Hoovies Garage Net Worth: How Much Does Tyler Make on YouTube?

Fun Facts About This Supercar Legend

Published: January 19, 2023

Last updated: January 6, 2024

By Joshua Smith πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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Welcome to the ultimate analysis of Hoovies Garage for 2024.

I truly admire the success of many YouTube creators who have insights that we can learn from.

The goal of these profiles is to show you the different ways people have built 6 and 7-figure careers. I hope to inspire you to create your own success online, starting today.

Hoovies Garage Facts

πŸ’‘Full Name and Age

Tyler Hoover (age 35)

πŸ€‘ Net Worth

Becoming a creator in the supercar niche on YouTube is certainly one way to become a wealthy mechanic…

As we’re in 2024, my best estimate is that Hoovies Garage has a net worth of $5,200,000 USD.

This is based on the value of his mechanical workshop, personal home, supercar collection and online business.

His favorite cars belong to the Hooptie Fleet.

Tyler previously owned Ad Astra Automotive which he sold in early 2015.

🀩 Income Streams

Brand sponsorships, YouTube ads and merchandise sales.

🌍 Location

He lives in the United States, specifically Wichita, Kansas.

✌️Common Praise

Tyler has an incredibly clean workshop, takes on ambitious projects and works hard for his success.

❌ Notable Complaints

None that I could find.

πŸš€ The X-Factor

He’s earned every dollar he’s made.

πŸ“ˆ Creator Trends

Tyler is in the prime of his career on YouTube. He has retained his audience throughout the last few years.

πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Private Life

It’s unclear if he has a girlfriend or wife at this time.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» My Verdict

He’s one of the most passionate automotive channels on YouTube, and I’ll stay subscribed well into the future.

About Me

I’m Joshua Smith from Australia. I have been building profitable content sites since 2011.

Today, in addition to managing my own portfolio, I actively help others on their journey.

How much does Hoovies Garage make and how?

Hoovies Garage more than likely makes between $20,000 and $30,000 per month on YouTube. This is made through:

➜ YouTube ads (his audience is considered premium so advertisers pay higher than usual)

➜ Sales of his exclusive Hoovies Garage merchandise which I’m about to buy

➜ Numerous brand sponsorships such as HelloFresh and ShipStation which pay him very well

Tyler is 100% treating his YouTube content like a standalone business. If his mechanical workshop ever becomes unprofitable, then he has something to fall back on.

Creator Praise

Many people like him because:

➜ He takes on projects that many run from

➜ He’s clearly passionate and knowledgeable

➜ His performance cars are simply incredible

➜ He’s been on national television

And here’s a fun fact: Tyler has a degree in Political Science. Clearly he discovered a better-paying career!

Creator Red Flags

Despite his fame, Hoovies Garage isn’t without some controversy. However, this is minimal compared to other creators. I find that he plays naive when he knows full-well that he’s going to smash it out of the park with his next car restoration.

Hoovies Garage Quotes

Tyler has said some incredible things over the years, such as:

➜ “BMW engineers have run out of things to do.”

➜ “Oh my goodness, just look at this gorgeous thing!”

➜ “My whole career as whatever this is started with a tweet from @JeremyClarkson. Without it, I’m pretty sure the hundreds of columns and YouTube videos, 3 seasons of Car Issues, and other gigs probably never would have happened,which afforded me all these wonderfully broken things.”

➜ “I’d like to announce that I recently purchased a 10% stake in BMW stock and will stage a hostile takeover if they don’t turn the grills back to a non-cartoonish size.”

That’s all definitely what Tyler would say!

My Verdict

I’m so inspired by their success on YouTube. From watching so many videos, there are key lessons that can propel our lives forward, both on a business and personal level.

My key takeaways include:

➜ Be around people who are just as passionate as you

➜ Rewards certainly come to those who consistently work hard

➜ Open your mind to opportunities that exist online

➜ Personal freedom is created by following your passion

And it’s never too late to be a passionate go-getter.

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