101 No Makeup Captions and Quotes for Instagram/Facebook (2023)

Wearing no makeup? Here are 101 captions for your totally natural Instagram photo:

  1. “Barefaced beauty.”
  2. “Woke up like this.”
  3. “Confidence: the best makeup.”
  4. “Skin first. Makeup second.”
  5. “Glowing from the inside out.”
  6. “This is my daily look.”
  7. “Fresh-faced and feeling fabulous.”
  8. “Au naturel.”
  9. “Embracing every flaw.”
  10. “Skin-deep.”
  11. “The real me. Every day.”
  12. “Less makeup, more confidence.”
  13. “Beautiful in my own skin.”
  14. “Being yourself is the prettiest thing you can be.”
  15. “Naked skin, full heart.”
  16. “Just as I am.”
  17. “No mask, just me.”
  18. “I woke up this radiant.”
  19. “Let your skin breathe.”
  20. “Skin so good, makeup is optional.”
  21. “Beauty in simplicity.”
  22. “Flaws? More like beauty marks.”
  23. “Natural is the new black.”
  24. “My skin thanks me for this.”
  25. “Be-you-tiful.”
  26. “Skin goals: no filter and no makeup.”
  27. “Clean skin, clear mind.”
  28. “Radiant in the raw.”
  29. “Complexion perfection.”
  30. “Shine bright, even without highlighter.”
  31. “The freckles decided to show up today.”
  32. “Highlighting the real me.”
  33. “No foundation, just a strong foundation of self-love.”
  34. “Fresh as the morning breeze.”
  35. “Hello, world. This is me.”
  36. “Raw and unedited.”
  37. “Skin in its purest form.”
  38. “Because I’m worth it. Even without makeup.”
  39. “No concealer, just confidence.”
  40. “Skin that speaks for itself.”
  41. “My beauty routine: self-love.”
  42. “Love the skin you’re in.”
  43. “Au naturel and loving it.”
  44. “My skin’s morning coffee.”
  45. “Barefaced and proud.”
  46. “Sun-kissed and unfiltered.”
  47. “Keeping it 100% real.”
  48. “Every freckle, every line – unapologetically me.”
  49. “Makeup-free is the way to be.”
  50. “Genuine in every way.”
  51. “Skin that feels like sunshine.”
  52. “Giving my pores a holiday.”
  53. “When less is more.”
  54. “Natural beauty is timeless.”
  55. “Radiating self-love.”
  56. “Skin love is self-love.”
  57. “Makeup might break up, but confidence stays.”
  58. “Let the real you shine through.”
  59. “Glow getter.”
  60. “Skin so fresh, it’s invigorating.”
  61. “Natural glow > makeup glow.”
  62. “Feeling beautiful starts from within.”
  63. “The face behind the makeup.”
  64. “Makeup off, confidence on.”
  65. “All me, all day.”
  66. “Bare and beautiful.”
  67. “Less makeup, more life.”
  68. “Freckles for days.”
  69. “Ditch the mask. Embrace your skin.”
  70. “My daily dose of vitamin ‘Me’.”
  71. “Skin speaks louder than makeup.”
  72. “Natural elegance.”
  73. “The true glow-up.”
  74. “Empowered and makeup-free.”
  75. “Being raw never felt so good.”
  76. “Celebrate your natural beauty every day.”
  77. “Pure, just like my intentions.”
  78. “Showing up, makeup-free.”
  79. “My face. My rules.”
  80. “A little more skin, a lot more confidence.”
  81. “Embrace the face.”
  82. “Perfectly imperfect.”
  83. “Skin’s daily breath of fresh air.”
  84. “Uncovered and undeterred.”
  85. “Nothing but skin.”
  86. “Glow from within.”
  87. “Unfiltered, undaunted.”
  88. “Boldly bare-faced.”
  89. “Who needs makeup with skin this good?”
  90. “Staying true to my roots.”
  91. “My beauty secret? Being me.”
  92. “This is the face of authenticity.”
  93. “Proud of my pores.”
  94. “Just a girl and her skin.”
  95. “Wearing my skin with pride.”
  96. “Bare skin, don’t care.”
  97. “Naturally radiant.”
  98. “100% organic beauty.”
  99. “Fresh-faced and ready for the day.”
  100. “Makeup-free and full of life.”
  101. “My beauty doesn’t hide behind makeup.”

I hope these captions resonate with your no makeup moments and your followers on Instagram! More of us should embrace and celebrate our natural beauty on a daily basis. πŸ’–πŸŒΈπŸŒΌ

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