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Impact Theory University Review: I Bought Both Mindset & Business Tracks

Curious as to what Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory University is like? I’ll share my own student experiences since I didn’t see any other real reviews out there on the interweb.

I’ve been a huge Tom Bilyeu fan for 18 months. The type of follower that screams in excitement the moment a new episode is available.

Yep, that type of dude. Oh yeah and I bought that shirt – it’s epic.

I was waiting for the day that he would release a paid members area, merely to ‘payback’ for the hundreds of hours of world-class content he’s shared across YouTube and other social media networks.

I knew what he created would be fantastic, but boy….this turned out to be even better.

Changing lanes for a moment, you’ve found your way to my blog which has been my calling for many years. As a Tom Bilyeu fan, I’ve inspired many people to discover how to reclaim their time and exit the rat-race.

This isn’t the place nor intention to pitch such an opportunity. Today I simply want to unpack everything and share my experiences with Tom’s membership area.

Unpacking Impact Theory University

So let’s jump into what you’re here for. What’s inside the Impact Theory University? Does Tom go beyond his already spectacular A-game?

Most importantly: Is there much more content that we already see on his YouTube channel.

All good questions to have. And let’s answer the important question upfront. 99% of what you’ll find is available for free on YouTube. Tom even says so himself.

It’s that 1% that I absolutely REALLY want. It’s hard to ignore supporting Tom when he’s given for so long.

Impact Theory University Review Tom Bilyeu

So if you’re curious – that’s why I pulled out the credit card. Even though plenty of people get this for free, I really wanted to support Tom.

I certainly wanted the live monthly (group) coaching, plus the additional Facebook group involvement. In fact, before this stage, I hadn’t ever met another Tom Bilyeu fan, online or otherwise. This, therefore, was a massive draw-card.

I couldn’t find an Impact Theory University coupon code when searching online, but I also chose the Yearly Bundle option which doesn’t have the option for a code either. But they do give a significant discount anyway!

Yes! I’m in. Got my confirmation email too. πŸ˜ƒ

Impact Theory University Review

Pretty happy with this. My debit card for some reason didn’t work from here in Australia, but PayPal went through just fine. My online businesses are doing well, so the Yearly Bundle was well within reach.

On the inside

Alright – this is what you’re going to see upon joining this vibrant community.

Inside Impact Theory University Work With Joshua
I’m in! This is the welcome page where Tom congratulates those who have joined.

Then you’ll see the full library. It’s hard to find anyone else out there who has accurately reviewed this membership program on the inside.

Impact Theory Library
The main library you’ll see, if you purchase both options like I have.

Let’s unpack the content. Remember that I chose the bundle, meaning I have both the Mindset and Business tracks from Impact University. I’ll evaluate both separately, though they’re very similar too.

Mindset Track

Most people will start here. I’d say that 70% of Tom’s audience is looking for mindset first, before business, despite having a high volume of business owners as his audience.

Mindset 101 Impact University
Starting with Mindset 101

Recently on an episode, Tom revealed that his number one question is “I want to kill myself. What do I do about this?” which is both a shock (on an entrepreneurship channel) but certainly comes down to mindset. I later thought about how many on this journey really do struggle, and how I often push people away as it’s seriously hard work to build any business.

Why Mindset is Everything Tom Bilyeu
As you can see from the captions, there are hundreds of students already inside!

What you’ll be receiving is:

  • Access to the pre-recorded Mindset 101 Course
  • One per month live mindset class (2 hours long)
  • Ability to ask questions to Tom live in the class
  • Recordings of all the previous classes/sessions
  • Interactive worksheets (digital) to print off

Access to the Facebook group is provided. It also includes students from the Business Track, with Tom sometimes dropping into the conversations as well.

Business Track

I decided that this element is what I wanted the most, yet the Mindset Track is one I also *had* to have. Therefore, I chose the Bundle option.

This the bulk of the business track – the coaching replays and upcoming calls

The Business Track is very much mostly the live sessions. The only difference is you’ll be receiving the Entrepreneurship 101 course, as opposed to the Mindset 101 course.

This is the Entrepreneurship 101 area

I really love the Entrepreneurship 101 section the most after going through the content.

Lastly, both the Mindset and Entrepreneurship tracks have handouts in PDF form. It’s ideal for those who love to write down what they’ve learned, ask questions and otherwise stop the binge-watching sessions that we otherwise usually do on YouTube.

Both of these are huge! About 20mb in total. I’ve shared merely the basics. I’m trying to avoid spoiling everything. 😜

Essentially these handouts are a key differentiator between YouTube content and the Impact Theory University. Instead of listening to interviews on the subway, listening while working in another tab or watching while tucked in bed late at night, this is where you actually have to do some work.

I printed off all of these in color on high GSM paper at my local print store. This way I could go through them properly for my business and personal growth over the next 5 to 7 years.

It’s like Tom is giving us homework to do so we can actually yield concrete results. Not only that, but each live monthly coaching session comes with an additional handout too.


I would love to say that there’s a lot of upsides here. As Tom has completely over-delivered publicly, it’s a challenge to go to the next step. To bring more to the table.

Where the core difference lays is that YouTube is more for entertainment value, whereas the University is an instruction manual for success. It’s the procedure, as opposed to binge-watching.

Consider it tactical, and something that’s a challenge to do publicly, to the free market, where most people wouldn’t take it seriously. Personally, I mainly value those of which I’ve paid for.

As I outlined, it’s the live coaching calls for students only + student community group that got me inside. The course content is also very good, though at the same time (as you might imagine) is sometimes rehashed.


Often I would say the price is a downside to these training programs. Truth is – the pricing is right on-point. It’s affordable enough that almost all of Tom Bilyeu’s audience could afford it, at the same time, requires a slight leap from the comfort zone. The payment plan represents great value too, though as I said, I’ve chosen the yearly payment.

The main one is complimentary access for students. Some people might feel a sense of frustration knowing that someone else (in fact, potentially dozens of people) are receiving complimentary access, simply for the sake of asking for it.

I guess that watching Impact Theory on YouTube has a lot of free content already.

This wasn’t so much a hindrance for me, but I can imagine might discourage others from paying, or even supporting the Impact Theory University.

For me though, it wasn’t really a problem at all. This is my journey, and I have little care about what other deals others might be accessing. If anything – mostly good can come from this.

Some of the tiny things I didn’t like so much:

  1. The pricing could be slightly lower. Not for me, but for others that don’t have the financial means but don’t feel like having a free ride.
  2. Layouts of the videos were a little confusing at times to remember where you are up to
  3. Entrepreneurship and Business tracks are highly similar and could also be rolled into one
  4. We’re used to Tom’s videos being 40mins+ long on YouTube. He could make these a bit shorter ‘bite-sized chunks’ inside the paid community.

But then these are personal frustrations which, to be quite raw, are merely 1st world problems. Tom has really brought rock-solid content to the table inside, with more of a ‘How-To’ or ‘Step-By-Step’ instead of merely binge-watching through social media channels.

Impact Theory University Support groups

I mentioned earlier that I’ve never met another Tom Bilyeu fan in person, despite having a great supportive network of friends around me. This was a key reason why I purchased Impact Theory University, so I can join their Facebook groups for students only.

Luckily I was able to find dozens of Impact Theory fans in Australia as well as New Zealand in each group. Those in Canada and the United Kingdom shouldn’t have any trouble either.

Update: Tom Bilyeu is coming to Australia in February 2020! Stoked! 😁

Like the courses themselves, three is a separate group for each. The Mindset group is more popular:

Impact Theory Facebook Group Mindset Coaching

On the other hand, while smaller, the Business community is still strong:

Tom Bilyeu Business Coaching Facebook Group

Not only do you get access to these networking and support groups (with no selling…apart from Impact Theory Merch 😁), you can also attend live events with other students. Tom has done 2 such events in the US so far with more planned for 2020. Yes, this includes Australia as mentioned above.

In regards to the calibre, it’s certainly higher than any free Facebook group. I mean, when you outlay money on your education, you’re often going to find people who are pretty committed to their journey. It’s early days for me in both groups (3 months) so it’s hard to gauge what results people are experiencing in their world.

It’s clear that much more of Tom’s audience is interested in the Mindset material 1st. If starting a business is still in the distance for you, then I’d start with the Mindset track first. Like, you can always upgrade down the track and their support team replies quickly to emails (Shoutout to Namrata here!).

The right ITU student

Commonly, the type of student who joins Impact Theory University is the one who fits the following criteria:

  • An Impact Theory fan like myself who’s committed to success
  • Has the cash flow or capital to invest in one or both programs
  • Believes in the power of self-help and taking consistent action
  • Those willing to work and play the long game (No quick wins)

If that’s you – then jump on board. Impact Theory University doesn’t have an affiliate program, and quite clearly, there is no need for one.

Update December 2020: ITU now has an affiliate program but it isn’t the type of program that needs affiliates per se.

If you’re wanting to support my review here, you can use my referral link here. This helps channel more funds and awareness into my #1 charity, Destiny Rescue. Read more here.

My experiences within ITU are continuously developing. I’ll update this evaluation as time goes on as to the ‘impact’ that that has had, both personally and financially.

Next steps

I would recommend for just about anyone o jump on board. Tom’s created the How-To process here and does go well beyond what he features on YouTube.

The refund policy is quite substantial, and their offer of free entry via the Impact Theory University Scholarship is quite generous. 😊

Tom Bilyeu's paid mentoring program

If you have questions, then you’re welcome to drop them below. I’ll do my best to help you out as a fellow student.

Check the lowest monthly bundle offer…

And I’ll catch you on the inside! πŸ˜ƒ

Impact Theory University
  • Course Content
  • Student Calibre
  • Pricing
  • Content Updates
  • Refund Policy
  • Event Timings
  • Student Assignments

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23 thoughts on “Impact Theory University Review: I Bought Both Mindset & Business Tracks”

  1. Hi Joshua!

    Thanks for taking the time to review the courses that Tom has launched. One area where I’ve not received a good answer on, is how long are these courses designed for? You have the monthly fee and the 12 month (discounted) fee. What is the intended time that a student is supposed to subscribe in order to get the best advice/mindset/value from this course? Or is it a bit like counselling, in that you subscribe for as long as you feel you need it? Do you still have access to the old content should you stop subscribing?

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Joshua, thanks for the review. Could you post the curriculum of the two 101 classes. What can I expect there?
    Best regards

  3. Thanks for taking the time to write this post!

    My questions are:

    1. How has this helped you up your game?
    2. Did you get plugged into a community of action takers? Or were they mostly lurkers who weren’t taking action?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Joe! Sorry for the delay in responding as I didn’t see your comment and questions earlier. I’ve had more clarity on the execution and removing my distractions, or in other words, recovering from shiny object syndrome.

      There are some great people in the community, but as expected with any of these entrepreneurial communities, 80% will mostly be lurkers in their early stages of growth and development.

    • Oh hey, you’re welcome Dave! I’ve spotted a few other Australians in the Facebook group but not many. I think Tom has plans to come to Australia next year similar to the event he recently did in LA. Hopefully I’ll catch you there! πŸ‘Š

  4. Hi Joshua,

    Thank you for taking the time to write this detailed review. One thing i disagree on is the way you’re going on about the free access to the program !
    See, I was one of the students who got this opportunity! Three months have not only helped me build strength and resilience but also got me a job with a company i love, helped me overcome health challenges and so much more!
    I wasn’t Tom’s follower nor his fan at the point when i started the program.Upon completion all i wanted to do is pay back for the free three months membership, sponsor someone else who can’t afford the program for whatever reason and finally get back myself to the full yearly paid membership !
    So yes, there might be people who do take advantage and ate not serious about their goals, but we should not ever talk in general. As i already shared the scholarship has given me so much and today others can benefit too from my experience…
    otherwise great content, thank you once again for sharing your experience!



    • Hey Suada, thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I’m so happy to hear about the sheer impact that Tom’s training has also had on your life.

      Your perspective isn’t something I thought about earlier. Now that I think about it, based on the high calibre of Impact Theory’s audience, I’m sure the majority are likely to do the same: passing on the gift of knowledge. πŸ™

  5. Hi Joshua,

    Much appreciated for the review & info – very helpful!

    How much time are you allocating for ITU on weekly basis?

    Thanks a lot!

    / Teemu

    • Hey Teemu, thanks for the feedback! Only 2 to 3 hours per week as I’m really focused on IMPLEMENTING, mainly towards building my company culture and dream team right now.

  6. Thank you so much for your insight etc πŸ‘πŸ‘β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈ I’m definitely joining now after reading this , no doubt ! πŸ’―πŸ™ Lots of love from a Tom Bilyeu fan, in Norway πŸ₯°

  7. Thank you so much Joshua for a very detailed review. I’m in two minds about taking the plunge myself. I really rate Tom, I really do though can’t work out whether I want to invest in this way. Benjamin Hardy has something very similar and takes enormous willpower and self discipline to do the work at home and that’s what is holding me back!! Cheers from rainy London πŸ’¦

    • Thanks heaps for the feedback Jay! Yes, I see the launch of a learning platform as a common trend with those who have built an established audience. Brian Rose from London Real (Tom’s biggest competitor but are good mates) had also taken the same path a few years back.

      Working at home to build the empire is tough for many and a co-working space could be ideal. It’s also good to seek out fellow students locally. I just searched ‘London’ as a keyword in both groups just now and there are at least a dozen in the Business stream and 2 dozen in the Mindset stream, not counting those who haven’t introduced themselves yet.

  8. Thank you Josh for this well structured insight.
    I am a huge Tom & Lisa Bilyeu Fan and I think I can give the 2 all the credit, thanks and appreciation for the path of my own journey. The breadcrumbs (of their ‘free content’) I carefully followed over the last 3 years determined my decisions and meanwhile I see so much accordances to what comes up next,.
    I am not on ITU yet but in a phase of reconstructing my vision of being an entrepreneur (in a country where it seems nearly impossible due to tax and restrictions of professional license costs). But the way of thinking to be part of a free competitive market inspires me to learn more more more … for finally daring the step to international connection and business.
    Thank you for this post and my first discovery of a real ‘Tom Bilyeu Fan’!

    • Thanks Mijke! Really appreciate your feedback ☺️ and yes, even the most restrictive countries have opportunities today that we didn’t have 20 years ago. See you in the Facebook group(s) soon!

  9. Hello Joshua!
    Wanted to know as I am a busines sowner and dont get time to watch contebt daily.
    Ia it possible to batch watch /binge back to back videos on ITU or are they restricted by number of days and the videos you can watch in a day?


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