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Matt Buchel & Your Importing Cashflow Review (plus alternatives)

My thoughts and opinions have formed this Your Importing Cashflow course review. Matt Buchel runs the Importing Discovery Day which leads into Your Importing Business in a Box system.

It is an interesting one. I felt that I needed to shed some light for people who are curious.

Background on me

I personally sell on Amazon FBA (in the US) and locally here on eBay Australia. I do very well from both platforms, and will now add Shopify to the mix. I’ve been attending seminars, bought courses and have been making money in this eCommerce space since 2009. Some course have been excellent, some not so good.

This review of Your Importing Cashflow comes with experience. If I smell BS, then I’ll call it out for what it is. One course company even shutdown due me smashing their course to pieces, due to the power of my blog and its immense traffic.

I saved dozens of students from signing up to their $1,000 course. So no sugar coating here, let’s get into the review…

The Ideal Importing Student

Is this a familiar scenario in your head?

  • You desire to work for yourself
  • Working remotely is preferred or have an independent location business
  • You have a good job but your salary is capped or limited
  • You want to start working independently but I have no plan or support in place

Well, if any of the statements above made you nod your head, a step in the direction would be to consider starting your own importing business. And if this is something you’ve been itching to try, you might find a few incredibly insightful tips from Matt Buchel.

Matt provides some real insight to the world of importing. You’ll still have to steer the ship.

He has taken his hard work, years of experience, and painful trial and error, but ultimately successful business journey into an easy to follow, step by step system. It’s one that you can undertake your own, with less risks and problems.

Who is Matt Buchel?

  • Also known as The Importa. He founded “Your Importing Cashflow”, currently the Editor in Chief of The Importa Magazine, and the creator of the “Importing Business in a Box Systems.”
  • Although he is now based on the Gold Coast of Australia, he is originally from Sydney and is now using his experience and success in developing his businesses to multi-million dollar companies to help and teach others do the same.
  • In 2015, he founded “business in a box” programs which are complete turn key ready-to-go business systems, as an alternative to a franchise.
  • He was named as the 2011 Marketer of the Year at renowned Millionaire Maker Mal Emery’s Streetsmart business school and in the same year he was the Marketer of the Year runner-up in Chicago at the Dan Kennedy super conference and a Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee.
  • Matt has extensive importing experience from China, Africa, Indonesia, Canada, USA, and Vietnam.
  • He is a Business Coach who provides all types of small businesses with business coaching services.

Matt Buchel has put together a unique Free Importing Cashflow information package. It’s designed to break down for you how importing works. This way you can make a fully informed and educated decision of whether or not an importing business is for you.

Advantages of the Your Importing Cashflow program

Here are Matt’s 9 reasons on why having your own Importing Cashflow Business may be right for you:

  1. You are not sure what to import. Matt takes you through a very defined step by step system to make sure your product is a winner before you start.
  2. You’re scared of getting ripped off. Matt shows you exactly how to prevent this from happening, in fact they even introduce you to the right people to do each part of process for you so this removes almost all the risk.
  3. You don’t know how to sell the product. Matt shows you how to build a system for you to do it; one key is a high price point (this is also another secret of success, selling at a high price point,not cheap stuff on Ebay and Amazon). Within the system, he shows you how to use these two platforms for maximum profit without having to deal with the low end price point.
  4. You don’t know how to get good quality products from China. Matt shows you in detail how to fix this and will guide you every step of the way.

But wait, there’s more!

  1. You’re unsure how to get customers. As part of the system, Matt shows you exactly how to get customers via advertising, in fact, they create the ads for you and show you over 30 different ways to advertise so you have customers coming and inquiring with you. No need to cold call or chase customers.
  2. You think the market is flooded. This is small-minded thinking (another secret of success is thinking big) as there are a billion people in china, 350 million in the USA, 150 million in the UK and many many more people in the rest of the world compared to only 26 million in Australia, in other words, there is huge opportunity (provided you follow a system).
  3. You think you need to outlay huge money for stock. Matt has two rules that apply to the Importing Cashflow System:
  • Rule #1 – Everything must be able to be done with a laptop, phone, and the internet – this means you can work from home or anywhere you like.
  • Rule #2 – You never buy anything before you sell it.
  1. You think you need to quit your job automatically, putting your finances and family at risk. Matt will carefully take you through the process so you are up running and going with enquires coming in before you quit your job (another secret of success is cash flow)
  2. You just over complicate things and try and get everything perfect before you ever start. One of the things Matt works on with you is a process, one thing leads to the next which leads to the next and so on so everything is logical and built on a solid foundation rather than guesswork.

A preview of what’s included in the Your Importing Cashflow program:

  1. The Foundation for Your Business
  2. The Driving Force Behind Your Business
  3. The Leverage and AutoPilot of Your Business.
  4. The Gold Nugget One-on-One Personal Help to Ensure Your Success.
  5. 3-Day Training on the Gold Coast (Non-students can join for free)
  6. The Unique Business Academy

What do you get when you buy Your Importing Cashflow program?

  1. Weekly Lessons. The program is spaced out over 12 months. Each lesson is specifically designed to help you in the step by step process of having a million-dollar business.
  2. Weekly Group Coaching. Join a community of successful global business owners and get weekly group coaching where you can ask specific questions on specific topics and get immediate response and feedback.
  3. Complete Marketing System with 70 advertising pieces done for you. Yep, they’ll do some of the work for you, so you don’t have to.
  4. Mentoring from Matt whilst in China. Yep – if Matt’s in China I can’t think of a better opportunity than to learn from a veteran importer.

Importing Discovery Day and resources

Here’s what appeals to me the most: they provide you with a FREE book that includes a free video and free optional information package (book, DVD, and CD) so you can go through the program by yourself, see how the business works, and determine if this is the right course of action and business for you.

My package got posted to me, the only downside is that I don’t actually own a TV and my new Mac doesn’t have a CD drive. It’s 2019, and DVDs are rare. This is an old strategy taught by Mal Emery. Oversight on this one Matt?!

That said, what I really like about Matt is that you can learn a lot for free initially! And I would recommend one of his workshops in Southport, or around Australia to get a better feel for the program.

At the very worse, you’ll get some great free importing information.

Downsides of Your Importing Cashflow

The biggest downside is the MASSIVE price. I mean, the base package starts at a whopping $29,900 or $140/week. Now, this does include one-on-one coaching with Matt Buchel, with any questions answered within 24 hours.

It definitely seems like a huge initial investment. I figure with these things that you can pay with your money, or pay with your time. There is a lot involved with figuring out this stuff yourself. 😞

Matt Buchel is running a Done For You service for this price, with everything taken care of to get yourself started. You still have to put in the work and spend money on advertising, and the other costs of running a business.

The technical aspect of the websites and emails is something that Matt will have setup for you. If you just want to learn how to import stuff, there is cheaper alternatives but often these aren’t so good.

What Matt is offering is cheaper than a traditional franchise, yet a franchise generally makes money from Day 1. At least with Matt, you’re not paying fees endlessly for years, but the upfront cost is still significant, just for some training and marketing roll out.

The price on Matt’s importing course and marketing materials is significant

The upside is, you get to have a sneak peek into the system for free through the Importing Discovery Day. Then, based on the information you’ve gathered, you can decide to dive right in, or remain sitting in your office from 9-5.

Matt has improved

In the past, the quality of websites wasn’t so good but Matt has improved these substantially. A good website takes days or weeks to build, refine and build out properly. You’ll also get 70 email auto-responders done with proper copywriting.

Now, this next one isn’t really a downside. It’s just something to note…

Matt won’t do the actual business work for you. There are things like customer service, accounting, closing sales, manufacturing, dealing with product returns, hiring staff, product servicing and the like. These are fundamental challenges (and expenses) you’ll deal with as a business owner. 👊

Sure – Matt will help you setup things in the backend, but to actually make money from Day 1, you’ll have to actually do the hard work at the front.

Lastly, I used to see a lot of spelling mistakes in the content and on Matt’s website. This makes it seem a little less professional but today this also has been vastly improved. There’s no doubt that Matt has been successful at importing and running an offline importing business, regardless of his literacy levels. ✌️

Clearly his program has improved from its initial negative chatter created online. His program has dozens of testimonials from real students already, so there is no doubt his ‘Done For You’ system is already effective and is getting results despite these nasty comments.

Alternatives to Matt Buchel

There are some great alternatives on the market if you’re looking to learn importing or simply eCommerce. For every course I review, I also drop in alternatives. This way you can make a fully informed choice.

I am currently writing a detailed guide on all the available options for Australians in the importing space. More to come.

There’s a clear difference

Here’s a BIG difference: With Matt it’s ‘Done for You’ as opposed to merely a training course. He’s fully sorting out the back end for you, so you can run the front end.

Some of these courses include live events in their course fees, whilst others don’t. Matt’s 3-day boot-camp is included in the price you’ll pay. 👊

If you seek an alternative, you will have to do the work yourself. But – you get to control the standard of the websites and marketing materials.

Creating your own websites and email auto-responders takes a lot of time to learn and master properly, but you can outsource this service too for an additional cost.

So with the others, you’ll be:

  • Learning and set up of websites, landing pages, email systems yourself
  • Sourcing a product on your own and sorting out the paperwork side
  • Going to China solo (in most courses) and working it out on your own
  • Working out all the details of importing successfully through trial
  • Having to find agents, contacts, suppliers and the like with no vetting

This explains the difference in price. He’s the only one in Australia offering such a service, so whilst there’s some good alternatives mentioned, none of them are in the same league. These are courses only, often without the hand holding.

Anyone who comes on board with Matt understands the difference here. It’s pretty much black and white. Matt works with his own students 1 on 1, as opposed to just selling the training.

Conclusion on Matt Buchel’s importing system(s)

Matt’s got a few different names for his importing systems such as Business in a Box, Importing Cashflow and the like. This can get confusing. 🤷‍♂️

I don’t believe that this program or ‘system’ is a scam at all, it’s just priced much higher than anyone else. Not necessarily a bad thing when the others are merely courses, and this is a complete system setup for you.

You will still have to work hard, just like any type of business.

I feel if you can stomach the significantly high price, then this could be for you. Offline importing businesses typically require huge sums of capital to begin, so this cost might actually be significantly less than the price of your inventory.

Matt Buchel can help you reduce that cost actually, from his years of experience.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, consider the options I provided above.

Sure – there are cheaper business models include dropshipping, or sourcing from China and selling on Amazon FBA (like I do!) where you can begin for a lot less.

And I hope this review of Matt Buchel and his Your Importing Cashflow program has helped clear up any confusions or concerns you might have. 😃

Please drop in questions, comments and feedback into the box below. I’d love to hear about your experiences too!

If you do feel like attending one of the importing days that Matt holds, you can use this referral link / affiliate link here if you feel that I’ve provided value to you. And be sure to ask any questions, or drop comments below.

Matt Buchel Importing review
  • Course Content
  • Websites Created
  • Teacher Knowledge
  • Course Cost
  • 1 On 1 Mentoring
  • Backend Support
  • China Trips
  • Value For Money

Summary of Your Importing Cashflow

This summarizes my thoughts here on the Importing Discovery Day from The Importa ‘Matt Buchel’ and his premium program called Your Importing Cashflow.

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10 thoughts on “Matt Buchel & Your Importing Cashflow Review (plus alternatives)”

    • Hey Buddy! Yes I’ve read that one, and more than happy to leave it up here on my blog. It’s public knowledge after all. Thanks for sharing!

    • Everyone has their view, whirlpool when you look closely seems to be negative on everything, none of the people who comment use thier real name, they are certainly not customers, unfortunately these days websites allow anonymous people to say what they like..

      My view is we work very very hard to deliver a end to end service and take people where they want to go provided they follow through and put effort in over time… there is over 150 positive video reviews we have.. they speak for themselves

      At end of day you are running a business we train you , support you create a full system for you even guarantee our support, our system, even guarantee we can offer you product niches but it is a business and takes constant work over time to be a success…

      Yes my system is expensive it has to be to give you a full proper end to end service I have 11 staff in background all worked for me for a long time, none of my competitors offer services so complete and done for you …. generally they offer advice only for a price not much different. and it is based on amazon, not running a real business… hope that helps clear up and provide a balanced view

      • Hi Matt, I tend to agree on Whirlpool. It’s typically hard to find a positive person on there, it was the same in 2005 when I was very active on the forum back then.

  1. Hi Joshua, I was wondering if you plan to do a Review on Alex Ryan’s Importing/Exporting courses in the near future?
    I was thinking in investing in an Import/Export Business through Matt Buchel’s Program. However, my concern was the Poor website design not living to my standard & looking outdated (hence I know how to code/Build a website & fussy with User Experience).

    • Hi Andrew, definitely mate. A review on Alex Ryan is on the to-do list in the next few weeks. He’s not offering a full ‘Done For You’ service like Matt is offering, but yes, Alex does have some good content when it comes to importing.

  2. Andrew, we design website based on works based on huge investment i have spent over time in advertising, RandD etc the goal is to get you a cost effective enquiry so automation can kick in we have various designs we use, if at end of day you don’t like the “look” of website we can always change to what you do like but we would always discuss, on pros and cons I am more than happy to answer your questions.. just ask

  3. Hello Sir im trying to apply these systems into a home service business, that with my job, to increase capital to start with Matt. How much capital to actually get help, build knowledge, of building a website and standout marketing? Thanks for your info.

    • Hi Steven, what you don’t pay with your money you’ll pay with your time figuring things out. It could take you a couple of years to work how to implement such systems on your own. Beyond Matt’s fees there’s your own paid marketing expenditure (hundreds to thousands monthly), potentially large inventory costs, staff, warehousing and equipment depending on where you want to scale to. A real piece of string analogy I’m afraid. Starting an offline business certainly takes a lot more financial resources to launch than an online business.


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