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Juice Plus+ Review: Exposing the REAL truth (I made $17,057 last month)

I’m fully going to EXPOSE the company Juice Plus+ in this review, sharing my thoughts as to whether they’re a scam or a legitimate business opportunity. You’ll get the inside scoop as to whether this company is worth your attention.

Please note: The income stated in this title is what I made through my eCommerce businesses, as opposed to being a representative for Juice Plus. It would be very hard to make that sort of income through Juice Plus+ so I choose (and recommend) to build businesses that I 100% own and control.

As an Australian, I’ve been running this blog since 2011, and it’s packed full of resources. My thoughts and opinions have been well received by tens of thousands of people around the world. Particularly, those in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, the UK, Singapore and South Africa.

This Juice Plus review will be based off knowing several reps here in Queensland. I’ll share my thoughts and opinions, and fundamentally, help you decide whether you should join, or if you’re on board already, consider something else.

Let’s begin…

Exposing what Juice Plus+ is

They are a network marketing or also known as an MLM company. I have no idea why there’s a double plus in the title ‘Plus+‘ but I guess there’s a reason. Reminds me of the A+++ eBay feedback of last decade.

Some people might call Juice Plus+ a pyramid scheme or a scam, though I personally don’t think it’s either of those things. They’re a legit company selling some wellness shakes, using the friends and family distribution model. This was popularized with Amway years ago, and today, it’s simply getting harder to do these things.

Juice Plus Pyramid Scheme Scam
I thought this one was super funny! Juice Plus+ isn’t a pyramid, but it’s sort of close.

Currently, Juice Plus is in a range of countries outside the US including Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Norway, England, Ireland, France, Belgium and a range of others. Juice Plus has reviews from distributors in each country, and some are more negative than others. Recently, Australia was opened and naturally I was prospected.

These guys in MLM do hype up some information, but it’s more so the representatives making some outrageous claims that can’t sometimes be backed up with evidence. The hype allows less resistance towards getting more distributors on board (and paying monthly) and keeps the company steaming along.

I’ll mention this more than once – Juice Plus isn’t a scam or a pyramid scheme at all. Certainly, they aren’t a get rich quick scheme either, but to add…some people are getting really rich. Can you guess who?

Making money with Juice Plus

If you’re actually serious about building a business, then you’ve probably arrived here on my blog for this core reason. You want to know if you can make a full time income with this company. You’re looking to quit your day job or move away from your existing business with a side hustle. I wrote this Juice Plus review just for you.

The truth is, it’s not the company, but the business model itself. It’s seriously hard to make money with MLM schemes, including Juice Plus.

Did you know that #antimlm is such a trending topic online? This is because everyone is realizing that you can buy the same products down at your local pharmacy, drug store or chemist for half the price.

Would you charge your own mother 50% more for the same product to support ‘your business’ when in fact, it isn’t your actual business anyway? Your business belongs to Juice Plus, and they could kick you out at any time. That’s why you pay a membership fee. πŸ˜‰

Our system offers the ability to earn a part-time income….

Juice Plus Australia website:

…but what if you want a full time income, and use this to quit your job? Juice Plus says their system only says part time income.

Making money with Juice Plus is HARD. There has to be an easier way…and I’ve found it!

You’ll start as a volunteer representative, and in fact, you’ll have to pay to play.

If you’re super motivated and can produce results for the company, then comes the part-time income.

JuicePlus doesn’t advertise the opportunity to make a full time income on their Australian website. Kinda weird? This going to make quitting your day job a lot more harder. International websites might be different however.

The REAL money in Juice Plus

The vast majority of people in these network marketing schemes make very little to no money. Some people eventually do make a full time income, and then there’s the 0.1% at the top making the big dollars. These are the top dogs.

You’ll find these top dogs at live events and motivational conferences, they’re the main speakers. They got in as reps at the company at close to Day 1, not at Day 7513 which is sort of today. Remember, the company has been around for 30+ years now. The early adopters make the real money.

Also, some of the speakers aren’t actually representatives of the company. They can hire motivational speakers for $10,000 an hour at times. These speakers go around from seminar to seminar. I actually like motivational speakers personally, but don’t assume any of these speakers are naturally apart of the company at which their speaking at. In other words, they can sometimes be found on the stages of other MLM companies.

Some simple facts include:

  • Paying the joining fee and buying products equals 0% business share
  • The vast majority of people in JuicePlus+ are making minimal income
  • This scheme can only survive if people keep joining each & every day
  • Many representatives get rejection after rejection when trying to do it
  • The best reliable income to be made is being the owners of JuicePlus+

Due to the overwhelming drop out rate of distributors who struggle to make income, they decide to eventually quit. Then they jump online and write things such as ‘Juice Plus scam’ and other titles, and some might even call it a pyramid scheme. Truth is, whilst it’s a real business opportunity, they’ve only realized later on that it’s super hard to make money.

I’m here to change that. Through the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s these schemes worked well. Some people made good money, and others got rich. In 2019, we’re living in completely different times. there are simply better ways to make money online. The internet has changed everything.

Building your own real business

Yippee! My favourite part. If you’re not Aussie, then this is slang for ‘very excited’. I even wrote favourite in our own Australian English spelling (we use a ‘u’ in the word). I’m glad you’ve read this far, I really do applaud you doing your research on companies such as Juice Plus.

If you’re actually wanting the build a business, then opportunities online are bountiful. In fact – it’s hard to find new people to sign up to the Juice Plus opportunity, because they’re running off to build their own real businesses nowadays.

As I said, the internet has changed everything. Today is the easiest time in history to build a business, and no, you don’t have to partner with a company. But it’s easier. In fact – get partnered with the #1 company in the world, and you’ll likely find better success.

Alternative to Juice Plus
I’d rather catch the trend, then be behind on the trend.

Let me expose the secret: It is eCommerce, particularly distributing via Amazon FBA. The same products that Juice Plus sell can easily be found on Amazon (with different packaging), yet Amazon sells 100x more per day! Better pricing, faster shipping and (likely) better nutrient profile.

Most MLM reps become Amazon sellers

That title is true, as there’s thousands who have seen the light. Yes – including myself. They’ve found the train that hasn’t yet left the station. In fact – it’s still waiting for passengers! Dozens of Juice Plus representatives have potentially left the company after creating their own Amazon side-hustles.

Best of all – you can become an Amazon seller. Yes – you. It’s where the real money is being made right now in 2019. It’s for the person who has time, capital and work ethic to see it through. To build their 7 or even 8 figure business on the platform, and make sales day and night.

To take it even further – Amazon allows you to use their infrastructure. Again – you won’t be storing products at home in the garage like Juice Plus. Except, in Amazon’s case, you’ll own your own business. You could sell it for profit. You’re only borrowing their infrastructure that they’ll just charge you 15%.

And the ABSOLUTE best part? There’s a 100% FREE training course right here that will show you step by step how to get started as an Amazon seller. It’s beginner friendly, and you can start right now.

A real business on Amazon requires the following type of person:

  • Families, couples and motivated individuals aged between 18 and 65
  • Those willing and able to commit emotionally to build their business
  • People with some starting capital to launch really great products
  • Individuals looking for a stronger and 21st century business model
  • Those looking for a 7 figure exit, or just control their own business

If you’re that type of person, jump on board with the FREE training. Get started in business the right way, instead of being an unpaid representative for Juice Plus. If you’ve read this review all the way until this point, then I applaud you for taking the time to give your attention.

Closing thoughts

Juice Plus is not a scam or a pyramid.

Sure, it is a REAL opportunity, but the challenges that lay ahead are massive. You’ll be expected to approach friends and family with this ‘new business opportunity‘ which often ends in rejection. Should they join, after a few months they’ll also realize the challenges (or the credit card rebills) and also quit. You’ll somehow be the reason they fail.

It’s 2019, and it’s much harder today to build a business using the MLM model. eCommerce is dominating our lives, and it’s only just starting. I’d rather catch this train, then use a train that started in the 1970’s and is running out of steam now.

While I *could* do this, but I prefer working from the hammock! πŸ™‚

All businesses require work, commitment, capital and the mental toughness to work through the challenges. You won’t become a millionaire overnight. It’s just that some business models are definitely easier than others.

The decision is simply yours. There are opportunities fully around us, and the responsibility is on you to find the one that best serves your family. Most importantly, it has to be a financially successful one too.

The next steps

If you’ve joined, and now want to leave, that’s your choice. For those who have joined, and now want to stay, my hats off to you, as it’s a tough road you’re on. If you’re considering joining, and decide that this isn’t for you due to my insights, then I applaud you for having an open mind. And if you still join after reading this far, consider still leveraging a better strategy but stay on as a customer for their products.

I’ve opened the door towards potentially a stronger business model. That is, partnering with the world’s #1 company, period. Not an MLM company, but a real company, one that we all know, love and shop on. The door is 100% open. It’s your call to step through.

Now then – perhaps – I didn’t drink enough of my juices today.

Rated: Juice Plus business opportunity
  • Product Range
  • Live Events
  • Product Pricing
  • Income Potential
  • Income Likelihood
  • Time in Market

Summary of Juice Plus+

This has been rated for both the person who’s looking to join Juice Plus+, and the person who’s looking for a new direction in life having been in the company for a few months.

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