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Metricon Homes Review: Are They Any Good?

There are many reviews about Metricon Homes, both positive and negative. The question though, is Metricon a good enough choice for your family?

I wanted to write an unbiased review merely sharing my opinion and what to look for when building a new home in Australia. I’m someone who used to live in Adelaide and dealt with this company before.

Metricon Homes Review

The entire building process can be confusing if you haven’t done it before. The Metricon Homes price list is something you’ll find at many display villages across the country, from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and even Geelong.

Metricon Homes Review

Reviews about Metricon seem to differ between the cities. Indeed, given the size of the company, it’s hard to bring perfection and standards across the entire country.

In fact, building your own home almost never goes according to plan with any builder. From delays to cost variances and lack of communication, most Australians have experienced it all. If they get 95% right then they’re doing pretty good.

Because when you’re building a home, it’s quite an emotional time. It’s your dream home and something you’ve spent years thinking about for your family. Many others go through that same experience. You want perfection.

Unfortunately, one small problem becomes two small problems and so forth. Suddenly you see a flood of negative reviews about builders like Metricon Homes online that make you second-guess your decision. But each build is different and someone’s experience is likely to be different than yours, with yours *hopefully* being pleasant.

Does Metricon fit your plan?

While heading to display villages on weekends for a leisurely stroll sounds good, most of us don’t have the time to mess around. I believe good decision-making starts with a plan:

  • What are you needing in a home within the next 10 years?
  • Do you prefer wooden or steel frames in the construction?
  • Will the bank actually lend you the entire amount needed?
  • How will you pay down the big mortgage once it’s finished?
  • Does the Metricon price list align with what you’re seeking?
Metricon pricelist

Such plans shouldn’t be ideas just in the mind but are written down. Because if you indeed write down plans, you’ll have a clearer idea on how to take the next steps forward. I know personally in my own business, this has worked very well for me.

Analyze the options

I wouldn’t just look at Metricon Homes despite how great they are as a builder. I say that genuinely as Metricon Homes reviews are very positive as you’ll find online on popular review websites.

There are numerous builders on the same level. They may not have the same volume of customer testimonials but a solid track record of reputation and performance of finishing builds on time.

And just like the options with building, I’d look at the options of finance. Because Metricon Homes may recommend their own mortgage brokers but you might get a better deal elsewhere.

Lastly, use your own independent contractor to check things over during each stage of the building process. This goes for all builders, not just Metricon. It keeps them on their toes.

The big problem

While you’ll have some minor bumps along the way with any builder, you’re often left with a big problem in the end. That is – how do you handle the huge mortgage?

Because that’s going to take years to now payback. It’s not exactly the freedom we envisioned in our 20’s. We still want to get away for holidays and enjoy a reasonably decent lifestyle.

Now, property investing and buying an investment off the plan sounds like a good idea. However, the returns aren’t as high as they used to be, with the Australian market looking like it’s heading for a downturn.

The solution? Digital assets. A great way to knock down the mortgage faster is digital assets which you can start from home with no past experience.

Australians across the country are waking up to the potential of getting started with this opportunity. This includes people from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Indeed it’s something I actively pursue after becoming a property investor years ago.

In summary

Metricon Homes is a rock-solid builder with a high reputation across Australia. Now is everyone satisfied with the results they got? Definitely not. However, their reviews are above the industry average so they clearly go above and beyond to rectify issues, despite being a huge company.

For mums and dads, your plan should comprise of good research, a solid plan and the expectation that problems will inherently arise. Given the size of the company, having these issues sorted should be no issue at all.

A bigger problem is the mortgage you’re stuck with. That’s 30 years of work for most people…and that’s a lot.

Now, a good solution is digital assets.

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