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Proven Amazon Course Review (Jim Cockrum) with FREE Gift

Yep, I’ve done it now. I’ve written what is simply the best Proven Amazon Course review by an existing Amazon seller. Jim Cockrum was foreign to me, even though I had been selling online for years.

He has no input on this review. Zilch. Nada. Not a thing. All words are my own, and I’ll expose Jim’s course for what it is. Read more on that later…

About me

I’ve been in this eCommerce game for a while. I’ve bought lots of courses, lots of shiny objects. I had that shiny metal object syndrome you all hear about, and a real case of FOMO (fear of missing out) but paired with the desire to win.

With that, every course I’ve bought, I have put into action. You see, I’m a dude who takes action, I don’t quit at the first sign of defeat. That’s losing mentality.

This blog is a collection of tools, software, courses and resources that have helped me in my journey. Some of these are very much Amazon related, as my primary income is derived from selling on Amazon. I sell on eBay too, plus I have other income. I’m a big believer in multiple sources of income, and investing in your knowledge. I’ve spent over $40,000 on my knowledge during the last 10 years.

Let’s get into the details….

Proven Amazon Course review

Thousands of people read my blog every month, and some requested that I cover Jim Cockrum within a review. I assume most people were looking at his Amazon courses, but at the same time, it’s with great pleasure that I see he sells other courses too including eBay second-hand reselling, which I have also done for some time. He also sells courses on Facebook marketing and offline business building.

Proven Amazon Course Review
Jim’s PAC course is no fluff and no BS. It’s straight forward with no hype

In regards to Amazon, I admire that he doesn’t only teach private-label. He also teaches wholesale and Merch by Amazon. This means you can find exactly what you’re looking for, the right strategy that fits your needs and budget.

Big budget? Go wholesale. Medium budget? Go private-label from China. Small to no budget? Go Merch. For those that don’t know, Merch is an abbreviation for Merch by Amazon where you design cool things that Amazon prints on to T-shirts and sends to their customers, and you get a royalty on each sale. This is also another strategy I’ve made money on. In fact every strategy here I’ve made money on; that’s the result of hustling my friends.

Jim’s course has students mostly from North America. That said, I’ve seen students from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore and especially Canada in the Proven Amazon Course. Despite being located outside of the United States, these countries can sell on FBA just like everybody else.

I’m an advocate of generally sticking to FBA courses within your home country. This way it’s easier to attend live events and network with fellow course students. That said, the price for the Proven Amazon Course is very affordable, as most competitors cost much more. There’s some serious value here.

Actual course content

Whilst Jim teaches a range that’s diverse, they’re all still applicable to Amazon. His methods are designed to assist you in building a proper business online.

You’ll be learning:

Jim Cockrum Proven Amazon Course Review
  • Setting up Amazon listings the right way
  • How to take world-class photography
  • Getting reviews legitimately for your products
  • Avoid Amazon scams and fraud listings
  • Building relationships with overseas suppliers
  • Taking your Amazon business to the next level
  • Protecting your business through trademarks
  • How to look after your customers post-sale
  • Keywords to use in your listing so they’re found
  • Building up a range of excellent products
  • Selecting the best packaging for your products
  • Taking your business to 5 figures monthly
  • Solving problems that other courses overlook
  • Attending trade conventions like a professional
  • Starting an Amazon business with minimal funds

and much more! The course really is packed with content.

What’s more is that Jim’s annual ‘Proven Conference’ is excellent. Feedback in recent years is that everyone loves the no non-sense and straight forward approach. There’s a lack of BS and no rah-rah. Just straight forward content. No fillers, no group hugs or silly upsells. I mean – you’re invited to get some coaching from Jim. But it’s affordable, and it’s really up to you.

Proven Amazon Course 2.0 3.0 Review

I’m in Australia and am looking to attend one of his future Proven Amazon Courses in the future. Perhaps you and I will actually cross paths. I certainly look forward to it actually!

Negatives to Jim Cockrum’s course

I generally put downsides to any course I come across, to make my reviews complete and unbias, especially as an independent blogger. This has been difficult with Jim Cockrum. Perhaps his diversity in what he teaches could be a negative, as you’re not going super super deep into strategies. But he does teach a lot within each strategy, but perhaps not as deep as his competitors such as Amazing Selling Machine (private label) and Larry Lubarsky (wholesale). You’ll still get a great head-start though.

The price is quite affordable for what he offers. Whilst the two competitors mentioned above charge in the thousands, Jim doesn’t believe that Amazon courses need to be that expensive. This leaves funds available for you to invest into your first product(s) and start your journey, instead of it all going towards the course. Big plus there Jim – that’s one point I truly admire.

Jim Cockrum’s student success

That said, the people who take this course aren’t necessarily the most successful either. By that, I mean, the average person who jumps on board with the other two courses mentioned above will likely already be successful in business or their careers, and this happens to be the next step forward. They can afford the higher price for the course.

Jim Cockrum Success Stories My Silent Team

The caliber of students within Jim Cockrum’s course isn’t as high. But for many reading this, you’re probably okay with that. No doubt you can be successful with this course, so don’t let this paragraph feel like I’m stating otherwise. It’s just the students generally aren’t possessing the same energy and enthusiasm as Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone, and if that’s what you’re looking for, consider a more expensive course.

Evaluating Amazon courses

I really feel that when considering any course to take on how to sell on Amazon, whether that’s Jim Cockrum or otherwise, that you really decide why. Let this review give you the chance to sit down and write your goals, and decide whether a program like this would fit within your strategy.

Are you looking to quit your job? Buy a Ferrari? Help your parents retire? Or just do good in the world? What ever it is, write it down. Decide if your current strategy is going to get you there. Then decide whether one of Jim Cockrum’s courses could help get you there. It’s up to you.

I believe writing down your goals in business is absolutely necessary!

This review of Jim Cockrum and his Proven Amazon Course has come to the end, but perhaps for you it’s the beginning. Unlike everyone else online right now, I’m not sharing my affiliate link. Yes – I have one, and I’ll get a tiny commission if you buy the course through me. But I don’t spam you, I don’t throw it in your face. Welcome to the no BS zone.

My gift to you

If you feel this course is for you, and you feel that I have been of value, then you’re welcome to reach out and request it. I also have a free guide ‘101 Products to Sell on Amazon‘ available here to download should you wish to use it.

It’s my free gift to you, for reading this far about the Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum. I hope this review has been helpful to you, as it has been for many people.

That guided that I’ve shared have helped many people get ideas and concepts about what to sell on Amazon FBA. It’s very helpful for those looking for product ideas to use in conjunction with the PAC community.

Next steps

I look forward to see your growth as a new Amazon seller. Certainly it’s exciting times ahead, and I believe this to be the #1 opportunity.

If you have any questions regarding the course or this review, then feel free to drop them into the comments below. I’ll do my best to answer them!

Onwards and upwards!

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