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Evaluation: SuperFastBusiness and James Schramko

Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on James Schramkro and his SuperFastBusiness coaching service and events through this review.

And nup – no affiliate links here nor is this a sponsored review. I simply don’t partake in sponsored reviews, though with 700+ blog posts, I do have the occasional review which has an affiliate link CTA. Again – this isn’t one of those.

I’m just going to share with you my experiences with James and SuperFast Business as a 30-something Australian.

This blog of mine was created almost a decade ago, and today, I’ve had 600,000+ visitors with no ad-spend. Needless to say, I know how to get organic traffic.

I’ve pushed my content strategy towards online business building and personal development yielding traffic from Google and Pinterest.

I serve those who wish to create an online business or transition towards the online business lifestyle. I have multiple streams of income (Rich Dad philosophy) and my favourite is scaling brands through content marketing.

Anyway, enough of a me pitch. Let’s get into what’s here for you.

Thoughts on James Schramko

James is today a well-known face of lifestyle design and was popular on the Warrior Forum years ago. Today his focus is on helping people build scale their own business while working less, and brings in a range of mentors to help his students.

In some ways his content is similar to Dale Beaumont, as is the demographic of his students. In other ways, there is a real focus on making the most out of work hours. Dale more-so focuses on the older demographic who is tech-challenged but need systems to exit their business successfully.

Both are genuinely good guys in my experience. My thoughts are echo’d through the internet.

James, like many of us who enjoy moving forward, won’t go near the Warrior Forum much these days. Like ClickBank, it’s really become the back-waters of the internet.

If you listen to his podcast, you’ll get a sense that he really knows his topics well. Often he’ll have guest speakers where he does ask the right questions like Tom Bilyeu, as opposed to creating mediocre banter and chit-chat.

So I would say that there isn’t really BS here, fluff or content fillers. In the past, James may have had such content (long before I joined), but he’s really fined his approach, content and the quality of student he wants to work with.

I think we’re all a little rusty when getting started (ahem….me especially) and it’s evident that James has been around a long time to build excellence.

SuperFastBusiness Review

This is the online business mentoring and coaching company that James has created. It’s been running for around a decade now and doesn’t have much in the way of competition.

I joined it as I needed a sense of community around me (working for yourself can be lonely, even in a co-working space) and didn’t want to go anywhere near Facebook.

Before joining, I read his book ‘Work Less Make More‘ which is seriously packed with good shit. Even John Reese (the first-ever internet marketer to do $1,000,000 in a launch) has provided a testimonial.

After reading it, I can say that it’s well worth it! You’ll find it on Amazon for 20-something bucks. James doesn’t really use filler content or use the book as a pitch for his membership or events, unlike other experts, which I really like.

Then again, the book doesn’t serve freelancers that well. Those that aren’t seeking to grow a team so they can have a better lifestyle (a key reason we got in business, right?) may not find value here.

As mentioned, he also runs a podcast. It’s certainly worthwhile to listen when travelling to and from work. Sometimes you’ll come across content with Ezra Firestone who’s one of the most prominent in eCommerce.

I liked the high volume of testimonials, success stories and reviews featured on SuperFastBusiness. That’s one impressive CV, James! I didn’t like the training frequency which is only once per year.

I guess James focuses on working less, after all. There are regular student meetups across Australian cities if you need that social connection.

Also, another negative point is that ‘SuperFastBusiness’ implies that business and success comes fast, which it often doesn’t. But you can accelerate results, so I think this is what James is trying to bring across through his education.

His demographic also isn’t looking for success quickly. You won’t find the 20-something trying to become a millionaire overnight inside his community. (Saying that is bringing back some embarrassing memories. 😅)

Inside the Course

Yep, I bought it.

It’s the SuperFastBusiness Membership that most people are curious about. Rightly so – it’s the most affordable option out there. You’ll have access to about 10 years worth of training, though personally I only went through the last 12 months.

Given the value of what James has created, I don’t want to share screenshots of the members portal. I can say that the community is alive and well. His landing page more than covers the value of what’s on the inside.

SilverCircle is the more intensive option where you can work directly with James. 3 friends of mine (all educators) are in this more expensive program and have said that it’s definitely worth it. 1 has even done a trip to the Maldives twice.

While pricey, it’s an excellent return when you consider the results that James’ own students have generated, including my own hero Pat Flynn. James has 35+ clients average now 3 million dollars per year in sales.

I’m most excited to learn about the monthly Schmramko Revenue Share Formula. As an affiliate marketer, I enjoy revenue share and is one of the best ways to create a very passive income.

So far, I’m really enjoying this community as I don’t have to step anywhere near Facebook. The layout and discussions are clean, and you often see the same names again and again.

While some people may come inside and use this as an opportunity to gain clients, this isn’t the intention and certainly wasn’t my intention either. I’m in to learn how to scale with systems so I can drop my 55+ hour work weeks to something more balanced.

The best part is that James is in the forum right there to help you each and every day, unlike some other business mentors. Just about every thread has a response from James as he carves out time in his week to be there for his community.

I’ve noticed that James isn’t looking for the huge volumes. You know, unlike the many (insert strategy where you can make lots of money) guru courses in the marketplace but instead chooses to focus on a higher student calibre; those already established. Essentially it’s a quality over quantity play.

This certainly makes the discussions way more valuable in my experience, unlike some random free Facebook business group where the underlying tone is to pitch your business.

My verdict

After reading the book and spending many hours in the community, I would recommend James Schramko if you’re looking for an online business mentor who has some seriously impressive results.

He doesn’t need your money – he’s made plenty already, especially through his previous online businesses. The man has skills and you’re paying for knowledge that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in Australia.

He isn’t for everyone. Just about everyone on the inside is an established business owner with at least 2 years in the trenches. I almost feel a little young being early 30’s.

Sure, the pricing is high, but James isn’t for the cheap person, as detailed in the statistics of his SuperFastBusiness Mastermind / SilverCircle membership.

Also, the work won’t be done for you. It’s merely tools, resources, community, coaching and accountability that you’re investing into. Many people find a positive return on investment. I’ve spent $40,000 on self-education over the last 10 years and that’s returned almost half a million so far.

Not one regret yet, and certainly I don’t regret joining SuperFast Business.

Catch you on the inside when you’re ready.

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