52 Funny Truck Captions for Instagram and Facebook (2023)

Hey there, fellow trucker! πŸš›

There’s no greater feeling than being behind the wheel.

And to help inspire your IG followers, here are 52 funny truck captions:

  1. “Keep on truckin’… but first, let’s take a selfie.”
  2. “Life’s a journey, and my truck’s the chariot.”
  3. “If you think I’m cute now, wait till you see me in my truck!”
  4. “Hauling and balling!”
  5. “Rollin’ with the big boys!”
  6. “Real trucks don’t have spark plugs.”
  7. “Size does matter. Just look at my truck!”
  8. “Honk if you think I’m sexy!”
  9. “Pickup lines? I’ve got a whole truck full!”
  10. “Truck hair, don’t care.”
  11. “Got lift? Because gravity’s overrated.”
  12. “Why tiptoe through life to arrive safely at death? Rev the engine!”
  13. “This ain’t my first rodeo… but it’s definitely my favorite truck.”
  14. “Beauty is in the eye of the truck holder.”
  15. “Not sponsored by mom and dad. Just hard truck work!”
  16. “Eats sedans for breakfast.”
  17. “My other car? It’s a truck too!”
  18. “I like my coffee like my truck: big and strong.”
  19. “Pavements are overrated. Off-roading is where it’s at!”
  20. “Silence is golden, but truck sounds are platinum.”
  21. “Lift it. Fat chicks can’t jump.”
  22. “My truck, my kingdom.”
  23. “My therapist thinks I have a truck addiction.”
  24. “Why take the shortcut when the long route’s so scenic?”
  25. “My truck’s so tall, it looks down on giraffes.”
  26. “Less drama. More drive.”
  27. “Relationship status: Committed to my truck.”
  28. “The bigger the truck, the closer to heaven.”
  29. “You can go fast, but I can go anywhere.”
  30. “Got stuck? My truck and I got your back!”
  31. “I don’t have road rage; I drive a truck!”
  32. “This truck’s got more stories than your grandma!”
  33. “You can’t ride with us!”
  34. “Happiness comes in waves… of torque!”
  35. “When life gets tough, I go trucking.”
  36. “Yes, it’s a manual. Yes, you can’t drive it.”
  37. “Friends don’t let friends drive boring vehicles.”
  38. “Truck > Everything else.”
  39. “Haulin’ & LOL’in.”
  40. “The truck made me do it.”
  41. “License to chill. And haul.”
  42. “Not all who wander are lost. Some are just enjoying their trucks!”
  43. “My truck does three things: looks good, hauls stuff, breaks necks.”
  44. “I’m on a seafood diet. I see food trucks, and I eat!”
  45. “A truck is not just a vehicle; it’s a lifestyle.”
  46. “When nothing goes right, go trucking.”
  47. “Making my way downtown, truckin’ fast!”
  48. “Watch out for the beast on four wheels!”
  49. “Life’s too short to drive boring trucks.”
  50. “Beep beep! Bringing truckloads of joy.”
  51. “Truck yeah!”
  52. “Keep calm and drive trucks.”

Have fun posting with these truck-tastic captions to put a smile on your follower’s faces!

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