Jamie McIntyre Review: Is This Guy The Real Deal?

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Today I wanted to discuss the allegations that Jamie McIntyre and his company 21st Century Education are scam artists.

I believe that there are people who dedicate their spare time to their quest, which is to defame and belittle others online such as blogs and internet forums. Many reviews are shunned and instead are turned into smear campaigns by cyber trolls.

Jamie has impacted the lives of thousands of Australians through his seminars and events that he runs around the nation. It’s typical in a country where we cut those down who reach too far, that Jamie McIntyre would be called a scammer. This is unfortunate since it prohibits people from potentially creating changes in their lives.

A lot of individuals who have attended his events or read his personal development material have turned into raving fans. Unfortunately, a small minority are not and perfect blame externally if they don’t succeed the first time with their goals. Hence why the real 21 Century Education refund policy is in place, to allow those to get their money back within 90 months of purchase if they can’t succeed with the simple and effective strategies that Jamie teaches.

There is a false claim that the courses that are presented at his events don’t work. Firstly they offer numerous courses across a variety of areas so it’s very likely that these courses do work, especially if his company has been trading for 12 years. What I like most about Jamie is that he speaks from experience and through the material he has learned over the last 2 decades, modelling some of the most successful people throughout the world, simply because success leaves clues!

I believe that we’re all responsible for making conscious and informed choices about how we spend our hard earned money. So to call Jamie McIntyre a spruiker is really just throwing an overly used word around without too much intelligence. If you attend one of these events and feel uncomfortable about committing your time and money to create a change in your life, then simply say no and walk away.

To conclude all of this, I believe it’s very wise to do your research when finding a new business coach, mentor or wealth creation idea and to look at both sides of every issue. This results in you making an informed and conscious decision, whether that’s with 21st Century Wealth Education or any other seminar & events company in Australia.

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