122 Wholesome Kissing Captions and Quotes for Instagram/Facebook (2023)

Fallen in love and need some sweet photos for your romantic photo on Instagram? I’ve got you covered with these wholesome kissing captions and quotes…

  1. “Lost in a kiss and found in your arms.”
  2. “Every kiss tells a story.”
  3. “Sweeter than honey.”
  4. “Dancing in the rhythm of your lips.”
  5. “Magnetic attraction.”
  6. “When words fade, our lips speak.”
  7. “Perfect moments begin with a kiss.”
  8. “Wishing for endless kisses.”
  9. “Between one kiss and the next, magic happens.”
  10. “Kiss the stress away.”
  11. “Lip-locking love.”
  12. “Where souls intertwine.”
  13. “Chasing your lips every single time.”
  14. “Life’s short, kiss often.”
  15. “Dive into the depths of a passionate kiss.”
  16. “Savoring every second.”
  17. “Heartbeats synchronized with a kiss.”
  18. “Your kisses are my kryptonite.”
  19. “With this kiss, we seal our dreams.”
  20. “A moment in lips, forever in memory.”
  21. “Every kiss feels like catching a shooting star.”
  22. “Starry-eyed and lip-tied.”
  23. “Kissed by serendipity.”
  24. “Dreaming between kisses.”
  25. “Two hearts, one kiss.”
  26. “Kisses that spark flames.”
  27. “Floating on cloud nine, one kiss at a time.”
  28. “Kissing the soul, not just lips.”
  29. “Dreams flavored with the sweetness of a kiss.”
  30. “Love begins and ends with a kiss.”
  31. “With each kiss, a page turns in our story.”
  32. “Beyond words, there are kisses.”
  33. “Where a kiss becomes a journey.”
  34. “Under the moonlight, lips unite.”
  35. “Timeless moments, unforgettable kisses.”
  36. “Lost in a sea of kisses.”
  37. “Between breaths, a kiss is shared.”
  38. “Warm coffee, sweet kisses.”
  39. “Swept away by your kisses.”
  40. “Whispered dreams and stolen kisses.”
  41. “A symphony in every kiss.”
  42. “Kissing away the blues.”
  43. “Treasured moments like this.”
  44. “In the realm of kisses and stars.”
  45. “Collect moments, not things. Especially kisses.”
  46. “Kisses that heal the soul.”
  47. “Your kiss is my wish.”
  48. “Craving the taste of forever.”
  49. “Blissful resonance in a kiss.”
  50. “Painting memories with our kisses.”
  51. “Turn a page with every kiss.”
  52. “An adventure begins with a single kiss.”
  53. “My favorite flavor is your lips.”
  54. “Breathtaking moments, heart-stopping kisses.”
  55. “Lost in your lips’ embrace.”
  56. “The simplest answer to all complexities – a kiss.”
  57. “Here’s to countless more kisses.”
  58. “Warm as the sun, sweet as a berry.”
  59. “With a kiss, two worlds become one.”
  60. “Between heartbeats, our lips meet.”
  61. “Kisses brighter than the constellation.”
  62. “Magic, wrapped in a kiss.”
  63. “Forever feels like this.”
  64. “Fueling my day with your kisses.”
  65. “Exploring universes in a single kiss.”
  66. “Lost in a kiss, found in an embrace.”
  67. “Happiness has a flavor, and it’s your lips.”
  68. “Echoes of love in every kiss.”
  69. “Moments like this make life magical.”
  70. “My day begins and ends with your kiss.”
  71. “Serendipity in every kiss.”
  72. “Your kisses are my favorite story.”
  73. “Breathing dreams with a kiss.”
  74. “Blushes, giggles, and sweet little kisses.”
  75. “Infinite dreams in fleeting kisses.”
  76. “Your lips are my favorite destination.”
  77. “Where words fail, let kisses speak.”
  78. “Euphoria, one kiss at a time.”
  79. “Frozen moments in a warm kiss.”
  80. “Whispered secrets and midnight kisses.”
  81. “Kisses that lead to forever.”
  82. “Our kisses speak volumes.”
  83. “Cherished moments, endless kisses.”
  84. “Your kiss is the answer to every why.”
  85. “Warm hugs and sweet kisses.”
  86. “Magic spelled with a K-I-S-S.”
  87. “Swept away in a moment’s kiss.”
  88. “Starry nights, endless kisses.”
  89. “Dreams painted with kisses.”
  90. “Your kiss is my favorite poem.”
  91. “Under the canopy of stars, our lips meet.”
  92. “Kisses that linger.”
  93. “Where dreams are flavored with kisses.”
  94. “Sweet escapes, sweeter kisses.”
  95. “With you, every kiss is a novel.”
  96. “Love, laughter, and lots of kisses.”
  97. “My favorite hello and hardest goodbye.”
  98. “Bewitched by your kisses.”
  99. “Your kisses are my treasure.”
  100. “Kissing away all doubts.”
  101. “Pure magic, pure kiss.”
  102. “Every kiss with you feels like a promise.”
  103. “Infinite moments, intimate kisses.”
  104. “Redefining sweetness.”
  105. “With you, every kiss is a first.”
  106. “Lips that tell tales of love.”
  107. “Kiss me like there’s no tomorrow.”
  108. “Finding paradise in every peck.”
  109. “Floating on the waves of your kisses.”
  110. “Heavenly moments, sealed with a kiss.”
  111. “Kiss, smile, repeat.”
  112. “Tales of love, tales of kisses.”
  113. “Lips that weave dreams.”
  114. “Every kiss is a cursive line of love.”
  115. “Love notes exchanged with kisses.”
  116. “Kissing my way to your heart.”
  117. “Moments like this are pure gold.”
  118. “You, me, and endless kisses.”
  119. “Savoring the flavor of forever.”
  120. “Whispering love through kisses.”
  121. “Every kiss is a painting.”
  122. “You’re the dream I chase with every kiss.”

I hope your romance continues for years to come!

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