Is Udemy any good? Here’s my opinion

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A lot of people have been asking me whether Udemy is any good, and today I wanted to share my thoughts on this educational portal.

Is Udemy Any Good

I’ve been using Udemy for several years now. In fact – since 2013!

Is Udemy Any Good

As you can clearly see, I’ve bought 15 courses on Udemy over the last decade, mostly around Amazon FBA and home services. This gives you a hint as to what I sell on Amazon.

Udemy Review

As a real student, my experience has shown that Udemy features incredible courses. Yes, both free and paid. The paid courses range in price from $10, all the way up to over $1,000 (which tend to be systems/engineering certification courses). Generally, you’ll find the best value courses around the $100 range.

Professional vs Amateur

The courses on Udemy courses are created by both professional teams and individual/solo entrepreneurs from around the world. Compare this to amateur YouTube videos, and you can clearly see the difference.

Offerings created by a professional team will be of great content, however, it may be difficult for the end-user to build rapport with a team instead of an individual. That said, individuals mostly won’t be able to create such stunningly detailed courses, but will so do quite a fine job.

Each course on the Udemy platform gets checked and approved by their team before launching on the site. This helps to filter out the ‘wanna-be teachers’, meaning you’re only dealing with high-quality content, of which at least 70% has to be video content.

I love that there is no more boring ebooks or manuals that are tedious and dull! Rest assured that any course with Udemy will be good, yet it’s still up to you to put what you’re presented with into action.

A range of courses exists which ranges from gardening, yoga, personal development, health/fitness, information technology, marketing (both online and offline), speed reading, language learning and much more. For most people, just about every time you’ll be able to find a course that is ideal for your needs.

Beginners should keep in mind that most Udemy courses won’t deliver you with any formal accreditation. Essentially, Udemy is not any good for those who are using this resource to boost their career.

Would I still recommend Udemy in 2020?

Absolutely! Udemy is very good now compared to how I wrote this original review in 2013. It’s certainly improved and has many more students.

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Udemy’s platform continues to boom. It has become the #1 place to source high-quality education that you can do at home. It is my opinion that everyone should consider Udemy for their educational needs. I would certainly recommend their platform if you’re serious about learning from home.

Jump on their platform today as you’re bound to find a good course that suits your needs.

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  1. This sounds ideal for someone who is trying to improve their skills to get a better job. The saying “Knowledge is Power” certainly applies when searching for employment. The more you know the better your career options. UDEMY would also be fun for someone like me who takes courses just for the fun of learning new things. These classes sound reasonably priced and there’s a good variety – I took a look – something for everyone. This is why I love the internet.


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