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Make Real Estate Real by Jemal King: I Bought It!

Curious to know if it’s worth spending a few thousand on Jemal King’s Make Real Estate Real course? Well, I’ll spill the beans here.

Even during the Pandemic, millions of people, including myself, have been out there looking for great opportunities in real estate.

But to that end – most people just aren’t properly educated. Even myself – with 12 years experience in property investing – didn’t realize what he didn’t know.

And so I pulled out my credit card and got started inside Jemal King’s course recently.

Genuine proof: I’m a student of Make Real Estate Real

In this review, I’ll give you my honest thoughts WITHOUT any affiliate/referral links. After all, you want the genuine facts.

Let’s begin.


I first found Jemal though Eric Thomas who I’d been following for almost a decade now.

I thought the 9-to-5 Millionaire name sounded legitimate. After all, I’m an advocate of people staying at their jobs while building the side hustle, whether that be an investment portfolio or in my case, several businesses.

This is contrary to the popular ‘live life today’ and instant succeess that has been sold to us on social media. Jemal stuck to his police job for 20 years which explains his success in real estate.

Make Real Estate Real Review

The course is broken down into multiple elements:

1. Welcome

As with any online training course I’ve purchased, this sets the groundwork for the entire journey.

2. The Mindset

I’m a massive fan of personal development. After all, I found Jemal though Eric Thomas, so I’m glad that he covers this briefly.

3. The Purpose

In this module, you’ll be assembling your dream team of realtors, brokers and attorneys. Included are numerous handouts and PDF downloads which will come in handy down the track.

4. The Stories

One of the biggest frustrations with online courses is their lack of success stories, but fortunately, there are numerous people who have either retired or semi-retired through Make Real Estate Real. This module currently features 7 families who have so far succeeded and I anticipate many still to come.

5. Bonuses

There are numerous bonuses in the course including recordings of past in-person events as well as how to protect your assets against litigation.

Pros and Cons

When I consider the upside, there are a lot of things going for this course such as:

  1. Very detailed including numerous handouts.
  2. Based on genuine experience from 20 years
  3. One of the few real estate courses focused on minorities
  4. It isn’t that large yet so you can get proper support and build relationships

On the negative side, there were a few things that frustrated me a little:

  1. An excessive amount of handouts required a lot of reading. A lot of these Jemal could’ve turned into a video while keeping the written format too, so students could have the option of either…or even both.
  2. Course price. Given the rise of real estate education on YouTube, the price was a little higher than most but comparably so, many of the other courses might be cheaper but offer $25,000 coaching upsells which doesn’t sit right with me.

So all in all, a very good course but could do with a few tweaks. For me, because of my experience, I saw more value in the community as opposed to the course itself. For a beginner, it’s a great starting point.

Who else bought the course?

It should go without saying that many of Jemal’s students are those of African American and Hispanic backgrounds. That said, there are certainly a few white dudes around in the Facebook group.

Often the ideal student is someone who’s seeking to build a real estate portfolio. And while it may not be so obvious, there are others who only realize it isn’t a real estate portfolio they want – it’s the freedom.

For these people, that freedom might better come from building an online business in the next 6 to 12 months. Often the returns from an online business can be on-par with a few investment properties, however it doesn’t take 5 to 10 years.

That’s generally my go-to business model for freedom. For instance, Jemal King took 20 years to build his portfolio up. For you, going for something that brings in passive income sooner might be a better way to go, especially as there won’t be any dealing with tenants.

In Summary

Jemal has build a solid course though I’d like it to expand with more content down the road. The value for me personally was in the Facebook group and the connections with likeminded individuals.

If you have a 10-year game plan then his course is ideal. If you’re seeking a shorter time period towards having predictible cashflow, perhaps an online business may be the right solution for you.

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After doing this for 10 years, I’ve learned that online success doesn’t come cheaply, easily or fast. It’s merely consistent work, day in and day out, yet the rewards are certainly worth the constant grind.