Freedom Ticket Review – Amazon Course by Kevin King (20+ Years!!!)

Here I’ll examine Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket Course for prospective Amazon sellers. It’s true that this course doesn’t work, and this review will detail why. That wasn’t a typo either.

I’ve been making a full time income on Amazon FBA for a while. It wasn’t easy, that I won’t hide. It wasn’t hard either. Luckily, I have invested in Amazon courses to equip my mindset for success. It’s something I recommend that you do too.

(If you purchase with the affiliate links below, I may earn a commission.)

This blog has helped thousands of people find the right Amazon course. There are dozens out there in the market, some are better suited to North Americans, some for Canadians, some for Australians and others suited for those in Asia or Europe.

Not all courses are created equal, and it’s typically a case of getting what you pay for. In addition, you can get some Amazon courses for free nowadays, like this one.

Let’s jump in…

My thoughts on Kevin King

It’s always good to start with the teacher. What are his results? Is he just selling a course to make money, or does he make a lot on Amazon FBA already and wants to share his knowledge? Some good questions worth considering.

Fact: Kevin has been selling on Amazon and eBay since 1999! That’s 20+ years in the business. Holy shit, that is 2 decades of experience. I rarely cuss on this blog, but it was fundamentally needed.

Kevin King speaking at Global Sources Summit in Hong Kong for Amazon sellers

Kevin’s been an entrepreneur for 30 years now, plus a world traveller to around 90 countries. In fact, in just 2015 alone, he started 5 separate private-label brands on Amazon. Collectively they’ve done close to 6 million dollars in sales.

He has his own courses but is also featured often on podcasts. It’s clear that Kevin King gives away a lot of his content, after all, he does make much more on Amazon. πŸ’ͺ

He’s the type of guy I’d happily give $5,000 for to get his decades of knowledge and experience. It’s clear that he isn’t rehashing what others are saying, as the words come from direct selling experience on the Amazon platform. πŸ˜ƒ

Unpacking the Freedom Ticket Amazon course

This review of the Freedom Ticket course by Kevin King is based on my thoughts and opinions. I know a few students, and I’ve personally taken several Amazon courses. It is my hope that this evaluation will give you the fundamental insights about whether you should invest, or consider a different course. ✌️

FBA Freedom Ticket Course Kevin King

That’s a big call “The Last FBA Course…” but I also tend to agree!

In total, the course comes with the following:

  • 8 modules spanning 20+ hours within its 60 video lessons
  • Detailed study notes, student handouts and slides included
  • Discounts to Helium10’s different tool-sets for FBA sellers
  • Weekly Q&A group calls with Kevin himself (First 3 months)
  • Access to bookmarks and contact list that Kevin uses
  • Spreadsheets, profit estimators and analysis sheets
  • Private Facebook group (Every course has this actually)
  • Social media training on how to build your off-Amazon brand
  • 30 day money-back guarantee (Now the industry-standard)

Broken down, the course has the following modules:

  1. Business basics for beginner Amazon sellers
  2. Building your brand & financing the right way
  3. Choosing the right product and range for Amazon
  4. Dealing with samples, suppliers and orders
  5. Competing with other sellers for Position 1
  6. Optimizing your Amazon listing for success
  7. Maintaining your rank, and effective advertising
  8. Blueprint on how Kevin runs his entire business

More details are available here and no, it’s not an affiliate link… πŸ˜‰

It’s quite clear in the course that Kevin King over-delivers with his Amazon content. Why? He’s got results. At times you’ll feel like you’re drinking from Niagara Falls as opposed to a garden hose.

You may have to go through the course a few times, especially if you’re a beginner.

This isn’t a course to binge-watch. Turn off all distractions. Get out a pen and paper. Really do take notes and pay attention. This way you can get the knowledge properly ingrained.

Getting on the inside

So I bought the course, as I have numerous times with other courses.

I talk more about Kevin’s offer here:

Let’s have a good look on the inside.

Freedom Ticket Course Kevin King

Then let’s open this up further….

Really good layout. I love that Kevin praises other courses, but also points out that YouTube videos go out of date quickly.

So now let’s have a full look at that course schedule. Unlike many other Amazon courses, you can’t access everything right away. In fact, just a little bit is available.

This is by design so that you don’t binge-watch the content. But at the same time, motivated people like me want to move fast. We don’t have time to wait around. 😞

One of the most frustrating parts – you have to wait 7 days after joining to really start the course
In fact you have to wait almost 2 months before being allowed to finish the course!

I’m currently going through the content bit by bit. But even I have to wait, meaning that my readers can’t see fully what’s on offer.

But I can really see that this covers all bases. I’m looking forward towards updating this review further, but also highlighting the growth in my 2 Amazon businesses as a result!

Here’s a free access offer!

One thing that I’ll praise is now Kevin has partnered with Helium10 which is, in my experience, one of the best software packages available. It’s overtaking both JungleScout and Zonguru.

It’s software package that is very highly praised inside many FBA communities.

Not only that, but Kevin has mostly given up on making money from his course.

What does this mean?

Well, joining Helium10 now provides 100% FREE access to Freedom Ticket.

This means that you can save money for inventory. 🀩 (Can I get a high-five?!)

Not only that, you would already be paying for a software package regardless.

So now consider your education as being complimentary. Best value around!

Helium 10 Free Offer
Love this offer that Kevin King has made!

Note: Platinum for Helium10 is just $97/month. Makes this one very affordable!

I think like me, Kevin is over the YouTubers with their expensive courses. Some of them are good, but most are not. There are great non-YouTube courses that cost a few thousand dollars, with live events and networking to stop the loneliness and anxiety that many feel on this journey.

Then there is a small percentage of people, like myself, which can withstand doing the work 100% online. I’m quite self-motivated and introverted, so while I don’t need the conferences and networking, I still love to go along!

This is the email I got just recently. Made me jump with joy for my readers! πŸ˜ƒ

I’ve also seen some cheap Amazon courses that just don’t bring the goods to the table. If you’re someone who is financially struggling and looking to get started cheaply, then Freedom Ticket is probably the best option available. Save your funds for inventory.

Downsides to the course

I’ll go with the upsides later, but let’s get into the negatives of the Freedom Ticket course. This makes this review on Kevin King’s Amazon course very much fair.

  1. The content can sometimes be overwhelming for the beginner
  2. It’s mostly catered for the future 7 figure seller, not the little part-timer
  3. There’s an up-sell within the course, but most other courses have this
  4. Training for Shopify and eBay is minor (It’s an Amazon course after all)
  5. No live training at all in Australia or NZ with very few Aussies/Kiwis inside
  6. My personal frustration of having to wait almost 2 months to completely finish the course
  7. Kevins’ course is 20 hours but just about every other course I’ve done is 40 hours or more, so it’s a bit short on content

And honestly, those are mostly minor negatives. I really couldn’t find much wrong with the course so far, but will update this as time goes on.

The content is great, direct from someone with serious results.

Those in Australia may wish to consider a better alternative with live conferences, the same with those in Singapore, New Zealand, England and other parts of the UK.

The Freedom Ticket course is catered for those that want to sell on the Amazon US platform. As it doesn’t come with coaching or any local events, some people will struggle to get through Kevin’s offer.

Upsides to the course

I left the best news to last. There are much more upsides than there are downsides.

Let’s begin:

  • The course has been developed and is updated by an industry veteran
  • Kevin is featured across a range of excellent podcasts and seminars
  • His program is literally a blueprint for beginners who want results
  • There’s no real fluff or fillers in the course. It is simply step-by-step
  • In other courses, the weekly webinars are for those willing to pay up
  • The up-sell isn’t something you’ll need, but does have great mentoring
  • You can actually go with Kevin to China for a small additional cost
  • Lifetime updates are applicable to the course, with updates regularly
  • There are more bonuses thrown in than 90% of other courses out there

I could go on and on, but you get the point! It’s rock-solid here. Those in North America will benefit the most in the course, following by those in Canada.

Best alternative to Kevin King’s course

Honestly – the #1 Amazon course in the world is this one right here. The live events and 30,000+ student community is mind-blowing and represents great value. Likely you’ve heard of it.

Sure – the course is expensive, but it’s for those that really want the fastest impact. Not only that, but I’m also able to provide tickets to SellerCon for a discount.

Freedom Ticket is significantly cheaper and doesn’t have as many results as ASM. There’s a proper team behind Amazing Selling Machine and the live events are epic. Kevin does have a great reputation like many out there.

Reliable Education is the main competitor to Amazing Selling Machine and the best course for Australians. Those considering Freedom Ticket in Australia or New Zealand should do Adam’s course instead. This is simply because you’ll find significantly more locals to network with paired with live events.

Selling on Amazon is a lonely enough journey already. It will be more challenging if you go for a cheaper course like Freedom Ticket as you’ll probably feel like an outsider/foreigner. This entrepreneurial journey is sadly one where people often suffer anxiety, frustration and burnout.

I’d choose the vibrant and supportive community of RE any day for those in Australia, NZ and the UK, as opposed to just looking at the price difference. Most people would be better off with a locally-focused course.

Closing on the Freedom Ticket course

Kevin has been selling for 20 years and has made millions of dollars on Amazon. There are no promises that simply doing the Freedom Ticket course can replicate those same results for you.

The course doesn’t work. That is – it ain’t going to do the work for you.

Don’t see it as the magic pill for the lazy man. You’ll simply scam yourself, and the Freedom Ticket course by Kevin King will be a waste of time.

I do recommend people to take this course

You as the individual need to stay committed to the journey.

You will come across challenges and roadblocks. This is a real business.

Like me, you’ll stumble, get frustrated, and even at times, will lose money. 😟

I have lost thousands on Amazon since starting my journey in 2015. It’s not easy.

Ask any real Amazon seller, and you’ll discover that it hasn’t been smooth sailing either.

I assure you though, that you will need to stay committed to the journey. If you understand that this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, then this opportunity is open far and wide for you.

Comment below as I look forward to hearing from you, and especially your results from the Freedom Ticket course.

Freedom Ticket Amazon Course Rated
  • Teacher Experience
  • Course Cost
  • Refund Policy
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Program Updates
  • Teacher Reputation

Final thoughts on Kevin King's Course

This summarizes my thoughts. This course is a little overwhelming but that’s because it’s also been created by someone with 20+ years of experience.

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40 thoughts on “Freedom Ticket Review – Amazon Course by Kevin King (20+ Years!!!)”

  1. Thank you Joshua. Very good insight.
    Can you please also review Just One Dime’s Amazon FBA Mastery course by Seth Kniep? Will really appreciate it. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the feedback Shitanshu! I’ve already had a look inside Just One Dime with the review coming out next week here. I can say straight up that Kevin King’s is slightly better due to his experience.

    • Hello Josh. Thanks for all the free information you provide. I am a Canadian who wants to start but don’t have much capital to start off. You already mentioned that Freedom ticket is best suited for people in the USA. Which one would you recommend for Canadians with low budget. Thanks again for your valuable information.

      • Hey Nayib, Freedom Ticket is still excellent for Canadians and anyone globally with a low budget. It comes free with Helium10. Most courses are going to recommend using Helium10 anyway…so why not just start with the software and get a course included? πŸ™‚

  2. You mentioned in another review that the course (not Freedom Ticket) is geared towards big ticket items and more suited for those sellers with more money to invest. What are your thoughts on Freedom Ticket regarding that? Thanks!

    • Hey there Lana, thanks for the comment. It’s this one with free training which is geared towards big-ticket items. I’m at their student conference right now as a matter of fact here in Vegas.

      Freedom Ticket does also recommend high ticket goods, and this is an approach that I recommend too. Some teachers in the Amazon space are educating people on the low margin and high volume strategy, and the lower margins with this approach don’t allow enough room for PPC costs.

  3. Dear Joshua

    Good day!

    I am newbie and have been gathering information for past 5 months and already feel disappointed of lot of negative info on amazon Fba. However, I’m determined and want to be a successful seller soon.

    I’m convinced a course or coaching is a must for a newbie. If you have to recommend one course at a reasonable price best suited for US market what would that be? I personally live in Australia but I wanna start with US market.

    One more question. U think a single person can make it through or digest the wealth of info that one get online and in a course or having a partner is beneficial?

    Appreciate the response.


    • Hi Sib,

      Great to hear from you. 5 months is a long time to ‘gather information’ and wait on the sidelines.

      All Amazon courses are geared for the US market because that’s where the best opportunities are to scale your business in the shortest period of time. Just about everyone in Australia starts in the US market.

      With Amazon courses, you generally get what you pay for. The cheaper courses often lack content depth and updates, with Kevin being a solid exception to this rule. The higher-priced courses have excellent content, vibrant communities and many more success stories. I’ve seen some cheap courses where their Facebook communities are just ghost towns, because the course provider is focused on new course sales, not existing student support.

      As you’re also in Australia, I would recommend this list:

      All 3 courses are for the US marketplace and offer local student conferences where you’ll feel more supported. Kevin King has an excellent course but very few Australians are in this course, given the expense and time to fly to the US for live events.

      After taking an Amazon course, I built my 2 businesses myself. Still no partner 3.5 years on. But then I’ve seen many couples come in and also be very successful at Amazon. Certainly it can help, but isn’t necessary. As you say, there is a lot to take in and many steps involved in this journey. Pace yourself, invest in your knowledge and stay committed to the journey my friend. πŸ‘

  4. Love it! What are your thoughts on Kevin David’s course?

    Also, I live in Australia but will be selling in the USA, would you say that Kevin Kings course would still be good? The offer that comes with helium 10 is just irresistible !!

    Thank you

    • Hey Jessica, Kevin David and Kevin King have very few of us Australians inside so it’s a little isolating. Kevin David’s course is reasonably OK.

      Of the two, I’d certainly go Kevin King given his significantly higher reputation and offer with Helium10. It’s the best offer available for those with a limited starting budget. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Josh. Thank you for taking the time for your detailed reviews. Aside from the slow/times delivery with this course….which does sound annoying. How does the actual content compare to other quality courses? Is it up to date for 2020?? Does it review on how to source from other areas of the world?

    Also my curiosity it killing me πŸ™‚ what is the free gift from you if I sign up for RE from you link

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Megan, thanks for the feedback.

      The course content is up to date. Kevin isn’t the one to let things drop away given his reputation in the industry. He’s really focused on China as are most courses. Sourcing in other countries isn’t much different than China; just get yourself a sourcing agent and ensure your documents are in order.

      I’ve chatted to 5 individual Reliable Education students who have taken the Freedom Ticket course and everyone has found Adam’s professional delivery and group-teaching to be better. I do tend to agree, but Kevin does provide enough for you to get a product live and if you’re on a tight budget, then Freedom Ticket would be a better way to go.

      I provide quite a few things if you choose RE. Without joining the course, you’ll get the free guide ‘101 products to sell on Amazon’ which many have found helpful. If you decide to join, you’ll get unlimited email support, a donation to Destiny Rescue and the RE-student-only resource ‘Ultimate Amazon Product Discovery Guide’.

      More details at my review:

      Given the significantly lower price of Freedom Ticket (essentially free, with Helium10) it’s tough for me to provide resources and support for beginners given the volume of people who decide to go in this direction. What I do love is that students can get started and have some capital left over for their 1st inventory order.

      RE is a fantastic course and a super-strong community but as for sheer value, it’s hard to look past what Kevin has generously provided.

  6. Thanks Again Josh. You have given me lots to think about. Hope you are staying safe and healthy during this uncertain time !

  7. Hello again! Hope you are well Josh. I’ve been taking the freedom ticket and just wanted to give the heads up that they no longer β€œlock you out”. You can continue on with the modules as you complete them:) I know you had listed that component as a negative.
    Another question, I’m looking for some info on an international(Canadian) person selling their amazon business in the US. Have you come across any resources on this? Also do you happen to know if Sophie Howard’s business she would was US based or NZ based?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Oh yes! Freedom Ticket did email us students a few weeks back regarding that. After all, we’re all in lockdown and want to learn! πŸ™‚ I should update that.

      In terms of your question, I don’t know of any Canadian that has sold their business inside the United States. The following isn’t legal/tax/corporate advice, but I imagine as long as everything stacked up, the new buyer would simply register a C-CORP then take all your assets (name, logos, the database of buyers, products, suppliers, templates, documents, FBA/Shopify seller accounts) and everything else…and simply port them into their new C-CORP. The probably is that they can’t really get an SBA loan on a Canadian business AFAIK. Maybe this is something to ask inside one of the Facebook groups?

      Sophie Howard’s business was likely US-based but can’t say for sure as I haven’t reached that far into the program (I’m only 80% through)

  8. Hi Josh, really enjoying your articles, they’re very informative and honest which I love, thank you.

    I wonder if you can help … I live in England and I’m just learning how to set up an Amazon FBA business. I don’t know if I want to do private labelling or a passion product yet but maybe private labelling would be the easiest option to begin with and then I suppose I could do both eventually. I want to sell in the USA as it’s a bigger market and I’m wondering what course I should do.

    1. As I live in England, am I correct in wanting to sell products in USA as it’s a bigger market – is this a normal thing to do or should i start in the UK market?

    2. The courses I’m considering are: Freedom Ticket (free with Helium 10 subscription which is very attractive), Reliable Education and ASM, although ASM is very expensive! What order of preference would you recommend and are there any other courses you would recommend for me?

    3. Following on from question 1, is it ok for me to do one of these USA based courses, (as I’m in England) if I want to sell in the USA or if I also want to sell internationally, say in 5 different markets?

    Thank you for your help, Josh. Much appreciated.


    • Hi Nick, thanks for the feedback!

      1. It’s very normal for people from the UK to start in the US market for traction. However, Amazon UK has really started to increase their market size so you might wish to start there. As I don’t sell on the UK platform, it’s hard for me to comment as to how well you will go but generally, most of the world starts in the US market.

      2. ASM is an expensive course and isn’t something that I push much. It’s also a fantastic course but is driven hard but affiliates given the huge commissions on the table. I get much less through RE and Freedom Ticket so I just feel better recommending those products, especially as RE has increased their value-offering over recent months. If you were in Australia or NZ I would recommend RE over Freedom Ticket, but outside these countries Freedom Ticket/Helium10 offer is rock-solid for value and more than enough to get yourself started.

      3. It really doesn’t matter which course (UK vs US) you take so much as the process of uploading products on individual marketplaces is almost identical. One good locally-based option is Marketplace Superheroes which I reviewed here:

      • Thanks for your advice Josh, much appreciated.

        Would it be possible to follow up on a couple of quick points before I pull the trigger … I watched 5x free RE videos yesterday and I quite liked their energy (which I think is important). I’m just wondering if you could clarify the reasons for recommending Helium 10 course over RE as I thought (might be wrong) that RE does most of their selling on as well as Helium 10?

        Also, what course would you say is more technical (nuts and bolts) and what course is more geared towards product searching, private labelling, marketing etc.

        Thank you Josh πŸ™‚

        • Hey Nick,

          RE is a fantastic course. There are dozens of students in the UK who, despite it being an Australian course, have decided to jump on board. It’s rock-solid with 10,000 students. It was actually the first course I took on how to sell on Amazon years ago and it’s how I got my start. I did Kevin’s course later which isn’t so good for the content quality but Kevin is more analytical in his approach. Definitely more of an Amazon-only seller.

          So why the recommendation towards Helium10? Price. For those people where it might cause some financial distress, I recommend Helium10’s offer which Kevin generously provided as an affordable alternative.

          The events that RE puts on are incredible and are geared around Amazon and big business in general. Systems, scaling and exiting. The challenge is flying from the UK.

          Essentially, if you want a world-class experience then go with RE. If guys like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone and Robert Kiyosaki are people you look up to, then you’ll enjoy this community.

          If you’re budget conscious as most people are right now, then continue down the Freedom Ticket path. πŸ™‚ It’s more important that you take action consistently and look at how an online business could impact your life over the next 3, 5 and 10 years as opposed to quick wins.

    • ASM is a fantastic course but yep, definitely Kevin’s got more experience. Better value for money than ASM considering you’re only needing to pay for H10 nowadays.

  9. Hi Joshua,

    Newbie here. You mentioned freedom ticket recommends high ticket items.

    Is the course oriented around selling such items?

    Also, what is the optimal (not absolute) minimum investment to start?


    • Hi Anton, the course is orientated broadly. Yes, it does recommend high ticket products but Kevin also covers low ticket items too.

      I say absolutely minimum is $5k USD and optimal is $10k USD. I know that immediately disqualifies a lot of people but I’m simply realistic.

      • Personally, the initial $ investment is the easiest ‘sacrifice’. Right now I am seeking to make the right decision with the course to go. For $87a month I think FD is a steal considering I have Helium 10 subscription included (which I can cancel if for some reason I abondon the project 3 / 4 months down the line)

        Regarding Helium 10, won’t the same products be shortlisted for its 000’s of users if the same (more or less) parameters are used? I understand that everyone uses different research criteria, but with 000’s of users, I would expect no research creteria would be completely unique, thus giving the same results for multiple sellers.

        • Yep you got it! Helium10 is just one part of the equation. Looking for trends such as on Pinterest before they’ve hit the mainsteram market is one of the better ways to find uniqueness and avoid the competitors with their software skills.

  10. Hi! Have enjoyed reading your reviews! I invested in Dylan reed (uk) course a few years ago and after investing in a product upon its arrival for checking I did not feel it was upto scratch for selling so it now sits with me! Expensive lesson-but maybe one of fear that stopped me then actually sending it on to amazon!
    Have you reviewed Dylan reeds course at all as I see you have done one on Johnny Bradley! Have you reviewed his as it was actually Dylan I came across first and he has a solid YT and insta following! I’m not sure whether to go through his course again or reinvest elsewhere Now I’m back close to 3k saved for inventory-maybe with freedom ticket? Any thoughts? Thanks!

  11. Hi Joshua! I am from India (18 years old) I want to get into FBA this year. Any recommendations for courses. I can’t afford ASM. Is freedom ticket good enough or should I look for Proven Amazon course or marketplace superheroes etc. What’s your take on it mate? Waiting for your advice.

    • Yeah, 100% Freedom Ticket is the way to go on a budget. After all, you need to buy Helium10 (or cheaper equivalent) anyways.

      But at 18 and living in India, your starting budget (likely a few hundred bucks?) would be way lower than one would need to be successful on FBA. And so you might want to look at blogging as a more affordable way to learn some online skills. Check out Harsh Agrawal from ShoutMeLoud who is a total legend in this industry a teaches a lot for free.

        • Yeah, it’s kinda expensive…
          $10k USD to get started.
          $40k for serious folk.
          $100k+ to knock it out of the park.
          And that’s personal funds on hand as I wouldn’t recommend taking out loans.

          Blogging, affiliate, digital marketing or social media marketing around $500/year for hosting and tools. The rest is grunt work.

          • But can blogging pay me $100k by which I can hit the ball out of the park in FBA. The opportunity is better then ever in India. So, I wanted to start as quickly as possible. Does blogging help? Also it’s kind of you to reply my comments. Thank you..

          • 100% you can use it to leverage up into FBA.

            You can play around with some tester products on FBA to gain some experience today, but don’t look at this as a means to make a living with a limited launch budget.

          • $500 for blogging/digital marketing. $10k+ for FBA.

            Plus several years before you start generating a reliable income stream.

  12. Hi Joshua,

    I’m a huge fan of your reviews, the content is second to none.

    I know you mention RE as a better option for Australians, but I’m finding it hard to look past the value of Freedom Ticket, given the content seems to be very similar from what I can see. As an Aussie looking to list on the US market (and later double up on the AUS market), would I be missing out on anything by going with FT over RE i.e. does RE talk to any invaluable specifics for Aussie selling abroad?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  13. Hi Joshua,

    Loving your content mate, you are providing so much value to aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

    I’m tossing up between Reliable Education and Freedom Ticket, but finding it hard to look past FT given the significant value, and as the content between the two appears to be fairly similar.

    I am wondering, given you recommend RE for Australians, is there some content within RE that would be invaluable to an Aussie like me looking to sell on the US market (but also AUS market at a later date) I.e. information around ABNs/Aus tax etc, or do they both offer content that can really be applied anywhere?

    Looking forward to heading back!



    • Hey Matt, sorry I was away for a couple of days and just approved your two comments. I really appreciate the feedback!

      The RE content is way better from my experience as it encompasses not just FBA, but business and personal development principles. FT is focused on FBA and find it to be more tactical yet a bit boring too.

      If you’re on a budget then FT is the way to go, but if money is no issue and you value being in a community of mostly Australians then go with RE. The opportunity to attend small live conferences on the Gold Coast is a huge upside as well as masterminds in your local area.

      There are some elements in RE that are specific to Australians and taxation which you wouldn’t really get with FT. However, this difference is 2-3% and something you can work out with an eCommerce accountant to get personalised advice.

      RE allowed non-students to attend their 2021 annual conference (online) and not sure if that will continue in 2022 with border restrictions easing. If they do allow it, you get to network around though you won’t get FB group access.


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