155 Gothic Captions and Quotes for Social Media (2023)

Feeling dark today?! Here are 155 gothic captions for your Instagram posts:

  1. “Darkness is my favorite shade.”
  2. “Lost in a gothic reverie.”
  3. “A little bit of chaos, a little bit of lace.”
  4. “Black is poetic.”
  5. “Where light fails, my soul sails.”
  6. “Midnight whispers and velvet dreams.”
  7. “Life’s no fun without a good scare.”
  8. “Gothic charm is timeless.”
  9. “Born in the wrong era, with a modern flare.”
  10. “Dancing in the shadows.”
  11. “Gothic heart, baroque soul.”
  12. “Moonlight is my sunlight.”
  13. “Victorian dreams in a digital age.”
  14. “Forever in love with the darker side.”
  15. “Edgar Allan Poe would approve.”
  16. “The night beckons, and I answer.”
  17. “Lost between dreams and reality.”
  18. “Slaying in lace and leather.”
  19. “Dark fantasies and candlelit reveries.”
  20. “Bewitched by moonlit nights.”
  21. “Gothic isn’t just a style; it’s a state of mind.”
  22. “Romancing the shadows.”
  23. “Elegance in the face of darkness.”
  24. “Black lace, silver grace.”
  25. “Underneath this skin lies a gothic soul.”
  26. “Casting spells and midnight tales.”
  27. “From dusk till dawn, I’m the queen of goth.”
  28. “Vampires, witches, and all things bewitched.”
  29. “Winged eyeliner sharp enough to pierce the soul.”
  30. “Bats, cats, and witchy hats.”
  31. “The beauty of darkness is undeniable.”
  32. “Dark matter, Gothic pattern.”
  33. “Find me under the moon’s silver glow.”
  34. “Poe-tic vibes.”
  35. “Sunkissed by the pale moonlight.”
  36. “Eternal lover of the night.”
  37. “Dark love stories and midnight mysteries.”
  38. “Black lipstick, gothic script.”
  39. “Modern-day Morticia.”
  40. “Roses are red, my heart is black.”
  41. “Coffin nails and ghostly tales.”
  42. “Victorian soul in a 21st-century world.”
  43. “Starry nights and gothic sights.”
  44. “Lost in gothic daydreams.”
  45. “The night is my canvas.”
  46. “Gothic glam every day.”
  47. “Love letters from the crypt.”
  48. “Life is but a beautiful, dark dream.”
  49. “Where there’s no light, I find beauty.”
  50. “Eternal elegance in the embrace of the shadows.”
  51. “Nocturnal desires.”
  52. “Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old.”
  53. “Chasing dreams in a gothic realm.”
  54. “Corsets, lace, and a vampy face.”
  55. “Stitched together with gothic threads.”
  56. “Moonchild musings.”
  57. “Raven wings and dark, lovely things.”
  58. “Cloaked in mystery and elegance.”
  59. “Black cats and witchy chats.”
  60. “The night whispers secrets to those who listen.”
  61. “Echoes of ancient tales.”
  62. “Seductively gothic.”
  63. “Lost in a world of dark fantasies.”
  64. “Elegance never dies.”
  65. “Dark roses and old prose.”
  66. “There’s beauty in the darkest of places.”
  67. “Haunted hearts find solace in the night.”
  68. “Every day is Halloween.”
  69. “Dreaming in shades of black.”
  70. “Blood-red and pitch-black.”
  71. “The night’s allure is pure.”
  72. “Black velvet and gothic dreams.”
  73. “Eternal night, eternal sight.”
  74. “Spellbound by darkness.”
  75. “Life’s a beautiful nightmare.”
  76. “Gothic grace, timeless pace.”
  77. “Drinking moonlight, basking in twilight.”
  78. “Crimson lips and pale fingertips.”
  79. “Eyes that see beyond the veil.”
  80. “Midnight musings and gothic tunes.”
  81. “Feeling vampy.”
  82. “Enchanted by the dance of the dead.”
  83. “Intrigued by the unseen.”
  84. “Black attire, soul on fire.”
  85. “Mystic moments in the midnight hour.”
  86. “Heart as dark as the abyss.”
  87. “Drown me in your dark embrace.”
  88. “Bewitched by the night’s kiss.”
  89. “Eternally draped in black.”
  90. “Twilight dreams and shadow screams.”
  91. “Gothic beauty, never fleeting.”
  92. “Every rose has its thorn.”
  93. “Lost in the labyrinth of night.”
  94. “Chasing the moon, escaping the sun.”
  95. “Gothic elegance, dark intelligence.”
  96. “A love story written in shadows.”
  97. “Casting shadows in the pale moonlight.”
  98. “Gothic tales of yesteryears.”
  99. “The night is young, and so am I.”
  100. “Darkness and decay hold dominion over all.”
  101. “Embracing the mysteries of the night.”
  102. “Moons, runes, and macabre tunes.”
  103. “Eerie elegance.”
  104. “Swaying to the symphony of the shadows.”
  105. “Always dressed for a funeral.”
  106. “Darkness holds its own beauty.”
  107. “Where shadows dance, I take my chance.”
  108. “Gothic allure is always pure.”
  109. “Lost in a web of dark desires.”
  110. “A little gothic, a little rock, all soul.”
  111. “Cryptic beauty.”
  112. “Desire drips in shades of black.”
  113. “Nightcrawler at heart.”
  114. “There’s a story in every shadow.”
  115. “Vintage soul, gothic role.”
  116. “I bleed black.”
  117. “Romancing the crypt.”
  118. “Drawn to the unknown.”
  119. “The beauty of the night is the beauty of the soul.”
  120. “From the ashes, the raven flies.”
  121. “The darker the night, the brighter I shine.”
  122. “Midnight masquerades and eternal serenades.”
  123. “Doom and bloom.”
  124. “From dusk to dawn, the gothic life goes on.”
  125. “Wandering through the forest of night.”
  126. “Lost in the echo of ancient chants.”
  127. “Where there’s a witch, there’s a way.”
  128. “Midnight’s child, forever wild.”
  129. “Gothic dreams never fade.”
  130. “Beauty in every tombstone.”
  131. “Lost in a realm of enchantment.”
  132. “Darkness is a canvas waiting for art.”
  133. “Starry nights, gothic delights.”
  134. “Dressed in mystery, wrapped in history.”
  135. “Finding solace in the night’s embrace.”
  136. “Black is my happy color.”
  137. “Witches brew and gothic view.”
  138. “The night sings a siren’s song.”
  139. “Endless nights, timeless sights.”
  140. “Under the moon’s watchful eye.”
  141. “Where darkness falls, beauty calls.”
  142. “Gothic tales, endless trails.”
  143. “Lost in the dance of the dead.”
  144. “Seduced by the symphony of the night.”
  145. “The night is my sanctuary.”
  146. “Gothic beauty, boundless duty.”
  147. “From the crypt to the runway.”
  148. “Lost in the pages of gothic ages.”
  149. “Dark delights and candlelit nights.”
  150. “Beauty is found in the shadows.”
  151. “Cloaked in midnight’s embrace.”
  152. “Chasing gothic dreams.”
  153. “From the underworld to the stars.”
  154. “Walking through the corridors of time.”
  155. “Gothic grace, face to face.”

I hope these gothic captions serve your darkish audience well and help capture the essence of your Instagram posts!

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