Ed2Go: Is this the right way to study?

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Many students across the world have been jumping on board with Ed2Go, but will it lead to a well paying career? I was interested to know, so I did some homework on this company.

Firstly, the thing first that struck my eye was that their classes are all online, however they are partnered with local colleges and universities. Given the speed of change in the world that’s happening today, I feel that they are moving in the right direction which leads to a brighter future for their students.

Students are able to interact openly, both with their instructors and fellow students from around the world. The instructor continues to lead their students through the course content, just like any university and does their best to create a high level of engagement.

There are many courses overed in the Ed2Go catalog, across the fields of Accounting, Languages, Legal, Information Technology, Business, Teaching and much much more. I was quite impressed by their front page, which had an advertisement for a course designed to teach people how to create more effective web content. I do hope that what they’re teaching is relevant though, since the speed of information change is happening so rapidly, and so many institutions cannot simply keep up!

It seems that they are partnered with several colleges and communities across North America. This is great as it builds trust, rapport and credibility. Further more, you can access them through the large network of colleges and universities that utilize their content. I checked out their Facebook page and there’s a healthy amount of Likes, this is a real plus in my books.

I am aware of the forever increasing costs of college, having been a student myself. I’ve been able to secure a discount code that is active for a very limited time. I highly recommend that you use this to save yourself a few pennies from the cost of your course, and don’t spend your saved pennies on more cases of beer. 🙂 Just head over to www.WorkWithJoshua.com/Ed2GoDiscount and you’ll get activated right away.

I really feel that Ed2Go is a great way to go for students who require accredited training for their career prospects. Some may want to extend further and complete a Udemy course that will compliment their existing studies, and gain a new approach to learning.

Have you used Ed2Go services before? If so, please leave me a comment in the box below. I’d love to hear your experiences (both good, bad or both) and hear from any alternatives that you’ve used.

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