John Crestani Review: My results with the Super Affiliate System

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It’s time to research and expose everything about the Super Affiliate System and John Crestani in this review. Does it work? Or is it merely a scam?

Good questions to ask. Especially in a world of every person left, right and centre selling their “quick way dot com to riches and success” – it’s hard to know who to trust.

Fact: I earn money with affiliate marketing. I have done so for 8 years now. For the last 4 years I have also focused on Amazon, which is what this blog is geared towards. I have no affiliate link here for John’s program. These insights are very much unbiased.

Note: My results will come in time and be shown here, as I am still working through this program. At 50+ hours of video content, it isn’t exactly light. 😅

Let’s get started.

What is the Super Affiliate System?

If you’re new here and don’t understand, allow me to expand here.

The Super Affiliate System is an internet marketing program created by John Crestani. Essentially, it’s a course plus community aspect. It’s now in its 3rd version and helps everyday people learn how to create an income on the internet. With private jets, fast cars and ‘make money while you sleep’ claims, it’s easy to see where some people state that it’s a scam, which it isn’t.

Previously this was known as Internet Jetset System. It’s now been rebranded.

John is actually good friends with one of my key mentors, Stefan James, who created the Project Life Mastery movement. Stefan also has an excellent course on affiliate marketing, though doesn’t update it as much, and there just isn’t much of a community aspect with his.

You can make money with the course by applying the lessons. Likewise, you can also make affiliate commissions from bringing more people into John’s training program. As very few people who get started have an email list or network, it’s better to NOT focus on recruitment, but to instead learn how to generate affiliate commissions elsewhere.

Inside the John Crestani program

Let’s jump inside. After all, that’s what you’re here for. Is the Super Affiliate System any good? Can you get results? Is it merely a scam?

Just on that, the truth is, there isn’t many scams about. Most are in the bitcoin space anyway. So, internet trolls, let’s put rest to this one.

It’s a training course. People can and do get results with John Crestani’s program. Like anything, it only works if you work. Plain and simple.

John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review
This is what you’ll see on the inside of John’s program

Here’s what you’re going to get…

  • Pretty well the A to Z on how to do affiliate marketing properly
  • Lifetime updates to the program, which is already into its 3rd revision
  • Support through the Super Affiliate Solutions Facebook group
  • Webinars where you’ll have interactive coaching for guidance
  • John’s favorite tools to get the job done properly, based on experience
  • In total, 50+ hours of video content. It’s huge for this industry.

Of course, you’ll find the 30-day money back gurantee. I’ve heard of students all getting their refund without any problems. The Super Affiliate System, after all, is a legitimate business, with a real address and phone number.

See, unlike many gurus, there is a real office. This has been created by a real person. Not some reclusive hermit hiding behind the computer screen.

Pros and Cons

Allow me to unpack both sides, especially for the skeptics. I’m sure there is plenty of you here. 😉 You know – those that don’t believe this laptop lifestyle is actually possible for the living person. Guess what? I’m proof that this stuff works, across the numerous websites and multiple Amazon products that all earn me income daily.

On the upside, I like that John is real. He provides some excellent content through his hugely popular YouTube channel. Whilst it is free, he saves a lot for the course. After all, this is a money making exercise.

On the other hand, the price for the course is up there. No one sells an affiliate marketing course for more than $997. Most people just don’t have any more available to get started. Stefan sells his for $1997, though routinely provides 50% discounts, and quite frankly, John’s course is better.

Another upside is that the content is routinely updated. It’s fresh, especially as this industry changes. Google, for example, does often change algorithms. SEO can be a moving target, though is largely still based on delivering outstanding user experiences.

The failure rate is a downside. This isn’t something that John Crestani has much control over. After all, it’s the student drive that gets you through. I would say that more than 90% of people who try “internet riches” courses never make anything, and it’s almost always based on work ethic. This isn’t the course for tyre kickers, of which, there is plenty out there.

Personally, I found the modules to be a little confusing at times. Videos weren’t in perfect order. The concepts I was easily able to grasp, given that I’ve been doing this stuff now for almost a decade. Just not sure how a complete beginner would absorb the content.

Closing thoughts

John Crestani does have a good course. I’ll happily rate him well in this review. There is a sense of ‘fast cars and private jets’ similar to that of Sam Ovens, but for the most part, John is simply real. His Super Affiliate System can and does work, with many testimonials.

There is, like many programs, room for improvement. I’m glad that John invests to keep his program updated with support for students, unlike some others out there. Yes, I’m looking at you, Stefan.

I would recommend that you jump on board with John Crestani’s free webinar at some stage. He really does give some good insights into both how to make your first $1 online, and commissions for the long term.

Personally, whilst I prefer selling on Amazon, those with limited capital should really consider affiliate marketing. Yes, it is super competitive, but has good possibilities for those prepared to do the work.

Now, over to you: any questions can be dropped into the box below.

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