend $5,000 to $10,000 to get started. Some teachers will quote less, merely to get you signing up to their course. I don’t like those types of cash grabs. It’s hard to be successful on Amazon if you have limited money, and you may wish to consider another wealth creation vehicle.

Most importantly, the factor that will separate unsuccessful Amazon sellers from those successful is their work ethic. Quite literally, those who are prepared to work and stay committed to the journey are the one’s likely to be successful. Guys like Jack Parrotta are clearly committed, much like myself, and so we’ve reaped the rewards.

Yet, despite everyone’s best intentions, there is no guarantee of success. You are indeed creating your own online business, and whilst the risk is significantly less, there is still some of your own capital in the deal. Don’t invest unless you’re 100% OK with taking a loss. I don’t know anyone who’s hit a massive loss on Amazon, but it could potentially happen through events outside of your control, such as a shipping container falling off the boat.

Jack Parrotta review

When looking Jack Parrotta, I see some intrinsic advantages and disadvantages. At the time of writing, he’s got 100+ students in his course already which is great progress.

Jack living the laptop lifestyle!

Jack runs a successful Amazon business, and has been selling for a couple of years like myself. He’s reached (presumably) a full time income, and now teaches others. I personally don’t teach others, but that is because I’m already tied up with 3x Amazon businesses!

A reminder on Amazon teachers

There’s a misconception that those who are unsuccessful on Amazon become teachers. Some strange individuals then call these courses such as Amz Seller Excellent scams and degrade people like Jack Parrotta. Some people post fake negative / fraud reviews online as a result, simply as there’s some individuals who can’t articulate that you can truly make so much money through Amazon.

It’s unfortunate, as there’s genuine people out there who want to actually want to help fellow Australians get started. Jack, in my opinion, is the real deal. At the same time, there’s frauds and scammers out there selling Amazon courses without any prior experience too, so some criticism is valid.

The truth is that Amazon is an absolute juggernaut and is the best opportunity right now in my opinion to really build an online business. Provided of course you work, have capital and are committed. So this is why people like Jack Parrotta come to the market, as real sellers themselves, they want to share their direct experiences.

Amz Seller Excellent: My thoughts

I’m sharing here my opinions on Amz Seller Excellence. It’s wise to know that I haven’t done the course yet, nor do I know anyone in Australia that has. It’s probably one of the smallest courses out there, with no live events and a minimal community. There’s very few if any people making any income yet, as the course is new to the market.

Let’s jump into the distinct advantages:

  • The price for the course is $399 at this time of writing, making it cheap
  • There’s a smaller community so you’ll get some direct help from Jack
  • Amz Seller Excellence has 11 modules with an average 7 videos each
  • Unlimited email support from Jack through Messenger and the group
  • Lifetime access and no monthly fees (most courses actually offer this)
  • Jack does give away some free Amazon training via Youtube videos

There’s some things I kind of consider disadvantages too:

  • Jack mostly only has experience on Amazon, and no 7 figure success
  • The young age of Jack (23) does push away most of the older crowd
  • Refund policy on the course is only 14 days and less than 30% content
  • There’s not many students making money in the course (just a few…)
  • Jack is only a basic seller, and some expect the Mr Millionaire mentor
  • There’s no reviews on Facebook, no media coverage or the like (yet)
  • Jack’s marketing and advertising doesn’t look as professional as others

There are some disadvantages here that are beyond Jack’s control, such as his age. The other negatives he will be able to address and improve upon, such as the refund policy. I don’t think Jack’s going anywhere soon, so as the course expands, these disadvantages can be rubbed off the board.

This is the unprofessional logo for Amz Seller Excellence. A work in progress?

The truth about the course

It seems as more of a course, rather than a community, a movement and a mission to inspire others. I can imagine as the years go by, that Jack will continue to expand. It’s hard to believe he’s 23 with the knowledge that he brings to the table.

One thing is to note that whilst Jack makes money through his course, it doesn’t appear to be his motive as much. If you’re looking for someone who makes 10x his income through selling Amazon courses, then look at Kevin David. That guy is a laugh! I’m glad that Jack hasn’t gone in this direction.

FREE Amazon student gift

I’m sharing a gift to you, directly for the students that join Australia’s #1 Amazon seller course. Chances are that whilst this course is fantastic, it’s financially out of reach for most of you. Some of you should consider Amz Seller Excellence, after weighing up pros and cons, to see if Jack Parrotta is right for you.

Regardless, use this guide today. It’s a gift for you directly from me, and available for instant free download.

Access it here:

It’s 101 Products that you can sell on Amazon. I hope it inspires you, as much as it has inspired thousands of Australians. Many people have praised this guide, and have really understood how much genuine knowledge and trust that I bring to the table.

Closing thoughts

It’s always wise to do your research on any Amazon teacher, whether Australian or internationally. Really find the person that fits right for you.

I expect the ideal student for Jack and Amazon Seller Excellence is…

  • A person who is aged 18 to 30
  • Someone with limited money
  • Those that want personal help
  • Individuals with stable income
  • People who are ready to invest

This is unlike most of the courses in the Australian market, which are catered for those above the age of 30. It’s great to see Jack find a segment of the market that isn’t being served, or if they are, would want someone young to resonate with.

If you don’t fall into that ideal student list, then consider another Amazon course. Again, the list of the 3 best Amazon courses in Australia is here. They are all most expensive, but their courses are significantly larger in content, with thriving communities, fantastic live conferences, great support and a lot of Australians making real money through Amazon.

Should you have any questions, feel free to drop them into the comments below. I would love to hear from you! Naturally, the more technical questions should go to Jack Parrotta himself. I’ll continue to update the review as the Amz Seller Excellence course grows in volume and content.

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4 thoughts on “Rated: Jack Parrotta’s Amazon Australia Seller Excellence Course”

  1. Good review! I am looking to start full time and have about 10k capital. I was initially considering dropshipping, but am now leaning more towards FBA (although both seem to claim they are superior). I stumbled across this course, am and reading through reviews to find the best that’s suited for me as I have limited experience but am a fast learner and hard worker ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey Andrew! Thanks for your comment. Yeah, Jack has a good course and very much affordable. Dropshipping is more competitive and best if you have limited capital but lots of time. Amazon…well it’s the exact opposite. ๐Ÿ˜…

    • Great idea Ethan! I’m surprised I didn’t think of this earlier as a content piece. I’ve put it in my diary to write one up on Friday. ๐Ÿ™‚


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