Graham Stephan Net Worth in 2020

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Curious what popular YouTuber Graham Stephan is worth in 2020? Let’s look at the numbers that I’ve done my best to estimate with the data available.

NameGraham Stephan
OccupationReal Estate Agent and YouTuber
Age29 years old as of 01/01/1990
Net Worth$6 million USD
LocationUnited States

Overview on Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan as part of the Oppenheim Group has made approximately $150 million USD in sales as a real estate agent, amassing a personal net worth of $6,000,000 US Dollars as of early 2020. His wealth was accumulated from both his real estate career, ad-revenue from his popular YouTube channel and course sales.

Growing up

In his early life, Graham Stephan was always eager to build his own empire. At the age of 12 he was already doing work as a marine photographer as he had an obsession with saltwater fish. Graham would often skip school and choose to work as a teenage photographer.

He had an early start to the real estate world and opted not to attend college. Instead, he decided to become a realtor at age 18 and working his way up to earn his first million by age 26.

Career in 2020

After a decade now working as a popular realtor in the LA area, he’s had the privilege of working with some very well known celebrities. This is due to his affiliation with Oppenheim Group who are focused on luxury property for both buyers and sellers.

Unlike many real estate agents who struggle, Graham has put a large focus on his YouTube channel which has now amassed more than a million followers. This is because he discusses financial literacy which is lacking in much of the western world.

With almost 80 million YouTube video views, Graham Stephen has made at least $100,000 from his channel and course sales. This has no doubt contributed to his net worth increasing month after month.

Graham Stephan also has a girlfriend of the same height, whose age is also 29.

Best quote

Personally, there are some fantastic quotes that Graham Stephan shares routinely across both channels. There are just too many to list, so let’s just run with my favourite:

Graham Stephan Net Worth

With rising college debt and the disappointingly low pay rates that cause even the most driven employees to live paycheck to paycheck, Graham proposes that we learn financial literacy. Not only that, but we strive to live within our means through a frugal lifestyle.

You’ll find that much of his YouTube channel is dedicated to exactly this. In almost every video, there is a strong recommendation to enrol in the Real Estate Agent Academy and The YouTube Creator Academy courses which cost $397. Compared to a college education, this is extremely affordable and actionable with refunds offered.

Teaching financial literacy

I praise Graham a lot and his videos have been very influential to my growth. He provides so much value upfront that you’d want to purchase one of his courses. These are extremely affordable unlike many of the other courses out there, plus Graham Stephan provides discounts and coupons.

For the average person, I’d highly recommend building an online business to increase your own personal net worth.

The type of business that is:

  • One that you 100% own
  • Is scalable over time
  • You can start small and grow
  • Most importantly: Doesn’t put you in debt

…And that’s exactly what Graham teaches in his programs. However, he doesn’t really teach others on how to sell on Amazon or build content-rich websites.

I have seen an interview that he did with Kevin David where the comments were…interesting. πŸ˜… (For those that don’t know, Kevin’s reputation isn’t that high)

In summary

Graham Stephan is a popular YouTuber, course creator and real estate agent. After 10+ years of consistent work effort, he has completed $150,000,000 in residential sales for rich clients in the LA area.

Graham Stephen has his own estimated net worth of $6 million US dollars.

What we have is another example of a consistent work ethic. Someone who has done the hard work with almost 500 YouTube videos over several years and exposes things for what they are, while he personally still lives the frugal life.

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