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FBA Freedom Formula Course Review (including alternatives)

This post is a review on the FBA Freedom Formula created by Evan Walton and Benji Wilson. Discover if their Amazon FBA course is right for you, and the value that it brings to the table.

My background

I’m personally a full-time Amazon seller, from the Gold Coast (Australia) with frequent trips to China and the US (hello Vegas!) to build my Amazon business. You don’t need to travel, though it’s really helpful if you.

I’ll tell you some straight facts, regarding of any teacher or mentor out there. These are:

  • Building an Amazon business isn’t so easy (Learned that lesson)
  • There will be challenges to work through, both starting and in later stages
  • You’ll need some capital in the bank account to start (We’re talking thousands)
  • The time commitment is 7 to 10 hours per week all the way till the end
  • It’s wise to invest in knowledge, from people who have been through the journey

Yes, there’s been some Amazon courses that have risen recently that have provided inaccurate information. Some would consider these a scam. I wouldn’t include the FBA Freedom Formula in that group at all.

It’s good that you’re doing your research at the moment. I cut out the BS here, I just deliver you the hard facts. It’s up to you, as to what you want to do next.

I just happen to have done a lot of Amazon courses. You don’t need to. Just pick 1.

Review of the FBA Freedom Formula

I will say that their Masterclass is very good. Certainly not the best in the market at all, but it’s covering all bases. Here are some of the topics that they cover…

  • Understanding Amazon’s system for seller success
  • Creating the perfect Amazon launch from Day 1
  • Calculating profit margins for a long-term business
  • How to generate product ideas (I have FREE guides here)
  • Finding the right suppliers and factories in China that are dependable
  • Scaling your business to 6 figures and beyond through reinvesting capital
Evan Walton’s and Benji Wilson’s course has elements on Amazon product research

They also cover aspects on social media, which most other courses do. They do cover taxation and accounting topics, however, this is a real grey area. You should only be receiving advice from a proper tax agent or attorney.

Their Facebook group is great, however, it’s generally full of young people. Very few of these have actually turned into Amazon sellers, due to the capital required to launch a business.

I really like their focus on Amazon Australia which is a trending marketplace.

It does take $5k to $10k to launch a product properly. I just spent $15,000 on 1 product personally. Another $7,000 on trademarks and patents this year too.

Review of Evan and Benji

Their course is great and these two guys I really respect.

Unfortunately, these 2 guys lack some business experience. When learning from Amazon, I want to learn from veterans. I want someone who’s been in the trenches for 5+ years on Amazon.

I also want someone who’s had prior business experience as well. Maybe that’s just me?

Now these guys are cool and I can see how humble they are. Their course is actually very good, paired with their students. It’s definitely perfect for the younger crowd.

I guess I’m just older so I just won’t see them as mentors. At least, not for the next few years. I personally seek out Amazon veterans, who have courses around this same price-point or sometimes even cheaper.

At the same time, I understand that many people resonate with these guys, their course and community. Plus, their content really covers the basics to get yourself started on the platform.

So putting my personal perspectives aside, I believe they are the most humble guys around sharing their lessons and concepts. โœŒ๏ธ

Cost of the FBA Freedom Formula

The pricing for their Amazon course is a bit expensive! At this time of writing it’s $2,997 and at that price-point, you might as well spend the extra on Amazon Selling Machine which is a course that’s 10x better. That’s one heck of a course!

Update December 2019: Their course is now just $297 USD. So much better! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Now, Evan and Benji aren’t currently running any live events. It’s the live events that really cater to people like me, who are committed for the long haul. The networking and relationships, the team building, awards and results.

If you want something cheaper, which is actually free, then here’s a step by step approach.

  1. Use the FREE guides I’ve provided here (no email required)
  2. View the FREE 5 part video course on Amazon (email required)
  3. Celebrate the fact that you’ve actually found some Amazon veterans!

Many people have chosen to follow those 3 steps. It could be a better starting point.

But then, taking a proper education in selling on Amazon through a course will yield you so much more. Essentially there will be far less confusion in trying to find the information yourself.

For that reason, the FBA Freedom Formula is definitely a great choice, especially if you’re under 35.

I’ve taken a range of different Amazon courses. I’ve also become a live seller of more than 1 product. In fact, I’ve done the entire process multiple times.

Most importantly, I like to share information here for beginners which is completely FREE. I hope it’s of value to you!

Summary of their FBA course

These 2 guys and their course are great but have some easy room for improvement. I look forward to seeing them gain more experience in selling on Amazon, paired with many more seller success stories.

The best part is that they share a lot for free on their Entrepreneurship Decoded YouTube channel. This way you can see their teaching style and methodology.

I’ve done quite a range of Amazon courses and not all are created equal.

In my opinion, there is some seriously good value around today.

And there are some people making a fortune selling Amazon courses. ๐Ÿ˜”

While some rare people with 8 figure results give away all their knowledge.

Like….for free. The complete blueprint on how to sell on Amazon, starting today.

This is the best value:

Yep. The complete blueprint on how to sell on Amazon FBA. I talk more about it there. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

On the other hand, the FBA Freedom Formula is one excellent course for beginners.

Regardless of what you choose, I hope to shake your hand personally in the future.

I hope you can work and be committed as I am, to achieving the Amazon dream. It’s not easy…you will be challenged….and it takes money. But it’s absolutely worth it!

In summary: Evan and Benji have a pretty good Amazon course for the younger Australian. I look forward to seeing them run more live events here very soon!

Onwards and upwards!

FBA Freedom Formula
  • Course Content
  • Teacher Experience
  • Facebook Group
  • Course Cost
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Student Results
  • Worldwide Community

Review Score of the FBA Freedom Formula

This is based on the course that these 2 Amazon sellers have created for students. I’ve scored this particularly for the beginner seller who wants to learn.

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4 thoughts on “FBA Freedom Formula Course Review (including alternatives)”

    • Oh, tough question actually! Both are excellent courses. Even Evan and Benji have a great course.

      Myles is 100% offline and cheaper, whilst Marketplace Superheroes has live conferences. The later has 20 times more students.

      I think if you’re on limited capital and can handle being alone and doing it all yourself, then start with Myles. Otherwise choose MPSH.


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