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Joshua Crisp: Amazon Seller Course (AMZ Formula) Evaluated

Today I’ll be examining and evaluating the FBA course by Joshua Crisp. Like myself, he’s a successful Amazon seller who’s close to the 8 figure range.

Why You Should Trust Me

Hey - I'm Joshua. I started blogging here in 2011 before it was cool, and almost 10 years later I'm still here. In addition, I've built from scratch (and with a limited budget) a portfolio of niche and authority websites as well as 2 eCommerce brands.

I've bought numerous online courses and been to numerous conferences which have helped me immensely along the way, but doing so wasn't cheap. The trouble today, as it was back when I got started, is knowing who's really bringing solid value to the table.

Therefore, I do my best to outline what's offered within courses so you can make an informed decision. Just like you, I like to do my research before moving forward with a decision which could positively impact my life.

My name is Joshua Smith, and I’m Australian. I’ll simply be giving you the low down on this Amazon seller and course. No hype or sugar coating. You’ll be discovering exactly what this course is, and if you should take it.

You can also get a free Amazon course alternative if you have limited funds. You can also get a if you have limited funds.

Certainly, if you like unicorns and overnight success on Amazon, then I’m not for you. I have become so sick of the noise in the guru space. My blog attracts those that honestly want to build a real Amazon business, with a target of a 7 figure exit in 5 to 7 years time.

There are many training courses out there but here’s one that I’ve found to be the most exhaustive, tested, & proven ‘A to Z’ Private Label Strategy:

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Thoughts on Joshua Crisp

I smell BS all around, especially with all the Amazon gurus and scams in the Amazon course marketplace. It’s for this reason my BS meter has become highly calibrated. I can see right through people.

That said, this dude doesn’t ring too many alarm bells or raise red flags. If you’re curious what a red flag is, look at Kevin David aka The Zon Ninja X dude with the sports cars. The dude makes a good living from course sales and has a bad reputation in the marketplace. In fact, his course has changed names several times, and now he’s into dropshipping and Shopify too.

Joshua Crisp Amz Formula Course review

Sure – Joshua is sometimes also pictured in exotic cars and destinations, paired with the mansion. But he’s genuine and humble too, that materials stuff was earned through Amazon FBA first, most of it prior to launching his education platform and student community. There’s plenty of great videos on his YouTube channel that helps you understand exactly who he is, his delivery style and character.

Here’s the biggest takeaway here: Joshua makes a significant amount of money through Amazon FBA already. His course is simply an add-on, and not his focus point. He’s after quality students, not a high volume of students. Very few Amazon mentors are like this, and I praise Joshua for this approach.

AMZ Formula course review

The AMZ Formula by Joshua Crisp is a solid course. Straight up, I’m impressed at the value here. There’s a significant amount of students who have taken this course.

It’s very much beginner-friendly. There’s a good community presence of other beginners, plus Joshua is often in the group helping out fellow students through the journey. Plenty of people have left reviews online and their perspectives on the AMZ Formula course.

Course modules include:

  • Setting up your Amazon business properly from Day 1
  • Sourcing products from China without being scammed
  • Keywords and SEO strategies to rank your product fast
  • Minimizing risk through brand patents and trademarks
  • Finding low competition products (It’s the best part…!!!!)
  • Lifetime updates to the course and more videos added

What I didn’t particularly like was the course length. It’s only 8 hours, and for $997 you can actually do better. In fact – if you’re reading this Joshua, you can do better! Please add in some more content for the students. 🙂

This was the biggest downside, and often course creators use my blog to improve upon their course content. Yes – the content is good, but most courses are in the 20 to 40-hour range for content.

That said, some courses use ‘filler content’ in order to promote a big course when it really isn’t that big. Josh does get straight to the point within his education and training.

Amazon course by Joshua Crisp

Fundamentally though, this is a good Amazon course. You’ll learn FBA A-Z to become a skilled and experienced seller on this platform. There were mostly positive reviews when doing my research. Some students have posted some strong success stories.

A free alternative

Now here’s the thing: A lot of people are doing well simply selling courses on how to sell on Amazon. It’s clear that Joshua is doing well with Amazon as a seller and doesn’t need to make a living from course sales. That I’ll applaud! 😃

On the other hand, the course can be a bit pricey for some people. Like it’s a lot of money to spend on your education if you’re not quite ready for it.

But then you need some software too. It’s like a GPS to help you find the gold.

Now, what if you could just pay the monthly cost of software and get a FREE Amazon course included? Like the complete A to Z on how to sell on Amazon!

A big Amazon seller recently opened the doors to his entire course, for free.

That’s 40 hours of content with slides, PDFs and frequent content updates.

More details here on this . In my opinion, the best value around!

The best part: it even includes a coupon code making the discounted software even cheaper… 😁

The truth about Amazon

Selling online isn’t easy. I’m one of the few bloggers in the entire world with this perspective. Success won’t be fast, you’ll need some capital and expect some challenges along the way. Rushing in is NOT a good strategy, unfortunately.

Joshua Crisp and his AMZ Formula course will walk you through to A to Z of starting out on Amazon. That said, there’s a serious amount of work involved here.

Don’t start today unless you’re prepared for that, and simply don’t buy a course based on the ‘feel-good’ feeling that you’ve done something positive. The truth test of character comes with the hustle.

Mindvalley scam
It’s great to see people doing their research

Some people who join this course have unrealistic expectations, especially when they see Ferrari Amazon gurus on YouTube.

No – you won’t earn a million dollars by next month. Sorry lads. Not even by next year. Amazon takes some serious effort to pull off the income that is purported by some Amazon sellers.

The typical student joining the AMZ Formula course by Joshua Crisp is from the United States and Canada. Those in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and Europe are likely to find better options. Yes – better options exist everywhere.

I’ve even reviewed and evaluated lots of Amazon courses here over the years.

Closing thoughts

Joshua Crisp does bring some great value to the table. His YouTube channel and content is excellent and will give you perhaps 70% of the puzzle. If you want the remaining 30% then you’ll have to invest in the course.

Amazon isn’t what it was like 4 years ago. Those were the wild wild west days. Things have changed, and yes, it is more competitive now. This is a common question I get on this blog, and if you’re scared about competition, then please don’t get started with Amazon. That competition is coming because this opportunity is alive and well for those that are willing to compete dominate in the FBA marketplace.

To get started, you WILL need to take a course. Learning from free videos is not a wise strategy. You won’t want to risk your capital through bad information. Invest in your knowledge my friend, as it has been the best investment I’ve personally ever made.

To close: Joshua Crisp has an excellent Amazon course and one of the most affordable currently. The best part: His results from literally nothing to success on Amazon are impressive!

Naturally, I’ll leave the comments box open below. You’re welcome to ask me anything regarding this course or related to selling on Amazon. As mentioned more than once, this journey isn’t easy, but I assure you – the struggles are worth it!

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AMZ Formula Evaluated
  • Review completion - 79%

Summary of AMZ Formula by Joshua Crisp

I’ve rated this course for the beginner who’s looking to get started right now. Please note that this is a review in progress, as I haven’t finished the course yet.

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39 thoughts on “Joshua Crisp: Amazon Seller Course (AMZ Formula) Evaluated”

  1. Hi Joshua,
    Appreciate the honest review.. I am based in Italy (speak English) and keen to do the right course to have the best possible chance. Would you recommend The AMZ Formula or Sophie Howard or is there another recommendation you can share? Thanks!

      • Hi Joshua,
        I really appreciate your taking the time to reply! Thanks!! Great service!
        I am going to seriously consider the AMZ Formula. In the meantime I will take a look at “your #1 recommended training” that I saw here on your site.. I know that its no where near as easy to make it on Amazon as it could have been if I was getting started a few years ago, but I really hope there is still opportunity.

  2. Hi Josh,

    So The AMZ Formula course Joshua Crisp offers is legit?! It’s no scheme ? I’ve been looking into taking the course for a while now but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’ve been very cautious, thinking its just another Guru get rich scheme.

    • Josh is one of the best Amazon teachers out there. Very congruent with what he teaches. Would highly recommend if you want actual FBA training instead of fluff.

  3. Hi, Josh, thanks for the good review..what affordable course would you recommend for someone living in South Africa? as I’ve watched quite a few of the free videos on YouTube and I’m now looking to gain some solid knowledge from someone reliable and honest

    • Hi Glenvin, hmmm so I’m not familiar with anyone in the education space in South Africa. Would be awesome if there was! It really doesn’t matter too much as you’ll be starting on the USA marketplace anyway, so just find a course that resonates with you. Plenty of YouTubers to check out like Myles Dunphy, Helium10 channel, Travis Marzioni, Greg Mercer, Tamara Tee, Ben Donovan, Tanner J Fox, Bill Stenzel, Dr Sajad Ali and Dylan Reed off the top of my head. Find someone that delivers great content for free and you’ll find their delivery style flows through into their paid course.

    • May i ask why you did not find value in the course ? just searching and was going to make AMZ a go for me personally. Just curious if your views or perspective are similar to what i am looking for.

  4. Hello Josh,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide this valuable information. I’m based in the UK and I am trying to gauge what kind of capital I would realistically need to get started. Could I get your take on this matter please?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Hello Nicholas, thanks for the feedback! $5,000 USD minimum and $10,000 USD ideally, essentially 4 to 8 thousand pounds.. It’s very hard to get started with less than this. Sure – you can get some samples and maybe a lower than MOQ order in, but as for building a business on the FBA platform, it really requires strong capital.

      From my experience over the years and having spoken to hundreds of FBA sellers, those who do the best almost always have a lot of capital. Unfortunately, most educators won’t tell you this since it can reduce course enrollments. For those on a budget, I do recommend building niche/authority websites instead. While it’s more affordable as a business model, there is a lot more work involved too.

      Hope that helps mate and glad that you’re looking at this from a realistic viewpoint.

  5. Hello Joshua
    I just watched the amz formula infomercial. He seems to emphasize capital of around $1000 usd. Is that realistic, it seems pretty low start up?
    Thank you

    • Hi Fredda, yes that’s the main thing which I disagree with and do hope that he addresses with the Infomercials. You aren’t going to make much momentum with such little invested these days. Realistically you’ll need a lot more (at least 5x more) if you’re serious about building a profitable FBA business.

  6. Hello Josh! which course you will recommend for Canada. Which course did you follow that change your life? Thanks!

    • Hi Dio, there isn’t a Canadian-centric FBA course at the moment that I’ve found. There are a few starting off on YouTube but they’re very small. Honestly it doesn’t really make much of a difference.

    • Hey mate, I’d recommend the cheapest you can afford. Joshua Crisp is a good option as is Marketplace Superheroes.

  7. Hey there, I am from Nepal, (South Asia) I am currently a student. How much should I need to invest in Joshua Crisp course in total to earn good income?

    • I recommend $5,000 USD minimum and $10,000 USD if you want to see results with inventory + education courses. I think this is likely beyond your affordability (and beyond most people’s affordability right now) and would instead suggest a completely different business model. Look up Income School on YouTube.

      • Absolutely Unaffordable for sure, It’s equivalent to 12,09094 NRs here in Nepal, that’s a huge amount to invest.
        Thanks for the response!

        • You’re welcome! It’s always good to know realistic expectations upfront and Amazon is tough for people outside of western countries. Consider alternative business models such as building authority sites or dropshipping.

    • LOL! Almost 2,000 comments across my blog and didn’t think anyone would ask that. 😅

      Answer = very unlikely. Never borrow money to start your first online business.

  8. Hi Joshua,

    Was comparing an Amazon FBA business vs a SMMA.

    I also noticed that at the start of your blog you said: “…build a real Amazon business, with a target of a 7 figure exit in 5 to 7 years time.”

    Does this mean an Amazon FBA business is more of a conduit of creating money to jump into another investment after? And how does it’s longevity compare in this regard to an SMMA?

    • Hi Ken,

      Some people do cycle up and aren’t done after a 7-figure exit and choose to build another business as now they have way more confidence, while others take the cash and ride off into the sunset. Building a SMMA is unlikely to achieve a 7-figure exit without staff and a systemized delivery model otherwise you’ll most likely just score a 3-year earn-out. Even then, most people simply remain as freelancers.

      Amazon is best for those with a lot of capital and enjoys hiding behind the computer, while SMMA is best for those with time and enjoy talking to business owners. Also, the cash conversion cycle is significantly quicker with an SMMA as opposed to FBA so it’s often a better choice for broke beginners.

      Hope that helps! Ultimately, both online business models are excellent.

  9. Hi Joshua,

    In the process of AMZ formula of Joshua Crisp,
    They are going to call us for 15 minutes. What exactly do they ask or say on that phone call? Can you tell me?

    • They generally look to see if you’re suitable for the program, are committed, have the capital needed to get products up live and selling etc.


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