Mimosa Homes Review: Are They Any Good?

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Mimosa Homes have good reviews as a builder and with some complaints too. However, I really like Mimosa’s colour selection and affordable price list.

I wanted to create this unbiased opinion as an alternative to the stock-standard websites out there. This way you can get an independent opinion.

Because there is a big problem that very few people discover until the end, and I’ll show you how to fix that.

Let’s begin.

Mimosa Homes Review

Building your new home is like having 2 kids at once. It’s exhausting and confusing, and certainly an emotional time. For many people, they are parting ways with their life savings and will spend the next 30 years or so paying this thing off.

Mimosa Homes Review

So as you can imagine, negative Mimosa Homes reviews shouldn’t be taken so seriously. When you are building a home, nothing ever goes perfectly.

Why? A lot of moving parts. Think about it: Subcontractors, paperwork, weather delays, material mixups, finance, insurance and more. Australian banks are also more apprehensive about lending money right now given the state of the economy.

You too won’t have a perfect experience with any builder. However, if you can set the bar at 95% perfect then you’ll be impressed with the bulk of them.

Start with the end in mind

You should start this with thinking about what type of family home you’re needing:

  • The number of bedrooms and bedrooms
  • If you want a unique Mimosa homes floor plan
  • Type of roofing you’d prefer to have
  • The build quality you’re seeking

None of this is easy to finalize. Most families at some stage will regret something that they left out and it’s a case of buyer’s remorse. You know – the wrong bathtub, forgetting to put a 240v PowerPoint outside…or even so simple as a bad letterbox.

This is why you need to start with the end in mind. It’s too easy to get excited, but it’s exhausting as well as visiting all those display villages. I’ve done it before, many times in fact.

The big elephant

Do you know something that no one really talks about? It’s the big problem you’re stuck with at the end. The mortgage!

Essentially you’ll give up 30 years of your life to pay this thing off. Some lucky people pay it off much sooner.

The big elephant in the room has caused lots of stress for people. Because we want freedom instead of being held back by this expensive mortgage to pay down.

Naturally, the bigger the house or the higher the quality of furnishings, the bigger the mortgage. And thus, the more stress you’ll be under.

New opportunities

One thing that very few Australians realize is that there is a good opportunity available right now. One that can provide freedom or simply pay down the mortgage faster.

Because if you build with Mimosa Homes, you’ll probably have a mortgage that needs to be paid. A big one. And really – who wants a mortgage?

Our parents really did have it much easier. They lived in the good days.

Right now – it is a good day. In fact, a great day. Because we have opportunities now that they didn’t have.

While property investing worked as a good strategy back then, it’s a bit harder today. Instead, I believe digital assets are the way of the future.

Starting with Mimosa Homes

Certainly, Mimosa Homes is a good company. They have been in the business of looking after Australians for years.

But is everyone happy? Nope. Some say they’ll never build with them ever again. Most say they really enjoyed the experience.

Remember – moving parts. It’s really hard for any company to be perfect in their approach.

I recommend having a good contract with a solid price list from Mimosa to go with. There is a solid colour selection range and you can make some design changes along the way.

In summary

The great Australian dream is harder today than years ago. Because once we’re done with all the stress of building the family home, we’re left with the mortgage.

That’s expensive. That’s giving up 30 years of your freedom to pay down this thing. What happened to the big goals and dreams we had in our 20’s?

Now granted we need a place to live. And it has to be a nice place, hence why I choose to live in new houses.

For me, instead of relying on my day-to-day income, I use digital assets to pay down my mortgage faster. This might work for you too.