Evaluation: Tim Sanders Amazon Course (Private Label Masters)

Today I’ll unpack the Private Label Masters course by Tim Sanders and provide my own insights and opinion in this review. A full-time income are my results from investing in multiple Amazon courses, so I personally know the impact that solid training can have on your life.

I’ll be as unbias as possible in this review of Tim Sanders and his course. The Private Label Masters course is a popular one with thousands of students.

I’ve seen a lot of cowboys in the Amazon marketplace selling courses. Most are actually great, but some should jump in the trash can. You probably have come across such ‘mentors’ without tangible results. I can personally smell BS a mile away.

There are many training courses out there but here’s one that I’ve found to be the most exhaustive, tested, & proven ‘A to Z’ Private Label Strategy:

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Let’s jump right in

My thoughts on Tim Sanders

Tim is a unique character in the sea of Amazon course merchants. Unlike most, Tim primarily works as a consultant. He’s not about the numbers or volume, but rather, the experience for the student.

It’s clear that he’s more focused on smaller groups and individual attention. His channel has a smaller view-ship and subscriber count than most people.

Many people ask me about my opinion of Tim Sanders here on the blog. In my opinion – he’s a genuinely good guy. Doing 8 million dollars in sales last year is impressive.

He shares quite a bit of content from the course directly on YouTube. He’s actually had over 2 million views at the time of this writing.

Private Label Masters course review

This is probably what you’re really here for. What is the Private Label Masters course like? That’s most people’s primary question, and they’re looking for an honest review. A good question, especially if you’re looking to invest in your knowledge.

Firstly – the course is excellent. It’s really not that well designed for the beginner actually. It’s slightly more towards the intermediate, especially the person who wants 7 figure annual results.


Content includes:

  • Setting up your business properly from Day 1 for big success
  • Staying compliant within Amazon’s Terms of Service (important)
  • Selecting products for long-term selling, instead of quick wins
  • Creating epic product packaging to impress your customers
  • Selling outside of Amazon, including Shopify, Walmart & eBay
  • Using social media to boost sales, create brand awareness & conversions
  • Sourcing from China the right way for long term relationships

The main downside is the cost. Given that this isn’t basic Amazon training, Tim does need to charge decently for it. It’s certainly one of the more expensive Amazon courses out there.

You could get something much cheaper. In fact, I have a free Amazon course offer in the tabs here on my website. I mean – legitimately the full A to Z on how to sell on Amazon, step by step. 😃 More details here.

Also, for not that much more, you could jump on board with ASM. It’s actually a much better course. It’s one which is ideal for those in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Europe and in fact much of the world.

Private Label Masters is still an excellent course that I would recommend those who actually want results on Amazon, not fairy dust.

The ideal student

These Amazon courses are catered for the following people:

  • Those that realize that there are 200 different steps to become an Amazon seller
  • People that want to invest in their knowledge to fast-forward results
  • Individuals that can work hard, as Amazon is NOT a get rich quick scheme
  • Those with realistic results of making an income, it will take a while
  • People that are happy to risk some money, as all businesses come with risk

For those that think Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders is a scam, then please look away now. This is not for you. Likewise, those who think the course has all the answers will be left disappointed. There’s no perfect course out there, and none of them will do the work for you. I laugh when I see ‘Done for You’ Amazon services.


Building an online income isn’t an easy process, but absolutely worth it

It’s true that there are some scammers and frauds in the Amazon teaching space. Private Label Masters isn’t one of them. Tim Sanders is one of the most legit teachers I’ve found. That said – there are some cheaper courses out there.

For example, through my affiliate link, you can get a .

Closing off

The course is reasonably good. I praise that Tim shares a lot of his content on YouTube already so that you can get a real feel for him as a mentor. I also praise that you decided to do research here first.

It’s true that ASM is a better course, and offers Masterminds and more support. There’s also 30,000+ students in this course, and it’s the god-father of Amazon courses. In fact, just about every Amazon ‘guru’ started with this course, until they branched off to create their own little sub-communities.

I hope this Private Label Masters review has helped really provided you with some basic insights. I am still waiting to hear back from Tim Sanders for more information regarding the course and will update this blog post in time.

Upfront, at least, I can see that Tim Sanders brings his A-game to the table with one of the best private label FBA courses available in the market today.

Would I recommend it to beginners? Absolutely! 👍

On a Budget? Save Capital For Inventory

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Private Label Masters Rated
  • Course Content - 9.6/10
  • Teacher Experience - 9.6/10
  • Course Cost - 7.9/10
  • Refund Policy - 8.4/10
  • Personal Coaching - 7/10
  • Student Community - 8.9/10

Summary of Tim Sanders course

I’ve written this for the beginner who’s looking to start this Amazon FBA course by Tim Sanders

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19 thoughts on “Evaluation: Tim Sanders Amazon Course (Private Label Masters)”

  1. Thanks for the review…I am presently researching courses for people who plan to start the Amazon business…listed to a couple of webinars (amazing selling machines, algo retail and private label masters). Do you have any idea how much the private label masters cost as the other courses all list their prices except for Tim’s course…

  2. Hi Joshua, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. My son and I are currently researching several courses at this time. We are newbies at Amazon. Would love to hear your thoughts on some of the courses we have looked at. Definitely Tim Sanders is at the top of our list but we also have watched several YouTube videos on Kevin David and have read mixed reviews. Another is Matt Loberstein. Love to hear your feedback. Thanks!

  3. Hi Joshua, thanks for the info ….this is my first week searching for online business never done anything like that before, what is the best way to start? What research I should be doing before investing time and money??

    • Hi Lorenzo, it will be good to spend time on YouTube for a few weeks to see if this is the right thing for you. Watch the Private Label Masters channel as Tim provides helps of free and helpful content. Often you’ll see other recommended channels too. Learn what you can for free and articulate if this is something you truly want to do, as building online businesses is hard. From there, if you believe you’ll enjoy it, then invest into a course.

  4. Hey Joshua, thanks for the helpful review. Have been debating between dan vas and Tim as I know Dan is much cheaper, do you have any insight on his ecomfreedom course .

    • Hi Austin, thanks for the feedback. I haven’t done his course but I know 3 people who have and all 3 have enjoyed it as I have with Tim’s course. So either way you’re on the right track. 🙂

  5. I’m going to research Tim a bit more. Really want to find the best fit and get involved selling on Amazon. Any advice on AMZ Scale? Been looking into their Do it for you but a bit leary. Thanks

    • Tim’s a good fit for most people and he’s got more than enough YouTube content to show his experience. Not heard of that company before but I generally steer away from Done-For-You services, which are usually $15k to $70k. Even if you do have that capital available, it’s best to invest in a course first.

  6. hi Joshua, do you know if these courses works for every country? I am in México and looking for a hustle side. maybe selling in Amazon México or Amazon USA. thanks!


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