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Hiring an Amazon Personal Coach for Mentoring: Should you do it?

I’m an advocate for educating yourself properly so you don’t make expensive mistakes, and a personal coach for selling on Amazon can be a good idea.

But should you actually invest in one? Or consider a course that comes with complimentary coaching calls?

Good questions.

I’ll unpack some of the most common questions regarding coaching calls today.

Personal coaching for Amazon sellers

There are thousands of people getting started on the Amazon selling bandwagon every day. I mean: Why not? This business opportunity has helped thousands of people quit their jobs forever, including me.

Some people need coaches, and some people like me don’t.

So let’s create the divide and see which one you fit into.

When Amazon coaching works

There are times when I think a coach is highly recommended:

  • When you’re a complete newbie to this ‘make money online’ gold rush
  • If you need someone to speak with, as opposed to email contact with me
  • You want the assurance that there is somebody to call at every roadblock
  • You’re nervous and this journey feels daunting, foreign and frustrating

Someone on the phone as your Amazon personal coach can really help you through those tough times. And you will have tough times! Don’t believe the gurus who think this is all sunshine and rainbows.

When Amazon coaching isn’t needed

Then again, some people like myself don’t require any support for these reasons:

  • You’re resourceful to figure out things and power through on your own
  • This isn’t new to you. You’ve done some some similar things online before
  • You’ve invested into high quality courses, where all the real knowledge is
  • You feel like you can get your questions answered just as fast in FB groups

Most people who find success on Amazon fall into this bucket. They’re resourceful and confident to do what’s needed, without needing a regular phone calls and support.

Deciding if you need it

If you haven’t been able to discern whether you’ll need it, then I’ll make this one as simple as possible.

Complete beginners should invest in an Amazon course that comes with coaching. I simply cannot provide enough email assistance to those who need help every 5 minutes, as I currently serve a readership of 25,000 people monthly.

Of course, let’s not forget my own 2 Amazon businesses that require love, attention and growth! See: I make my full-time income on Amazon and a very small amount earned through courses. I don’t even offer phone coaching, as my Amazon businesses are serving me very well!

Amazon selling personal coach and mentor

Those who have past business experience and are resourceful can do without coaching but may still wish to consider a course with coaching. There are numerous high-quality courses without coaching, but do come with very resourceful Facebook groups that are treasure-troves of information.

So if you’ve never done anything like this before, then consider a course that comes with coaching. Sophie Howard would be my pick. The course is also very extensive, plus student conference and webinars also included.

Some elements of this course, particularly its marketing approach, does need to improve. But it’s still well suited to the beginner.

Personal coaching is just aspect

Deciding on a course with coaching, or a course without coaching, is just one step in the big journey. There is a lot involved here. Amazon is a jungle and can be complicated at times, with many steps and hoops to jump through before finally going live with your 1st product.

So don’t get too hung up on this. If you’ve never made a single dollar on the internet before, then please do yourself a favor and get some one-on-one support and assistance. It’s an investment, not an expense.

Finally, this journey isn’t for the faint-hearted. There are some challenges that you’ll face along the way, including the risk of losing every single dollar. I hope you have the courage to work through the tough times, with or without a personal coach for your Amazon journey.

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