Oriflame MLM Scheme Review (Plus how I made $17,057 last month)

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I’m going to evaluate Oriflame in this detailed review. I’ll provide you insights as to whether they’re a scam, or fundamentally an opportunity you should get involved in.

These insights come from someone who’s been involved in several network marketing companies. I’ve seen the best from the rest, and today I choose to build REAL online business with my FULL control, so that I can get that elusive passive income. I’ve helped thousands get started through that journey as well.

There’s more about me right here if you’re interested. My words and my story has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world. I simply genuinely care about people becoming successful online, and creating a beautiful life on their terms.

It’s time we jump right in!

Oriflame Review

This is effectively what you’ve got here for. You want to know if Oriflame is a company that you should join. Perhaps you know a friend or family member on the inside, and you’re interested. But you’re doing the fundamental research first.

Good choice my friend – I always recommend researching first. This way you can make the right choice, and decide if this scheme is worth your investment. Or if Oriflame is merely another pyramid scheme or scam.

Oriflame is a company that distributes beauty products through the direct selling method. This involves selling to friends and family. If you join, you’re expected to resell products to your friends and family, getting them into the membership system, so that you can make an income.

Current products include high quality makeup, perfume and facial kits. It’s clear that women are their distinct market. There are of course men inside the Oriflame MLM scheme too, commonly in support of their wives.

It’s great to research MLM schemes such as Oriflame for legitimacy

This is a company with decades of experience. It’s clear that they will be around for a lot longer. This is what I’d recommend you consider as an important factor when deciding to join one of these network marketing schemes.

Oriflame is currently in a range of countries not including Australia, New Zealand, United States or Canada. Much of Europe is their main markets, given the higher profile that their products have. Latin America, Asia and and Africa are emerging markets. Yet, despite this, you’ll still find products in other countries too, and readily available on eBay Australia.

Challenges and Negatives

Whilst I’ve provided some great upsides (the products are great!) it’s only fair to provide some negatives to this review on Oriflame. This way you can make an informed decision.

These include:

  • Very few people make any decent money in their 1st year with this scheme
  • This scheme depends on the product sales and recruitment of more reps
  • Those who are making the big $$$ are the company owners or those who have worked really really hard as distributors
  • Many people do end up quitting early on due to costs which is unfortunate

Certainly, it’s evident that Oriflame is neither a pyramid scheme or a scam. They are a legitimate company with decades of experience, though some of their newer distributors aren’t so good. There’s dubious income claims and some hype on future growth, from just a few bad apples who spoil it for the rest. Most people in this are great people though.

All businesses are challenging requiring capital, commitment, patience and the will to face some challenges along the way. It’s just the MLM model is infinitely harder. Breaking out of your job will be challenging, and many suffer (and subsequently quit) in the process. These things worked better years ago.

Making a FULL TIME income

You’ve probably read my title, and you’ve come here. Well – it wasn’t through Oriflame. Not at all. I decided years ago that building someone elses company such as Oriflame wasn’t for me. I left the industry, and went down my own path so I could really control my destiny.

Most people do join these schemes in order to quit their jobs and life the ‘free life’ and rightly so, this is absolutely possible. It’s just going to take a very long time, with many many challenges along the way. Most people will struggle to ever break through.

Instead – I’ve spent the last few years building my own businesses that I 100% own. I didn’t have any special technical skills. I was simply committed to my success, which I’m sure you are too.

While I *could* do this, but I prefer working from the hammock! 🙂

Since then, I’ve helped thousands of people through inspiration on this blog. Further, I’ve got a 100% FREE training course that can help you do just this – actually build your own business, not someone else’s downline. The Oriflame products are excellent, the business model just isn’t. They worked better in the 80’s and 90’s.

This is how I made $17,057 last month. Digital assets are how I do it, or to say it another way – online real estate. Either way, I generate passive income month after month. You can too, if you’re committed to work like many people are.

We’re going through the biggest shift in wealth that the world has ever seen. Old systems are being replaced by new systems, and you really need to get your seat on that train, well before it leaves the station.

Closing off

If you want to support your friend or family member, then go right ahead. Oriflame has great products, though the actual business model isn’t right for most people. Some people WILL find success in this scheme, after lots of hard work and commitment.

I am talking to those who want to build real online businesses. I’m really looking for a distinct group of people. Particularly, you need these characteristics:

  • You’re willing and able to stay committed to your success
  • You actually want passive income that gurus talk about
  • You’ve got 7 or so hours spare per week to build a business
  • Worldwide travel and the laptop lifestyle is your end goal

If that’s you, then please get in touch.

No secrets: It’s helping you create your own business selling physical products on Amazon.

This exciting side project is in need of more people right now. I’d love to help you out, and look forward to traveling throughout Europe.

For those with comments, you’re most welcome to drop them below. The more technical questions should go to your upline, representative or even the corporate team at Oriflame. They’re very friendly, and would be most willing to help you out!

Oriflame Rated
  • Product Range
  • Company Experience
  • Business Model
  • Customer Support
  • Live Events

Summary of Oriflame

I’ve rated Oriflame predominantly on the income likelihood, as opposed to the product quality. Most people indeed are looking at the business opportunity.

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