No Hype Policy

Hello again, Joshua here.

The reviews and recommendations that I provide here are based on fundamental honesty. The review of any product or service should be real, raw and straight to the point. Important points shall not be skipped over. Yes – there are some occasions where I may receive affiliate commissions should you purchase a course, tool, software, product or other wise. This in no way should create a sense of hype, urgency and sensationalism despite the potential financial incentives to do so.

This is a safe zone. A place where you can make a clear, concise and informed decision towards a product or service. Where you can get your questions answered outside a company’s social media presence or well-padded corporate responses. Where individuals can leave comments, whether they be positive or negative, should their comment contain the facts. That’s what my blog is about too – the facts. No sugar coating.

I hope that in the time you’ve been here, and the content you’ve read, that you appreciate my viewpoint. Many have. And this is why I continue to write after 7+ years here. Thank you my friends, and I appreciate the support over the years.

Joshua Smith