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Liam Ryan (Assets For Life) Review: Worth It?

Liam Ryan from Assets for Life runs one of the biggest property education training companies in the United Kingdom.

Assets for Life sounds like the ideal pathway. Do you think this would be a smart investment decision? It really depends on your personal situation and you should be seeking independent advice from your accredited financial advisor.

When I was researching early on, I didn’t find anything really giving an unbiased opinion or a realistic perspective of what you’re receiving.

Liam Ryan (Assets For Life) Review

Property education doesn’t exactly have the best reputation for itself. After all, there are people out there promising the world and delivering very little. Even some claiming that you can get financially free within months…while starting from zero. ๐Ÿ™„

Just like you, I’ve been to the seminars over the years. Initially it was hard to tell who’s real and who isn’t, but over the years, I’ve come to figure out the entire show.

When I came across Liam Ryan a while ago, I was pretty well sceptical. Are investors better off with Joint Ventures as opposed to buying themselves? And is the property education worth it?

The Education

A big proponent of the Assets For Life company is the education. You’ll be learning how to master the art of property deals from residential, commercial and developments.

This means that you’ll be more empowered to make conscious choices towards your future. Compare this to using a ‘property adviser’ who simply recommends an investment property (from a developer mate, no doubt) and it’s good to see mum and dad investors more empowered.

It’s obvious by now that I’m a huge proponent of education. After all, I help people get educated properly on how they can generate revenue through digital assets.

With Ryan’s Property Academy education, it’s quite in-depth. Hours of content and plenty of guides, templates and worksheets included too, as well as student workshops.

Of course, if you’re going to head for the free events, then some teaser content is shared with the rest available…for a big fee, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As the old saying goes “If you aren’t paying for it, you are being sold to….”

This is why I’ll take the paid options any day of the week. Avoid the free teasers and get into learning the art and craft of finding good property deals.

Liam doesn’t have much of an upsell and you’ll learn a ton through his academy and workshop to get you a solid start.

Joint Ventures with Liam Ryan

One of the best ways to stay safe with investing is to partner up with someone who has done it before. This takes out much of the risk, though the reward is lower too.

It’s clear that Joint-Venturing is only available for a short handful of people. That is – you’re going to need deeper pockets.

Then again, with the right education, that’s enough for you to get started and in the ropes of investing. You probably wouldn’t want to give up much of the upside either, provided you run the numbers properly.

Getting Started

Clearly Liam is someone that has reached a good level of success, as too have his students. There are numerous success stories around as well as some skeptics too.

Given that he’s new to the market, it’s hard to do thorough research and validate such claims.

Yet from my perspective, Liam comes off as very genuine and knows property investing and development very well.

For the right student, certainly the Assets for Life property group is a great starting point.

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