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Full Review: Seth Kniep’s Just One Dime Amazon FBA Program

This is a full Just One Dime Amazon course review. This is the FBA membership program from Seth Kniep and an ACTIVE coupon is likely provided here. I’ll cover the Amazon FBA A to Z Mastery membership only, as I have not yet been to the summit.

I’ll expose my complete thoughts and opinions. Fundamentally, you’ll get an insight as to whether you should invest in the program. For those that call this a scam, then you can click ‘X’ on this page, as straight up – this course is far from it.

I’ve reached a full time income selling on FBA. It wasn’t easy, but then, it wasn’t so hard either. I was committed. I worked. It did take some time (a couple of years actually) but success did come. You need to both be patient and persistent.

This blog is reader-sponsored and links below may be affiliate links. Let’s jump into the review!

Thoughts on Seth Kniep

Let’s start with the man behind the curtain. Actually – there isn’t any curtain. No hiding here. Seth’s out in the open, unlike some other course providers.

Seth Kniep
Seth is genuinely a great Amazon teacher, both publicly and privately

Seth is a legend. Purely. I can see right through people nowadays. I’ve been in this wealth creation space for 10 years. I smell BS 20 miles away. Literally. He’s in the top 20% of Amazon mentors globally. If he’s selling a course, I’d highly recommend it.

Seth’s experience includes:

  • Starting with just about nothing, and built an eCommerce empire
  • Has a community now of over 2,000+ students in 90 countries
  • Built a team of high level Amazon coaches to help his students
  • Created one of the best YouTube channels out there on Amazon

Plus – Seth is still continuing through. He’s not just selling courses, but continues to build his Amazon business. That’s what I really do like!

It’s clear that Seth is all about actually building successful Amazon businesses, instead of selling courses. This is evident by the amount of FREE content he puts out on YouTube.

For those of you that think Seth Kniep and his Just One Dime course is a scam, then please click away. Clearly, even after all that Seth gives away, you somehow still have trust issues. Amazon is not right for you.

Just One Dime course review

Seth’s course was named after his journey. His quest was to try and double his money 20 times over. It seemed almost impossible, until he found Amazon. Then it boomed!

The course is actually quite good. I was quite surprised to see how much content is there, and indeed it isn’t just a course.

Just One Dime Amazon Course Review
This is the FULL course for beginner Amazon sellers that Seth has built from experience

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • About 120 videos that are either instructional videos or case studies
  • 5 hours worth of weekly group calling webinars where you can get help
  • A 30 minute coaching call with an Amazon expert (Few courses offer this)
  • Unique insights towards finding potential products to sell on Amazon
  • Facebook group (Every single course offers this, nothing groundbreaking)
  • Quite an in-depth training module on PPC marketing and SEO methods
  • Strategies to build long lasting supplier relationships and inventory management

For a course, that’s quite comprehensive. I’d put it in the top 20% of Amazon courses in the world.

Upsides and downsides

There’s actually many upsides to this course. It’s something I would recommend should you be on the fence.

I liked that:

  • Seth started with little capital, and still found success on Amazon
  • His YouTube channel allows you to really get a feel for his teaching
  • The course comes with a very good level of beginner content
  • You can pay monthly instalments, preserving cash for inventory
  • Seth runs an event for hundreds of students in Los Angeles, CA
  • The BIG one: 5 hours worth of exclusive student-only live training

The membership Just One Dime is a very good course for learning how to become a successful Amazon seller. But then again, there’s some negatives I’ll mention in this review.

  1. Seth claims that this is 5 courses in 1. Actually, it’s just 1 course being marketed in a unique way. lol. He’s just looking to be different from the rest in a certain way. So it’s really 5 expansive modules in the 1 course, not really 5x more than other courses.
  2. The refund policy is only 14 days, as opposed to 30 days that a lot of the premium courses available in the market are offering right now. At least it’s a hassle-free refund with Seth if you’re not happy, but they do ask how they can improve on the course.
  3. Seth runs the annual seminar in LA, and whilst that’s good for some people, it’s much better to run these in Vegas. Those in Australia, England, Singapore and even Canada are likely to find better opportunities than Just One Dime for networking opportunities.
  4. The cost of the Just One Dim course is actually quite expensive when paid annually, but is quite affordable when paid monthly.

Very minimal downsides here guys. Seth brings some excellent content to the table.

Most course providers use this negative list in my reviews to help them improve upon their courses and content. There’s no doubt that Seth Kniep will continue to improve upon the quality of his Amazon FBA program over the next few months, based on my findings.

My results

I now earn a full-time income on Amazon FBA. I actually happen to live in Australia too! Yes – I only sell on the US platform, as the Australian marketplace is still such a slow mover.

Like you, I was looking for the right Amazon FBA course to undertake. When I found it, I jumped right on board! The rest is literally history. Actually, it isn’t. I went through some challenges, I worked hard and in just 2 years I was able to replace my income.

You can attain these same results, if you’re prepared to invest in your knowledge today. But most importantly, if you’re prepared stay committed to the process. It’s important to know that none of these Amazon courses work. That is – they are just knowledge. You need to go through all 200 steps.

While I *could* do this, but I prefer working from the hammock! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d recommend that you do invest in a slightly better course than Just One Dime. Whilst I rank it high in this review, there are much courses out there.

In fact, someone released their entire A to Z Amazon course for free.

More details here:

But in terms of online-only training, Seth really does pack the goods here. I also highly recommend Seth’s training for those on a budget.

Closing thoughts

There are a lot of Amazon gurus in the marketplace now. Some are wiser than others. Seth is one of the best in his field, but he isn’t #1. I do recommend investing in the best, if this is within reach (financially) for you, so you can get ongoing personal one on one support, instead of just a 30 minute phone chat.

It’s also wise to find a teacher that you resonate with. If Seth’s your man, then jump right on board with the Just One Dime program. You’ll thank me in years to come. Otherwise, continue the chase.

I’ve found a much better-value Amazon course so you can save money for inventory.

๐Ÿ˜ƒ Start here:

By the way, I was unable to acquire a discount/coupon /voucher code for Just One Dime. But here’s some great news! That could be likely changing within the next few weeks. I’ll reach out to the team and see if I can find one for those who are ready to join this course.

You, as the student, will be still very much looked after within this Amazon program, particularly if you live in the US. Those in Australia, Singapore, Europe and even the United Kingdom will find better alternatives to Just One Dime’s training program.

But the simple fact of the matter is that Just One Dime is one of the best Amazon courses available and I highly recommend that students get on board. Seth clearly knows his craft!

I also hope that you have the drive and ambition to become another Amazon success story. This journey isn’t easy, nor is it hard, but the rewards are openly available for those prepared to work. Let’s get into it!

Seth Kniep Rated
  • Course Content - 97%
  • Worldwide Coverage - 84%
  • Refund Policy - 72%
  • Student Success - 85%
  • Weekly Webinars - 100%
  • Teacher Knowledge - 98%

Summary of Just One Dime course

I’ve evaluated Seth’s course and rated it for beginners looking to started their Amazon journey.

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