eBroker Australia Review: You Really Should Know This

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If you’re doing your research on eBroker for non-bank / unsecured business loans, then this review covers a lot of ground. There’s plenty of reviews online, but none are by an independent blogger, let alone a business owner.

Whilst I’m certainly not an advocate of taking out finance to start or scale a business, since there’s opportunities to start small, there are times where finance is needed. Using an online broker can really help to accelerate your growth.

About me

Quickly, before I get into this review, I wanted to share some insights.

I’m Joshua – Australian born and bred. I’ve lived in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. This blog of mine started 8 years ago, and today helps to inspire thousands of people to build their own online businesses to escape the rat race.

Without the fluff and BS, I’ve shared some excellent content that you can use to get started today. I often receive praise for my insights and willingness to help others.

If you’re curious, you can learn more about me or simply enroll in this 100% FREE online training course. It’s designed for Australian business owners who are seeking REAL freedom. No tyre kickers.

eBroker Review

This is probably what you’re here for. Is eBroker any good? Should you trust the online reviews? What are their interest rates and fees like? All good questions to ask my friend.

eBroker Australia Review
Curious about eBroker and their financing solutions? You’re in the right place.

So allow me to provide my honest insights, as a business owner who has taken out finance multiple times. I know how confusing it can be with the range of options available.

Firstly, let’s look at what they’re offering:

  • Provides access to 70+ lenders in one place on their Dashboard
  • Focuses on unsecured small business loans for a range of reasons
  • Allows you to really get everything 100% completed online today

And some upsides:

  1. Are independent so the results they provide aren’t biased
  2. Allows you to quickly compere the differences in lenders
  3. Saves you hours of time reviewing the lenders one by one
  4. Has been around for a few years, so they know their stuff
  5. Does not check your credit history or affect credit scores
  6. Backed up with hundreds of positive reviews seen online

It’s clear that eBroker knows their stuff. That said, there’s some downsides:

  • You’ll have to be resourceful to submit documentation online
  • Financial books will still need to be provided upon application
  • Can’t guarantee that you’ll be successful in your bid for finance

These are all minimal really. I do have to outline all negatives so you, as the consumer, can make an informed decision.

Choosing finance

I can’t really using advocate taking out finance, despite having done it myself at times. You’ll really have to do the numbers to ensure obtaining an unsecured business loan will actually stack up for you.

Consider the following:

  • The interest rate of your business loan
  • Expected cashflow to pay it off monthly
  • Core reason as to why you need lending
  • Other ways to source funds (friends etc)
  • Whether you’re in the right business

The last one is the crucial element. Some businesses just aren’t going anywhere in terms of sheer scale. Effectively, some people have merely bought themselves a job, instead of finding themselves with more time freedom.

Consider new opportunities

If you’re looking to actually get freedom in business, then pay attention. What I found not too long ago is both effective and has some real potential. Best of all – thousands of Australians have discovered how to do exactly this.

Without going into all the details, simply jump on board with the 100% FREE video training course. It has been created by my own mentor who has assisted in helping me build my own side project and has led to the laptop lifestyle.

eBroker Australia Finance
Thousands of business owners have discovered how to find real FREEDOM!

Note: No tyre-kickers, this is for those who want serious success in creating an online business. I can’t stress this enough – this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It takes work, effort, capital and energy.

In summary

I would trust eBroker Australia for financing. They do provide some seriously good upsides for Australian business owners seeking loans.

That said, I would advise against digging yourself a deeper hole. Finance sometimes ends bad, especially if your business goes backwards. If you’re curious to look at what more and more Australians are doing now, then drop in your email and let’s start the journey of potentially working together.

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