FBA Freedom Accelerator (Myles) vs Marketplace Superheroes (Stephen)

I’ve often been asked to compare the Nomad Millionaire Amazon course (FBA Freedom Accelerator) created by Myles to the Marketplace Superheroes program by Stephen Somers. I’ll evaluate each side by side.

Through this blog, I’ve reviewed a range of different Amazon courses for you. Different factors come into play and there is no “perfect Amazon course”, there are just different courses ideal for different people.

Not only that, but I’ve launched a couple of products.

What I’ve learned is that:

  1. It isn’t as easy as you might assume (i.e. you gotta work for it)
  2. Amazon itself is a capital-intensive business model ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  3. There are plenty of things to learn (even today 4 years on)
  4. You absolutely need to take a course. Don’t do it on your own.

While the work is tough, the rewards are there for those prepared to do the work.

So let’s compare what is offered by Marketplace Superheroes with a 7-day free trial, with the offer from FBA Freedom Accelerator which is $1,497 upfront.

Myles Dunphy vs Stephen Somers

This course comparison is based on my direct experiences. I’ve done both courses and while I’m an affiliate with links below, this doesn’t sway my opinion in any way.

If you want to avoid the complete comparison here, I’ll summarize with each course being fantastic and neither is lacking anything significant.

But let’s establish some things upfront:

  1. What your goals are might be different than mine.
  2. Both guys sell training courses, but both have results.
  3. Your results are dependent on you, not the teacher or strategy.
  4. I do 200% respect Myles and Stephen for their methodologies.
  5. I’m simply outlaying my opinion based on personal experiences.
  6. Make up your own mind, and neither option is bad.

With that out of the way, let’s begin.

MPSH vs Nomad Millionaire Amazon course

I’ll be comparing vital elements of their training. These are:

  • The Amazon teachers, past backgrounds and FBA results.
  • Course content, particularly methods and delivery style.
  • Student support offered, both publicly and privately.
  • Live events for students so you can get off the computer.
  • The vibe and pedigree of students in their Facebook groups.
  • Refund policy so you know your payments are safe.
  • Current course pricing for each course.

Of course, I do welcome you to ask questions too in the comments below.

Teacher background

I like to know who my teachers are. You know – where did they start and what helped them get to where they are today.

Because that’s important. Someone born from a rich family is obviously going to have ‘something’ behind them to get started and make it through the tough times.

Myles Dunphy

Myles is an ex-engineer from Australia who got started with an Amazon course a few years ago. After finding success on Amazon, he kicked off his YouTube channel ‘Nomad Millionaire’ and has since skyrocketed with a lot of viewers, subscribers and has built out numerous income sources.

Myles has a strong following on YouTube. That translates into a strong trust factor since so many people can see his training methodologies and mindset before starting the journey.

What I really like about Myles is the transparency he brings to the table. Clearly no fluff plus he has no need to sell you his Amazon course given his FBA results.

Stephen Somers

Stephen worked in a warehouse where he got exposed to the world of distribution. From there he helped his boss get started with eCommerce, before starting his very own business. After partnering with Robert Rickey, they launched Marketplace Superheroes which now has thousands of students.

Stephen is more the humorous and likeable person with a personality, whereas Robert is more analytical and reserved, yet very experienced.

While Marketplace Superheroes does have a YouTube channel, it’s small. They were probably a bit late to the party here. They are focused on growing it more I hear, but I don’t believe it will be anything like the momentum of Myles.

Course content

Both Myles and Stephen cross over a lot in course content. See the thing with Amazon is – it’s both an art AND a science. I can’t really see a clear winner here.

Myles Dunphy

Myles is into brand building and scaling with the private label model. The thing about Amazon is that it’s a capital-intensive business model. I imagine Myles had some decent capital being a young engineer without kids, so this model suits best for him.

Myles Dunphy Nomad Millionaire
FBA Freedom Accelerator training is filmed home-style

The course is 99% Myles filmed in a home-style setting. Some is filmed in his old house, some in his Airbnb and then some even filmed in his new catamaran. Sound quality is good but the background in his videos can be distracting, as can the dark lighting. I’ve intentionally found a video with a light background, not a dark one.

I guess in the future Myles will update his course content with a professional approach. Most educators start exactly how Myles has and further branch out. Even still, putting these 1st world problems aside, the delivery is still great.

What I noticed about Myles is his analytical approach. Nothing is really repeated either through the modules. Must be an Engineer thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stephen Somers

Stephen Somers is more into the “Get a product and just sell it on Amazon” approach, not so much the brand-building. See, while he started with a lot of capital like Myles, most of Stephen’s students and his audience doesn’t have it.

This is why his 5x5x5 approach works. That is: 5 products, selling 5 units per day in 5 countries. There is less emphasis placed on trademarks and patents because you’re going into less competitive niches a.k.a. lower hanging fruit.

Stephen Somers vs Myles Dunphy
Stephen and Robert have a better produced and delivery of content.
Nomad Millionaire Course Alternative

Unlike Myles, this course is 70% Stephen and Robert. Because he has a number of success stories, he does have interviews and even some students who showcase how they did the journey. Most of his videos are filmed professionally in a studio-setting as seen above, unlike Myles who does his at home on his own.

There is a lot more content on offer within Marketplace Superheroes. Some of this is repeated unintentionally, especially the case studies.

Student support

While both teachers and their courses are fantastic, how are students supported? The focus should never be on enrolment today and forgotten about tomorrow.

Myles Dunphy

Myles previously provided email support, though as his YouTube channel has no-doubt grown over the last few months with hundreds of course enrollments, it’s harder to help everyone personally. If you ask a question in his Facebook group, it’s generally answered within a few days. Remember that Myles lives on a boat where internet connection is not always available instantly.

Stephen Somers

Stephen doesn’t provide email support for the base-level course, but you can upgrade to phone coaching calls and email support. I forget the pricing but it’s reasonable and far less than what some of the other ‘gurus’ are charging. You can ask questions in the Facebook group and you’ll get 10x more answers based on the significantly higher volume of students in this group.

Live events

I’m often discouraging of online-only courses. Why? There are so few success stories of someone sitting in front of the computer all day and building a full-time income.

The magic happens at live events where you can network and meet other students, plus most importantly, meet the teacher(s) themselves!

Myles Dunphy

Myles is sailing the world and has no live events. It would be great to see this eventually happen but I don’t think anything is on the horizon, apart from sunsets and margaritas. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Myles Dunphy lifestyle
Myles is living the good life from building an Amazon business. A catamaran is my goal too!

Stephen Somers

Stephen runs events for students of Marketplace Superheroes in the United Kingdom and the United States. There are now plans to run them in Australia and Europe too in 2020. This is great as Stephen is truly focused on helping people actually get to a full-time income on Amazon.

Stephen and Ricky workshop in Ireland
Stephen and Robert run workshops and Masterminds in multiple countries to help students fast-track.


My recommendation for both Myles and Stephen is to run an event every 6 months in Hong Kong. Do it between Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Canton Fair.

Why? This gives students a chance to attend either or both phases, with a 2-day event planned right in the middle. It can also include social events because otherwise so many students fall off the journey after buying into a training course. And it goes without saying, you’d already be in the area for the sourcing fair.

Hong Kong is the perfect place to hold a workshop. It’s more scenic and simply cleaner, unlike some parts of Guangzhou.

I’ve personally done the Canton Fair 3 times now. Each time has been very productive for finding good quality products, but also lonely too. Having a bunch of people to hang around and network with would be a great distraction. ๐Ÿ˜

Facebook communities

As I mentioned prior, both Stephen and Myles have a Facebook group for their students only. This way you can network online, ask questions and get support. Potentially you can even find fellow students in your local area.

Myles Dunphy

There is a great calibre of students within the FBA Freedom Accelerator student group. The students here just feel more…umm…educated. Like a cool bunch of action-takers that you’d actually want to hang out with. The downside is that there aren’t that many people here, with 99% of people still learning.

Stephen Somers

The Marketplace Superheroes Facebook group is 10x or more like 15x bigger than what Myles has on offer. The pedigree isn’t as strong, I guess because students often have less capital to get started with. On the upside, there is a higher ratio of people who have started selling on Amazon, so if you ask a question, expect a whole bunch of replies.

Refund Policy

A good consideration is the refund policy. You’ll want to know how long you have before you need to send that “Sorry it’s not for me…” email. ๐Ÿ™„

Both offer 30-day refund policies. Thanks to Kevin in the comments below because I was slightly out on this one.

You’ve got 30 days to refund with Stephen Somers and 14 days with Myles Dunphy. Less emphasis should be given on the difference in these refund windows, as you’ll already know in the first 3 or 4 days if this is right for you.

I’m pretty sure that Stephen’s refund rate is higher (15%) because his students aren’t so serious, whereas Myles only has maybe 10% of people drop out. I’m only speculating based on seeing the pedigree of the students.

As I said, the students in FBA Freedom Accelerator are just a bit more serious and educated though often still lack capital too.

Course costs

At this time of writing, both have exactly the same course price. It’s $997 USD upfront. Stephen’s course is $997 USD and Myles is $1,497 USD. Thanks again to Kevin in the comments below!

Stephen does provide a payment plan of $97/month + offers a 7-day free trial. In addition, they have their own product sourcing software in house and logistics company.

Myles doesn’t offer any of those things. He did offer a Black Friday deal but I think it’s finished now.

Myles Dunphy vs Stephen Somers Overall Verdict

Answer: Marketplace Superheroes is often cheaper than FBA Freedom Accelerator and is much more established with live events. On the other hand, with the volume of free content that Myles provides on Nomad Millionaire, it allows students to see transparently the type of character he is.

Students that have the capital should go with Myles.

Those on a tight budget should go with Stephen.

Marketplace Superheroes and Nomad Millionaire
Either way, you’re going to win! Just pick one.

Quite literally there is no bad choice here. You’re looking at 2 of the best and affordable Amazon courses around.

If you think you’ve made a bad choice, then each has a decent refund policy, though Stephen’s is longer.

Either way, you’ll be making a rock-solid decision and can start your journey today. Don’t do this journey alone – invest in your knowledge, join a community and do it the right way.

I do look forward to seeing Myles continue to grow his FBA Freedom Accelerator community over the coming years. There are just over 400 students here.

Likewise, Stephen has done an excellent job with roughly 5,000 students now on the inside who have the option of meeting him in person.

You can get the 7-day free trial of Marketplace Superheroes right here.


Amazon takes work. A shitload of work in fact. It also takes a lot of capital. You can expect to put thousands of dollars IN before you see the first $1 come OUT.

Even then you’ll need to reinvest and grow your portfolio of products. That’s long before you can have the magical 100k months or even the 10k months!

It’s not a business model that I recommend to those who lack the capital. It’s rare that I see someone go from $2k to $200k with Amazon because it’s a slow road.

So what’s the value in an Amazon business? It’s really a time solver. If you’re on an already solid income, then Amazon can help with getting some of your time back.

Fact: Those with big dollars in the bank account are much more likely to do better.

What if you have a lot of time? I’d recommend content creation. It’s even more work than Amazon, with a slow burn to success but with minimal upfront outlay.

If you’re tight on funds, this is where I would start. My best alternative recommendation has thousands of motivated students who started on a tight budget.

Either way, nothing in life comes easy.

If it were, we’d all enjoy this lifestyle with 5 minutes of input.

A small group of us continue implementing each and every day.

Amazon is a fantastic business model. It’s one that has changed my life and a whole lot of other lives too.

I hope you have the drive and commitment to make it through the tough times.

5 thoughts on “FBA Freedom Accelerator (Myles) vs Marketplace Superheroes (Stephen)”

  1. This is a great insight with your detailed review, Josh.

    Having read your blog for a couple of weeks now, I am more leaning towards the Reliable Education course rather than these 2. I was going for Myles’ course back then.

    Now, I’m aiming for Reliable Education more. I don’t live in AU but near AU. Hi neighbour.

    • Hi Jason, great to hear from you again! Yeah Reliable Education is great if you are 200% committed and want an Australian-style course with local events. Next one is coming up on the Gold Coast for existing students. Should be epic!

  2. Hi Joshua,

    Thank you so much for writing this review! It’s really interesting to hear your thought about the two courses compared side by side. So helpful.

    I wanted to comment that I noticed a few things in your review that might be out of date. The first being that Myles’ course is now priced at $1,497 as of today from his website, and he still only offers a 14 day money back guarantee. I don’t know if this changes anything about your review at all, but just thought I’d flag.

    Also, I think I may fall into the boat of someone who has a good chunk of starting capital (so could go with either course) but torn on pursuing Myles’ brand building model or Stephen’s 5x5x5 ‘low hanging’ fruit model. I think both philosophies are really compelling and offer benefits, but realize that they are very distinct approaches.

    Do you have any thoughts about a student (without starting capital restrictions) deciding between these courses based on the selling approach models alone? Like, in your head does one approach make more sense to start your Amazon career with before branching into the alternative strategy? In other words, what are some things we might ask ourselves to determine what approach makes most sense for different types of goals?

    Thanks again Joshua for your awesome and trusted insight as always!

    • Hey Kevin! Thanks mate, really appreciate the feedback.

      Oh yes, I do recall Myles was going to increase his price to $1,497 USD which makes it now the most expensive online-only course out there. Even at that price, it still packs a punch of value!

      A lot of marketers use the “Yo I’m increasing the price in 3 hours so buy this NOW!!!” approach but don’t follow through. You check back 5 days later and it’s still the original price. It’s not surprising that Myles follows through on his word. I thought it was a 30-day money-back guarantee but will update that now. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Based on your starting point (great mindset and strong capital position), my focus would be on building a business. Stephen’s students are more the “I just want to sell a product on Amazon because I’m kinda broke” whereas Myles has more of the “I’ve already done well in life and I’m now ready for a solid business” type. Sounds like you’ve got the funds so you can go for the higher hanging fruit that Myles goes for too.

      The 5x5x5 model is ideal for those budget-conscious students. Where the brand-building model wins is the cycle of returns and sell-through rates. You can sell down stock in 2 to 3 months with Myles’ strategy, whereas it could take you 6 months to sell out with 5x5x5.

      If you do choose Stephen, after 12 months or so you do now have some experience in the marketplace and can later switch up to a proper brand building position. MPSH does cover the core elements of brand building in their training too.

      ASM and RE are even bigger on the branding and exit side of things and are the best for future 7 and 8 figure earners. To draw the line here, you’ll need $10k USD minimum for tuition and your 1st product launch, and ideally more. So while these two premium options are excellent, it just wouldn’t suit most people and their budget.

      • Hey Joshua,

        Oh man, you broke that down really well! Makes total sense.

        I definitely get the sense from you and others that the brand building model is better to nurture over the long term and it’s great to hear that there’s this strong emphasis in Myles’ course. You also make a very valid point about Stephen’s course offering what someone needs to get foundational experience in the marketplace that could later support a transition to a brand building centered strategy. Got it!

        Thanks for all your help again with the awesome insight and for sharing your expertise in evaluating what some of these courses really have to offer. I’ll be getting started on my journey very soon. Best wishes for you in 2020!


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