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King Kong’s Digital Agency Review (Sabri Suby)

Wondering if Sabri Suby is the real deal? Here’s my review on King Kong marketing services and their course for aspiring entrepreneurs in Australia. Through this evaluation, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

It’s wise to also remember that I have no personal or business connection with Sabri. I’m simply sharing my thoughts as a digital marketing and eCommerce guy. What you choose to do at the end of this is completely up to you.

I wish that more people were as open and transparent as I am. Through this, the world could become a better place. I started this blog years ago, and I’ve held this viewpoint ever since.

I’m in this space, though I don’t work with offline business owners. I earn most of my money through selling on online actually, as I want to earn money 24/7 and not just 40 hours per week. But more on that later.

I’ve also read Sabri’s book recently.

King Kong evaluated

Ok – let’s start with the company King Kong. They’re a digital marketing agency based in Melbourne with an incredible 4.8 star rating on Google. Plus – they’ve ranked for the hardest possible search time ‘seo agency‘ in Australia’s digital marketplace. Impressive! They obviously hire some real talent. Their email marketing list is also huge, with creative re-targeting strategies.

This company has a strong reputation. There’s also been some bad experiences that other business owners have had. Mostly, however, it’s been great experiences. I’d rather focus on the good, than the bad. Most of the bad reviews do come from a few years back whilst the company was in a real growth phase.

Every new business owner is warmly welcomed to King Kong’s agency

They offer a full suite of digital marketing services. This includes search engine optimization (ranking your business in your local area for keywords) plus advertising management on Google too. They also help with social media management, website design and especially lead generation. Leads are fundamental to business success, so lead generation through what’s called ‘lead magnets’ is what they provide.

The services you’ll discover aren’t really that complex. Heck – I can perform all of them myself with my simple knowledge. Running your own marketing campaign is easy, if you know where to find the same information they have.

Now if you’re looking for me to handle your digital marketing services for cheaper than King Kong, then unfortunately you’re out of luck. I run 2 successful businesses WITHOUT a single phone call. Ever. I have no staff. My BAS statements are super simple. And I earn most of my money when I’m not actually working. That’s what I call a real freedom business, where you work on the business when you choose to, and rarely inside of it.

Sabri is currently launching a course. It’s for people who want to also learn how to do digital marketing as a business opportunity. Likely it’ll be the most evolved course of its type available, way beyond what you’ll find at any learning institute. Stay tuned as I evaluate that course for you!

Sabri Suby review

Sabri is a genuinely good guy. He’s built a powerhouse of digital marketing professionals and has received numerous fast starter awards. I see him somewhat as a mentor as we’re the same age roughly.

It appears that Sabri learned a lot from one of my mentors whose name is Russell Brunson. The funnels, lead magnets, copywriting and otherwise all came from Russell’s 10+ years of experience in this space. If you’re interested, then Russell has some excellent content on how to do all of this.

One thing I admire is Sabri’s persistence. He’s not one to go for average. He set out to be the best in the industry, and he’s achieved it. I’ll be keeping a close eye on what he chooses to do next. The man is a powerhouse!

Is King Kong a scam?

There’s always some critics in the crowd. This is why I chose to answer this question quite directly. The answer is simple…

Sabri Suby’s King Kong agency isn’t a scam, though digital marketing agencies generally get a bad reputation. This is because 90% of marketers have NO IDEA what they’re doing, and simply don’t get real results for their clients. It’s understandable that some people call this company fraudulent, when they’re the exact opposite of the industry.

Sure, there’s a few unhappy clients that raise their voice nice and loud. Jeff Bezos is famous for saying “Be afraid of the customer” and he’s right. Customer service is paramount, and King Kong has failed a few customers previously. But the vast majority have had great experiences. Especially today.

Some people call King Kong a scam, for which it definitely isn’t.

It’s wise to consider that if you’re not comfortable with using them, then look elsewhere. There’s plenty on the market. Sure – you won’t get the same top results. But it really depends on your expectations for your business.

Personally, I only want to be #1 in my field. In life and in business, #1 always yields the most money and cash flow. And cashflow is the lifeblood of any business.

Costs for King Kong

The pricing to become a client for King Kong’s digital agency isn’t cheap. Their basic plan is around $1,000 per month, stretching up to the $3,000 and beyond mark depending on your needs. It’s up to you as a business owner to gauge as to whether these figures work for you and your profitability. I guess you get what you pay for, like anything in life.

Also consider the cost of not using them, and using a ‘backyard operation’ instead. That is, most agencies actually run out of spare bedrooms in parents houses. The owner is typically in their late teens or early 20’s and just learning how to become a digital marketer, with you as their experiment.

King Kong has expensive office rental, a massive team and a CEO whose mission is to help fellow business owners success through effective digital media. He’s achieved it in his business, and he wants to replicate those results for you. He’s done it in just about every industry in Australia. They’re not the cheapest, but their #1 in Australia for a reason.

They hire some of the best in the industry, with King Kong in full operation for 4 years now. They became the #1 agency in Australia by NOT being the cheapest. Personally, I like to always up my game and invest in the best.

Business income alternatives

Given the costs that traditional businesses experience, it’s wise to consider an alternative business model. One that your expenses are much more lower, and the books are way more simplified. I’ve chosen the eCommerce model for this reason.

Thousands of Australian business owners have chosen a new strategy. That is, they want their time back. They want to start making money online, just like I have been doing for years. I build businesses without phone calls, and without selling to my friends or family. I also do no social media, have no office or staff expenses, and don’t pay $1,000+ per month for digital marketing services.

What I have done is partner with the world’s largest eCommerce platform. They handle most of the work for me, so that I can focus on simply sourcing high quality products that their customers will love. I earn the bulk of my money in US dollars. That exchange rate is super handy!

Many Australians, including King Kong’s own clients, have taken this FREE course

Should you wish to explore further, there’s an excellent course available here. It’s by my mentor Adam Hudson, and thousands of Australians have taken his FREE course on how to sell on Amazon.

Now, back to King Kong…


There’s some good upsides towards using King Kong. These include:

  • You’re very much hands-off, so you can focus on your business
  • You can get them to do as little or as much as you like
  • They’ve got some seriously good experience in the field
  • You’ll have a dedicated account manager to help you out
  • They create a tailored marketing approach to your business

There is more advantages, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much at this stage.


Naturally, King Kong needs some downsides. Otherwise this review wouldn’t be that accurate and trustworthy.

Negatives include:

  • Very high price for their services that you can learn yourself
  • It takes some time to actually get a return on investment
  • They’ve got a lot of clients, maybe including your competition

That’s a valid point the last one. If they’ve got your competition already on their books, then who’s really going to rank #1 on Google? You or them? If they don’t have your competition yet, then I’d recommend you act fast before they do.

There’s not much else I can provide in regards to a downside. These guys are very good as an agency.

Alternatives to King Kong

Now we’re talking! There’s some good alternatives to King Kong in the market. I mean, these guys are #1 in Australia for a fundamentally good reason – they get results. I really do praise them in this review. But not everyone can afford the high price tag.

Firstly, you can learn to do some of this stuff yourself. Sabri learned some of his content from Russell Brunson. You can watch Russell’s videos on YouTube to gauge how to build these funnels. There’s also other mentors that teach Facebook and Google marketing strategies, a wise choice so that you can get the basics.

It’s wise to look at King Kong alternatives if the pricing is too high

Secondly, there’s other digital marketing agencies that are cheaper. It’s wise to check their credentials though, just to make sure they’re not full of BS. Unfortunately, 90% of them are. So expect to sift through quite a few before finding another diamond in the rough.

Finally, consider a better business model. One that pays you around the clock, not just on the hours you work. I get paid whether I show up to work or not. That’s the difference between selling a product all day everyday, and selling my time and services. I also don’t have to deal with any staff. Ever.


King Kong is an excellent choice for the business owner who wants results. Those who are prepared to invest and dominate their competition. Yes – business is a little ruthless at times. Those who aren’t prepared to market online will soon become extinct.

They’re not the cheapest. They never claim to be. But they have some incredible skills at SEO and online marketing. Heck – that’s how you found them. They marketed to you. If they can market to you and reach you, how do you think they’ll go finding you more customers and clients. Food for thought my friend.

Even though they’ll likely bring in more business, that’s no guarantee of results. It’s still up to you to convert that into sales and profitability for your business. So don’t let go of a good opportunity to expand.

It’s also wise to consider if you can actually handle the increase in business. Some business owners have reported chaotic work scenes as King Kong sent them a torrential downpour of new clients and customers, way more than they were expecting and could handle. A good problem to have, right?

I guess that’s a challenge withing an existing traditional offline business. They can be difficult to handle a new growth phase without adequate planning. That’s why I chose online – growth is EASY to handle, in fact I’m constantly working on growth and opportunities.

Alternative business model

Speaking of a good opportunity, again there’s been thousands of people in Australia who have chosen to start selling online, as opposed to running traditional businesses. The best starting point is eCommerce.

You can actually start for FREE right now. It’s quite simple, and the course is available for instant access. You can watch on either your computer, tablet or smart phone. It’s an effective method to actually build a scalable business, one where your sales can happen 24/7 instead of just office hours.

Again, thousands of Australians have jumped on board. I hope you have the courage and willingness to be next. This has really been built for those who are most committed, have a strong work ethic and can handle some challenges.

If that’s you, then this is probably a good fit for you.

King Kong agency rated
  • Client Personalization
  • Service Pricing
  • Constant Follow-Up
  • Client Results
  • Marketplace Experience
  • Constant Improvement
  • Marketplace Reputation

Summary of Sabri Suby's marketing services

I’ve rated King Kong based fundamentally on the Australian business owner who wants to excel through online marketing strategies.

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2 thoughts on “King Kong’s Digital Agency Review (Sabri Suby)”

  1. $1000 isn’t much as an entry point (we won’t even touch SEO below $1500/month), it’s too resource heavy to do properly.

    I’m not a fan of Sabri’s shock tactics, they don’t bode well for ethical marketing standards. Each to their own.

  2. We have worked with King Kong for a year and the experience has been a disaster. Paying $4,000/month for SEO, they promised they would get 60% of our keywords on the first page of Google within 12 months. Otherwise, they would work for free until they achieved that KPI.

    To our surprise, 12 months passed and we had around 20% of keywords on page 1. They didn’t keep their promise.

    So don´t buy it when they say that they “guarantee results”. They are dishonest and from reading similar reviews, I dare to say that they have build an empire at the expense of small businesses such as mine.


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