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Liz Benny Kapow Course, Social Monkey Business & 6 Figure Webinar

I independently review courses online, and this one covers Liz Benny. Her offerings are Kapow, 6 Figure Webinar Hero and Social Monkey Business.

Background on me

I’ve been doing this for years, and drive all my income from eCommerce. I’ve seen some real snake-oil salesmen (and women!) in my time, and this one comes from experience. Read on as I really give you the insights on Liz Benny….

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Many Australians and Kiwis have taken this course. It’s how I started my eCommerce journey. After all, it’s a FREE course that you can start now.

Kapow and Social Media Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that social media has taken over the world. Every click, every swipe, every scroll is HUGE business. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest, these are the juggernauts of the industry. Social media influencer, social media manager, social media marketer, these are fast becoming highly coveted job titles among millenials. Navigating your way through this maze could prove to be a lucrative move IF you know how to make the system work for you.

If you think you can keep up with the best of them because you take drool worthy Instagram pics of your favorite latte and create smashing videos of your dog, you’re sadly mistaken. There’s more to being a social media manager than posting content. So much more.

Liz Benny’s Course

What exactly are social media managers and what do they do? Primarily they are responsible for curating a brand’s social media channels, this translates to monitoring, moderating, and responding to their audience. This also means they manage and coordinate social media partnerships and of course, create and post images and videos. It may seem like an easy job but let me tell you, this kind of job is for people who are creative, innovative, tech savvy, detail-oriented, organized, and always have their finger on the pulse of what’s trending and what’s up and coming.

You should know your market and your target potential audience. You have to be able to strategize and execute digital marketing campaigns. Your should be analyzing the data and traffic from these campaigns and create a plan of action based on this data to grow your audience. On top of that, you’ll need to be a team player as you’ll be working closely with a design team to create illustrations and visual content. If the job description above seems alien to you, this is not the job or industry for you.

But, if you ticked the boxes for all the qualifications I mentioned above, then you might actually have a well-paying and successful career as a  social media manager. That being said, how and where do you start?

Who is Liz Benny?

Liz Benny describes herself as “a crazy Kiwi chick, at the same time I’m deadly serious about success, and I’m super fanatical about having fun while creating that success.” Sounds like a paradox but she has built a successful business out of this paradox. Her philosophy of “playing life full out” is a breath of fresh air in the stuffy and often rigid corporate approach. Now more than ever, being your authentic self is highly celebrated and encouraged, and if this is something you subscribe to, then Liz Benny is your girl.

Her business model is all about helping others achieve success in the social media industry and she does this by sharing her message of how to be authentic in business as a keynote speaker, assisting others to aim high with various training programs, and she is also involved in one-on-one business mentoring.

Perhaps she’s most famous for her moniker, the Queen of Kapow, Kapow being her term for “a movement of people who will not settle for anything less than having it all!” One of the courses that she has developed under her Kapow banner is Social Monkey Business, and this is the course we’ll delve into more in this post.

Should you buy the course?

In a nutshell, Social Monkey Business is an all-in-one, business-in-a-box for aspiring Social Media Managers. It details everything you need to get started and how to make that business a success.

You can sign up for the Social Monkey Business course at her website and you have two option payments available. You can opt to pay one time for $997 or split in four payments of $299 per month for four months.

Now what do you get in this course?

  • Lifetime Access to the Social Monkey Business Training Course that includes trainings, PDFs, Checklist and a FREE “templated website” for you to start your business in less than 24 hours. Talk about immediate results!
  • The “Perfect Proposal” template is designed to bring in clients and close the deal.
  • The Market Analysis template helps you to monetize your research time so you can start earning money quickly.
  • The Social Media Strategy and Calendar template, which was personally created and still used by Liz herself, is another money maker that aims to reduce the “slog work.”
  • A Client Flow Chart, Client Workflow, Client Advertising, and Contract template that collectively will ensure a seamless and efficient business.
  • And full access to the Social Monkey Business Group Coaching Facebook Group where you’ll be in good company with the experts and coaches that are there to support and guide you all the way.

Currently, they are offering a special one-time offer for those of you who purchase the Social Monkey Business Course. If you sign up and avail of the Social Monkey Business Course, you can get the “Five Figure Meeting” mini-course for only $97.

This mini-course was developed and used by Liz and it gives you the blueprint she used to sign up her first client and the detailed,  step-by-step approach of exactly how she delivered the goods in two short days. This is a tried and tested method that I believe will be invaluable for people who want to jump in head first in the business and come out triumphant.

If you’re interested to know what else Liz has in her social media arsenal, here are other Kapow courses and programs that are currently available.


Six Figure Course Hero is a mini course to help you bypass the BS and get straight to your first $10,000 in Online Course Sales.

Six Figure Course Hero Review

Course Content

  • Introduction
    • Start Here!
  • Six Figure Course Hero
    • The Six Figure Course Blueprint
    • Fast Tracking Your Course To $10,000 In Sales
    • The One Funnel You Need To Pre-Sell Your Course
    • How Making Money With Courses Actually Works
    • How I ROYALLY Stuffed Up And Lost Massive Money
    • Your Very Own Template And Step By Step Blueprint


  • Your Course Bonuses
  • [Case Study] Small Local Cafe Owner Maps Out Her Knowledge Into A Million Dollar Course Idea
  • Your Bonus Funnel! (ISS Funnel Along with EMAILS)


This mini course will teach you the key differences between a ZERO results webinar and a Kapow $100,000 webinar, step-by-step.

Course Content

  • Module 1
    •  Introduction and KEY Information
  • Module 2
    •  Two Webinar Side By Side
    •  Million Dollar Webinar Lessons
  • Module 3
    •  5 Keys To Make Every Webinar Sell Your Course
  • Module 4
    •  Psychology Of Webinar Sales


  •  Liz Dunoon Case Study (6 Course Sales Daily) with this simple hack…
  •  Social Monkey Business Slides
  •  Insta Social Secrets Webinar Funnel

Social Money Business

Ultimate Kapow is the complete success package. Imagine having Liz heading a team of specialists to support you all the way.

Liz Benny Social Monkey Business Review

Course Content

  •     Module 1 | Setting up your Business
    •         Introduction
    •         Branding Your New Business
    •         Email And Workflow Tools
    •         Setting Up Your Facebook Page
    •         Setting Up Your Instagram
    •         Creating Your Youtube
    •         Setting Up Your Pinterest
    •         Setting Up Your Twitter
    •         Building Up Your Website And Blog (A)
    •         Setting Up Your Website And Blog (B)
    •         Setting Up Your Website And Blog (C)
    •         Getting The Best Business Cards
    •         Registering Your Business And Bank Stuff
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 2 | Social Media Crash Course
    •         Introduction
    •         Facebook Crash Course
    •         Facebook In Depth
    •         Twitter Crash Course
    •         LinkedIn Crash Course
    •         Instagram Crash Course
    •         YouTube Crash Course
    •         Google Plus Course
    •         Pinterest Crash Course
    •         Snapchat Crash Course
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 3 | How To Get Clients
    •         Introduction
    •         Foundations of Selling
    •         Meet Melissa – My First Client
    •         Attracting Clients
    •         Gold Client Outreach System
    •         Who To Target To Get A Yes
    •         How To Find High Paying Clients
    •         The Client Getting Presentation
    •         How To Present A Proposal
    •         Close The Deal & Get Paid Fast
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 4 | Daily Social Media Management
    •         Introduction
    •         Professionalism & Dealing With Crazy Clients
    •         How To Manage Your Client’s Profile – Luciano
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 5 | How To Sell And What To Sell
    •         Introduction
    •         How To Sell
    •         What To Sell
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 6 | How To Upsell And Make Even More
    •         Introduction
    •         Important Concepts
    •         The Nitty Gritty
    •         Applications, Newsletters, Websites & SM Strategy
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 7 | How To Take Payment
    •         Billing and Accounting
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 8 | FB Advertising Fast Track
    •         Introduction
    •         Basics Done Right
    •         Luciano Espresso Bar Example
    •         SoYo Bridge Funnel
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 9 | How To Avoid Headaches
    •         Avoiding Headaches
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 10 | Mindset Coaching For Success
    •         Introduction
    •         I Am Statement
    •         Your A B C D
    •         Define Success & Goal Setting
    •         You Want This To Be Easy, Right?
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 11 | Reporting Back To Clients
    •         Introduction
    •         Reporting
    •         Homework And Extra Training


Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Lifetime access to the Social Monkey Business Training Course which has been recently updated, including trainings, PDFs, Checklist and a FREE templated website for you to get up and running in less than a day! ($4997 Value)
  • The “Perfect Proposal” Template which will assist you to close clients so fast you won’t know what hit! ($397 Value)
  • Market Analysis Template which will help you turn all your research time into cash in your bank. No unpaid work  here!! It’s time to get paid ($347 Value)
  • The Social Media Strategy and Calendar Template that I personally created and use to make thousands and thousands without costing hours of painful slog work ($3997 Value)
  • Client Flow Chart, Client Work-flow, Client Advertising and Contract Template – Use these systems instantly to ensure you run your business efficiently instead of it running you! ($2488 Value)
  • Full access to the powerful Social Monkey Business Group Coaching Facebook Group (Value Priceless)
  • Client Questionnaire Template
  • The Consultative Close Process
  • The $1.4 Million Spreadsheet
  • Getting Started Template
  • What’s Going On Template
  • Week 3 Email Template
  • Service Contract Template


A detailed, complete and step-by-step program to assist you in not only creating your online course, but monetizing and scaling big.

Liz Benny Kapow Course Evaluation

Course Content

  • Introduction: A Massive Welcome!
    • Kapow Now Vs Kapow Life
    • Kapow Support
  • Step 1: Getting Clear and Focused
    • Laying A Solid Course Foundation
    • Your Course Roadmap
    • The STEP BY STEP (Anal Retentive Plan)
    • Understanding the Game
    • Personal Development | Know Your Strengths
    • Dealing with Adversity
    • Attractive Character | Who will you show up as?
    • The Basics of Starting and Opening a Business
  • Kapow Intermission
    • I Believe in You!
  • Step 2: How To Structure Your Course
    • What to put in your course?
    • Take a Sneak Peak at the Competition
    • How to work out Your Modules
    • How to work out Your Bonuses
    • Pre-selling your course properly
    • Case Study – Kapow Now! Course
    • Bonus Case Study – Stephen Kirby
    • Bonus Case Study – Brooke Spagrud
  • Step 3: Setting Up Your Million Dollar Kapow Course Brand
    • Domain Purchase
    • Setting Up Your Emails & Google Docs
    • Setting Up Your Emails & Google Docs – Walkthrough By Kieron
    • Your Kapow Logo
    • Your Brand Colours
    • Social Media 
    • Software and Systems You’ll Need
    • Case Study | Kapow Life Brand Set Up
    • Bonus: Build a Brand that sells your course
  • Step 4: Selling Your Course | Part One | Webinar Creation
    • Introduction To Webinar Creation
    • Lessons on a Million Dollar Webinar
    • Million Dollar Webinar Walkthrough Part One
    • Million Dollar Webinar Walkthrough Part Two
    • Setting Up Go To Webinar
    • Going Live On A Webinar
    • Funnel Scripts
    • Social Monkey Business Slides and Replay
  • Kapow Intermission 2
    • A Loving Kick in the Butt
  • Step 5: Selling Your Course | Part Two | Funnel Creation
    • Funnel Creation | Introduction
    • Getting Your Domain On ClickFunnels
    • Funnel Creation | Case Study | Webinar Registration Page
    • Funnel Creation | Case Study | Order Page
    • Auto – Webinar Funnel
    • Using Deadline Funnel
  • Step 6: Selling Your Course | Part Three | Emails & Text Messages
    • Introduction
    • Creating And Setting Up Your Emails
    • Setting Up Your SMTP Settings
  • Step 7: Selling Your Course | Part Four | Video
    • Videos to sell your course
  • Step 8: Making The Course The KAPOW Way
    • Introduction | Creating Your Slides
    • Recording Your Content
    • Pro Tips That Save Editing and Minimises Frustration
    • Plan Out Recording Time | Block out Time
    • The Full Flow Of Content Creation
  • Kapow Intermission 3
    • You’re so close Now
  • Step 9: Traffic and Getting People To Show Up To Your Webinar
    • Traffic To Get Registrations
    • Email List, Joint Ventures and Other
    • How To Get People To Show Up For Your Webinar
    • Meet Dan Henry
  • Step 10: Managing Your Customers | Admin Best Practises
    • Boring but Important Stuff
  • Step 11: Scaling Into The High Six Figures/Millions
    • Scaling Into The High Six Figures/Millions
  • Step 12: Growing Your Tribe and Movement Further
    • Growing Your Tribe and Movement Further


  • Your Kapow Course Bonuses
    • Bonus 1: Join Our Exclusive Kapow Course Facebook Group – $1,164
    • Bonus 2: Joint Venture Training & Dream 100 Sign Up System – $1,997+
    • 3rd Bonus: Kapow Life Course | How To Live The “Have It All Life” – $10,997
    • Bonus 4: Testimonial Training & Request System – $1,497
    • Bonus 5: Million Dollar Business Coaching and System – $1,997
    • 6th Bonus: Back End Training & Management System – $1,997
    • Bonus 7: Social Monkey Business Million Dollar Funnel (Live Webinar Funnel) – $15,997
  • Bloopers
    • Kids Blooper
    • Anal Retentive Blooper
    • Welcome To Module Number
    • Prattling On About Some Bullshit
    • Failed Starwars
    • Save Your Bacon
  • Behind The Scenes | Creating Kapow Course
    • How to KAPOW through this Process
  • Kapow Masterclass
    • Masterclass 1

If you’re fully on board Team Liz and the Kapow philosophy, you can also get a hold of some cool Kapow Swag, also available in the website.

Reputation of Liz Benny

Now, even though everything is pretty much laid out in their website, I’d understand if you are still feeling some trepidation about signing up. Good thing is, Liz has made it easy for you to have a more personal contact with the Kapow team should you have any questions about her program and courses. Telephone numbers for both US and New Zealand are stated on the website and you are welcome to give them a call to set up a chat.

You’ll find a long list of glowing reviews and happy customer feedback on her website and it’s a good read. You’ll be able to read and hear about real success stories of people who used the Social Monkey Business course and have gone on to find success as Social Media Managers.

This industry will likely just keep growing and growing in the years to come and shows no sign of slowing down. If this a bandwagon you’d like jump on, Liz Benny’s Social Monkey Business might just be the right course to help you get started.

P.s. Don’t forget to get FREE access to the Amazon training course. It’s available for instant access!

Liz Benny Rated
  • Course Content
  • Teacher Reputation
  • Course Pricing
  • Student Support
  • Refund Policy
  • Training Structure

Summary of Liz Benny's training

I’ve rated this for the beginner, the person who wants to learn how to work online from home through Liz Benny’s training.

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  1. This is a very broad and vague review.
    Is it worth $1000? Is it in fact an all In one business. Does it cover all social media platforms? That’s what I want to know. I can read all this info on the website or in a webinar

    • Hi there! Sorry I’ve been meaning to update this review on these 3 courses, and will do so in the next few days. 🙂


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