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Myles Dunphy’s FBA Freedom Accelerator: Course Review in Detail

Read this review of Myles Dunphy a.k.a Nomad Millionaire on YouTube and his FBA Freedom Accelerator course. I am a blogger + REAL Australian Amazon seller (selling only on the US platform) and I’ve covered a lot of different courses on my blog. I’ve helped thousands of future Amazon sellers make an informed decision.

If you’ve been on the blog before, then you know that I write with honesty and integrity. No sugar coating. No BS. Just the straight honest facts. I’ve seen the dodgy scams and I’ve personally lost money multiple times over the last 10 years. That’s why I keep it real around here.

Note: This blog is reader-supported and there may be affiliate links below.

The best part is that Myles Dunphy doesn’t have an affiliate program nor has he paid me anything to evaluate or praise his course.

I like to mention one great free alternative: (Hint: It’s a FULL 90 video, 8 module Amazon FBA course for free)

I’ve also detailed some great content for new Amazon sellers, including beginner-friendly guides available here. But you should check those out later.

My results

This is a good starting point. My results are simple: I make a full time income selling on Amazon USA from home here in Queensland. Yes – this is absolutely possible, but it isn’t easy. I never claim it to be easy. It’s not hard either, but you’ll be expected to work, put in some capital, hustle and, at times, deal with 200+ different things at once. Selling on Amazon can be a circus act.

I assure you though, if you can work through the challenges, then it’s absolutely worth it. The laptop lifestyle, especially through selling on FBA, is now more common and mainstream, and also more available for those willing to commit.

It’s wise to note that the 1st course I ever took was Reliable Education by Adam Hudson. This is an excellent course, and in my opinion, is definitely the #1 course in Australia, and will soon overtake the success stories of Amazing Selling Machine (another excellent course) based in the US.

I’ve since invested in numerous other courses, certainly NOT because you should. Trust me – one course is ENOUGH, but choosing the right course for your outcome and budget is important too. Not all courses are created the same.

My blog and Amazon course recommendations has helped thousands of people around the world. It’s helped them make the right decision for their ambitions and their budget, plus steered many away from courses not offering value for money.

Now the course that Nomad Millionaire has created isn’t my 1st FBA course, but I really feel that it’s a great starting point for beginners on lean budgets. Not everyone has $3,000+ for one of the more established courses, and it’s great to see Myles serving the younger generations seeking the laptop lifestyle.

Let’s get into the details…

FBA Freedom Accelerator evaluated

Nomad Millionaire known as Myles Dunphy has created a course called the FBA Freedom Accelerator. I’ve had numerous requests to review this course over the recent weeks, and I’ve decided to really get into the full details.

Just on that – if you need a course reviewed, just contact me or look on this list of all the Amazon FBA courses available right now.

If you’re on a budget, get this instead: (90 tutorial videos on how to sell on FBA, step by step)

The unique perspective that Myles has is the course enrollments. He’s not about the numbers. He’s about finding those students which are truly committed.

Fact: Myles makes much more money through selling on Amazon, as opposed to being an Amazon teacher.

Evidence right here:

I love the total transparency that Myles provides. It’s clear that he’s got no BS agenda. It’s also evident that he wants to keep the tyre-kickers on the outside.

In the course there is:

  • Around 20 hours of video lessons which are reasonably well detailed
  • Access to Myles and his own community of existing Amazon sellers
  • Some gold nuggets and wisdom so that you can improve your mindset
  • Full access to the same resources, templates, checklists and templates

I also love the emails that Myles sends out. You can get on his email list here. Yes – I evaluate the emails that every course sends out. Some work hard to pull you in as a student. Myles is clearly after the student that walks him or her self into the course.

Nomad Millionaire FBA Course unpacking

For this review, I’ve now completed 80% of the course. This is pretty much everything required in order to go live on Amazon with a product.

You don’t need to finish the entire course, and in fact, there are modules towards the end that you won’t need until you’re live and selling.

So, with that, let’s examine the actual course.

FBA Freedom Accelerator course review
This is what you’ll be greeted with once you join the Nomad Millionaire course

That’s what you’ll see straight up. A welcome video from Myles from his apartment in South America. That is – this teacher is living the laptop lifestyle. This was filmed from a few months ago.

Myles has now transitioned to boat life, so future videos are likely to be filmed from his catamaran. Sometimes he still goes ashore to record videos which is cool.

Value for money

In terms of the value and content, I am simply blown away as to what is offered here. Myles has certainly over-delivered. The price tag should be at least $2,000. There’s really nothing left out.

  • Inside the FBA Freedom Accelerator course

When we examine the modules, we’ll find that it’s separated into 11 modules. If there’s a cross through a lesson on the left, it means I’ve completed that module already. This is a good way to stay on track with what you’ve done, as you simply can’t finish the course in 1 day.

After introduction, Myles starts off with mindset, and nothing about Amazon. This sets the precedent for the course, and reasonable expectations from him as a teacher, and you as a student.

Product research is definitely the most in-depth module, and isn’t really skipped over. In fact, probably more content here than 80% of FBA courses out there.

Spot on: I’ve been saying this for 3+ years now, some decent starting capital is needed.

After completing numerous Amazon courses, I can simply say that there’s no horse shit here. Just a fundamentally strong Amazon course.

Upsides to Myles Dunphy

If you’ve been watching the Nomad Millionaire channel, then you already know that Myles brings some excellent content to the table. It’s straight forward where Myles does share his own real experiences as an Amazon seller.

There are some really strong upsides to investing in this course, which include:

  • The course has great content, and the same blueprint Myles has used
  • Myles actually gives you a lot of things that he uses including contacts
  • It’s priced lower than what it should actually be priced at ($2,000 IMO)
  • It doesn’t contain much fluff – just straight forward Amazon lessons
  • 14 day refund policy, better than Sophie Howard’s 7 days for $3,500!
  • There’s a lot of content already shared on YouTube, unlike most others

The one thing that really stands out is the email support. Some courses don’t offer it, and so I offer it for a range of other courses should people use my referral link.

Myles offers it within his course which is excellent, but within reason. Most of the support is actually offered in the Facebook group, with help from other students too.

FBA Freedom Accelerator Mastermind Group
Inside the FBA Freedom Accelerator Facebook group. Names blurred for student privacy.

Myles does contribute to the group, though at this time he was sailing & out of range. The support isn’t for your spoon-feeding machine. Be resourceful and actually find the content prior to asking Myles.

There are a select few that will be able to invest further for 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring, but this isn’t required, nor are you pushed to purchase this either.

In fact, with the income that Myles generates from FBA and his program, I don’t think it’s a path he wants to really needs to go down. The Facebook group is a good mentoring hub for fellow students after all.

Downsides of Myles Dunphy

I always write out every single negative I can think of. Therefore, my reviews are fundamentally accurate. Most course providers actually use these lists to improve their courses, and therefore, improve their reputation.

The FBA Freedom Accelerator has these downsides:

  • Myles Dunphy has only built 1x 7 figure business in his life (Amazon)
  • The course is more expensive than Helium10’s free training offer.
  • There’s not many students yet, meaning very few actually have results
  • It’s created predominantly for the younger student under 35
  • Currently the course isn’t open 24/7 causing some frustration
  • No live events, seminars or workshops to network in real life with others
  • Almost all of the best Amazon FBA courses have 30 day refund policies
  • I’ve found no interviews with other FBA sellers within the course

Please note that whilst these are true, these are also not really big of an issue. I’d say easily that there’s no major flaw within the course. Especially if you don’t need those live events and want to run solo. If you need a stronger community element, then I rate other courses more favorably.

Why I like this course so much

Despite no partnership between myself and Myles, I really praise this course.

The following is quite clear:

  • Myles makes more money from his FBA business than his course sales
  • The course is new, therefore, it takes time to for more success stories
  • His course does simply bring much more value than Neil and Jack do
  • There’s thousands of younger Australians looking for a specific course
  • Jack is young, and therefore, hasn’t had time to build more businesses
  • He’s testing the waters with his course, and doesn’t need 998 sign ups

So if any of these mild negatives prevents you from investing in the course, then I don’t think you should become a student at all. Then again, I don’t know just how successful you’ll actually be on Amazon either. The upsides are way in excess of the downsides.

The truth about FBA Freedom Accelerator

Yes, a genuine click-bait title. But I needed to get your attention. Before you check social media for the 3rd time. I’m surprised you’ve read this far actually.

Fact: Just about everything that Myles teaches is readily available for FREE on YouTube. He even says so himself. But can you find every single piece to the puzzle? Very unlikely. Plus, content on YouTube certainly isn’t this in-depth as Myles provides in the course.

As of right now there’s hundreds waiting in line to purchase his course, simply because there’s an immense time cost in finding the next step in the Amazon journey. Myles has laid it out, step by step.

Myles Dunphy FBA Freedom Accelerator
This is an in-depth review of the Myles Dunphy FBA Freedom Accelerator

The truth is, the course is rock-solid. For a beginner with a limited budget, and one that doesn’t want to fork out thousands, then this course should be at the top of the list.

Big business building

If you’re looking for a fully established course with networking and collaboration opportunities, then Reliable Education and Amazing Selling Machine should be considered. Not everyone has this budget however, and these two courses are catered for those above the age of 30.

Of all the people I’ve reviewed, including Adam Hudson, I’ve actually found someone who I really resonate the most with. I mean – Adam is very close whose success I am working to emulate, but I also like to run side-by-side with someone with my characteristics.

Myles has this. Adam is kilometers in front, based on his older age.

On a personal front, Myles and I are just about the same age, both earning a full time income on Amazon FBA. I started my FBA business to fulfill my lifelong dream of sailing the world on a catamaran. That’s exactly what Myles has achieved!

Comparing Nomad Millionaire to other Amazon courses

I’m going to compare the Nomad Millionaire FBA course to several in the market. This is especially for those trying to decide between the offer from Myles Dunphy and another course.

My review on Now Finance Australia
Let’s compare and examine alternative options to what’s on offer from Nomad Millionaire

Reliable Education

Reliable Education is a better course. It has a thriving community of 10,000+ students worldwide in 40 countries, with close to 4 years in the market and hundreds of success stories.

Adam’s been building businesses for 25+ years. RE is priced lower than Amazing Selling Machine, but much higher than what Myles has created. There are powerful live events, networking opportunities and potential to create joint-ventures with capital partners as I have personally done.

Blue Sky Amazon

Blue Sky Amazon is only marginally better than FBA Freedom Accelerator with close to the same content. The only advantage is you’ll receive a 1 hour coaching call with a coach, weekly webinars plus free ticket to the live event (Australia only) conference for networking.

The price point for this course is significantly high however, close to that of Amazing Selling Machine and (currently) not really that established. Most students in here are in the 40 to 60 year old age bracket too.

Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine is a better course too, with 30,000+ students worldwide over 7 years and is the god-father of Amazon courses. Thousands do love this course. Unfortunately, it’s also priced significantly high too with ridiculously high affiliate commissions. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t go into this course.

Yes, whilst these are better options with established communities and collectively thousands of students making good money on Amazon. They are also 3 to 5 times the price too! Not recommended for those with really tight budgets.

You can always start today with a full Amazon course for almost free. (I share much info there)

Making the right decision for your needs

Analysis paralysis? Let me paraphrase this by saying if you’ve got less than $5,000, then 100% go with Myles. The content within the Nomad Millionaire course will get you live on Amazon, if you’re mostly self-motivated.

$5,000 and above then consider ASM, RE or Blue Sky Amazon for the networking / mastermind / joint-venture opportunities with real live Amazon sellers, if that’s important to you. Otherwise still go with Myles. These numbers are in US Dollars.

I do like that Myles doesn’t have an affiliate program. Based on the content and my progress, I love his course and community more than most others out there!

Myles Dunphy only started as an Amazon student 2 years ago, back when I was already selling on FBA myself. That said, from his content in the course, you’d think he’s been in business and selling for a decade. By that I mean he really does come in with some strong content and well-developed methodology, which was more than I was expecting.

Myles Dunphy and his ideal Amazon student

I felt it necessary to really detail who should join the course. This way those on the fence can really decide for themselves whether they should be in or out.

The ideal student is:

  • The younger future nomads mostly aged between 18 and 35
  • People who are willing and committed to work hard at this
  • Individuals that don’t need to be spoon-fed all the time
  • Young people that are looking for a similar-aged mentor
  • People who are prepared to invest the next 2 to 3 years
  • Those that won’t spend their Amazon profits, but reinvest it
  • Future with realistic expectations of challenges and success
  • Australians looking for a cheaper online-only alternative

If you’re on that list, then this course is for you. Of course, it’s not just young Australians either that buy the FBA Freedom Accelerator, as Myles has students from around the world, including USA, Canada, NZ and Europe. I’m just noting that he would naturally bring in more Australians than perhaps any other nationality.

Those that shouldn’t join FBA Freedom Accelerator

And on the opposing side, the student who shouldn’t join includes:

  • Those that see this as a get rich quick scheme. Those don’t work.
  • People who think a million dollars by next month is achievable
  • Those that will skip next week’s rent for the course (Don’t do that)
  • Individuals that already expect to refund in the first 5 minutes
  • People that want that ‘feel good’ feeling, as opposed to working
  • Negative naysayers that think all Amazon courses should be free

So if you’re in that above list, then you should wipe this course off your list. In fact – selling on Amazon FBA probably isn’t for you either. All things worth having don’t come easy. Amazon isn’t a place for cheap people. You really need to be reasonable, and not expect the same success as others, and we’re all coming from different backgrounds.

The younger generation of Amazon sellers are predominantly those who choose this course

Selling on Amazon FBA isn’t right for some people. It is, in my opinion and experience, the BEST way to create a 7 figure online business in 2019. Of course, however, there is still some risk involved. It’s with the right education and mindset that you can overcome a lot of the challenges and dangers of selling on Amazon.

A personal offer from me

If you’ve read this far, then I congratulate you. In a world of total social media distractions, you’ve lasted all the way until here. As you can see, I do go into immense detail, so that you as the future student can make a justified and informed decision to invest.

There is no affiliate program for the FBA Freedom Accelerator course by Myles Dunphy. At least, not at this stage and I’m more than happy for Myles to keep it this way, since his course is an excellent choice. If there happens to be in the future, my words or rating here in this review won’t change.

I don’t write reviews on Amazon courses for those little commissions, but there happens to be hundreds of people so far who have been more than happy to use those links. I’ve met dozens of you in person at various live events around the country.

If you’ve been happy with this review on the FBA Freedom Accelerator, and you’re happy to move forward, then please consider affiliate links to the following products and services.

Recommended services

These are what I personally use and recommend as a fellow Amazon seller from Australia.

  1. JungleScout which does almost the same thing for less
  2. Helium10 which is known for being one of the best software packages
  3. Fiverr for getting product design work done cheaply

These are basic things that you’ll need early on in your Amazon journey. I don’t use UpViral at this stage, so it’s not on this list as yet. In fact I didn’t realize the power of this tool until I completed this course. I could’ve presented you with 25+ links, but that would overwhelm you as a beginner.

Now using these links are totally optional. If you want to join directly with these products or services, then I’m totally cool. We’re all cool. 🙂

Like Myles, I make a full time income on FBA already. Naturally I do wish to share with you what works too in my business, so that you can replicate those results in your new business.

Closing off the Nomad Millionaire course review

By now you’ve probably made a firm decision, based on my opinion in this FBA Freedom Accelerator review. Most of you have decided a firm ‘YES’. I applaud you for investing in your Amazon education, and charting a new path in your life.

Selling on Amazon isn’t going to be easy. Joining the FBA Freedom Accelerator, both as a course and community, is certainly helpful if you’re just looking to do everything online without real-life networking.

During your upcoming Amazon journey, you will be met with some challenges, total head f***s and you’ll probably run out of money too. It’s just the name of the game. But if you’re prepared to stay committed to the journey, then the rewards are available for ready to get to the other side.

This is something I truly believe in, to actually move forward requires starting the journey

It’s always a timely reminder to write down your goals so that you know exactly why you’re investing in the FBA Freedom Accelerator program. It shouldn’t just be about the money, but the impact you’ll have on your life and the lives of those around you.

To summarize: Myles has the best Amazon course by a YouTuber. He’s as genuine as they come. If you’re looking for a 100% online-only course and you have the self-motivation to get through without offline involvement, then you’ve found an excellent choice.

I do wish you all the best in your Amazon journey ahead, and do look forward to connecting in the near future. Those with comments and questions and most welcome to drop them in below. I’ll do my best to help you out!

FBA Freedom Accelerator Final Evaluation
  • Teacher Reputation
  • Course Content
  • Success Stories
  • Course Pricing
  • Refund Policy
  • Guest Interviews
  • Personal Support
  • Teacher Results
  • Course Structure

Summary of Nomad Millionaire Amazon FBA Course

I’ve reviewed and rated this for the beginner looking to start their Amazon business through learning from Myles Dunphy.

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25 thoughts on “Myles Dunphy’s FBA Freedom Accelerator: Course Review in Detail”

  1. Great review. I did not think he offered email support, I have this course and am going through it, but don’t remember seeing anything about email support, I know there is a FB group

    • Hey William, thanks for your comment and I did see your name inside the course when evaluating it. From the course information page that Myles wrote “I’m also active in the community. For urgent queries, you will have access to my private email & Facebook messenger.” which implies that some support is offered, but I believe it’s best to ask questions on Facebook so everyone can see the responses.

      • Thanks I saw that but hie email is not really listed so I think he must prefer FB, and that is probably good as all can learn. I am a the product research stage…this is the difficult part, think I want to blend what Miles say with some of what Kevin King and Brandon Young do around keywords. I hear going to is useful as you may be able to get the products cheaper that on Alibaba if you can source there

        • Hey Joshua , thanks for the detailed & honest review! I think I’ve pushed you enough towards getting your own catamaran too haha.

          I know this review is directed at potential students but I’ve learnt a lot from it too for things I can improve. Really glad to hear the quality shows though, it’s been an effort to put together, that’s for sure.

          Encouraging students to share their own success stories is something I’m going to be doing more of for sure in the near future (they are starting to add up).

          There’s a fair bit of stuff going on under the hood by now that I plan to facilitate better too – students are taking initiative & forming their own inner circle masterminds with weekly video calls etc, which I LOVED hearing about.

          William – I mention my tips on using in Module 05 Lesson 07 How To Negotiate With Suppliers, check it out if you haven’t yet.

          Email support is available via the email address you get all course related notifications from. I am definitely pushing students to discuss everything possible in the mastermind first, it’s already a world of difference from when we were ~50 members (now 200), and I can see it scaling really well as a support tool & community as we keep growing.

          Really appreciate your feedback and thanks again Joshua


  2. I found Myles on YouTube and out of all the gurus I’ve seen, he seems the most honest. But I’m in my 40s, and work full time (and cannot quit at the moment). Do you think this would be the wrong community for someone like myself? I’ve looked for other ‘single mom succeeding on Amazon’ type of videos and they seems too unrealistic to me while Myles appears sets realistic expectations. Just seems more trustworthy.

        • I started with Reliable Education at age 27 in Australia.

          It’s really hard to pick a course based on age alone. Are you super motivated? Chilled out? Looking to make a bit of money or million-dollar business? How much starting capital? Plenty of different courses out there depending on what you’re seeking and where you’re starting.

          Myles does have a great option and through my blog I try my best to match people with the right courses.

          • I will be starting 2 years later than the age your started then.

            I am really curious on the price for “Reliable Education”, how much did you pay?

            I really thought age had some impact since I saw some replies that there were courses you’d recommend if a person is more than 30 or 35 of age.

            I am super motivated. I am aiming for a million dollar business, 7 figure monthly income is my primary goal. US$ 10,000 is my starting capital. How much should I spend for courses and educating myself?

            I am starting a new Amazon FBA seller. I’ve been researching about being an Amazon FBA seller, I just haven’t gotten a course to follow yet as a guide.

          • I paid $2,497 USD for RE and that is still the current price. Age does have a small impact but it isn’t the only characteristic. It’s just that someone who is 55 might feel out of place in a group of younger people, but Myles does have some of the older folk inside his course too.

            With that sort of hunger and motivation, I’d say Reliable Education is perfect as you’re also in Australia, paired with the live events, networking, local masterminds and strong charity alliance with the John Fawcett Foundation. John Howard was the last keynote speaker. This is as real as it gets.

            Amazing Selling Machine is also an excellent choice. Another great one is Scott Voelker and I think Myles took his course originally. I love Scott’s podcast actually.

            So good that you’ve got some starting capital, since most people really do lack this. You can spend up to $5,000 USD on an Amazon course (ASM), but for half the price Adam is offering a pretty good local deal. Myles still represents excellent value for money paired with his total transparency. Great choice if you’re OK to do it on your own online.

  3. Hello Joshua!

    I’ve had a chance to read your in-depth reviews for both Myles’ course and Marketplace Superheros, but I’m having trouble finding your insight into how these two courses directly compare.

    Can you share some thoughts about how the two courses compare in terms of overall content quality and comprehensiveness? They’re about the same price, so I’m very interested in getting your take and general recommendation. If it’s helpful, I’m a beginning seller based in the US with a $1k max course budget, and I’m torn between these two courses.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

    • Hey Kevin! Did you read my mind? 😆 Because I had it planned for Tuesday to write up this direct comparison. The key differences are that Marketplace Superheroes has 10x more students, runs live events and has been running for much longer. Myles shares more content upfront but Marketplace Superheroes are putting in more effort into growing their YouTube channel. I’ll go into more detail with that comparison.

      • Hey Joshua, thanks so much for the reply! Oh wow, what a coincidence!! I look forward to reading more details in your post next week, and I’m happy to hear making a comparison makes sense for these two courses. Much appreciation for all the great information you post on your site! It has been incredibly helpful for me (and I imagine many others) in getting the wheels turning.

    • Myles doesn’t show what he sells on Amazon and most educators don’t either. Privately I’m sure he has disclosed this with some people. Personally I’ve taken the same approach and dozens of people in real life know my exact brands. I won’t disclose this online.

      Why do we do this? Protection. Having thousands of random people checking out our products on Amazon can create unwanted competition. Also, the threat of a fake negative review on one of our Amazon products is too risky. None of us wants others copying our hard work. I’m sure most reasonable people would understand this approach.

    • Ahhhhhh….tough choice! They’ve both very close but their pricing is different. I think Myles has put his price up quite considerably since I first wrote this review but then I wouldn’t choose a course based on pricing alone. I’d say go with the individual that clicks the best with you since both their courses effectively teach you the full A to Z with supportive communities. I wouldn’t say there’s much of a difference in strategy.

  4. Thank you so much. I had already checked out his program yesterday and have signed up for a consultation call next week to see if they will accept me into the program. They have specific requirements which I believe is good. That surprised me with the quick response and actual phone call. I was also considering Kevin David’s Ninja program which seems comparable however it doesn’t seem to have as much of a direct reach to its students.
    I will look and see if you’ve reviewed that one. Anyway, your review here was very helpful and affirming and yes, I made it to the end. Excited for the journey.

    • Thanks Kenzie! While David is good, I’d go Myles all the way given his reputation above and beyond. I didn’t know they’re doing consulting calls now. Very interesting to hear!

  5. Hi Joshua, thanks for such nice reviews. I saw Sophie’s Facebook ad of Jetstream Income book, then took the webinar and have booked a free first call with a coach from her team (scheduled for tomorrow).

    I am an Australian who moved to Pakistan (country of origin, have to be with parents). I am 40 and working full time here in Pakistan.

    I’m very motivated to start a second income stream and want to train good for that. However, with the steep currency conversion rates (1 USD = 169 Pakistan Rupees), I am not sure if I can spend 4000 dollars on Sophie’s training…I could do that because I want to learn the best tricks in the game..that would mean a few thousand dollars less for product research, tools and the launch itself. Boy, am I confused? 😂
    Please help me strike a balance between best training and keeping money aside for product launch.

    Btw, I’m not even sure if I can setup Amazon Seller account while sitting in Pakistan. Some additional guidance on that would be highly appreciated.


    • Hi Ahsan,

      Pakistan isn’t on the permitted countries list for Amazon Seller Registration which is unfortunate. You may be able to circumvent this with a VPN though it’s a touchy area.

      Sophie’s got a great course and she’s one of the best teachers out there nowadays. The course price is certainly up there and this is due to the phone coaching/support that is offered to students in addition to the conferences.

      It’s hard to go both ways i.e. best course that’s also affordable. Like buying a new Merdedes on a Toyota budget. 🙃 If cash is tight as it is for many people right now, then go with Myles or Freedom Ticket and learn the ropes for a lot less, then decide if this is a business model you wish to pursue.

      That said, I know that Sophie’s team has offered some flexible payment plans this year. Maybe something to raise with the coach tomorrow on the call to see if you qualify.


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