Audit: Rat Race Rebellion. Do their jobs make you a REAL income?

There are a lot of online platforms now where you can find online jobs, including what’s on offer from Rat Race Rebellion. But are they any good?

I’ve been working from home for a long time. On many days it’s great, while on some days I admit that it has its challenges.

And in case you haven’t been here before, I’m Joshua. I’ve been at this gig for a long time. It wasn’t easy…but trust me! It’s worth it.

Going through the course content a few days ago

I’ve seen a lot of opportunities pop up over the last few years. Some are more legitimate than others. At the end of the day…you gotta work for it. That’s the secret.

Nothing is easy. Nothing is fast. And certainly, nothing comes to those who add little value in the world. You need to be willing to do the stuff that others won’t.

Let’s do an audit of Rat Race Rebellion in this review to see if they are the real deal in 2020. After all, you’re looking for a legitimate online job.

An overview of Rat Race Rebellion

This company has been around a long time. Straight away I can see that they are for real.

The best part is that they’ll connect you with companies who are looking at stay-at-home workers across the United States.

When such a platform is featured on major mainstream media, you know that the reviews can only be positive. They do have multiple positions on offer, though they themselves won’t actually employ you.

In my experience, finding an online job that’s well paying is hard. That’s the case with most job boards. My particular favorite is writing and often I’d be working for peanuts.

On the other hand, Rat Race Rebellion tends to go the extra mile to screen out positions which aren’t that lucrative. This way they can serve their audience with only the best jobs available.

Rat Race Rebellion Review

What I love is the depth of jobs available on their platform. You can really pick and choose the right position which would suit your personality and confidence level.

Let’s have a closer look at what’s on offer.

Positions they have

Their opportunities are quite extensive and feature 100+ different types of roles.

These include:

  • Customer service reps for various companies
  • Writing gigs including content creation
  • Online tutoring for local and international students
  • Case managers for legal and insurance claims
  • Sales agents for numerous industries
  • Virtual concierge service for credit card companies
  • Social media management for small and large businesses
  • Travel agents for United States-based clients
  • Helping people with their data entry tasks

What’s most important is that you have a solid work ethic. Some of these gigs are genuine and will require you to actually be punctual. Occasionally, they could turn into full-time roles (but this rarely happens…)

Is Rat Race Rebellion Legit?

Through my research, I have discovered that Rat Race Rebellion is real for those who are looking for new opportunities. I even share 75+ work from home jobs here.

Rat Race rebellion legit answer
I have audited rat race rebellion and they aren’t a scam at all

You can find a wide range of home jobs that best fit your desires, as I’ve outlined above. Now even if you can’t, I recommend that you join their email list. This way you can be the 1st to know when the best gigs become available.

How much can you make?

Often you’re just not going to make all that much. $20 per hour is sometimes quoted, but often it’s much less. In my experience, the best way to make money from home is with your own online business.

But if you’re just looking for a job, this is a good starting point. It’s where you can work remotely meaning you don’t need to commute to the office. The challenge is that often you will need proven experience in past jobs for employers to take you on board.

Better alternatives to Rat Race Rebellion

In my opinion, the best alternative out there is building your own side hustle. You know – having an existing full-time job with an existing employer and doing something on the side. A good way to exit the rat race for sure.

The type of thing which can literally change your life. That’s the route I would go down. I use affiliate links below and a good friend of mine provides FREE training on one particular income strategy.

You can join up right here.

It’s something that I choose to persevere with daily. Something for those committed towards success online, instead of just dreaming about it.


From what I can see, this is one of the best online opportunity websites around if you’re searching for an online job. Most of them are genuine though I question the income potential of doing online surveys.

The interesting part is that you’re going to need to work hard. This isn’t easy. I would be doing my best to impress employers from the initial interview stage.

From there it could lead to a full-time role with a great salary and benefits.

Working from home changed my life. Here at Work With Joshua, I share with people a lot of free resources on how to exit the race rat using Amazon as a business vehicle.

I extend an invitation for you to learn more.

Rat Race Rebellion Rated
  • Jobs on offer
  • Income potential
  • Volume of jobs
  • Customer service

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