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A Complete List of ALL Amazon Courses – Cheap and Expensive (2022)

I’ve decided to compile a full list of Amazon FBA courses that are beginner-friendly, for those looking to start their journey in 2019 2020.

This list will continue to expand, and I will do my best to compare each course as closely as possible. It’s a good idea to find 10 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time to read this one.

Why You Should Trust Me

Hey - I'm Joshua. I started blogging here in 2011 before it was cool, and almost 10 years later I'm still here. In addition, I've built from scratch (and with a limited budget) a portfolio of niche and authority websites as well as 2 eCommerce brands.

I've bought numerous online courses and been to numerous conferences which have helped me immensely along the way, but doing so wasn't cheap. The trouble today, as it was back when I got started, is knowing who's really bringing solid value to the table.

Therefore, I do my best to outline what's offered within courses so you can make an informed decision. Just like you, I like to do my research before moving forward with a decision which could positively impact my life.

A list of 2020 Amazon FBA courses available

Some of these Amazon courses are priced highly, some not so high. All are beginner-friendly. Some are Australian, some are US. Some are both.

I’ve worked hard to compare content and value so you can make an informed decision. Having spent $40,000+ on my own personal development over the last 10 years, I can tell you that investing in my knowledge has been the best investment I’ve ever made.

There are many training courses out there but here’s one that I’ve found to be the most exhaustive, tested, & proven ‘A to Z’ Private Label Strategy:

  • Use this code: JOSHUASDISCOUNT50 for discount
  • Full 8 week Amazon training program
  • Access to the full suite of tools

My story

A bit of background here: I sell on Amazon FBA and earn a full time income, working just part time hours. In fact, very minimal hours.

I have been selling for a while. I also sell on eBay. This blog is merely a collection of courses, software, tools and resources that have been of benefit in my journey.

Some links within this blog and this page are affiliate links, whilst others are not. I always disclose upfront. You are most welcome to skip past the referral links (and the tiny commission I’d get paid) and go direct to the course. This is okay. 🙂

Now the thing about most courses out there is that they are mostly expensive. The best value offer out there is this one and the one I’m most proud to recommend.

(But on the downside for me, I actually earn very little on. 😕)

For the rest of this post, there are no affiliate links. Simply links to further Amazon course reviews that I’ve written which are more comprehensive. What you choose to do is up to you.

Let’s be real here…

I tend to write things as they are. I don’t sugar coat. This really is a no BS zone. Thousands of people read my blog every month and appreciate that standpoint. In a world of social media fakeness, I am a dose of realism.

I once saved dozens of people from signing up to a $1,000+ course as I felt it was completely rubbish, and months later the company shutdown. That’s the power of an independent reviewer who tells things as should be.

List of Amazon FBA courses
Doing your research before buying any Amazon course is fundamental.

Selling on Amazon is NOT easy. Yes – the hype is there with these courses. But it’s not easy. It’s not exactly hard either. It’s just that you have to be committed to learn and work, like any business really. It is beginner-friendly and best for those with capital.

I’ve literally never heard of an overnight success story, and it took me almost 2 years to reach a full-time income on Amazon after I launched a product. Mind you, that was starting with minimum capital too. There’s your first dose of my realistic standpoint. This process takes time, and yes, some money too.

Let’s get into the list…

For comparisons, I’m going to use cars. Everyone knows cars. I will relate cars with my own thoughts and opinions on each course. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and mine is from a viewpoint of an Amazon seller who makes his primary income on the platform.

Rolls Royce

Reliable Education. This is the best Amazon course on the market. It’s priced highly, and for good reason. Adam Hudson is only looking for people who want to be successful selling on Amazon, no tyre kickers. Those that can afford the higher price point and willing to take action are best suited here. ✌️ Typically students have already been successful in their careers or existing businesses, and now want to take a new journey via Amazon and work from home or remotely.

You can read more here, with 400+ comments and counting:


Amazing Selling Machine. Actually, this is almost a Rolls Royce. The course is excellent. Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark are immensely knowledgeable teachers who I humbly respect, and I’ve just booked tickets to SellerCon in Vegas, their annual event with 3,000+ students.

The only let down is the higher price than Reliable Education, plus the events are only in the US. If you’re in the US, this course is better suited for you. Australians like me are knocked back a little by the high currency exchange rate, plus travel and accommodation costs. My last trip cost me $4,000 for 3.5 days. Once you’re established like me, then the cost becomes more irrelevant and justifiable. ✈️

You can read more about Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) here:

Another Mercedes

Larry Lubarsky and his Amazon Wholesale Academy course. This course is really good, and I mean mind-blowingly good. What I appreciate is that Larry gives away a lot of his wholesale content. You’ll find 80% of it on YouTube. That other 20% you’ll want to pay for given the immense value that he has provided. Unlike the Mercedes and Rolls Royce taking the two spots above, this course is only if you wish to source from wholesalers and sell on Amazon and run on slim margins (around 10% possibly 15% and sometimes break-even) but a faster speed to market. Imagine in 4 days from now being live on Amazon and making sales, that’s the power of wholesale.

When comparing wholesale courses side by side, this one is a Rolls Royce. That said, this review is covering all Amazon courses in the market, particularly for beginners. Most beginners don’t have the higher capital required to start with wholesale, and that’s okay. Use another strategy first and trade up to Larry’s course in the future. Currently the course is not open to the public.

You can read more about Larry’s excellent course here:


Sophie Howard. If you’re in Australia, the UK or New Zealand, then you might have heard of Sophie Howard. Her course is great, and whilst it doesn’t have the higher numbers that other courses have, you’ll be enjoying a more intimate approach. Amazon courses seem to be a male dominated arena, and it’s refreshing to see a woman teaching others how to be successful on Amazon.

I personally think that you women out there are more likely to be successful Amazon sellers as you take the time to find the right product which is of high quality, where as men rush in looking at profit first. Wrong move my brothers. This course is certainly beginner friendly, and the workshops are likely to have questions answered by Sophie herself.

For a more in-depth look at Sophie’s course:

Another Audi

Kevin King has an excellent course called Freedom Ticket. It’s for those predominantly based in the US and Canada. He’s got 20+ years experiences in eCommerce, and like Adam, really does bring some great knowledge to the table. Among the Amazon seller community, Kevin has a really high reputation.

Unfortunately, it’s a little lonely for most people on the journey as Kevin doesn’t really have live events, but that’s made up for in the value-offering.

More information about Freedom Ticket here:

And yet, another Audi

Myles Dunphy. This is another upcoming younger Australian to watch out for. He runs the Nomad Millionaire channel on YouTube where he shares some great content, yet his course is even better. Like myself, Myles is very much an upfront sort of guy. No hype, no sugar coating.

There is no live events within this course. It’s also hard to find people around your area. This is a course predominantly geared for the younger person that doesn’t want the sensationalism that Kevin David brings to the table. The pricing for this course, and the content within it certainly make up for the disadvantages.

Get more insights on Nomad Millionaire’s course:


Brendan Elias. This course is really similar in many ways to Sophie’s as Audi and BMW share so many similarities, though he teaches a range of strategies that I’ll touch on with this review. With the A to Z Formula, you’ll learn private-label, you’ll learn wholesale, you’ll learn retail arbitrage. I believe you also learn Merch by Amazon.

The quality is good, and you’ll be able to find the right strategy for you. I just don’t feel that Brendan goes as deep within each strategy, unlike the Rolls and 2 Mercedes that I have mentioned above that are very specific. Good value however for a beginner, and Australians will benefit more greatly than other countries.

Here’s a complete review about the A to Z Formula:

Another BMW

Marketplace Superheroes is the course representing the best-value to the UK marketplace. At the same time, most of their students are actually based in the US and Australia. They teach a unique low-competition strategy which really appeals to beginners.

The best part is the pricing that comes with a 7-day free trial. 😃

Here are my experiences with this course:


Jim Cockrum. Again, a range of strategies. I believe Jim sells each course separately, so you’ll only pay for what you use. You’ll even learn strategies towards selling on eBay and also landing offline clients for social media or a lead generation business. This diverse range is great, with Jim having a strong reputation in the community, but again isn’t as in-depth. Jim’s events are all in the middle of the US, so may be cost prohibitive if you’re outside of the USA.

Here’s my indepth review about Jim Cockrum:

Another Lexus

Seth Kniep. Seth runs the Just One Dime YouTube channel and has a good course. He’s found success on Amazon through simply reinvesting profits, and I’m a huge proponent of this strategy. Don’t go spending your profits on rent or a nicer car. As I had numerous requests, I decided go evaluate this one for you guys.

Here’s my evaluation of Just One Dime:

And…another Lexus

The Wholesale Formula. Eric Lambert and Dan Meadors have built quite a successful 8 figure wholesale business on Amazon and this course is a testament to their success. Unfortunately not a lot of their Amazon wholesale content is available online for free on YouTube and Instagram unlike Larry, which is why they’ve been downgraded to a Lexus. Yet the content is excellent, and if you’re in the US, you’ll love their live events. Students in other countries such as Australia might find the cost to be too high given the exchange rate and travelling costs to live events.

The only one missing….I am in the process of evaluating this course. Now after looking at Larry’s, this one needs to do a lot to impress me!


Alex Ryan and his Import / Export Coaching. Alex was previously an eBay seller and has recently pivoted towards Amazon. The contrary of sorts is the course name, he doesn’t really teach exporting much. He does share some good information on his YouTube and website (including media appearances) but doesn’t have much of a student volume.

More information here:

Another Mazda

Jack Parrotta and his Amazon Seller Excellence. Or Ecom Seller Excellence. The name keeps changing. Jack is friends with Alex. This course is sort of good, and it’s super cheap. It’s for the person under the age of 25 with a limited launch budget. There are only about 100 people in this community, and almost none of them are actual Amazon sellers yet.

More information here:

Used Toyota

Online Aussie Entrepreneurs by Neil Asher. This course is good, you’ll get the basics. I recommend that people take this course, make some money and then trade up to a more expensive course listed above. Or skip straight to the more expensive course. At $77 per month, this course is certainly the cheapest of the bunch and a real case of getting what you pay for.

If you search online for ‘Neil Asher scam’ you’ll find a few disappointed consumers. I believe the course is good and so is the person behind it. Plus – most people that are a match for Neil’s offering aren’t exactly driven and ambitious, instead preferring to play the blame-game with Neil as their scrape-goat. The content is actually quite good, and yes, it will get you live on Amazon. If money is super tight, take this course for a few months and then upgrade. Neil has one of the best-value offers around.

Here’s an in-depth review of Neil’s reasonably good Amazon course:

The Proton that could be a Porsche

Kevin David. This guy is young, super young. He was an accountant, he recently started selling on Amazon and now he sells his courses on how to sell on Amazon. It goes by various dodgy names such as Ninja X and Zon FBA. He’s a marketer more than a course content provider. In fact, he’s recently been caught out with fake screenshots. This guy has some real potential, so I look forward to seeing him grow over the next 3 years. I’ve chosen not to look into his course, as I like Amazon teachers that have actual past business experience. This guy is about selling courses, as opposed to selling on Amazon and teaching others.

Requesting Amazon course reviews

Do you have a course not listed here? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Amazon courses in Australia, the US and Canada in particular. But more so, this list is really missing any UK courses. Sure, Sophie runs seminars in the UK, but she’s predominately in Australia. Reliable Education has a lot of UK students, but again is Australian.

My friends in the UK, please drop me a line if you need a course evaluated. I’ll dive in and compare it with the rest here, I’ll likely even expand the review with its own 1,000+ word blog post with photos. Again, I sell on Amazon. I’ve seen the best from the rest, I’ve been in this wealth creation space for 10 years. When I see BS, I’ll call it out for what it is. So if you’ve found a course you’re unsure about, then let me know.

What would I do as a beginner?

Beginners from all walks of life can learn how to sell on Amazon

I would choose the most expensive course I could afford. Quite literally, don’t be afraid to spend up on knowledge if the value is there. After spending $40,000+ on courses and programs, I assure you there’s a common trend.

The most expensive courses are typically the best, and are priced higher for a reason. They’re looking for the students who are committed towards being successful and are prepared to invest for the most experienced teachers and training.

All of these courses represent value for money, in that you’ll get what you pay for. Also consider that the cost, in general, is extremely low, even for the most expensive courses when you look at the knowledge you’ll be getting compared to starting a traditional offline business such as a restaurant, workshop or office services, with no one to teach you the entire process.

The Gold Mine Analogy

I hope this review of the courses in the marketplace for prospective Amazon sellers in 2019 has shed some light into what is right for you. I really see Amazon as a goldmine, and right now it’s a goldrush. In times of a goldrush, the people who made the good money are the ones who sold the shovels to the prospects. 😆

These courses today are those shovels, and it’s really up to you to use them to start digging. If you don’t dig, they’re worthless and it’s not the fault of the course or teacher. So consider how willing you are to take action before you pull out the credit card.

I sell on Amazon and make a full time income today because I bought several shovels (courses), and took action to make it happen. You can too, if you dig. And keep digging.

The gold rush days of the 1800’s have turned into 2020 Amazon courses!

What qualities does the right goldmine digger have?

Firstly, they decide why they want to dig. They write down their long term financial goals, so their reasons for starting are clear cut.

Secondly, they find the right tool for the job. This blog post reviews the best tools available in the market.

Thirdly, they use GPS software to ensure their digging in the right place. This is sales data straight from Amazon such as Jungle Scout and Zonguru.

Fourth, they work within the gold mining community, not against. This is why I recommend buying shovels from a company with a strong community presence, those willing to lend a hand.

Fifth, they use inspection services such as V-Trust to look for hazards within the mine. In terms of your Amazon business, this helps maintain strict factory quality control for your product.

Sixth, they stay on the journey until successful. They know it won’t be easy or fast, but the hard work will be worth it.

Seventh, they help others once they’ve made it. The vast majority of successful Amazon sellers always want to lend a hand up. Ehem, including myself.

Closing thoughts

I do hope this overview has been of immense value for you, especially if you’re trying to compare 2 courses against each other.

Please drop your questions, comments and opinions into the box below. Alternatively, you may drop me an email via the contact form.

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111 thoughts on “A Complete List of ALL Amazon Courses – Cheap and Expensive (2022)”

  1. Hi Joshua
    Have you come across the course run by Tim Saunders called private label masters would be in interested in your thoughts
    Ps thanks for the reviews they are very helpful

    • Hi Mark, thanks for your comment. Sorry I haven’t heard of that course before. Having a look on Google just now has shown some excellent feedback. I’ll go through his material over the next couple of weeks and share my thoughts here. Cheers

      Edit: This review on Tim Sanders is scheduled for release in mid June *Watch this space*

    • Hello Joshua I am so glad I found your reviews it shines a much better light on things.
      I am 62 female living in Perth and been researching this Amazon business for nearly one year. Having spent almost 20 K on a business idea investing in plasma pen which was a big flop I am hesitant to spent a lot of money on another business not knowing who and what to choose.
      I saw first a free intro by ASM and I felt this could be a good course. Than I seen Alex and now Sophie whom you all recommend.
      So living in Perth which person be the best to go with?
      Does Sophie have courses in Perth?

      • Hi Jennefer, thanks for the feedback!

        Yes, Sophie’s team comes to Perth sometimes (for the free seminars) but no student conferences at this stage. Adam does run student events in Perth and actually he was in town working with dozens of local Perth students just 3 days ago.

        ASM is an excellent course but it’s also very expensive. It’s designed for the serious business builder. Not only is the price high but flying from Perth to Vegas is equally expensive (both time spent travelling and money for the event, flights and accommodation) for SellerCon which I attended 6 months ago. More details here:

        I always recommend a course where you can get the offline conference component for networking and masterminds. This way students stay committed for the long term since it’s very unmotivating to sit alone in front of the computer all day long.

        I don’t think Alex is running anything in Perth at this stage, so Adam or Sophie would be a better way to go. Both are actually ASM students who have built big FBA businesses.

        Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Joshua
    Thanks for putting in the hard work and relaying information that is to the point. I am ready to sign up to a course but I am torn and can’t decide to do Adam’s or Sophie’s. Is there anything you could provide that stands out between them. Big ask I know! I think I am probably looking more for live support with active sellers in our area of the Gold Coast to also help and maybe advise which will swing me. I am very new to this type of business but want to jump in and prove to myself that I can do it. I have the time as I am semi retired.

    • Hi Geoff, thanks for your comments and question. Yes, it’s tough as both are excellent teachers, but Adam does score slightly better based on content, reputation, time in the marketplace and student satisfaction. Plus a large percentage of Adam’s students are women.

      There’s a massive amount of Adam’s students on the Gold Coast (including me!) plus Adam lives in Broadbeach whilst his new place is being built in Palm Beach. It’s super handy for us that Adam chooses to run most of his events in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Sophie only has a few dozen students on the Gold Coast as her course isn’t really as established as yet, and hopefully those numbers grow soon. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks Joshua
        That is what I was after and has given me the confidence to get motivated. Appreciate it and I will sign up through your site early next week.
        Look forward to meeting you one day at the events.

  3. Hello Joshua,

    I am most impressed with your site, your research and your honesty. Fantastic. Thank you!

    I will be signing up through you when I sign up.

    Thanks again … Cheers Laura

  4. Hey Josh, thanks for all your informative no bs content, it is a breath of fresh air! I can’t help when reading your work to think how adorable you are! So genuine, down to earth and intelligent! Keep it up!

    • Hey Sophie, thank you so much! Presumably, you’re not Sophie Howard herself… 🙂 Yes, I really do get sick of hype and noise in the marketplace like others have. Stay tuned – my blog is only going to get more raw and real, paired with a YouTube channel launch happening in a few months.

  5. Hi Josh, thanks for your blog.

    Wondering if you know about these courses: Startup Bros/Import Empire by Will Mitchell (US), Import Dojo by Manuel Becvar (EU), or Market Place Super Heroes by Robert Rickey & Stephen Somers (UK).

    • Hi Bob, sorry for the delay in responding to you, as I’ve had an extremely busy 3 days at an Amazon conference for sellers. I’ve not heard of any of those 3 courses, and they appear to be not very mainstream at all. They would be considered for this list if they were more mainstream (paired with a decent list of successful students). Cheers!

  6. Hi Joshua,

    What about Kale & Taylor’s Nine University course? It’s USA based so I doubt it would be suited to anyone in AUS/NZ/UK but could be a cheaper alternative for our American friends? From what I know they don’t have any live events but do appear to have a somewhat active student base.

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment. That’s another course that I haven’t heard of before either. Yes – I’ll have to look further for the US prospective students and see if these 2 guys set off my BS meter (it’s highly calibrated!) and share my experiences here.

      The live events, from my experience, account towards 70% of the success for prospective Amazon sellers. The vibe, the stories, the speakers, the face-to-face networking and real life experiences are really fundamental. This is why every course featured here has live events, and each course has been in the market several years with the student numbers to support live conferences and seminars for their own students.

  7. Hi josh. I am torn between Sophie Howard’s and Kevin David’s course’s. What are your opinions on them? I was drawn to the Amazon Fba by Sophie’s approach but am curious about Kevin David’s course.

    • Sophie’s got a better course in my opinion. Kevin’s in the business of selling Amazon courses, and he probably generates most of his income from the courses, as opposed to selling on Amazon. Being in his 20’s with an exotic car really attracts the wannabe college student in the US, so they sign up in droves.

      He’s got a range of different Ninja X / Amazon Superhero Power style courses, whilst Sophie is more realistic. Her target market is those in the 30 to 50 year old range, with some hype still but much less than David’s. I know David will improve over the years. Among the Amazon 7 figure sellers, he doesn’t have a good reputation.

  8. Hi Joshua

    I’ve recently started to look into amazon fba and came across your page. I was looking at subscribing to an Amazon FBA course and loved your review of the above courses. Is there a chnace to you can list or send me the cost of each?

    • Hi Rob, thanks for your comment and feedback. I haven’t put the prices of each course, as they can change. Most can actually be found quite easily in Google (Course Name) + Cost/Price within minutes. Also I wouldn’t want a student to be sold on a particular course, find the price here, and then discover the price has actually increased recently on the particular course.

  9. Hi Joshua
    Well 2 weeks into the course which I signed up through your site. Was wondering if you can advise about joining a Mastermind on The Coast.

    • Hi Geoff, thanks for using my link for RE a couple of weeks ago. The best way to find a Mastermind is through putting an introduction into Adam’s Facebook Amazon student group, and state that you’re looking for a Mastermind. There’s a few others on the Coast looking for Masterminds as well.

      • Joshua
        Did all that and all I got was people wanting to join a group also. Wouldn’t have reached out. I think we will just have to start our own. Most people that got back to me are 3-4 weeks in. So starting from scratch. How many should you have in a Mastermind to be really productive?

        • Hey Geoff, just saw your inspiring introduction post in the Facebook group. It’s great that you’re starting a Mastermind from scratch with some eager students, and hopefully you’ll have some members in there from the recent Summit. 4 to 6 people is ideal, including yourself. I know a guy who has 9 members in his Mastermind (4x couples and 1 single person) which makes it a bit chaotic for everyone to contribute.

          • Hi Sharisse, great question! So a Mastermind is a small collection of people (4 to 6 works best) that get together often to discuss common concepts and ideas. In this case, an Amazon Mastermind would get together either in person or online perhaps once a month, once a fortnight or even once per week. Everyone would have time to discuss their progress (done the course, looking at products, talking to suppliers etc) plus get input on where they might be struggling. When you’re in a Mastermind, you’ve got input from several people so the journey being stuck in front of the computer doesn’t feel so lonely. Highly recommended!

  10. Hi! Canadian here. I’ve taken a part of the FBA Freedom Formula course and I’m looking for another FBA course. I was actually toying between Sophia’s and Proven Amazon Course by Jim C. I have to be honest, PAC is a third of Sophia’s course right now so that does influence me but I also want a course with really good content. Thoughts?

    • Hi Beverly, thanks for your comment. The best content is in the Amazing Selling Machine course, though it is cost-prohibitive for most beginners. Proven Amazon Course is probably your next best option, but it isn’t so deep with content. Sophie’s an excellent choice with super good content, though she only holds live events in Australia and NZ.

    • I’m also a Canadian and looking for the best course to take. I’ve actually been having discussions with someone to be a partner with as we have both wanted to start a business together for a long time now.

      Would you know if there are any local mastermind gatherings for Amazon FBA sellers in the Canadian market place? I would like to do Adam’s course as he seems to be the most genuine but the cost is a bit prohibitive too. The concern I have is that the area I anticipate struggling with the most is on product search and from what I’ve read, this is the area where Adam leaves it up to his students to really figure that out. On the one hand, this is completely understandable, but I was hoping they would at least walk us through their process of how they go about finding product ideas and narrowing down categories or areas that may be profitable.

      • Hi Marco, thanks for your comment! Yes – the course does help in narrowing down the process. You’ll get an understanding about nailing down on product ideas. They just won’t give out product ideas as you mentioned, but certainly the training is in there. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee so I guess you can skip straight to that module upon joining to see how in-depth that training is for you. Personally, I pulled out 1,000+ products from that module, and many of them I share in the bonus guide.

        I’m looking forward to seeing more Canadian-specific courses come to the market in coming years. Most are going down the ASM route for now (it’s the god-father of Amazon courses) but it’s much more cost prohibitive than just about anything in the market (for good reason).

  11. I’ve read your review on Sophie’s actually. I’ve read a ton of reviews on ASM awhile ago. I’d rather Adam’s than theirs. And if PAC’s content isn’t deep then I already know it won’t motivate me to implement. So if it comes down to Sophie’s and Adams (which I also read your review on that) hahha, based on price and content, Adam’s sounds the way to go. Which means, I’ll def have to wait a bit until there is at least 12K to blow. i did the cheap product route for Amazon Australia and I’m thinking of pulling it out actually. good learning lesson. and thank you thank you for mentioning the ‘miss out’ syndrome cause thats what I was feeling when i was listening to Sophie’s webinar. Then I tried to find reviews and saw your site. Bookmarked now!

    • Thanks so much Beverly, so good to have an experienced Amazon seller using my site for reference. Especially someone with realistic expectations. Our Amazon market is small here in Australia, but is growing every month. Most of us sellers in Australia are still solely in the US marketplace, with UK coming in as a 2nd choice.

  12. Oh i agree, sellers in AU right now if they stick with it, will totally rock that market in the near future. Much easier to be on page 1 while there’s not as much competition lol.
    Oh, forgot to ask, do you know of the FBA Freedom Formula course by Benji and Evan?

  13. Hi Joshua, I am interested to know if you have heard of ‘Inport/Export Coaching’ by Alex Ryan? He offers a 2 day bootcamp on the Gold Coast.
    I am a complete newbie to this industry so starting as a beginner going in blind i really need the best fit for support a mentor who is already achieving results and explanations
    made easy.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks Peta

    • Hey Peta, thanks so much for getting in touch. Yes! I’ve recently heard of Alex Ryan last week, I didn’t know of him until that point so he’s got a limited presence in the Australian market currently. I did find his 1 year intimate Boardroom program is $25,000 which puts it out of reach for most people, but certainly cheaper than what’s offered by Matt Buchel’s Business in a Box system. Alex is more of an importer for the person who wants to be a local product distributor / wholesaler with some elements of Amazon in his course, as opposed to specifically an Amazon FBA seller. This particularly list is for Amazon FBA specific courses.

      • Thank you Joshua for your reply.
        I think we maybe talking about a different Alex Ryan ‘Import/Export coaching’. I have been researching this course, it’s $2,500 online with a 2 day bootcamp included on the GC.
        It seems their objective is to help find a product and support you through the whole process of listing on Amazon etc.
        The course does seem to stack up ok but was just wanting your take on it and if you knew much about them. Not sure about the $25,000 you mentioned, He does have a masterclass course for $10,000 but probably not necessary once i have read through all their content.
        Thanks Joshua

        • Hello Peta, it does seem to be the same guy but didn’t see much regarding Amazon. Seems like he might be moving away from eBay and importing which is good, as Amazon is where the action is right now. Does he guarantee the product will be a success? Just check what work he actually does for you. The $25,000 for one year was for his intensive program as listed on his website.

          It’s good that you’re doing research, I don’t know too much about Alex at this stage (he’s almost an unknown in Australia) but have started watching his content. I’ll unpack everything next month. On the surface he seems reasonably okay, there appears to be some stock photography used on his website (i.e. not real attendees).

          • Thanks Joshua for doing some further research, it was helpful.

            So I have been going through all the content on the ASMX course and completed their 5 free training videos. It does seems like a great course (very pricey though) and i worry that being Australian i may struggle in some way as the course is out of the USA?

            I probably would not attend one of their seminars so that is not so much of a problem but just more if the content is suited for me studying out of Australia?

            Is there a course out there in your view that will deliver the same content, offer same support, beginner friendly and proven successful at a cheaper price or is this well worth the money for even an Australian?

            There was a few things with the Reliable Education course i didn’t like so they would not be an option.

            I would love your feedback!



          • Hello again Peta, thanks for your feedback. Yes, indeed ASM is a great course and is the god-father of Amazon courses. It’s the same course that both Adam and Sophie took, in fact the vast majority of people selling FBA courses today learned from this course. Most other courses now are significantly watered down versions, and Reliable Education is the closest comparable available at half the price. ASM does provide some great personal coaching sessions (can’t recall what the exact current offer is) which RE doesn’t provide at their base level.

            ASM’s main downside for us Australians are both the price (it used to be cheaper) and the lack of Australian students. You’ll still be able to find some of us Australians though. It’s costing me $5,000 just to attend ASM’s summit next month, as opposed to $700 for Reliable Education but as you mentioned the live events aren’t necessary for you. Perhaps once you’re live and selling (and have made back the course fees) you can make the trip over to Vegas.

            ASM has students from dozens of countries, and a few hundred of us Australians out of their 30,000+ student pool. Certainly the content is definitely suited for us, since it’s catered for selling on Amazon USA which is 50x bigger than Amazon Australia. Fact: ASM has many more success stories than Adam’s, given they’ve been in the market for 7+ years now. ASM really attracts the future 7 figure sellers.

            ASMX is the only course that see as a direct competitor to Reliable Education. It’s the only other one I’ll currently provide support and bonuses for due to the very high education quality and success stories. I also choose to only work with those higher level students, especially those that are prepared to invest in their knowledge and genuinely want to work to reach a full time income. I’ve not yet evaluated anyone else who comes this close to ASM as RE, and RE currently has the #1 spot on this list based primarily (when compared to ASM) for the better pricing for Australians.

      • Hi Joshua
        A family member has just been to a seminar promoting Matt Buchel’s Business in a Box system. I didn’t have the opportunity to go to the seminar, however, the price of $40,000 plus GST did seem to be a very large price and he does have an interest in purchasing it.
        Have you had contact with any former users of this system (successful or unsuccessful) or have any personal opinions.

        Regards Theo

  14. Thank you Joshua for another informative blog. whats your feedback on below three FBA private label courses:
    1> Amazon FBA mastery by Seth Kniep (Just One Dime)
    2> Freedom Ticket by Kevin King
    3> FBA freedom Accelerator by Myles (Nomad Millionaire – Aussie guy)

    • Hi again Shitanshu, I am unfamiliar with all 3 courses, so I’ll add an evaluation on my to-do list for next month.

      • Thanks William, I’d agree! I was just looking at Myles content (#3) on YouTube and it’s very good. Clearly no BS from him either. Unfortunately his Australian-focused course is closed, and I can imagine crowds lining up at the front door! Kevin King (#2) speaks at Global Sources and they have a high standard (Sophie speaks there too) and I really look forward to reviewing these two courses.

        • Hi Joshua,Firstly great job on the blog and the information you are providing. Congrats!!!.
          Just wondering if you had the opportunity to review Myles course?
          I’m split between Myles and RE course. Myles’ course is tempting because is seems like a very genuine guy and also the fee is half of RE (approx $1.5k vs. $3.5k). Your advice will be much appreciated. Thanks.

          • Hello Hardik, thanks so much on the feedback! Yes, I have reviewed Myles Dunphy’s course 2 weeks ago, I’m just going to update this list now. 🙂

            This is a very good course. RE is certainly worth the extra $2,000 AUD for the much more established seller community, local area meetups and masterminds, live events and JV opportunities. Yet, if money is super tight, I would certainly recommend the Nomad Millionaire course. Both courses have great content.

            Seth’s course and Kevin King’s course are also being evaluated and added to this list in coming weeks.

  15. Hi Joshua, the link to the Kevin King Freedom Ticket course is broken. I am excited to see your review of this course as Kevin is truly a master at Amazon and I could never find a review on google in the past

    • Hey William, thanks for the heads up. You seem to be a regular on the blog. 🙂 Link should be fixed now, and yes…it’s one of the best courses out there!

      • Yes I check in on your blog every few days. I get email notifications and most of your stuff is interesting, and I enjoy reading most of it even if it is not directly related to Amazon.

    • Hi Jarrod, I’ve never heard of it? Quick Google search comes up very just about nothing apart from some videos in circa 2014. Their sales page seems like there’s some student testimonials but couldn’t find anything else. No Facebook page. Will look into and evaluate it more.

  16. Hi Joshua, thanks for the great post. Wondering if you could review a course Online Retail by the company Algo, promoted by an Amazon seller veteran named Bob Shneck. I found them on YouTube. Thanks!

    • Hi Jilly, thanks for the feedback. Sure! A quick search reveals very little about this company with no reviews apart from a few testimonials on their website. I’ll certainly go deeper for you. It’ll be on my to-do list for August.

      Some quick research reveals they’re pitching the wholesale method. It’s not something I choose to do anymore as the margins are so tight, whereas private label returns 30 to 40%. But look up Larry Lubarsky (YouTube and Instagram) as he gets my vote of assurance for real wholesale training.

  17. Hi, I’d love to know your thoughts on Brock Johnson’s Last Amazon Course. I’m sure it’s the cheapest course out there at only $1 per month, it seems quite detailed to me and worth a lot more than that. Interested to hear what you think of it.

    • Brock Johnson’s course is certainly worth more than that. It’s very bare-bones in that there’s no coaching, limited student support, no live events and very few Australian students. The content is good and is an anamaly among the seller community since it’s generally a case of getting what you pay for.

      • And because this is so cheap, it is not as well known as expensive courses because affiliate marketers wouldn’t make money on it…

        Personally I don’t need coaching (why would you when the content is so good that you just have to implement what you learn).

        There is some support because you can post comments under each video and even if the trainer doesn’t answer himself, others sometimes do.

        I don’t need to pay for a live event I couldn’t even go too. I’m french and living in France. There’s no point going to an event in the US. I’m already paying for a french course with a french community. The last amazon course is then such a good complementary course (for this price!).

        This is my opinion.

        • Actually, Brock’s course is very well known among Amazon seller communities. He’s got thousands of students and I’ve recommended some people to join it. You don’t need affiliates to promote a course if it’s really that good (and it is!)

          You’re definitely entitled to your opinion and yes, most people don’t really need the coaching on offer from these courses. Often it’s something that students take up in order to avoid the actual work. The bulk of courses do contain a lot of information, and certainly enough to get you live and selling.

    • Hi Mark! Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I’ve heard of him somewhere previously. I think someone else dropped his name somewhere on my blog months ago. Quick evaluation shows that it looks promising and geared towards the younger crowd under 35.

  18. Hi Joshua

    Really appreciate your detailed work. Not sure if you are familiar with the JS Million Dollar Case Study? Seems to cover off a lot of great detail for all aspects of starting an FBA business. And is completely free – obviously they make money via their software. If you have seen it, would be interested to know what you think of the Million Dollar Case Study v spending $2.5k for RE? I think Adam is great too.


    • Hi Joe, thanks for the great question!

      Yes, I’ve read through the whole study earlier this year and love it! Much respect to Greg. Certainly I believe there is some great information there to outline the basics of selling on Amazon.

      If you feel that $2.5k to join the RE community is a stretch, then run with JS. You can always join Adam’s community in a few months once you have some experience in researching products with JS and ordering samples. 👍

      Hope that helps!

    • Hey Jason, I have reviewed their course briefly and already on the surface it’s a great one. Looking forward to delving in deeper. I just forgot to add it to this list so thanks for the reminder!

  19. Hi Joshua, thanks for all this great info! I have been looking into Sophie’s course but I do live in Canada. Does her course work for people in Canada as well? If not, do you have any other Amazon courses recommended for residents of Canada?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Paola, I’ve heard of Adam Ginsberg as he spoke at a conference that I went to years ago. I think it was on domain name squatting/flipping? Looks like he’s moved into the Amazon FBA world with Internet Mastery. I’ll add his course on the to-do list. 🙂

  20. Hello, Joshua. Thanks for putting very detailed informations comparing different courses out there.
    I didn’t see on your list by Ashley Kinkead. Her cours is 10k thats for 4 months to be completed. Would you mind looking into it. My husband signed up out of excitement and promises that you can have the business set up and running in 1 month. Now, we’re trying to figure out how to cancel it. The contract is very vague and felt we got cheated. There is no contact number but an email to communicate. Meanwhile, we’re waiting to find out a reply back. Of what we need to do to cancel the contract. I be searched the company online and could not find much.

    • Hi Angelica, I’ve never heard of her before but she seems legitimate from what I can see.

      Lots of traction on her Facebook page:

      75 reviews on Ashley Kinkead’s Private Label Mastery Trustpilot Page:

      I looked her up on Facebook and we have a couple of friends in common. Surprised I didn’t know of her before but it seems she has been doing this for a while.

      At $10k it’s certainly the most expensive course out there but I imagine it comes with personal coaching and some help to get your business moving faster. So I wouldn’t look at the price alone but what is actually offered. Almost all of these courses on this page have upsells into more expensive coaching programs ranging in price from $10k to $50k (seriously!) and you might already be on a coaching package as part of the course at her price-point. While I haven’t done her course, it seems many others have had a good experience.

      Now you can always get a refund if a course didn’t meet your expectations. As a last resort, your husband can do a credit card chargeback if emails are bouncing.

  21. Hi Joshua. Thank you for you awesome and frank reviews on courses. As a beginner to Amazon selling and is based in Auz I definitely want to get in on the action and have the time now to devote to getting my hands dirty so to speak. I know you have reviewed both Reliable Education by Adam and Blue Sky by Sophie but I am a bit more confused now. They are now roughly the same price and seem to offer similar material, etc. I am at the cross roads as to which of the 2 to go for. I am a complete beginner to online selling and entrepreneurship but want to break away from being reliant on a job for income (I know this will take time). As a total beginner to the market and from your experience, which of these 2 courses would you suggest and why?

    Thank you

  22. Hi Joshua
    I am in the early stages of reviewing which course to procure. And thank you for providing your comprehensive list. Quick question, could you kindly provide a comparison or review on 9 university approx U$ 2000 and jungle scout (U$69 per month) training please. Thanks Ingrid

    • Hi Ingrid, Nine University is a very good course for beginners. It has a much younger demographic of under 35’s and JungleScout is one of the best software packages out there. I’ll put this in my calendar for next month.

      • Nine University not sure I agree with you on that…. I have heard only really bad things about them. You really think hey have a solid program!!!

        • Yes, for the younger crowd I’ve heard good things within FBA communities. That is…if you don’t buy their expensive coaching upsells.

          In terms of the content, enough to get you on Amazon but definitely with room for improvement. These guys are young and still learning.

          You need to remember that most of their students are broke and are looking for quick success online. When it doesn’t happen, then out comes the witch-hunt.

          For those that are broke, there are cheaper alternatives. Brock Johnson for instance:

  23. Hi Joshua,
    Many thanks for the valuable insights. I don’t think you have the course from StartUpBros in your list. US based and been around since 2012 apparently so would very much appreciate your assessment as have been toying with the idea of joining the Sophie Howard course. I’m UK based and like the idea of UK based coaches also.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Nick! That’s interesting as I really love the content from Startup Bros and surprised I haven’t added them to this list yet. I haven’t done their course but I’ve been on their blog a few times for inspiration. Whoever’s ghost-writing their blogs (assuming they outsource) is doing an excellent job and is a big inspiration to me to improve my writing.

      This is definitely something I look forward to going in-depth with a review in May and will update this list. Given how much value they give on the front-end, I imagine their course will wind up near the top end of my list.

  24. Hi Joshua, after watching so many free videos and reading heaps, I really wanted to go with ASM or Reliable but unfortunately the costs of these are too much for me at present, I would prefer to put the money into the actual products I want to sell. So I was thinking of maybe doing either Marketplace Superheroes or Proven. I saw another review that mentioned that Proven has a part that specialises in how to get on to Amazon FBA for non United States residents so was wondering if that would be better? I want a course that will show me all the steps from setting up Amazon account etc and being able to understand doing everything from Australia. One video I watched with ASM I think said you had to ring their Internal Revenue to set account or something up so got a little confused if this is something we have to do from Australia?

    • Hi Julie, the most affordable way to get started BUT also have a solid course is Kevin’s: I recommend that so people have capital for inventory.

      Marketplace Superheroes is also very good which I’ve done. A different crowd though and doesn’t really compare to RE or ASM as those two courses are the top-end of town.

      I’ve never made any phone calls to the US and this is the first time I’ve heard about calling Internal Revenue (not sure what that is either…?)

      Jim Cockrum’s Proven course is also very good. More of a faith-based community and less sales-ey. 🙂

      • Thanks Joshua, just looking at the Freedom Ticket, do you recommend that over Marketplace Superheroes and Proven as over the year I guess they add up to something similar? And do they have many Australians do it? Just want whatever is easiest to understand and will help me from the very basics at the beginning and onwards. Really would have loved to have done ASM or Reliable but thought I might be waiting awhile to save for those so would be good to just get started. Better not use all my Jobkeeper up on a course 🙂

        • Also does every course have their own software they try to sell separately or is it included? Sorry for all the questions, I’ve looked at so many now and watched numerous videos they are all blending into one and I’m getting confused. Which of these 3 have had most success and have you done all of them? I know they seem to focus on different things ie: Marketplace look at items that are more niche and not high sales already and they talk about items that aren’t private label, but I want to focus on whatever I could possibly have more success with. Thanks again.

          • Proven Amazon Course = Don’t have their own software so you’ll have to pay extra. I’ve briefly gone through this one and Jim has a strong reputation among seller communities. Better for the US/Canadian students.
            Marketplace Superheroes = Don’t have their own software so you’ll have to pay extra. Yep done this course and really like their strategy for the budget-conscious person. Better for most green thumb beginners.
            Freedom Ticket = Don’t have their own software, but access is free with Helium10. I’ve gone through a lot of Kevin’s course and really like his course. Much more brand-centric. Better for motivated beginners.

            Based on my experience, Freedom Ticket has the best value offer out of these 3. Now you do have to pay for Helium10 which is pricey compared to JungleScout and Zonguru, but based on experience, is worth the higher spend.

            Of these three, I really don’t know who statistically who has the most success stories but each would have dozens. There are students that buy 2 or even all 3 of the courses so the data can be skewed. Then it’s also hard to know what ‘success’ actually is since it’s so subjective. Some people feel successful when they repay their course tuition through profits while others feel successful when they earn a good part-time income. For some, it’s job-replacing income and for some people, they won’t feel successful until they get the 7-figure exit.

            Statistically, though, most people who buy a course won’t progress towards getting a product live and build a business due to the capital, time and work involved. I’ve seen this time and time again. Buying a course is the easy part and everything else is hard. So while each would have dozens of success stories, you’ll also find thousands of people who haven’t progressed and neither course or the educator is missing anything.

            ASM has the most success stories in the world, has the most progressive students and has created the most millionaires and it’s clear to see why. Those who can afford the $5k price aren’t as price-sensitive and just have a lot of capital backing them, with students typically being current or ex-corporate or already successful business owners which is similar to RE. Spending this much on an Amazon course shows those students are pretty well serious (not always, but in most cases) about building a business than say someone who spends a little. Buuuuttt…there are seriously motivated people with limited capital too.

            So…this brings it to MPSH vs Freedom Ticket as the most viable for you where you’ll also find some fellow Australians. The MPSH strategy can be done without software which is a good advantage and the monthly payment plan is affordable. But as I’ve mentioned, Freedom Ticket is more of a brand-centric course.

            If you haven’t seen it already, I’ve compared both courses here:

        • Both courses have limited Australians (Freedom Ticket has more) but don’t let that deter you since neither run live events in Australia yet anyway. 🙂 The strategy is still the same; start in the US market.

  25. Thank you so much Joshua, really appreciate your time replying to my questions and also the research you have done. Will definitely decide between those 2 and will go through your link whichever I decide. Thanks again.

  26. So, from what I gather, if I sign up with say, Sophie Howard, I need to spend more to have my business running? How much more? Ballpark figure.

    • $5,000 USD minimum. Ideally $10,000 USD. This is the case with all courses because I’m realistic and most people aren’t. With all courses, their cost is small compared to the capital you’ll need for a product launch. Putting a thousand or two into a business won’t really yield much in the way of tangible results, but it’s still a good learning experience.

  27. Hi Joshua,
    I am so thankfull that I found this blog. I want to start in this FBA Bussiness but still not sure which course should I pay for. Do you know a out Joshua Crisp AMZ Formula?? If you would hace to compare it to a car brand which one will be?

  28. Hi Joshua, super impressed with your info and the no BS attitude. I’m from the UK and looking to invest not only my money but my time and commitment to making this new venture work. Do you have any info on a course called Six Figure Mentors (SFM) by Stuart Ross. Would really appreciate your feedback.

    Kind Regards
    Mario Cauchi.

    • Thanks Mario, I really appreciate your feedback.

      SFM isn’t an Amazon course but it doesn’t have a good reputation from what I hear. I believe it’s based around general digital marketing. It sounds kinda like a quasi-MLM scheme that doesn’t focus on building your own business but rather promoting the same scheme to others and shares some similarities to what Perth-based Matt Lloyd was running a few years back (which was subsequently shutdown by the US Government).

      Then again I haven’t got any experience there and simply giving my initial judgements. I know there are a few YouTubers talking about their progress in a good way. As with anything: If it feels right….then go for it! 🙂

  29. Hi Joshua
    Do you have a link for the Amazon course and do you still offer the mentor-ship? I am bit confused as I found your RE course review and also the Freedom Ticket one.
    I am ready to start and wanted to know which one to use?

    • Hi Maria! Sure, I have links for both.


      Freedom Ticket:

      I’m only offering some email support for those who enrol as students through RE or ASM as both have premium training and a solid community which helps students get up and running properly. Just about everyone who registers for either course has 5-figures or 6-figures in the bank account already so I’m better able to help them make some solid progress.

      At the same time, most people on my blog aren’t exactly cashed up and so I’ve audited a lot of the cheaper courses to see who’s providing the best value for money. And you know, many of them are actually very good. I have found that, as of this time of writing, Freedom Ticket is best for the more budget-focused crowd especially as you nowadays only need to subscribe to Helium10 to get access to it. They recently launched Freedom Ticket Xtra for an additional $77/month which is great value for some weekly Q&A sessions and from there you can get some mentorship/coaching. Certainly the Freedom Ticket pathway and buying some ad-hoc personal coaching calls will work out cheaper than RE/ASM through me.

      MPSH is also very worthwhile, more so for the community aspect which is lacking a little in Freedom Ticket.

      In short, go with Freedom Ticket or another budget-option for now if the cost of RE is a bit out of reach.

      RE does have their next virtual summit coming up in February with Seth Godin as the keynote speaker for $97/total. Typically RE events are for enrolled students only but this one is open for non-students. So I’d at the very least enrol for that given its low price in addition to any of these courses as dozens of Australian students will be sharing their journey. I don’t have a link for that event but reach out to their team who can provide all the details.

  30. Hi Josh, I’m new to the E-commerce space and your blog has been very helpful. Have you heard of the US based program E-commerce business school with Ann Sieg? They appear to be heavy on retail arbitrage. Interested in any feedback you can offer.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Nikki, thanks for the feedback. I haven’t heard of that course before. First impressions show Ann as very genuine, humbling and knowledgeable. Seems to appeal to the older demographic 45 to 65.

      Retail arbitrage is a good strategy and I did a little bit a few years back but became boring and tedious so I stuck to private label. I know it can come unstuck real quick when sellers are caught out for being an unauthorized reseller. For this reason, I’d recommend wholesale over retail arbitrage as it’s much safer as you have written permission from the brand/distributor. If Ann teaches wholesale then it might be a good way to go.


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