Marketplace Superheroes Review: I’ve Audited Their Course

This is my full review of Stephen Somers and his Marketplace Superheroes program. I’m an existing Amazon seller who paid and is offering an excellent bonus.

Because you’ve no doubt searched online. You’re curious. Maybe even a little skeptical.

Does this really work? Can an average person make a full-time income from selling on Amazon?

Some good questions to have.

The most important one is: can you get a course which is more affordable for you?

Yes, you can! πŸ˜ƒ

Great work on doing your research.

Since so many people rush in blind. You’re one of the smarter few.

The type of person who is more likely to become a successful seller.

As you took the time to research. To discover a cheaper alternative.

Here’s a cheaper offer:

Because this might be perfect for you. An opportunity to start today.

Hello from an Amazon seller

I love writing excellent and clear-cut content on how to sell on Amazon. This blog has been going for almost a decade, with plenty of written information for beginners.

Because I do sell on Amazon. In fact, I make a full-time income.

I’ve been at this for a while now, starting where you are today.

Was it easy? Nope.

Did I have issues? Yes.

Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Would I do it all over again? In a heartbeat.

Every single day I thank myself for getting started.

I put in the work, I put in the money and I got the results.

But not everyone will make it. That’s a fact. And not every course is created equal.

I should know, I’ve taken plenty of Amazon courses. This is long before Marketplace Superheroes.

So allow me to full unpack Stephen’s course. Plus, you’ll get bonuses that are actually useful for beginners.

Real product ideas. Things that you can source and sell on Amazon.

But more on that later. Let’s jump right into this!

Why Marketplace Superheroes

So why did I buy Marketplace Superheroes? After all, I already had the knowledge. Plus, I had been selling on Amazon FBA for almost 3 years.

Because I genuinely believe in the power of education. Not just any education, but an online education. One where you get tangible skills.

Marketplace Superheroes Welcome Email


Yes! I Bought the course! Now my education begins. πŸ˜ƒ

I’ve now spent well in excess of $40,000 on my own self education. That’s a cheap investment, when you consider the returns over the last 10 years.

A special approach

I knew that Marketplace Superheroes was unique. They had some elements that other courses weren’t sharing.

Particularly, I was getting ready to launch my brand into Europe. Very few other courses cover this.

Nor do they cover elements on building a global business. Because Amazon USA is just one marketplace.

Plus, some people are just selling courses. I was ready to learn again from people who were in the Amazon trenches. Every. Single. Day.

That search brought me to Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey, plus their team of coaches. I was curious to see if this was the full package.

Remembering that I’ve taken a crapload of Amazon courses. Most are great, yet some have a lack of content. So I can fairly evaluate, audit and review Marketplace Superheroes, since I know what an Amazon course needs for beginners.

Since there are courses that promise the world, and deliver so little. Others make it complex, when it can be simplified. Some completely skip over key aspects, crucial things that you should know.

So like you, I was eager. Yet with a sense of skepticism. I’ve chosen to be as critical as I can here, to create the most in-depth review available.

Now you’re sick of reading. πŸ˜… You want to see what this actually is. So let’s jump inside.

Unpacking Marketplace Superheroes

So upon initially ‘opening’ the program after paying, I was quite surprised.

Marketplace Superheroes Review

The content here is very clearly laid out. Beginners looking to join will find it quite easy to navigate, but at the same time, there is a lot of content. Some of these phases go very deep. It’s clear that Stephen and Robert delivery way over the top.

While I was very happy, I had to stay a little reserved. I wanted to nit-pick the parts that needed improvement.

Yet I was still impressed. Stephen has clearly gone to great depths to make this Ireland’s best Amazon course.

In fact, one of the world’s best Amazon courses. Marketplace Superheroes has become quite the community.

And you don’t get that big without over-delivering on value. To give your students the very best and updated content possible.

To really build a reliable income on Amazon. By choosing the best products in the right niches.

It’s clear that this is both a beginner-friendly program, but also for those ready to scale into Europe. Many students in Marketplace Superheroes are from Ireland, United Kingdom, Scottland, Germany, France and Spain. But actually – there are hundreds from Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and Singapore too.

So I’m initially impressed. Let’s jump in deeper.

The course modules

The course starts with an introduction video. It’s clear that Stephen and Robert are the real deal with professional studio setup. Other courses I’ve taken have a ‘home-style’ video setup with poor quality videos and sound.

Unlike other courses, these guys aren’t into competition with the big guys. Instead, they’re looking for undiscovered products. Those that only sell a few times per day. In fact, they teach the Rule of 5, which I love.

  • Build a brand with 5 products
  • Sell those 5 products in 5 countries
  • Generate just 5 sales per day on average

That actually equals a lot. In fact:

Marketplace Superheroes Review

Let’s assume you just made 25% margins on $18,750/month USD. That’s $4687.50/month profit. Also known as job-killing income… πŸ˜‰

Of course, results like that come with time. It’s still going to be a couple of years worth of consistent work here. As I say in the earnings disclaimer, there are many variables at play with online businesses.

It gets better

What I love is that isn’t just Stephen and Ricky. In fact, there are numerous student success stories who have contributed to creating modules.

Here we have Peter, a real student in Marketplace Superheroes:

Marketplace Superheroes Academy Peter

Then we have Micha, another student. I loved her product research modules:

But that’s not all. This is a legit course with real workshops for students to attend. Here’s a couple of hot-seat sessions:

Then, because this is a Amazon FBA course designed to build you a profitable business, there is lots of planning concepts:

Business on Amazon Ireland

Often I get asked questions about taxation and legal requirements. Guess what! That’s covered too:

Marketplace Superheroes Spring


MPSH provides information on accounting and taxation in a very general sense

All in all, a very well designed course. Months and months of work have clearly gone into this. I’ve really scratched the surface here with this review, since there is a lot inside Marketplace Superheroes waiting for you.

Upsides and Downsides

So no evaluation is thorough enough without showcasing both the upsides AND downsides. You can’t have one without the other… πŸ™ƒ

Upsides include:

  • Really built for a total beginner or those with some basic business experience
  • Has been running since 2014, meaning they aren’t a fly-by-night operation
  • Thousands of students have already joined with hundreds of success stories
  • Live events on offer in Ireland and the United States for students who enrol
  • Super helpful Facebook group. Stephen, Robert and all the coaches are active
  • You can download the audio files and listen to modules while driving to work
  • Clearly built for people who are sick of the super expensive Amazon courses
  • The best Amazon course built for those from Ireland, England and Scottland

You’ve no doubt seen some of Marketplace Superheroes promotional videos. As a real student, shat you see on the outside, is even better on the inside.

Room for improvement

I love showcasing downsides of an Amazon course. This is not to attack a course provider, but to highlight room for improvement. Often course creators use my opinions, as an independent blogger and Amazon seller, to improve their quality.

In particular, with MPSH:

There is a lot of content. This is a downside as it can be overwhelming at times. Beginners may have to watch modules again. At least it’s not light or fluffy on content, unlike other courses.

It can be a bit harder to find products. Because you’re not looking for popular products like baseball gloves and oven mitts. You’re looking for the obscure stuff. Things that people aren’t thinking of. So you’ll need your thinking cap on.

The base course doesn’t include personal mentoring. Then again, you won’t find a course at $997 that includes coaching. It just isn’t possible at that price. You can upgrade later for 1-on-1 help which is reasonably priced, but most people won’t need it anyway.

Lack of student conferences. This really is an online course, with a couple of small workshops held throughout the year. But I also advocate that people join courses where they can meet other students. To get the full experience. The top-level courses I initially took offer this, as this is a lonely journey otherwise. Marketplace Superheroes doesn’t really suit for those in Australia or New Zealand for this reason.

These downsides are quite minimal. What Stephen and Robert offer is a rock-solid program designed for the complete beginner. One who wants to walk through step by step, or for the experienced seller, how to scale into Amazon Europe.

Course content is long. It is also delivered in bite-size chunks to help reduce that overwhelm.

This course is quite similar too:

10 Reasons Why I bought it

So I’ve touched on this lightly throughout this course evaluation. Marketplace Superheroes is a training program I had heard of and wanted to purchase it to continue learning.

Now, these are the core reasons:

  1. It’s really wise that we educate ourselves properly in order to build a business
  2. I wanted to make sure that this was a legitimate Amazon course for beginners
  3. Stephen and Robert teach a unique strategy that I was keen to learn and apply
  4. My readers kept asking for a UK Amazon FBA course that I could recommend
  5. As an Amazon seller, I’m sick of selling high competition stuff. It’s really hard!
  6. I felt that Marketplace Superheroes really could help me change my strategy
  7. It was time for me to scale into Amazon FBA Europe and this course was ideal
  8. They have their own freight company, reducing high product transport costs
  9. Stephen seems very good to relate to. Young, motivated but also quite real too
  10. The Facebook group isn’t dominated by middle-aged men, like other courses

More importantly, I wanted to know if Marketplace Superheroes could bring the same value of the $3,000+ Amazon courses, without that expensive price tag.

In my opinion, it’s very close! It does offer extremely good value for money here.

Since Stephen was also sick of seeing those expensive courses. Heck – I’m sick of it too.

You could learn the core of Amazon FBA for a lot less. With this course, you can do just that.

Also, if selling low competition goods online is your strategy, then Marketplace Superheroes gets my tick of approval.

The student calibre

I’m taking a dig at the expensive courses here. Now, those expensive Amazon courses have their place. I should know – I’ve bought a few.

Generally, you will get what you pay for. When paying up to $5,000 for a course, you expect a lot there. They certainly deliver the goods.

After all, you’re pretty serious about building an Amazon business, if you outlay that much for your education.

The type of person who goes into those expensive courses has a lot of cash in the bank. Literally. Spending $5,000 on a course is pocket money.

So the calibre is different. You’re typically finding the wealthier middle-aged dude who already has some success in life. But what about Marketplace Superheroes. Who do they have onboard?

Marketplace Superheroes - Course Students


It’s good to know who your fellow students are.

Well, let’s look at who should join.

Who should join

  • Those that can afford to purchase this course without stressing themselves
  • People who are committed to building a low-competition Amazon business
  • Families looking to have more time-freedom through selling goods online
  • Individuals on limited starting budgets, but are keen to learn this system
  • Most importantly, those who can do the work. Because this isn’t that easy.

Who shouldn’t join

  • Those with a losing mentality, that somehow you’re owed something
  • People who won’t do the work or outlay the capital required to start
  • Students who quit at the first sign of defeat. It’s a long journey this one!
  • A person who has to skip rent to pay the course fees (Don’t do this please)
  • Someone without the time to dedicate to creating an Amazon business

Both lists should give you some idea.

Then we have backgrounds. Your background doesn’t matter too much. I should know – I was a lorry/truck driver. But one who was secretly smart… πŸ˜†

In April 2018, thanks to selling on Amazon FBA, I quit my job for the very last time. A great day that was! This opportunity is one that is changing lives, as it has changed mine.

I’ve seen people who are teachers, photographers, hospitality workers, dentists, computer programmers and more. Just real people looking for a change. Without a big budget, but wanted to learn Amazon the right way.

If that’s you – you’ve found the right place.

My bonus

At this stage, I am still building my exclusive bonuses for those who choose to use my affiliate link to join the Marketplace Superheroes program. As you may be aware, there is no additional cost to use my link. It’s still $997.

But when I offer so much value up front, as one of the top Amazon bloggers in the world, most people are more than happy to use it.

Since you’re looking for real bonuses. Stuff that you can use. No gimmicks.

You might wish to drop in a line below. Let me know what you’re looking for.

Currently, I’m thinking a list of obscure things to sell on Amazon.

Because that’s the #1 question: “What do I sell on Amazon?”

And I love to address that question with my guides.

Since I sell on Amazon every single day.

Real experience, gained from real education.

Without learning from outdated YouTube videos.

My recommendation

For those in the United Kingdom, Marketplace Superheroes is now my #1 recommendation. In fact, most Europeans will also benefit.

Because it’s designed for beginners. Where student conferences are sometimes held.

So I recommend you join with one of my affiliate links provided below.

For those looking for pure affordability in FBA training, you can get started here.

For the minimal price, it really does pack the goods. But there are better options.

For those in Australia and New Zealand, you might want to start with this one.

And for those in the United States or Canada, I’d be jumping in with this one.

But you’ll have to spend up much more on 2 out of 3 of those Amazon courses.

So for $997, Stephen and Robert really do offer a lot of value for money.

Closing thoughts

At the start of this review, I asked “Does this really work? Can an average person make a full-time income from selling on Amazon?”

My answer is YES. I did it. Just like you, I started as a complete beginner. A green thumb. No idea but eager to learn.

I went through everything on the journey. I’ve come out the otherwise much wiser.

I’m grateful I started. Today I have 2 Amazon businesses and a 3rd on the way.

I was ready to make a change. Since I knew it was time to get started with this.

To learn from real people who sell on Amazon right now.

Joining the party made it happen for me.

I’d love to see you get started with me right here.

Your 7-day free trial is an awesome training offer.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside of MPSH.

Special Monthly Offers for Readers

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Summary of MPSH

I’ve rated Marketplace Superheroes for the beginner who’s looking for an affordable Amazon course that delivers the goods.

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43 thoughts on “Marketplace Superheroes Review: I’ve Audited Their Course”

    • Thanks Michael! I’m waiting on their link which will come next week. Maybe I was too premature in writing this review. πŸ˜… You are welcome to join the course without my affiliate link. It’s a good one – trust me!

      • The link for your united states recommendation doesn’t work? Which program do you recommend for a beginner in the US?

  1. i wasnt sure about my decision to spend money in setting up a new company (about $700!!) just for an online biz that had so much uncertainties, but your genuine articles gave me so much motivations…
    i live in australia with a stable job income which i hate, so you reckon i should sign up for RE?
    i’m just waiting for settlement of my property and final documentation to set up a company, then i could sign up the course under my company name.. it seems to take forever..

    • Sign up for RE if you’re genuinely serious about building a big business on Amazon. It’s a business course designed for a high caliber group of people. Go with Marketplace Superheroes if you want to start small, are totally broke and just want something cheap for the interim.

  2. Hey Josh, thanks for the review. I was hoping you could advise me on whether Reliable Education or Marketplace Superheroes would be better for me. I’m currently working a full time job and am hoping to start something on the side (was about to dive in with RE but the price has made me hesitant and I stumbled upon MPSH). You seem to have access to both which makes me defer to your opinion quite a bit! I’m currently based in Singapore.

    Look forward to hearing from you, cheers!

    • Hey Isaac! Thanks for the feedback. Yep – I bought both! πŸ™‚ RE in late 2015 and MPSH in mid-2019. RE was a lot different back then (home-style videos, smaller group etc) to what it is today.

      Each is quite different in their approach. I should really do a comparison on them actually. I’ve got an ASM vs MPSH comparison coming out in a few weeks which would be very relevant. (Amazing Selling Machine is $5,000 USD btw and way out of reach for most people but has rock-solid training)

      MPSH is better if you’re just looking for a little side hustle and learn as you go. Their students are more the “Let’s just find a product and sell it on Amazon” compared to Reliable Education who is all about the branding, customer experience, product diversification, patents, systems and trademarks. It’s designed for those seeking a 6 figure income or 7 figure exit and doesn’t want to mess around, hence the high price. The pedigree is just much higher.

      If you’re new and fresh, often it’s better to go with MPSH. It’s more relaxing, more affordable for the beginner and you’ll treat it like a side project which you can grow over time. Adam’s program is basically a business course or Amazon training on steroids. It’s designed for the Gary Vee / Tony Robbins / Grant Cardone fan like me who’s hungry and driven, but not everyone can deal with that much intensity or motivation, so Stephen’s course is a great alternative.

      With Stephen’s students, often it’s their first time in business. They also have limited capital. On the other hand, Adam’s students often have a lot more capital plus have a business or corporate experience.

      Stephen teaches 5x5x5 (lower hanging fruit) while Adam teaches to go for slightly higher hanging fruit to avoid competing with 10 million other beginners.

      At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either option here. Adam has yearly live events in Australia with Stephen running them in the UK and US, so you’re only one flight away there in Singapore.

      • Hi,

        Is MPSH still a good course to start with?

        Alos, did you ever get an affiliate link set up for us to use if we go ahead?

          • Thanks for the reply.

            I suppose most of us have aspirations of a 7 figure brand (who wouldn’t?! ) but being a newcomer I suppose the dilemma is whether this course is a necessary stepping stone to get there (potentially via another course) or whether it’s better to just jump straight to the top level ones !and go all out from the start?

          • This course can get you there but it’s just harder. It often boils down to your starting capital. Paying just $97/month instead of up to $5,000 upfront for a premier Amazon brand building course is a huge difference for someone with limited funds to get started.

            You’ll learn heaps from a course, but then you’ll learn even more from the process of actually selling products. Consistent action trumps knowledge. If money is tight then I recommend using this as stepping stone for 1 to 2 years then later decide if you want to upskill in your knowledge.

            I believe Freedom Ticket is more brand-centric for those more aspirational like you Adam. I’ve actually compared the two courses here:

  3. Hey Joshua! I am from India. Should I consider purchasing MPSH or should I go for another course as my main target is India. Please help me. I am in high school and want to launch my business next year. Please help me.

  4. Do you want me to take these courses and start selling and generate some revenue and then go for expensive courses and gain a better exposure. If it’s like that do you think these courses can give me the start?

  5. Hey Joshua. Don’t know if you’re still looking at this but can I say your blog has been extremely helpful for me. I have a stressful job that pays me okay, but I have decided its time to make a change if I want to try to live a long life. I have been researching for few weeks now and I think FBA is the right choice for me. I need training though…i was ready to sign up with Sophie Howard until I find your list of courses. Obviously I want the Mercedes and Rolls ones but not sure if Im ready. Money is not an issue, I consider myself to be a fast learner, hugely motivated to put in the work and I live in UK. What would you advise. Thanks


    • Hey Michelle, thanks for the feedback and yes I’m still active on my blog though it isn’t my main focus. I like to be ‘in the field’ doing the work. πŸ™‚

      I’d say Sophie would still be a better pick especially if money isn’t an issue, or you may want to consider ASM which has created a lot of millionaires (Sophie is a student there, or at least was).

      MPSH is best for the budget-conscious folk who often have just a few thousand in the bank account. It’s not just the price but the training and strategy is well aligned i.e. not picking competitive products, kinda hiding in the background selling a few products per day. Different kind of students here.

      Heaps of people in the UK have chosen Sophie over Stephen, but yeah as the price is higher, just as many have gone into Stephen’s instead. If money wasn’t a problem and I was a motivated female in the UK, then I’d go Sophie 200%. She’s built and SOLD Amazon businesses, plus you get mentoring calls and workshops, which Stephen routinely upsells Γ  la carte within his course to those who later decide they want such offers.

  6. Thank you Joshua, I really appreciate it. Hopefully I will come back to your blog in few months time to comment on comment on my journey…and a with few more £££ lol. Thanks

  7. Hi Joshua, after going back and forth researching different courses, you mentioned a couple to me which I ended up going with Marketplace Superheroes. I joined in May but going fairly slow, just up to contacting suppliers in China to see if one product will be viable but response is slow. While I am waiting I am just getting a little concerned about all the additional costs which I guess I hadn’t thought about ie: having to set up companies in United States & United Kingdom, having to open bank accounts in these places etc. and seeing all the problems people are having doing this in the facebook group, including Amazon not approving an Amazon account because of not having the exact name & address on a utility bill. This has started to concern me that I could spend all this money and not be able to open accounts. I don’t have utility bills in a Company name and they are all in my husbands name. So sorry for the long post but I wanted to see if you did open all these things or if you were able to sell on these platforms with just an Australian bank account etc. and without having a Pty Ltd company. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Julie, I haven’t had any issues with this personally and most people don’t have a problem either. You’ll find those having problems with Amazon are exemplified but most who are doing fine aren’t likely to mention it, so things can look out of proportion.

      All I did was start with 1x personal ABN and later upgraded that account into a Pty Ltd. I then started the 2nd brand with another different Pty Ltd. 2 different companies ($1,100 AUD each) and 2 different bank accounts with 2 separate mobile numbers. I have 1 mobile for business and another for personal. It’s free to open a business bank account with most banks and getting an ABN is very straight forward. I haven’t taken the approach of starting UK/US company structures as I’ve taken the simplified approach.

      So to answer your question: Many Australians get started selling on Amazon USA from Australia with an ABN + Australian bank account. It’s the easiest way, the fastest way and the most simplified way so I recommend this. Make some decent dollars first then upgrade to a Pty Ltd once you feel comfortable with scaling. And of course, it’s always best to speak to your accountant first.

  8. Thank you so much Joshua for replying so fast. So just to be clear did you register an Australian Business with the ABN linked to it? I have had an ABN before but need to reactivate it I think. I’ve just felt over my head when following the method taught and in my head I didn’t calculate all the extra money needed and thought that would all be going into my products. Unfortunately Origin was not affordable for me. Once again I appreciate your help.

    • Hi Julie, my ABN was in my personal name and didn’t have a business name attached to it. Totally free if you do it yourself. πŸ™‚ While I haven’t reactivated a previous ABN, I imagine this would be very straight forward.

  9. Hi Joshua, great reviews with lots of info, thanks. My choice is between MPSH and Freedom Ticket, I’m in the UK and do like the proximity of the guy’s in Ireland. However, the combination of FT with Helium10 is very appealing too, what tools do MPSH use to validate? their videos are in depth but the product search procedure seems quite long winded imo.
    Thanks again!

  10. Hi Joshua.

    Thanks for the informative review and comments.
    What do you think of the Wholesale Formula as compared to MPSH – which one may be better for someone starting out?


    • Ahh…that’s a tough one! Both are ideal for beginners.

      The Wholesale Formula is 2.5x the price of MPSH (assuming you pay full upfront for both) but you can often get started with the wholesale strategy for less than the price of private label. Both have very strong and supportive communities, so it’s really a case of wholesale vs private label strategies. If I were a broke beginner, I’d be leaning a little more towards wholesale assuming I was based in North America.

      • Thanks Joshua. I’m leaning towards Wholesale Formula (even with the higher upfront cost), but the fact is I’m in India, so wondering if it would be a good idea or not.

        TBH the factor more important for me is the speed of results to keep the motivation up.

        • Hello Joshua , with all the new courses will you still recommend RE ? I am getting mixed reviews from other buyers. I am not particularly enjoyed their commercialised type of advertising via emails and YouTube.

          • Hey Hesh, nowday I only recommend RE to those 100% serious, committed and will actually do the work, not the type that mulls around. It’s designed for the high achievers who have the capital to execute much like ASM students. That’s why more affordable course options for the everyday person exist….like MPSH.

            Regarding mixed reviews, it’s hard to know who has actually bought the program given the anonymous nature of their usernames. They may just be letting off steam because…well…it’s the internet which is troll-central. No one else with a blog has bought and gone through the program apart from myself, nor have they launched products.

            RE does advertise a lot. You can always unsubscribe to Adam’s emails, get a YouTube Premium Subscription (one of the best investments I ever made) and use an AdBlocker. I haven’t see any advertising from anyone for 2+ years. Stay away from social platforms helps too. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Josh, great site, thanks. I’m based in Oz as well and have been looking at all the Amazon courses and whilst ASM seems to be the ultimate it’s out of my ballpark at this stage $ wise so was considering Superheros. For someone who is a complete novice at this can you advise what sort of other costs we should be considering in successfully launching an Amazon Business? Apart form the cost of the course you will obvoulsy need to get inventory and potentially some other hidden costs that are not alwasy made clear up front so just wondered if you can elaborate on that please.

    • Hey Peter, I would agree that ASM is the ultimate course but RE comes in at a very close 2nd and my #1 recommendation for Australians (despite better commissions on ASM and MPSH 😜 RE just doesn’t pay me that well).

      You’re really looking at $10k USD minimum to get started. This includes inventory and freight (the two biggest expenses) plus samples, branding, packaging and miscellaneous expenses like ABN setup.

      That said, $40k is really where the rubber meets the road and $100k is where the big boys start. Being capital-intensive, it’s one of those business models where the more you put in, the more you potentially could get out and in a shorter period of time.

      Still, you can get started for less if you’re playing the long game and thinking in terms of years, not months. Most people go with MPSH for something else affordable to get the feet wet and look to join up with a capital partner down the track once they have some runs on the board.

  12. Yes I have lost heart with MPSH too, have just finished paying for the course over the last year but haven’t even finished it. I feel there was more expense you had to put out that they don’t tell you up front and seeing all the issues people had with their Amazon account and bank accounts etc. Spent ages on one product and got a supplier only to find out once I put it in their system it wasn’t any good. Debating about Dropshipping now so not sure who is the best for that without putting out a lot more money.

    • Too often I’m selling people too undercapitalized for success in eCommerce no matter which course they take. One of my biggest pet peeves with MPSH and most other courses serving the budget end of the market is understating the hidden costs.

      These days, after a few years of experience myself, I recommend $10k USD to get started and $40k to have a proper launch. The big dogs are coming in with $100k or more. It’s rare that you find people who started with so little and found success, but it does happen. Just a lot of perseverance to find that hidden gem.

      Dropshipping is a good alternative although margins are even tighter. YouTube is a treasure trove as is Skillshare. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Joshua, Yes I agree they never discuss all the hidden costs upfront. I have a skillshare membership but never thought to search for that on there. Will check it out.

  13. Hey Josh! I have been researching for countless hours on FBA courses. I think I have it narrowed down to 2. Freedom Ticket and MPSH. I do have capital, but I’m afraid of losing it all. I know you’re a busy person, I was wondering if you’d entertain speaking via email on a more personal level. Your content has been very helpful, but I am really on the fence on what to do. Thanks!

  14. I am in a similar boat. I had started a course which was $7k and was told that $15k total would be enough to get started, however, I then worked out that the costs of business set up, branding, sourcing, photos etc for the first product we’re going to be about another $2k plus. Realistically I was going to be left with about $5k to actually invest in the product so I pulled out and they are reimbursing me for the two months I had paid.
    Currently I am considering MPSH but really not sure what to do or who to invest in. It all seems very risky when you hear people’s experiences.

    • Hi Scotty, yes it’s a bit risky right now with the increased shipping costs and delayed transit times due to the eCommerce boom and staff shortages globally. Plus starting with a small budget doesn’t give much breathing space.

      I’d actually be looking for a part-time role working for an established eCommerce business to learn the ropes. $7k is too much for a course for limited budgets. MPSH is a very affordable option at $97/month on the payment plan to get some background knowledge behind you and access to the FB group. From there, join numerous other eCommerce FB groups to see if you can find a 1-day/week role.

      Once the world returns to some normality I think it would be a better time to put your own savings on the line.

      • Thanks Joshua, that’s a pretty useful insight into what might be possible for me. Just need to be realistic on the risks involved but nothing ventured nothing gained also applies. I have a call with the MPSH guys so will see what they have to say too.


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