Pat Mesiti Reviewed: Is he the real deal?

Some readers have requested that I provide a Pat Mesiti review. So, here it is. This covers the University of Success, Path to Prosperity and Celebrity Evolution programs and his free public seminars.

Some background thoughts

Firstly – I’m Joshua. I’m Australian born and bred. I’ve been blogging here since 2011. This blog details my journey into creating a fulltime eCommerce income. I provide in-depth content here on courses, tools and resources that have been fundamental to my success.

Today I sell on Amazon FBA in the US, while living comfortably here on the Gold Coast. I also sell on eBay, plus run a marketing business (not MLM, I do content marketing) that earns me all an excellent income. The great news is that the vast majority of Australians can achieve this. I genuinely believe in that.

If you’re curious, there’s more about me here. You can also use some of the resources available to get started. More importantly, there’s a 100% FREE video training course that I’ve personally taken, and so have thousands of Australians. It showcases how to build your own online business from home, selling to customers worldwide. More on that later.

Pat Mesiti seminar review

Pat Mesiti was previously a very popular seminar and conference speaker. He could fill a room with hundreds, and has spoken in front of thousands at the larger conferences. His story is also very intriguing, one that motivates us, and one that probably resonates with most of us too. His events are now more intimate and personal.

Pat Mesiti Seminar
Pat Mesiti’s seminars attracted hundreds of attendees!

His seminars covered a range of topics including…

  • Long term wealth creation strategies
  • Personal development that is actionable
  • Leadership and motivation with real lessons
  • Starting your own successful online business
  • Steps to build a million dollar property portfolio

His paid seminars go more in-depth on to particular topics. Some are intense, whilst others are still seminar-style workshops. Pat is doing less workshops these days.

Going to a Pat Mesiti seminar

I thoroughly believe that personal development has provided me with the best return on investment. Since 2009 I’ve spent over $40,000 on courses both here in Australia and in the US. That’s created the epic lifestyle that I live today. Pat Mesiti teaches personal development, and has spoken with the following icons:

  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Jim Rohn (What a privilege that would have been!)
  • Dennis Waitley
  • Bob Proctor (I’ve personally met him a few years back)
  • Dr John Demartini
  • Zig Ziglar (One of the founding fathers in this space)
  • Brian Tracy
  • Alan Pease
  • Captain Gerry Coffee

That’s a decent line up actually. Plus, there’s smaller speakers that he’s also shared the stages with, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. πŸ™‚

It’s for this reason, I do recommend that you go along to a seminar with Pat Mesiti. In his seminars, he’s quite open about events that have happened in the past, and puts people at peace. Having conversed personally with Pat, he’s simply raw and real. Everything is out in the open.

Alternatives to Pat Mesiti

Pat Mesiti review and alternatives
There are some better alternatives to Pat Mesiti

Whilst Pat is a great choice, there are a few other seminars in Australia worth attending, all of which are of a higher calibre. These include…

  • Stuart Zadel’s Think and Grow Rich conferences
  • Jon Giann and his Knowledge Source conferences
  • Michael Burnett and his Success Resources conferences

Those are ideal if you’re just starting out in this journey. If you wish to step further on-wards, then consider deciding upon the right strategy for you. For me – that strategy is building Amazon businesses for excellent and (mostly) passive income. Businesses that I can run from literally anywhere.

The best news is that I have access to a 100% FREE online video training course. It’s been created by my good friend Adam Hudson, and you can start the course right away. Access is available within this page.

The summary of Pat Mesiti

I believe that personal development is the best investment you’ll ever make, as mentioned previously in this review. Pat Mesiti is a reasonably great mentor. Pat Mesiti has been around for a long time however, so there’s an element of trust there.

I hope this Pat Mesiti review has been of benefit to you. What you choose to do from this point is completely up to you. I’m glad that I chose the path that I did. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t that hard either. I just had to work, to make it happen and create the ideal life for myself. And you can too, if you work.

You can start right here. This takes work. It isn’t easy. But luckily, there’s a very supportive Australian and US community including myself on the other side. Plus, plenty of success stories. I hope you have the courage and determination to be next!

Pet Mesiti Rated
  • Speaker Quality
  • Event locations
  • Conference pricing

Summary of Pat Mesiti

I’ve rated Pat and his seminars for those looking to attend.

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