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Evaluated: The Australian Seller Amazon Course by Chris Thomas

Curious about The Australian Seller FBA course by Chris Thomas? I’ll examine what is (currently) the only course designed specifically for Amazon Australia.

Yes: Another Amazon course review. There appears to be more courses launching every single day that I can’t keep up with! ???? Thanks guys for bringing this one to my attention.

If you haven’t been here before, then I’m Joshua. I also sell on Amazon FBA and only in the US Marketplace. I also run a fleet of websites. On this one I talk about my experiences selling on Amazon, plus evaluate many courses and software available in the market.

Let’s jump straight in!

The Australian Seller review

Chris Thomas is someone who I really do respect inside the Amazon seller communities. It’s clear that he has some good results and often spends time in China. He previously lived in Australia and now lives in Hong Kong.

I’d recommend that you start with his podcast. You’ll get a real sense of his knowledge and experience. Without the fluff and hype. Sure – he has a course to sell you, though he rarely pushes it.

Chris Thomas explaining how to sell on Amazon Australia

The course is great. A complete blueprint on how to sell on Amazon Australia. It’s really giving a unique perspective for Australian sellers on our local marketplace. Some (well, most actually) of the information is relatable to selling on eBay too.

On the downsides, there are very few students in The Australian Seller course. Chris just hasn’t pushed it hard. Or not even pushed it at all.

The high price and distinct lack of testimonials anywhere have pushed students into the top 3 Amazon courses for Australians instead. I’d love to see Chris really expand as he’s a talented and knowledgeable teacher and even shares some of his own products and failures.

Edit: Chris has recently drastically reduced the price of the course and now instead calls this a Mastermind. The course content is brief and isn’t as in-depth as other training courses, but you will have better access to Chris than some of the other courses out there. If you’re looking for paid coaching sessions, then I would recommend Chris.

Selling on Amazon Australia

Whilst Chris does focus on selling on Amazon’s Australian marketplace, I’m not an advocate of this. In fact, he started in the US marketplace too. It’s where I would recommend everyone to start. The buyer volume is immense….approximately 100x more. I’m not kidding.

So whilst this is a unique course and community, consider where the money is: The United States. Australians are slow to adapt. Many still don’t shop on Amazon Australia and still choose eBay. This will change over the next 10 years.

The Australian Seller Course Review Chris Thomas

But if you’re looking for a cheaper way to learn Amazon, The Australian Seller course / mastermind is one good starting point. It’s clear that Chris Thomas is more focused on his own Amazon business than cashing in on the self-education and ‘Yo! Buy my course‘ boom that is infecting social media.

In Summary

This is a good course. It was very expensive and now it’s just a monthly payment plan. There’s very few if any reviews of The Australian Seller Amazon course still. This despite it being available for a long time.

I do look forward to seeing this community improve and expand. Chris does walk the talk. It’s tough to get a speaking gig at Global Sources Summit. It’s also even more rare for sellers to share their own products and pitfalls.

If you’re a beginner, there’s certainly much more information found in other courses. Plus, as Chris states, lots of content available on YouTube.

Yet there’s some real potential here with the Australian Seller program, so watch this space!

The Australian Seller Rated
  • Course Pricing
  • Program Content
  • Student Volume
  • Personal Help
  • Free Resources
  • Teacher Experience


I’ve rated this for the person who’s looking for an Amazon course specifically for Australia

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2 thoughts on “Evaluated: The Australian Seller Amazon Course by Chris Thomas”

  1. Who is the best mentor-type person to actually help with select a product between Chris, Alex Ryan, Sally Howard, or anyone else you can recommend – who doesn’t charge a fortune?

    • Go with Chris or Alex, it’s hard to pick as both are good. Though Chris is actually part of Sophie’s coaching team too. Both will cost several thousand. AMZ Importing is also worth a look.

      Sophie rarely works personally with students 1 on 1 since she has two young kids, her own Amazon business and works on keeping the course updated.


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